Monday, September 03, 2007

Look Mom one handed...


My sitemeter.

Total 199,956. Yes I keep track, I am a dork.

I have almost reached 200,000.

Gee, that took forever didn't it.

That means, I only checked my blog, 189,000 times!

WOWZERS. I should have been more obsessive about it.

I cannot wait to see who 200,000 is!

The weekend started out great. I have spent today, relegated to my bedroom in my "red tent" per DH's wise request. I do not feel good at all, and am in so much pain, I am sort of hunchback of NotreDame looking. Unable to stand up straight. Heating pad on "burn", and only wanting to eat salt and drink coke. Being off of my hormones is making me FEEL SO much better through the month. I am no longer a moody, brooding mess. However, during "my time" I am in PAIN. Pain. Pain that is much like being in labor with Pink Ninja, no joke. Seriously. not kidding.

I really was going like gangbusters, until last night. WE had managed to wash both trucks. a feat that was actually quite hilarious. Let me just say I am just German enough to think I know the BEST, and SHORTEST way to do everything. I do not play well with others, and make a horrid people manager. I really do. Always have. I am much better alone. Just ask DH, who I am guessing wanted to drown me with the house Friday. (Hey I was a bit PMS, so I can use that.) But I seriously will blame it on genetics. I am a bit French too. But I am sure the French part of me would have just drank coffee and smoked while everyone else washed the truck. I am also Dutch, and English, and am unsure what the Dutch part of me thought of the truck washing. I suppose I just did what the Germans wanted.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, a school day. Sir Rowland does not want to go, because he is tired of getting into trouble. Ahhhh...I am not sure when he will understand that good choices=no trouble. I am guessing 40? So here I go jumping headfirst into the week. I think I noted that he is not eating well at lunch, I am guessing this is not helping his afternoon behavior. I suppose we will have to see. I left a note for the teacher.

He also completed his 3rd 1st grade reader today! Yeah Sir Rowland. That makes one reader a week. I am making sure he is doing the comprehension excercises at the end of the chapter. He seems to have the hang of it.

tonight, we had to read a short story about a farm, Spring, and chores. The question at the end of the story was "what kind of buildings might you find on a farm?" I immediately guessed he would answer barn. He did not he said silo, and smokehouse. He also know what a smokehouse was for. This was sort of shocking to me. But then I remembered, he really likes Charlettes Webb, and Babe right now. I will say 1st grade is harder than it was 30 + years ago. I listen to him, and follow as he is reading through his book, and I am amazed. I was an early reader, and so was DH, but that was in the day of Dick and Jane. The Academy is using Abeka program out of Pennsacola, Florida. It seems much more advanced, than I would have thought.

We would like to see his math workbook now. As I think he could use a break from such intense focus on the reading.

I will discuss this with his teacher this week.

I am going to try to make it to yolates 3 days this week, and get back on the bus. I have not bee taking such good care of myself. I do not want to see all of my hard work go away. I have worked too hard. I miss having an intense schedule. However, I have been, just plain ole busy, and trying to get everyone reintegrated and on a routine here. AGAIN.

Wish me luck, I am working on a special project this week, I will tell you more about it, tomorrow!

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