Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ode to white pants/skirts/ etc

This past Sunday, I told DH I just had to wear my new guazy white embroidered skirt to church, because after Labor Day, white could no longer be worn. Even though it is a putrid and balmy 100 degrees down here for yet another month.

This means, no white jeans. The magic jeans that say size 8, even though they are not, but I can humor myself. In fact I have threatened to wear them inside out out, just so I can say. "Oh, I have my pants on inside out?" "I must have gone insane, and look they say size 8!". But then, if I wore them inside out, I would have no pockets to keep my hands in, which is a terrible habit I have.

I will ask this though, is the no white after Labor Day rule still a go? No white below the belt after Labor Day. Also note no sandals, or open toed shoes after Labor Day.

I am currently residing in the mid-south, there are certainly different rules for fashion, than in the MidWest. We tend to be a little more utilitarian in the MidWest. Folks here are a bit more tradionalist.

I have no idea any longer, as I am not the least bit fahionable. Todays ensemb' includes Nike running shorts (which is odd, because I do not run) Teva sandals, and a t-shirt. So I am clueless about fashion. I really am.

So is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?


Anonymous said...

I don't consider myself a Southern girl, but I've always thought it was a silly rule. Especially when it's still in the 90s outside.

Tracy said...

I don't know about down south (I'm in the Midwest) but noone here follows that rule. If it's still hot out I wear sandals. I don't care if it's October! LOL

As far as white~since the kids were born I gave up on white. ;) You are very brave!!

Oh, and I want a pair of those magic pants that say you are a size you are not. I need them badly LOLOLOL