Friday, September 28, 2007

90 degrees...

My Crepe Myrtle in the back is blooming. Large fuschia blossems.

It is hot.

I need to paint.

I do not want to paint in the heat.

According to wikipedia Indian Summer is here.

The term Indian summer has been used for more than two centuries. The earliest known use was by French American writer St. John de Crevecoeur in rural New York in 1778. There are several theories as to its etymology:

* It may be so named because this was the traditional period during which early North Americans First Nations/Native American harvested their crops.
* In The Americans, The Colonial Experience, Daniel J. Boorstin speculates that the term originated from raids on European colonies by Indian war parties; these raids usually ended in autumn, hence the extension to summer-like weather in the fall as an Indian summer. Indeed, two of the three other known uses of the term in the 18th century are from accounts kept by two army officers leading retaliation expeditions against Indians for raids on settlers in Ohio and Indiana in 1790, and Pennsylvania in 1794.[1]

* It could be so named because the phenomenon was more common in what were then North American Indian territories, as opposed to the Eastern Seaboard.

* It may be of Asian Indian origin rather than North American Indian. H. E. Ware, an English writer, noted that ships traversing the Indian Ocean loaded their cargo most often during the Indian summer, or fair weather season. Several ships actually had an "I.S." on their hull at the load level thought safe during Indian summer.

* Others link the term to the racial stereotype of Indian giver, the practice of giving and then demanding back.

The term is also used metaphorically to refer to anything that blooms late, or unexpectedly, or after it has lost relevance. Compare to Renaissance.

Modern ideas on what an Indian summer constitutes vary, but the most widely accepted value for determining whether an Indian summer is occurring is that the weather must be above 21°C (70°F) for seven days after the autumnal equinox. [citation needed]

It is hot.

I have a list a mile long.

I am waiting for an important phone call.

The phone should have rang by now.

I might just work the worry off.

Because that is what you do in the Midwest, you go and mow the back 40, or you bale hay. Some things cannot be helped right?

You hand the over to the big guy, and then you fret anyway.

So I am off.

There is no hay to bale, there is no back 40 to mow. Besides I don't care for mowing.

I want to paint, and it is hot.

I want a decent nights sleep.

There is always bedding to wash.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tonight on SpouseBuzz Radio.....

Tonight, we have a very difficult program for you..

Imagine This...

September 26, 2007|Andi

You get a call one night from your deployed husband. He tells you to sit down and take a deep breath. You know he's alive, so you wonder what this is all about. Was a friend injured or killed? Was your husband injured, but still able to speak?

No. None of the above.

We will be speaking with Lilly Corrales, wife of Sergeant First Class Trey A. Corrales of San Antonio, Texas. SFC Trey A. Corrales, has been charged with murder of an Iraqi .

Go here for more details of case.

We are not going to be discussing the legal aspects of the case, we are going to discuss the emotional effects of the case. The marital strain, financial burden, and emotional journey this family continues to endure.

Tonights show is certain to be a difficult one.

SpouseBuzz Radio

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

William Tell Overture for Moms

Deb suggested this in the last comment section. I think I know this song.

Welcome to GUILT CITY, the only place with an enormous population, and all fingers are pointed AT YOU.

There are some fantabulous things to read in the blogosphere. There are. I use the blogosphere for a lot of things these days. I get my news from them, I use it as my entertainment. Some folks are brilliantly funny, and really can make me laugh.

I am always shocked when people leave critical comments, especially in re: to parenting (heck anything, but especially parenting).

Holy Smokes folks. I seriously cannot think of a tougher job than parenting. (Maybe parenting quintuplets.) Parenting is just a hard gig. It is the most rewarding, yes. But ouch, it is a land of bumps and bruises I promise. Take all advice re: others parenting with a grain, hell a bucket of salt.

People can be hurtful, and I am not sure why EVERYONE thinks they DO THE BEST JOB, but they do.

I promise there is no one answer to help, there just isn't. No one does this job perfectly.

In fact I am sure I am currently paying the karmic price for all of my snide remarks before having children. (When I made comments like, "Well if that was my kid, I would blah blah blah".

Some children are hard to parent. Simple as that. And frankly I believe The Lord makes sure we learn our lessons here on Earth. I promise, if you have no patience, you will be blessed with the child that REQUIRES more patience than Jesus himself could show. I also promise you, if you are arrogant, you will be blessed with a child that humbles every ounce of your being. Well that is how I like to think it works, but I know better.

Becoming a parent just means, you better be ready to jump in head first, there is no wading in the shallow end. Which is a shame, I sort of like getting my feet wet. But one never learns to swim in shallow water I suppose. You learn quick, if you need goggles, or a noseplug, fins, or a swimcap.....listen to YOUR OWN GUT MOM. You will have to live with your decision.

I know of 2 readers currently that have recently had new babies, and one has recieved some mean ole feedback, the other I think was simply frightened to put much up out of fear that we all might light our torches and burn her blog down.

Play nice folks...

Being a Parent means that these new Moms, have already beaten themselves up without your help.

No one knows how one feels to live on 2 hours of sleep, for months at a time until they do it.

Sometimes I think we should have listened to our Mommas better. Sometimes it is better to not say anything at all......

Play nice folks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

eye pod

I managed my walk today, despite some odd change in barometric pressure that has caused my bones to ache. Yeah, you all laugh, ouch aging is not for pussies. The humidity was also about 97%.

I only did 3 1/2 miles.

The funny part is, one of DH's friends gave me his old IPOD, so I took it today instead of my own IPOD shuffle. I think this IPOD was the guys deployment IPOD, so there was all sorts of essoteric, and just plain odd stuff going on.

So I am walking and decide the shuffle setting might be good.

And I was enjoying Motley Crue, AC/DC, The Breeders, NIN, and then Phil Collins came on. Holy Crap I seriously was laughing so hard. I need to straighten this IPOD out quick.

Also, I have picked up 11 cents while out walking, At this rate, I will be able to buy a can of soda in 2035.

I need to learn a different route on "trash days". very stinky indeed.

I have also noted a lot of small toads dead and flat on the road.

I have mastered my current ass kicking hills, and should find a new route, but I am terrible at being a creature of habit.

Monday, September 24, 2007


According to Rosemary Keane, Vice president of Student Services, around 2,000-3,000 people showed up for the on-campus video feed and protest. This number pales in comparison to original NYPD estimate of 10,000 protesters, the actual officers on the scene reported an additional 500-600 protesters showed up outside the campus walls.

#'s found at the Columbia spectator blog

Not nearly the numbers I would have imagined, I am glad so few turned out to hear Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak.

I did note at Robert Spencers blog, that Iranian president Mahmoud, enjoyed a parade right before his departure to the United States featuring DEATH TO AMERICA signs, as he sat and cheered.

I hope the alumni at Columbia, finds their pockets shallow SOON. I also hope they ask for the current Presidents resignation.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, was a President for Columbia from 1948–1953. I wonder what he would have thought today? Particularly since Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is denying the Holocaust ever happened.

Dwight David Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969), often known simply by his nickname "Ike", was a five-star General in the United States Army and U.S. politician, who served as the thirty-fourth President of the United States (1953–1961). During the Second World War, he served as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe, with responsibility for planning and supervising the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944-45.

D-Day Speech....

You will bring about the destruction of the German war machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely.

But this is the year 1944. Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of 1940-41.

The United Nations have inflicted upon the Germans great defeat in open battle man to man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground.

Our home fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men.

The tide has turned.

The free men of the world are marching together to victory. I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty, and skill in battle.

We will accept nothing less than full victory.

Good luck, and let us all beseech the blessings of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

Special cleaning project.....

off my "fridge"

I am going to take all picture that need to be removed, and business cards that no longer have any business being there!


First off I want to start by telling you all, the children that woke me up at 5am for 5 years....

They no longer want to wake at 5am....(as DH predicted, "when school starts, you know you will have to drag them out of bed")

uhhhh yea, thanks DH for being correct AGAIN. I now have to drag them out of bed at 7:15am.

They are wanting to sleep in Monday through Friday.

This past weekend, Sir Rowland woke at 6:05 am. How do I know this, he ran into our room announced it was morning and turned on the light.


DH and I told him it was early and we were staying in bed.

Anywho, we woke at about 7:30, and guess who was back in bed? Sir Rowland.


It is insane how busy we were over the weekend.

Really, it was just one thing after another. I felt like the weekend was one costume change after another.

Friday night was shoe night.

Both of The Collective needed shoes.

Shoes found.

I convinced DH to take me out to dinner. We had not went out to eat since DH's return from Fort Benning. We had Chinese, per "the Collective's choice".

Saturday morning

costume change

off to the fair!

Lots of fancy chickens.
Sir Rowland, refused rides.
Pink Ninja wanted roller coasters. Seriously big ones.
She went on all rides alone.
Odd, 4-H farm girls all adorable, the boys not sooo much. Poor girls.


Ironed and coiffed the bunch.
Lectured The Collective on how important a wedding ceremony is, and how they could not behave like monkeys.
Wedding ceremony loverly, a lovely shade of frosty green for the bridesmaid's dresses. (Seafoam?) they were pretty.

Off to reception
No place to sit.
Found a chair by the "chocolate fountain".
Sir Rowland capable of carrying his own plate now without spilling, so I ddi not feel like a waitress with plates lined up my arms!!
Listened to Sir Rowland tell everyone they needed to use forks when dipping fruit, instead of fingers. I thought it was hilarious, and I did not stop him.
People, it is fruit and chocolate, I promise you can do it at home.
Weird to see people frothing at the mouth and not capable of using proper food handling techniques.
We left early because of seating issue.


Sunday morning I woke and made a huge breakfast.

Dressed and coiffed everyone for church.
A wonderful guest speaker "Brother Johnny Tucker". He called Katie Couric and Ted Turner "Godless". I love my church.

Returned home and fed the masses and had another costume change.

Home Depot to collect swatches of paint for the inside, and outside of the home. Also priced several items we will need to update the house.

Home, costume change, and pack everyone for AWANA. Could not locate Sir Rowlands Sparks gate book, after looking for 20 minutes found it. (Decided I am going to get the children separate bags for AWANA, so I am not switching bags for everything all of the time. )

home at 7:30, got out of my clothes (I was projectile vomited on at AWANA) fed the masses, unloaded dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, bathed The Collective, folded 2 loads of wash by 8:15....

The funny part is, I must have done 5 loads of laundry this weekend, and after the weekend, it looks like I have not done any for months....

I know what I will be doing today.

P.S. does anyone know how to make a sauce for Chinese chicken and brocolli?

Also the neighbors are gone, and the dogs are going to bark themselves into a damn frenzy....

Pink Ninja and Momma

Busy Bees

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thats not fair

Today we are going to the Faulkner County fair.

The Collective will get to handle baby ducks, and chicks. I will get to look at prize jams and jellies.

Then we have to come home and get cleaned up.

WE have a wedding to attend.

We have not been to wedding as a family.

I have not been to one since my Brothers wedding...

Hoping SR doesn't show everyone his underpants...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nebraska State Senator Takes God To Court Over Terrorism

I am not a fan of Senator Chambers. I lived in Nebraska for many years, and always found his style as angry. There is nothing renegade about him.

As for his lawsuit filed against God, to prove a point about "filing frivolous lawsuits",well Ernie is frivolous indeed.

In Washington, they call a filibuster a filibuster. Growing up in Nebraska, well we called it an Ernie.

It is amazing to me that Mr. Chambers has maintained a position in the state for 3 decades, after all he is "left of San Francisco". This makes him the longest serving lawmaker in the states history.

Heck Ernie Chambers hours of filibuster make even Strom Thurmond's record breaking filibuster look like child's play.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Showing his ass, literally.

I picked up Sir Rowland from school today. He usually runs to me. Not today. His teacher was smiling and dragging him to me.

Folks it has been a good week. Double smiley faces. Doubles. One day a note that read "KING of the smiley faces!!'

Today one smiley.

It seems as though just moments before I showed up, he ......uhhhh...

WEll it seems as though....

Teacher: " He pulled down his shorts and showed his underpants."

And I am sorry folks, but I had the most inappropriate response. I did. I laughed, and snorted. And then quickly turned stern. I know too late. But seriously, what in Gods name possesed him to do such a thing?

So I asked him, in front of the teacher.

AWTM: "What on earth possesed you to do that?"

Sir Rowland: "Well they looked like they needed entertaining"

That was seriously his response.

I then said.

AWTM: "Have you ever seen me or your father do such a thing?"

Thank God he said no...because I set myself up for what could have been a diaster.

Sir Rowland: "nope"

AWTM: "then it would not be ok, right?"

Anywho, so no computer, games, nada....

However here is the interesting part. Aunt Leggy is a school teacher and I am talking to her tonight, and she tells me that the showing underwear is common!! Thank GOD!!

In fact she pretty much assured me that almost EVERY CHILD does it.


So now I do not feel so terrible, or like CPS is going to come knocking.

But here is the interesting thing. He has taken to drawing underwear on his biblical charactors they have to color. The picture he brought home today was Jacob wrestling with an Angel. Jacob had underwear on, with hearts of all things on them.

DH thinks the kid wants to be Mormon, and put undergarments on everyone.

How does Ernie Chambers continue to get re-elected?

State Sen. Ernie Chambers Sues God

POSTED: 1:52 pm CDT September 17, 2007
UPDATED: 12:04 pm CDT September 19, 2007

OMAHA, Neb -- State Sen. Ernie Chambers is suing God. He said on Monday that it is to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits.
Chambers said senators periodically have offered bills prohibiting the filing of certain types of suits. He said his main objection is that the constitution requires that the doors to the courthouse be open to all.
"Thus anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody -- even God," Chambers said.

Chambers said he decided to file the lawsuit after a suit was filed in early September in federal court against Lancaster County Judge Jeffre Cheuvront. He's the judge who was hearing a sexual assault case in which the plaintiff wants to use the words rape and victim during her testimony.
Chambers lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in Douglas County Court, seeks a permanent injunction ordering God to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats.
The lawsuit admits God goes by all sorts of alias, names, titles and designations and it also recognizes the fact that the defendant is omnipresent.
In the lawsuit, Chambers said he's tried to contact God numerous times.
"Plaintiff, despite reasonable efforts to effectuate personal service upon defendant 'Come out, come out, wherever you are,' has been unable to do so,'" Chambers said.
The suit also requests that the court, given the peculiar circumstances of this case, waive personal service. It said that being omniscient, the plaintiff assumes God will have actual knowledge of the action.
The lawsuit accuses God "of making and continuing to make terroristic threats of grave harm to innumerable persons, including constituents of Plaintiff who Plaintiff has the duty to represent." It says God has caused "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects and the like."
The suit also says God has caused "calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction."
Chambers also says God "has manifested neither compassion nor remorse, proclaiming that defendant will laugh" when calamity comes.
Chambers asks for the court to grant him a summary judgment. He said as an alternative, he wants the judge to set a date for a hearing as expeditiously as possible and enter a permanent injunction enjoining God from engaging in the types of deleterious actions and the making of terroristic threats described in the lawsuit.

Shes crafty

Join Guard Wife tonight .......

SpouseBuzz Radio

Guard Wife
will present

A segment on scrapbooking and archiving photos, letters, and documents!!

As a person that has several totes filled to the brim with unorganized photos, I should listen!!

Also feel free to call in, with questions, suggestions!!

Guest call-in number: (646) 478-5665

evolution of a family...

Things have changed so much soooo quickly here. I am having a harder time figuring out how to keep up with the changing schedule.

It is fun though and I like it. I am just finding there seems to be less time for my little hobby here...

meaning all you tube posts and very little in the way of diary entries. Plus, well there is a lot of personal stuff going on. And I guess I am not up for sharing like I used to.

It happens to a lot of bloggers....boom. you wake up and suddenly find yourself with very little to say. Sometimes it passes and sometimes it does not. I wonder if it will pass. I am not commenting, or reading like a "good blogger". There is just not the time.

Sir Rowland is enjoying school, although there is trepidation in the morning about going. I think he would rather stay home, and play with his rokenbok. He has been building and building like crazy man. He has choir on Wednesday, seems to enjoy that, gymnastics one day a week, and AWANA (which is is doing very well at!!) He seems to be bringing a lot of work home, which I am not a fan of. I need to speak with his teacher about that. I think that is plain silly. He is having trouble writing neatly, I am honestly not sure how much I need to push the issue. After all he is 5. My own handwriting is a disaster....Oh he also has his FIRST field trip this week! The Fire House!!

PN, is enjoying her ballet, and library time, and extra time with me. She is also enjoying extra time at the park. She has childrens mission one day a week, and then AWANA, she is very proud of her blue vest!! She does like to be "with me" at all times. She has become expert at handling scissors this week. She is able to manipulate them, even through the trickiest of things. What a difference a week can make! Now I am a bit scared, as once I mastered cutting, EVERY CHILD within a half mile of our house, got a haircut with my Mom's sewing shears.

We have spent most of the last couple weeks catching up with odds and ends around here, after magically receiving a paycheck from the DOD that was owed to us...Those of you in the military know what I am talking about. Sometimes the government is late in paying folks. It is enough to give one a stroke. Especially since it was a LARGE amount. I had to pay tuition to the Academy, and I kept telling them, yeah the Army is late.....I am pretty sure that they thought I was full of shit. It does happen, and it can be frightening. A family does need $, to function. And as for that large paycheck, well it disappears almost as quickly as it arrives.

We have a wedding this weekend "The Collective's" first wedding ever! I hope they enjoy it!

I need to pick a color of paint for the house, it is in need of a fresh coat. THIS needs to be done before the rainy season. I also note there is some trim that needs replacing, so I must find a handy man. The leaves off of the oaks are coming down quicker than I can rake.

and then there is "that thing"...that might happen...

fall is busy

Waylon Jennings - Mental Revenge - 1966

Holy Mom told me that Waylon was a looker...

Waylon Jennings - Lonesome On`ry and Mean

I ALWAYS forget how much I love Waylon Jennings...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


not really.

Have you ever thought you knew what you wanted, only to find out that it wasn't what you wanted?

And then when a different opportunity came along, it opened your eyes to some really outstanding possibilities.

Pros outweighing cons.

And now I want something soooo bad, that the possible disappointment could be almost paralyzing.

Very fun indeed!

SpouseBuzz turns 1

Happy Birthday

Talk like a Pirate

Pirate Convention


Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

It was brought to my attention by Consul at Arms, that it is once again "Talk Like a Pirate Day"


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A busy day, and looks like no sign of a let up in the future. I need a day here to get some things DONE!

I did manage to go to the Salon, and get beautified!! Color and cut, PN at my side, so not uber relaxing, but done. And nothing beats someone else washing your hair. Well maybe a couple of things, but I like to keep things rated R over here.

We did manage to find Pink Ninja a costume today!! She is going as Cinderella, in a gown that lights up with twinky light folks!! Wowzers. Talk about elegant! *rolling eyes* Sir Rowland does not want to go trick or treating. He does want a bucket, so he can throw water at the trick or treaters. He also wants to give out candy apples, as a healthy snack instead of just straight candy. . Both of these things are not going to happen. I am going to try and find some sort of bowl, that has a hand or something that pops out of it. DH and I wanted to pass out gum shaped like eyeballs filled with blood red juice. We were informed that it was a disgusting and unhealthy choice. Party POOPER!

I managed 2 walks yesterday. 6 miles total. My knee has not acted up, and I am waiting for it. It felt great! Today it is icky out, so I am unsure if I will go. I do hate the heat, and humidity.

*On a side note, we could use some hands folded and prayers for some professional would be most appreciated*

GOtta ruuuuunnnn

Ok, this might convince you...

The loverly Teresa points out today, that wearing those horrid crocks, might cause your demise!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Crocs are a crock

OK, now that Labor Day has gone. I do believe that all of families of croc wearing folks need to shelve these flourescent horrid foot traps. Honestly, really can we forget the wearing of white after labor day rule, and ban these horrid looking things?

And a final plea to all of the Moms, that keep buying these and making your entire family wear them. STOP, they are unsightly, and your Husband looks like he has no balls.

PS. Can be worn for utility, gardening, and not wear in public! You look like a family of Ducks...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Say it isn't so....

By RYAN NAKASHIMA, Associated Press Writer 2 minutes ago

LAS VEGAS - O.J. Simpson was arrested Sunday and faces multiple felony charges in an alleged armed robbery of collectors involving the former football great's sports memorabilia, authorities said.

Simpson was arrested shortly after 11 a.m., Capt. James Dillon said.

The charges against Simpson will include robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a firearm, all felonies, Dillon said.

DH was cracking me up the other night, while we were discussing "the juice". DH's guess was, that "the juice" was probably all coked up and with his car club. You know, "the Blazers" (or whatever the getaway car was, it seemed as if all of his dork friends had them too) While in Vegas, A 60 minute long rant about how he was "the juice", and how he should have never sold his shit, and convinced his fellow car club (also coked out of their minds) folks that stealing would be the best way to get his shit back....


Woke up tired this morning. Seems as though I was back to work in my dream.

Working as an LPN on a pulmonary unti were I did not know any of the patients, or the facility.

Wow, nightmarish and was running all over all night.

Ick. I woke feeling as if I had worked an entire weekend.

DH at drill.

So I woke, got The Collective cleaned up, fixed breakfast, got myself ready and headed to church. It is gorgeous out.

We stopped at the park afterward, and had a picnic and played.

Harvey wanted to see a pair of boobs for his Birthday.

My Blog Gran-pappy had a birthday Friday, and his only request was Boobs. He wanted to see a pair of boobs.

WEll if you scroll down, I happen to find a great shot of some of the biggest boobs in the country! Better late than never.

BTW, if you have not seen the Victory Caucus Petition, which you all MUST sign.

Mr. Bad Example posted it at IMAO.

And you must sign it.

So thank you HARVEY for BREVITY


Kill terrorists.
Stop when they're all dead.


And now for those Boobs...

keep scrolling!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

For Grammy

Random photos for Grammy,

Who BTW will be getting some hardcopies SOON, ASAP, like this week...I promise.


A trip to the commissary today. The most embarrassing part was Sir Rowland telling a woman with a deep voice

"Wow, you look like a lady, but sound like a man! That is the strangest thing I have seen. Are you part man?

I need to start carrying a flask with me...because I cannot figure out how I am supposed to react. Taking a drink right away, might get me off the hook.

I have managed to get about 6-8 miles walking in in the past 2 days. Temperatures are not 3 degrees hotter than hell. Amazing how much better I feel when not trudging my way through pea soup.

I live in a hilly neighborhood. It should count for double the miles.

Also on IPOD for good walking music.

The Cramps
Johnny Cash
Love and Rockets

I love this time of year. Summer kicked my ass.

Going out to grill brats, and crabby patties tonight. As we are locked in to watch the Nebraska vs USC game. Nebraska looked like shit last week. It looked like they just ate a big meal and then ran into a 110 degree stadium. It was not pretty at all. They managed to win, but it was an awful game and Wake Forrest almost had them. It was exciting to see Wake Forrest filled with 80% Nebraska fans...

Sometimes I miss being in Lincoln on Saturdays......

I really do.

Justice Department=expensive snackfoods instead of expensive prostitutes at conferences!

From Fox News

An internal audit of Justice Department conferences and related costs over the past two years included the pricey food item as one of several instances of apparent overspending. The department spent to the tune of $7 million hosting, planning or sending employees to 10 conferences.

This included paying nearly $5 per meatball at one lavish dinner and spreading an average of $25 worth of snacks around to each participant at a movie-themed party.

The report concluded there weren't necessarily problems with going to the conferences, but rather with oversight.

"DOJ conference sponsors adequately justified reasons to hold the conferences, but inconsistently performed and documented comparisons of costs among potential sites," the report's executive summary said.

However, "the DOJ does not maintain a single financial system capable of providing the actual costs of DOJ conferences. As a result, when asked to provide conference expenditures to Congress, some DOJ components reported budgeted, awarded and estimated conference costs instead of actual expenses, while others did not uniformly include travel or personnel costs."

In addition to the meatball, the audit found items that rounded out later courses of a meal, too.

For instance, the department spent more than $13,000 on cookies and brownies for 1,542 attendees of a four-day conference in 2005. A "networking session" that offered butterfly shrimp, coconut lobster skewers and Swedish meatballs for a Community Oriented Policing Services conference in July 2006 cost more than $60,000.

The report, which looked at the 10 priciest Justice Department conferences between October 2004 and September 2006, was ordered by the Senate Appropriations Committee. It also found that three-quarters of the employees who attended the conferences demanded daily reimbursement for the cost of meals while traveling — effectively double-dipping into government funds.

Auditors "found that using appropriated funds to pay for expensive meals and snacks at certain DOJ conferences, while allowable, appear to have been extravagant," the report concluded.

Responding, the Justice Department's management and administration office promised to prevent future extravagances of the sort that that Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine's auditors turned up.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rockstar meets the Prez.

Mr. Blackfive (notorious name dropper) met one of the biggest names in the shizit.

The President of The United States.

Now, we don't have to hear about Joan Cusak, or Liz Phair any longer.

The Craziest Neighbor Contest!!

OK, the crazy neighbor comments are killing me and DH.

Particulary this one by Jenny.

My neighborhood has one street my roommate and I call "Freak Street."

It contains a house with a neatly-routed wooden sign in the front that reads "House of Pain;" a skinny and shriveled old man who likes to walk around the neighborhood naked (sometimes in broad daylight) save for a pair of tennis shoes; and a guy who modified his Honda Civic Del Sol to look like an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars (complete with "battle damage," an R2-D2 on the back, and license plate "Obi Shawn").
jenny | Homepage | 09.13.07 - 11:05 pm | #

How funny is that?

Anywho, I want you to blog about your craziest neighbor!! Either in my comments, or on your blog.

O.J. Simpson did wha?

Ex-American football star OJ Simpson has been questioned by police in Las Vegas in connection with a break-in at a casino hotel room.

The incident occurred at the Palace Station Casino late on Thursday.

Police said they were questioning Mr Simpson and four others over an alleged theft that involved sports memorabilia.

Mr Simpson was not arrested, and later told the Associated Press news agency that the items belonged to him and that he did not break in.

Footage of Mr Simpson entering the police station for interview was broadcast on US television.

Say it isn't so.

Well if anyone can find a way out of something certainly it is "the juice".

Last night was fun

The task of hosting a radio show, can be a little daunting. I am learning more EVERY show.

I am learning being interviewed is easier than interviewing.

However Guard Wife and I had a lot of fun discussing reintegration with Dr. Roca last night. Guard Wife and I always seem to have fun, and I miss her and I cannot wait to see her again!

Last nights show!

Join us at SpouseBuzz. I am so proud of my affiliation with these ladies!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nobody Says it better

Some Soldiers Mom has a MUST READ!

Don't call us, we will call you..

Go over to Shakey Petes Place...

Gloves Are Off, On One Side

So, The Viet Nam Memorial in DC has been defaced, so has the one in Sacramento. Someone smashed the War Memorial in Beeville, Texas, BEEVILLE!

The New York Times gave a super low rate for the slander against Gen. Petraeus and no prominent Dem has denounced it.

Hillary has hired Sandy Burglar in for her campaign.

Is it okay to question their patriotism yet?

Sesame Street - People in Your Neighborhood

I do not believe I have ever written about my neighbors, as I was afraid they would find "the blog"...*DH advised against it as well!

da da duhm...

Well luck (and the fact I have only a few regular readers) would show they have not!

In fact, i do not believe any family or neighbors read the blog, there is of course Aunt Leggy, but she already knows I think EVERYONE is crazy. I think she agrees, and that is part of the reason we get along soooo swimmingly. In fact I have tried and tried to get her to blog, and she refuses.

The Crazy: agoraphobic and possibly bi-polar. I only see her about once a month, unless she is manic. And then I will see her at the grocery store in her shortie pjamas.

Pudding Boy: married to a succesful wife. Is notoriously lazy. Answered the door shirtless, eating a pudding snack pack pudding cup one time. The image burned in my brain forever.

The Tackies: Wooden cutouts, with little boy peeing in the front yard. It drives me crazy! Everyone wants me to call the city, I refuse to. They are nice enough, so I am leaving them alone. The other neighbors are trying to find a way to steal them at night.

OCD: Has seeded and tilled his front yard a million times, with no results, because there is very little top soil. He also pressure washes his house, and driveway monthly. WOW!

Critic: Dude that tells me EVERYTHING I am doing wrong while my DH is gone. Tries to tell me how to weed, etc. (even though my lawn is much nicer)

Nappers: The couple that would prefer to send their children here daily so they could nap after work and on the weekends. This has gotten better though.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Live)

I think I am going to get me a beehive, and more tattoos...

This made me SICK!!

Skipping a generation

Monday night Sir Rowland, who is 5 and in Kindergarten came home with his homework. There was a list of spelling words. All 3 letter words, easy. He know them and DH gave him his impromptu test. Bingo-done. He also had his Bible verse to memorize. Bingo-done. He then had a sheet of math problems.

First off, for the record. I loathe math. I have not always hated it. I was quite good at math in the beginning, and then I got lost....and have hated it since. I always conted that I have some sort of number dyslexia, trouble processing math. I can use math in a practical sense, like if solving a problem. It might take a while, but I can do it EVENTUALLY. I do not think it is fun, or exciting. I try not to say anything anti-math in the house, because I do not want to pass that phobia, or my dislike to my children. The other night on SpouseBuzz, I even mentioned that I hoped my DH was NEVER deployed during any sort of difficult math, because my poor children would suffer through my stupidity.

The good news...

My Son, LOVES math, he thinks it is fun. He will do math as we are going through the grocery store, he gets excited about math.

So Monday he comes home with a list of handwritten problems. I thought they looked so of overwhelming, considering his age, and the fact that he is in kindergarten. There were probably 20 of them. I just thought, there is no way in hell I am going to get him to sit down and do this because of the sheer number of problems.

DH sat with Sir Rowland. The problems varied.

3+ =7

10- =3

The child did all 20 problems in about 5 minutes consulting his fingers twice.

It was really amazing to me. He got them all right.

I think I have found someone that can do my taxes!!

give a man a loaf of bread......

Philosophical/Political discussion with DH last night with DH.

"what would happen if you were on the street corner with a truck with ONLY loaves of bread, with a sign that said....

"1 loaf of bread per household"

What sort of responses do you think you would get?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Explaining 9-11

I cried Sunday at church when we sang God Bless America. DH offerred me his handkerchief.

I cry almost everytime I hear the National Anthem, see colors being marched in.

......Anytime I see my fellow Americans standing before the flag.......

I cried this morning just because.

My DH was home this morning a little later than normal, because of a conference. So he had the news on.

Sir Rowland understood today was different after hearing the news this morning. He is five now. I have not discussed 9-11 before. I did not know how to explain such hatred to a five year old.

I had to explain it. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

His one question "who is paying for it?"

Someday he will understand why his Father is not in any baby pictures with him, or his Sister born 2 years later....

I could not answer it, I wanted too. But I could not answer without anger and sadness.

The victims paid for it, the families of victims paid for it.

And our service men and women and families continue to pay for it....we continue to pay for it.

I feel as though everyone has forgotten, unless they have been asked to remove shoes at the airport.

On the drive to Sir Rowland's school I saw 4 flags, in 7 miles. Our flag, the flag of the Vietnam era Marine Corp Vet, McDonald's, and Sir Rowlands school.

I feel as though the day has been forgotten........

and it makes me sad.

Remembering Ramzi Doany 6 years later.....

This is a repost of last years 9-11 project.

I was lucky enough to get the name of Ramzi Doany, last year. I will say the project made me nervous, as I wanted to do his memory well.....

I also heard from his Sister last year, and we had exchanged very brief e-mails. She was glad to see his memory was not lost......

On The morning of of September 11th, Ramzi Doany, 35, arrived on the 100th floor of North Tower of The World Trade Center. Ramzi, worked for Marsh and Mclennon as an auditor. We know, Ramzi logged into his computer that morning, and had sent a couple of e-mails out announcing his return to his office after being away on business....

We also know, he called his Mother , upon his return to his home in Bayonne, New Jersey the night before....

What I have learned about Ramzi Doany, through the written accounts of his life, I have certainly enjoyed.

Ramzi Doany, was born to Palestinian parents in Amman, Jordan. His Mother reports, him being a likeable and popular kid. When she would pick him up from school, he would be surrounded by a group of his peers, and he would be, telling them stories and making them laugh.

His Sister told the following story in an interview with a Jordanian news publication.

“As a child, Ramzi once dug a hole in our backyard for a terrible report card he had received and placed a headstone on top,”

“When our parents asked for the report card, Ramzi explained to them that, “it was dead and buried!”Ramzi Doany , attended high school in a London boarding school before coming to Milwaukee as an international student at age 19. With the goal of a career in international business, and earned a bachelor's degree in accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1992. After working in a local accounting firm he moved on to a firm in Philadelphia. That firm was purchased by Marsh & McLennan, and Doany was assigned to their New York office.

His family and friends also give several accounts of his kind and generous spirit.

Ramzi, amassed friends. He amassed them with acts of kindness, like tutoring a woman with lupus, two children and no husband, to get her though college, or letting his college roommate and the roommate's wife live in his condo for two years so they could save money for a down payment on a home.

His Sister says, her brother never had trouble making friends.

“One conversation with our next door neighbors and Ramzi was instantly at ease,” she noted.

Ramzi Doany, loved family events and would take her children to play golf and soccer. "He also loved to cook for us whenever he came for a visit,” his Sister added. "He loved cooking for family, and even took to cooking Thanksgiving turkeys and had great pride in preparation, (even if they were a bit dry)."

Ramzi, also loved reading, and particularly enjoyed the works of Charles Dickens.

In one interview with his Sister, she reports Ramzi, was an adventurist, and Ramzi had put a down payment on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“It was to have been delivered in April or May of this year,” his sister said.

Ramzi, was one of the persons killed in the attacks on September 11th.

His body was never recovered.

In a interview with a journalist, Ramzi's Mother stated....“He always kept in touch,” she said. “If a week went by without a call from him I would always worry, I'm going to miss that presence and energy”.

Friends and family remembered Ramzi Doany in two separate services of Memorial.

One at Milwaukee's St. George Melkite Catholic Church, and another at Al Fadi Anglican Church in Amman.

Ramzi, May you rest in peace, and may your family find comfort in the sweet memories of you....

A note to the Family. I am sure if you are looking for a tribute, or memory of your Son at some time, you might find this site. I truly wanted to honor your Son, and Brother. If there is information that is not correct, or inaccurate, please let me know, and I will change it. If you would like the photos removed, or would like to add photos, I will oblige. If there is any other information you would like for us to know about Ramzi, let me know. I will certainly add it. I am so sorry for your loss...

Thank You to the following sites, and memorial sites for providing me with information, and quotes.

The Jordan Times

Scholarhip in Ramzi Doany's name

Jordanian television

Milwaukee Journal

Remembering September 11th site

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Ballet

Forgive the poor quality of this video, (won't go up) it is shot from my cybershot, through a closed door about 50 feet away from the action. Today when we picked up Sir Rowland he asked his Sister. SR: "So how was ballerina school?" PN: "I did ok, I need to listen to my teacher I sort of got into trouble." SR: "Yeah, but did you show them poise and grace?" PN: "I need more practice."

The Bomb

First off, not a fan of Ms. Spears-Federline, or whatever. I do not keep track of her. I also did not watch the VMA's. Although I was privy to some backstage chitter chatter via SpouseBuzz.

However I woke this morning
to a fresh cup of coffee, and all kinds of "news" or infotainment about how horrid Ms. Spers looked at the VMA's.

So that looks horrid, for a Mother of 2?

I am soooooo staying in today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I was indoctrinated to the world of dance today.

I never took dance. Frankly we were too poor for it. I got to take "free baton twirling classes", that were offered by our city recreation department. 7 years of twirling, which really wasn't a "great skill". There were no twirlers in my junior high or high school. So my twirling skill has been of little or no use since I was 11. Well there was this time at a party, in which my skills with nun chucks came in handy. (I broke a chandelier)

I digress.

Anywho, back to the dance story. I had never taken dance. I do not know the difference between tap shoes, ballet shoes, jazz shoes. I have no idea. I am clueless. I HAD no idea how much $$$$ was involved either. Holy smokes folks. Really to keep things in perspective, I can say it is probably no different than any other activity or sport. But I was till shocked.

I have not had The Collective in much to date, because well Sir Rowland was not ready. That was most of it. There is also the fact that I do not want to be running all over to take a small child to activities that are really unnecessary at young ages. I do not believe in over scheduling families. I LIKE OUR FAMILY TIME, I do not want our family time to be spent in the car or at a McDonald's drive thru. At least not yet. My children are still small, and as a military family in a post 9-11 World, we honestly live differently then most of America, it seems as if we are always waiting for a deployment, and wanting to spend as much time as we can together!

However, with Sir Rowland beginning school now, Pink Ninja also wanted to start school. That is not in the cards right now. First off, I am a SAHM, and I do not want to farm her out to be institutionalized until I HAVE to. So I told her she could pick an activity. I let her choose from soccer, baseball, and dance. She has natural athletic talent. (not from me!) I wanted her to have some activity through the week that belonged to her, and helped her.

So dance it is. I wanted all ballet, but that is almost impossible to find, so she is in ballet, and tap. Some sort of combined discipline class.

So today I had to take Pink Ninja to our local "dance gear supplier", she needed a ribbon skirt (is that what they call them?) and shoes.

First off she LOVED being surrounded by shoes, and tutus, and ribbons, and costumes. LOVED it.

Second, I think I may have had to leave an organ behind!

Holy Smokes.

And I am starting to feel scroogish like my own Mother.

So I need to keep things in perspective, suck it up and drive on.

Pink Ninja does look adorable in her new ensemble, and class begins this morning. I am unsure what they do with all of the Moms and Dads while the little ones are dancing. I hope she enjoys it.

I also hope it helps her with grace, and coordination. Even at 37 years of age, I can tell which women in my exercise classes have taken dance through the years. They are much better at combining movements, copying movements, and grace than those of us who have not.

I must take photos this morning, as she looks adorable.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Let me remind each of you, that Hurricane Katrina was not a tornado, earthquake, flash flood.

There was TIME to prepare.

As someone who has spent over half of their life working in extended care facilities, there are several people that should be held accountable for the deaths of these people. Owners, facility administrator, director of nursing. Where was the staff?

I have had to evacuate several care facilities at one time or another. Fire, tornadoes, you name it.

I have seen 19 year old 5 foot tall CNAs carry men twice their size over their shoulders to safety.

I also recall during a blizzard in Lincoln, Nebraska several of us actually walked to work. Over downed electrical wires, for miles, because we had a responsibility to those residents. Many of the staff who were off duty and knew there was no electricity prepared food at home and brought in in to the residents. A very caring and reliable staff.

And I had to remind myself that those sorts of people existed after reading this horrible story, and the horrible decision made by the jury.

The embarassment of Katrina continues.

The owners of a US nursing home where 35 people drowned during the Hurricane Katrina disaster have been acquitted of all charges by a Louisiana jury.

Salvador and Mabel Mangano faced 35 counts of negligent homicide and 24 counts of cruelty for not evacuating the premises as the storm approached.

Patients drowned - some in their beds - as the hurricane swept through the area in August 2005.

Hurricane Katrina claimed almost 1,700 lives in Louisiana and Mississippi.

A six-member jury arrived at the not guilty verdict after about three hours.

Mabel Mangano buried her face in her husband's shoulder as the verdict was read out. The victims' family and friends, who were all dressed in black clothing, remained seated.

Responsible action

The lawsuits were filed against the couple by patients injured at the St Rita's nursing home and the families of people who died there.

Prosecutors said the elderly residents had died in the rising flood waters after the couple discounted evacuation orders and repeated warnings as the hurricane approached.

The owners allegedly turned down an offer from local officials to take the patients out by bus and did not call in a contract ambulance service.

However, the Manganos argued that their hurricane plan - to keep frail residents in place with food, water and generators - was a responsible course of action, and that if the levees had held, the tragedy would have been avoided.

Cat Power- The Greatest

Friday, September 07, 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Battle of the T-shirts

It has been an excellent wek at The Academy. Double smiley faces on every day. No pushing, no spitting. A note that said my child was wonderful! Ahhhhh...

Rock and Roll Baby.

All is well.

However, the other day upon picking Sir Rowland up from school, his teacher stopped me to tell me Sir Rowland was a little upset over one of the little girls t-shirts. It read. Girls are Smart, and in parenthesis said (boys are not). This upset Sir Rowland to no end. He was very upset, and made his teacher tell the little girl, that he a boy, was indeed smart.

When I got into the truck, he told me all about it right away.

And then he said.

Sir Rowland: "Mom, I am going to wear my Future President shirt tomorrow."

AWTM: "OK Buddy"

Well he wore his shirt today. He was a little upset, because she did not have her t-shirt on today.

Pavarotti , Rest Well

Is it already Thursday?

It is late, and I cannot sleep.

DH an I watched Hotel Rwanda tonight after getting the kids to bed.

It was horrible to watch, especially since it was an ignored genocide. I was on the verge of tears through the entire movie. I recall Rwanda very vividly, I do remember that 800,000 people were slaughtered in less than 100 days. The movie, was well done considering how sanitized the death of almost million people looked on screen. Especially murders which neighbors, children, coworkers were slaughtered in the street, in churches by means of anything that could be used as a tool of destruction. There were not many guns in Rwanda, if I recall. Most people were killed with machetes.

I hated that this story had to be told at all. But I did like the fact that Nick Nolte portrayed the slimy U.N. representative at the hotel, making one poor decision after another. It also showed the press escaping first chance out. (Which I might add, here I would have too.)

There were several times throughout this movie, I tried to put myself into the Tutsis shoes. What would I do with my family? I cannot imagine living in that kind of fear, or having my children live in that sort of fear. When a child sees a neighbor kill a neighbor, or a neighbors child. What that must do to ones soul.....

I realized I am a coward.

However, it led me to recall a Q&A session with Peter Arnett at the University of Nebraska back in 1997? I was able to ask Peter Arnett, if he thought any of the apathy re: Rwanda was the presses responsibility. He disliked the question very much. I cannot recall his entire answer, he did take responsibility off of the Clinton Administration, and he defended the press tooth and nail.

And Africa is still a mess, and I am wondering how long it will be before the United States sends even MORE troops to Africa. Because yes, we do have troops there.

and it frightens me terribly....because if 800,000 people can be slaughtered in less than 100 days. Why was that obvious energy used to feed, or help its own people?

The news in Africa is no better. I try and keep up with the news in Africa, but frankly there is so much horror that comes out of that country I cannot keep up.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only a few weeks of Chritmas shopping left and MORE TOY RECALLS!!

Ok, Mattel. Why don't you just announce ALL of the recalls at one time. I am beginning to sense you know what toys there are problems with, but are worried about recalling EVERY single toy, and brand off of the shelves. I am beginning to think you are trying to KEEP consumers from panicking. Poisoning children, should be a PUNISHABLE crime. Especially when it is done in mass.

I am going to start my Christmas shopping, and I promise I am not buying from an American Company, with manufacturing done in China. I refuse to.

Mattel recall website

Barbie® Accessory Sets Lead Paint Hazard Recall

GeoTrax™ Engine Lead Paint Hazard Recall

It's a Big Big World™ Lead Paint Hazard Recall

Just when I hated spending money on Rokenbok!

Your little boy will LOVE Rokenbok, but it is also manufactured in China. I am waiting for the recall.

We do not have many toys left here at Casa De dust...

you can't be serious?

Well it seems as if the readers of my blog, are wiser than the author again. Affording me wonderful fashion advice AGAIN. It seems as though most of my readers, are the same as I. Which means, "go ahead and wear what ya want...white schmite!"

I suppose the rule of no white below the belt after labor day, well is "THE RULE", but with whom? (Or is it who?)

I suppose if I am at the local Kroger, and someone sneers at me because I have a white skirt on after Labor Day. Well I can tell them to "bugger off" in my best British accent. I mean, we are at Kroger, after all. If you are spending your money where I am spending mine, you cannot be snotty. Right? Sneering is more rude than wearing white right?

If I am at church wearing a white skirt after labor day, and anyone evens looks at me curiously, well I know they are going to hell. Right? Because Jesus, doesn't care about fashion rules. He wore open toed shoes year round too, right? Jesus would have loved my Tevas.

The bonus here is. I only wear white when out of town, or at church for an hour. I mean do you think I am insane enough to run around wearing white with a 3 and 5 year old? Nope, tis a rare ocassion, when I am feeling virginal.

P.S. Jesus, I was just trying to be funny about people going to hell. Please do not send me there for making a comment about church people, or for using the term virginal.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ode to white pants/skirts/ etc

This past Sunday, I told DH I just had to wear my new guazy white embroidered skirt to church, because after Labor Day, white could no longer be worn. Even though it is a putrid and balmy 100 degrees down here for yet another month.

This means, no white jeans. The magic jeans that say size 8, even though they are not, but I can humor myself. In fact I have threatened to wear them inside out out, just so I can say. "Oh, I have my pants on inside out?" "I must have gone insane, and look they say size 8!". But then, if I wore them inside out, I would have no pockets to keep my hands in, which is a terrible habit I have.

I will ask this though, is the no white after Labor Day rule still a go? No white below the belt after Labor Day. Also note no sandals, or open toed shoes after Labor Day.

I am currently residing in the mid-south, there are certainly different rules for fashion, than in the MidWest. We tend to be a little more utilitarian in the MidWest. Folks here are a bit more tradionalist.

I have no idea any longer, as I am not the least bit fahionable. Todays ensemb' includes Nike running shorts (which is odd, because I do not run) Teva sandals, and a t-shirt. So I am clueless about fashion. I really am.

So is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Ass might be bigger than yours!

Last year for my Birthday, my friend Cat from Swift Kick and a Band aid sent me the book, Bitter is the New Black.

A very funny book, based off of the blog by Jen Lancaster, jennsylvania. A 30-something version 2.0 yuppie/.commer who goes riches to rags.

I enjoyed Bitter is The New Black. Ms. Lancaster's humor was slightly self deprecating, and very pithy. But frankly in the book Bitter, I did not find her likable until the last quarter of the book. Probably because I spent most of the first 75% of the book envious of her ability to go get her hair colored at the most fantabulous salons in Chicago, and her penchant for $800 shoes. Knowing, that if I were to walk past Ms. Lancaster I might have have made it into her book as a fashion DON"T.

Well for this last Birthday, my Sister-in-Law sent me Bright Lights, Big Ass, the follow up companion to Bitter.

I sooo LOVED this second book, and caught myself laughing loudly and often.

It took me a while to get into this book, mostly due to my 3 foot tall stack of books by my bed. Most of which are fairly HEAVY reading. I really needed a break from seriousness, and needed a FUN book.

Ms. Lancaster reminding us, that 30-something is not like Sex In The City. We all do not have scads of cash, and spend our free time imbibing ourselves on martinis. Most of us have a budget, and a penchant for chocolate, and have to go to the gym. Life is certainly not as glamorous as television producers have brainwashed the American public into thinking. She has crazy neighbors, and likes wearing her pearls (even at the gym!) , gets "looks" from her Husband when meeting his boss, tries to get out of explaining "reach around" to her Mother over Christmas dinner, and has a pair of pants EXPLODE on her at the gym.

So if you need a good laugh, and I happen to know a couple of you do, I would encourage you to pick up both of these books.

Very light and fun reading.

Good for reading on the beach, and the tub!

Look Mom one handed...


My sitemeter.

Total 199,956. Yes I keep track, I am a dork.

I have almost reached 200,000.

Gee, that took forever didn't it.

That means, I only checked my blog, 189,000 times!

WOWZERS. I should have been more obsessive about it.

I cannot wait to see who 200,000 is!

The weekend started out great. I have spent today, relegated to my bedroom in my "red tent" per DH's wise request. I do not feel good at all, and am in so much pain, I am sort of hunchback of NotreDame looking. Unable to stand up straight. Heating pad on "burn", and only wanting to eat salt and drink coke. Being off of my hormones is making me FEEL SO much better through the month. I am no longer a moody, brooding mess. However, during "my time" I am in PAIN. Pain. Pain that is much like being in labor with Pink Ninja, no joke. Seriously. not kidding.

I really was going like gangbusters, until last night. WE had managed to wash both trucks. a feat that was actually quite hilarious. Let me just say I am just German enough to think I know the BEST, and SHORTEST way to do everything. I do not play well with others, and make a horrid people manager. I really do. Always have. I am much better alone. Just ask DH, who I am guessing wanted to drown me with the house Friday. (Hey I was a bit PMS, so I can use that.) But I seriously will blame it on genetics. I am a bit French too. But I am sure the French part of me would have just drank coffee and smoked while everyone else washed the truck. I am also Dutch, and English, and am unsure what the Dutch part of me thought of the truck washing. I suppose I just did what the Germans wanted.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, a school day. Sir Rowland does not want to go, because he is tired of getting into trouble. Ahhhh...I am not sure when he will understand that good choices=no trouble. I am guessing 40? So here I go jumping headfirst into the week. I think I noted that he is not eating well at lunch, I am guessing this is not helping his afternoon behavior. I suppose we will have to see. I left a note for the teacher.

He also completed his 3rd 1st grade reader today! Yeah Sir Rowland. That makes one reader a week. I am making sure he is doing the comprehension excercises at the end of the chapter. He seems to have the hang of it.

tonight, we had to read a short story about a farm, Spring, and chores. The question at the end of the story was "what kind of buildings might you find on a farm?" I immediately guessed he would answer barn. He did not he said silo, and smokehouse. He also know what a smokehouse was for. This was sort of shocking to me. But then I remembered, he really likes Charlettes Webb, and Babe right now. I will say 1st grade is harder than it was 30 + years ago. I listen to him, and follow as he is reading through his book, and I am amazed. I was an early reader, and so was DH, but that was in the day of Dick and Jane. The Academy is using Abeka program out of Pennsacola, Florida. It seems much more advanced, than I would have thought.

We would like to see his math workbook now. As I think he could use a break from such intense focus on the reading.

I will discuss this with his teacher this week.

I am going to try to make it to yolates 3 days this week, and get back on the bus. I have not bee taking such good care of myself. I do not want to see all of my hard work go away. I have worked too hard. I miss having an intense schedule. However, I have been, just plain ole busy, and trying to get everyone reintegrated and on a routine here. AGAIN.

Wish me luck, I am working on a special project this week, I will tell you more about it, tomorrow!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Natural Selection, or I might go to hell for this post.

Yesterday, while we were at the lake. Before the "jail thing". I was in the water with Pink Ninja, when a family decided to camp out directly by us. Because of course I picked the most ultimate spot on the beach. (Near a tree, so my very pale children will not burn in the direct sunlight). DH and Sir Rowland were at the play area, and not privy to the discussion.

Let me try and paint a picture for you, which is hard.

There is a break by the lake, a concrete wall which is about a foot tall. 1 foot. 12 inches.

The entire family hops down, leaving a female relative behind.

I hear her say. "How I am supposed to get down there?"

She was SERIOUS as a heart attack.

I about cracked up.

Natural selection, is not like it once was before air conditioning, and automobiles. This woman would have been left for dead during the western expansion of America.

The best part was the reply of a family member whom said.....I shit you not...and it was yelled too. added bonus!

"Just step down!"

Seriously. I about died laughing.

The most horrible part of this is, well besides this woman having bred, and spreading her poison seed all over.

No one is ever around when this sort of stuff happens.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Interesting Day

I am not even sure how to begin this post. I am afraid of sounding hyperjudgemental, but parents do not belong in jail.

I do enjoy the lake we have found.

It is quiet for the most part.

I do not like mixing water, and crowds. It is just unsafe. Or community pool is PACKED, overflowing.

Although EVERY TIME we go...EVERY TIME, there is a child or 2 unattended. Small children. This makes my husband and I VERY nervous. The parents/parent/auntie/uncle/maw-ma (southern equivilent to a Grandmother), is not at the childs side, and at times more than 100 feet away.

Well of course the child, swimming alone with no one to play with, wants to latch on to our family. Note here, your child does not want to play ALONE. They want to play with you Mom / Dad/Auntie/ however. Parents, also note you have no idea who your child might approach...spooky on many levels.

This is going to sound horrid, but no thank you. If I wanted 3 children I would have had another one, or I would adopt another, or I would ask a neighbor child to come with us. We like our little nuclear family. We like out time together ALONE. I do not want to worry about your child.

So I normally tell the child, to get their "guardian." I try and say it nice, like "go get your Mom, tell her to come swim with you."

Well today was no exception.

Our little nuclear family is swimming, and basking, when a 4 year old girl unattended (family about 100 feet away) comes over to us. The following conversation ensues...

AWTM: "Darling, where is your Mom?"

Girl: "She is in jail."

AWTM and DH: staring at one another like we are going to choke all wide eyed.
Sir Rowland: "Your Mom is in JAIL?" "Did she steal something?"

AWTM: "Well where is your Dad sweetie?"

Girl: "He is in jail too."

AWTM: (WTF?, bouncing around in my head.)

AWTM: "Well, who is out here watching you?"

Girl: "My Mew-Maw" (Is that even how you spell memaw, I still have not figured that out.)

AWTM: Relieved that this family is calling the little girl to eat lunch, she ended up leaving.

Oye. And I sort of am unsure how this sounds, I told DH I was concerned about sounding self righteous. But I mean jail. for the love of God.

DH worked for 3-4 years full time night shift at the city/county jail in Lincoln Nebraska. Ick. I have heard most of the stories, none good.

Tonight Pink Ninja seemed a little worried that I could possibly end up in jail. She kept mentioning how glad she was, that I wasn't in jail. Yes the incident left all sorts of questions to be answered.


DH and I have also noted an inordinate amount of Granparents in this area as primary caregivers to Grandchildren. These Granparents look tired. I will say I am VERY disappointed.

I woke with three songs stuck in my head this morning...

odd for sure. But Mrs. Roberta Flack can sing...

Headed to the lake

To start the labor day off right. Just finished paking a picnic as well.

We must be home by 2:30pm, as University of Nebraska is playing Nevada.

It looks like a nice day.

Although the temps remain around 100 during the day, the mornings and evenings are starting to col.

Time to me to get some new walking shoes, as these neighborhood hills will kick your ass.

Enjoy your day!