Saturday, September 23, 2006


I have been blogging now for about 19 months, and I am currently awaiting my 100,000 visitor. Not a lot, I know. More than I ever thought in the beginning. I think I will put up my very first post, since I only had MAYBE 10 readers that read it at the time.

Harley Momma?
Reunion after deployment is a tricky thing, especially after 18 months. I put on the best "good wife" face, highest heels, best levis.....and smile. I waited by the hotel elevator, with the 2 toddlers. Trying to look beautiful, and dreamy after a 7 hour drive. The 3 year old bouncing off of the hallways walls, and the 16 month old, not understanding this at all. He gets off and the 3 year jumping and saying "I love you " and " I missed you so much" "I missed you so long". A heartbreaking scene for sure, but he is so damn cute, I can't cry. I will save it for later.....because I know it is coming.
We enter the hotel room, and kiss and hug.....and I don't want to let go. I am afraid this is a dream and he will vanish into thin air, just like the all of the dreams.
After all of the kissing and hugging, and thanking justs seems so fucking awkward. He has a few gifts he has gotten us, a beautiful silver and gold and silver bangle for me, books, stuffed animals for the children.
What am I supposed to say now, what I am I supposed to ask?
He then says this........"I was going to surprise you for our anniversary in April, but I have to tell you.....I ordered us a Harley".
I smile and act my head I am thinking..."What in the Fuck?"...don't get me wrong...I LOVE HARLEYS...always wanted one, but I can't even manage finding a sitter so I can go to yoga or get my hair done. Not to mention the $22,000 in question.
So I smile, and keep on my "good wife face".....and act excited and pleased.........wonder how long I can keep this up?

99,035 hits later...and you get this.

Me begging for traffic this week.

Now that is weak.

Yes, we still have the bike, and I do think the bike has 15,000 miles on it.

So hurry up 100,000 get here, I might even think of a prize, or something. However, could you help me get there fast...I cannot wait a week for this.


Anonymous said...

99,071... you're getting closer. And wow!!! I've been posting for TWO years and only have 31,000 hits. You rock!!

MajorDad said...

Here's my bid in helping you reach the milestone...but what I'll tell you is that you really shouldn't worry about stats like this. There are so many ways of calculating "hits" it really doesn't mean's the information, stories and feeling you put into you blog.

Hope this visit helps...but I'll tell you, there's more to blogging than "hits." You might want to concentrate on getting people to comment...and to tell their friends about you!

See you on the high ground!


Jean said...

Sgt Hook ordered me here....:)
am glad I obeyed......great blog!

Anonymous said...


Missed it by 168 :-/

Anyway, VERY proud of you!