Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only a few weeks of Chritmas shopping left and MORE TOY RECALLS!!

Ok, Mattel. Why don't you just announce ALL of the recalls at one time. I am beginning to sense you know what toys there are problems with, but are worried about recalling EVERY single toy, and brand off of the shelves. I am beginning to think you are trying to KEEP consumers from panicking. Poisoning children, should be a PUNISHABLE crime. Especially when it is done in mass.

I am going to start my Christmas shopping, and I promise I am not buying from an American Company, with manufacturing done in China. I refuse to.

Mattel recall website

Barbie® Accessory Sets Lead Paint Hazard Recall

GeoTrax™ Engine Lead Paint Hazard Recall

It's a Big Big World™ Lead Paint Hazard Recall

Just when I hated spending money on Rokenbok!

Your little boy will LOVE Rokenbok, but it is also manufactured in China. I am waiting for the recall.

We do not have many toys left here at Casa De dust...

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Tracy said...

I'll tell ya, I'd rather pay an extra $3-$5 per toy than have to search my kids toys every few weeks to see if they have a "tainted" toy.

My boys are past the chewing on toys stage, but I still don't want them in my house if they have high levels of lead.

I spent too much time when we moved into this old house making sure the lead paint from years gone by was covered up and not showing, I'm not letting them have toys with too much lead in it!!