Thursday, September 20, 2007

Showing his ass, literally.

I picked up Sir Rowland from school today. He usually runs to me. Not today. His teacher was smiling and dragging him to me.

Folks it has been a good week. Double smiley faces. Doubles. One day a note that read "KING of the smiley faces!!'

Today one smiley.

It seems as though just moments before I showed up, he ......uhhhh...

WEll it seems as though....

Teacher: " He pulled down his shorts and showed his underpants."

And I am sorry folks, but I had the most inappropriate response. I did. I laughed, and snorted. And then quickly turned stern. I know too late. But seriously, what in Gods name possesed him to do such a thing?

So I asked him, in front of the teacher.

AWTM: "What on earth possesed you to do that?"

Sir Rowland: "Well they looked like they needed entertaining"

That was seriously his response.

I then said.

AWTM: "Have you ever seen me or your father do such a thing?"

Thank God he said no...because I set myself up for what could have been a diaster.

Sir Rowland: "nope"

AWTM: "then it would not be ok, right?"

Anywho, so no computer, games, nada....

However here is the interesting part. Aunt Leggy is a school teacher and I am talking to her tonight, and she tells me that the showing underwear is common!! Thank GOD!!

In fact she pretty much assured me that almost EVERY CHILD does it.


So now I do not feel so terrible, or like CPS is going to come knocking.

But here is the interesting thing. He has taken to drawing underwear on his biblical charactors they have to color. The picture he brought home today was Jacob wrestling with an Angel. Jacob had underwear on, with hearts of all things on them.

DH thinks the kid wants to be Mormon, and put undergarments on everyone.


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