Monday, August 31, 2009

My soul was sick...

A must read.

a beautiful building indeed

Took Sarah to the Capital while she was here. The funny thing is, you enter on the first floor, which is terribly dark and dreary. When we arrived, we were informed the tour did not start until 1pm. I was like, hey lets go eat lunch and come back....

She looked at me like "really, I have seen enough we do not need to come back"...

We came back, and she was thrilled.

What thrilled her, the art, and this...

Nebraska shuns all long-term financial commitments, not just for retirement benefits. The state has no debt. Its Constitution forbids it.

One thing Nebraska does have: A balanced $3.5 billion budget and a $563 million cash reserve.

The cost of the Nebraska Capitol building was $ 9,800,440.07 in 1932. The construction job came in under budget and the building was paid for by the time it was completed.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too much Mad Men...

Makes me want to listen to Perry Como, and Julie London all day

Question of the week...bra washing

A friend on facebook shared this link this morning..and was completely grossed out that women do not wash bras every single day.

I guess my friend has never bought a bra, or worn one..

They are delicate items, and EXPENSIVE. I know men love gorgeous undergarments, but they are costly, especially those that flatter and fit nicely.

How often do you wash your bras? I wash my bras about every 5 days depending on activity. I mean if I am doing yard work, or something that means I will get sweaty and gross, they get washed. Bras used for exercise certainly get washed often. If I am doing nothing strenuous, I wait about 5 days. I do not think this is abnormal, maybe it is?

Plus every woman I know has a variety of bras. There are bras worn to look fancy in, bras that look best under clothing, lacy bras do not look nice under clothing, it can look bumpy etc.... so some bras do not get worn regularly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am going back to work

School starts in January.

I know, I am surprised too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We have no mountains...

What do you do when someone comes to Nebraska?

How do you show them the very BEST of your state?

Well, you take them to the National Roller Skating Museum, that is what you do.

Quite possibly the quietest museum EVER. Tons of cubicles. I seriously want a job was sooooooooo quiet. It was like a sensory deprivation tank.


Did we learn anything while there...? uh I am not sure, what I took away from the museum. I give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10. It was free, it was quiet, and if you were a skater it would probably mean something. I have not skated since I was 15? Maybe 14...and I loved wearing my jeans with the fancy skate embroidered on the pocket, holding my huge orange comb. I loved wearing a BIG Bonnie Bell watermelon lip smacker necklace around my neck. I liked ordering my prize soda when I won the limbo competition, which was a mixture of all soda, we called a suicide....

It made me think of all of those things...

She wants to marry a dog...

I have made it no secret here that my daughter wants a dog. She long for a dog, and she asks for one every single day.

So, I asked Sarah to bring well mannered, laid back Charlie....

PN was thrilled to have a dog here. In fact I am sure she would have not bathed, eaten, dressed, or went to school if given the choice between those activities and Charlie...

She made him look very Babushka in my Grandmothers hankies.

She thought taking photos of his butt was hilarious.

She even covered him in hankies...

Thank You Charlie for being such a good sport, and letting her boss you around for 2 days. She hugged him, and kissed him....and proposed marriage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a friend visiting..

that feels sooooo nice to type.

I have a friend here.

A pregnant friend. (Thank God, I have been thanking him daily)

Today I got to stop and pick her up, and met family. always fun, and her Mom was adorable. I also ended up having soooo much in common with Sarah's Mother.

We made it back to town in time to take Charlie for a pee....and pick up the kids from school.

PN was thrilled to see a dog, a REAL bonifide dog. (She has a robotic dog I bought at a consignment shop for 10$. He barks, and rolls around when you clap)

The kids seem to be pooped out after school, so they watched a movie, and tried to relax. (I chose the new Charlettes Web)I am sure PN would have inhaled Charlie. The poor dog needs a break from her....Charlie, also does not enjoy the trampline.

SR, who is a cat person, actually thought the dog was ok, and told Sarah if he ate any Rokenbok, she would HAVE to pay! (Must continue to work on his manners and tact.)

Had a 2nd grade orientation...felt bad, as I wanted to see Sarah, but had to leave and meet DH at the school. Kept PN with Sarah, and while we were at school PN decided she would marry Charlie.

School meeting went nicely. One more meeting this week, this time with mentors! So far both kids love it, and love the teachers. PN's teacher has 3 poodles, this is right up PN's alley. SR thinks his teacher has a good sense of humor, and he loves her positive reinforcement! I love this school.

I came home, and made chicken kabobs, rice, grilled pineapple (always yummy)....

Chatted a while, and let Sarah meet DH. Lots of old Army tales....

Hope she SLEEPS, she has pregnancy bladder, and I do not think she is resting a great deal, and traveling while pregnant is exhausting....

tomorrow is fun day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

first Day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten

(My hair keeps turning auburn, between the sun, and the chlorine! Ughh. I might need a swim cap)

Starting week 2 of school, and the house is SLOWLY coming together, and frankly it will have to go. I have not yet been inspired to kick it into high gear....

They are enjoying it sooooo much. We are thrilled. I am also thrilled Dad was here to see them off. I know it means so much to the kids that he was able to walk them in, and i think it meant a great deal to DH. He has missed so much, I take all of it for granted, and am even driven to the brink of craziness at times....but he has missed enough, where I do try and keep it in perspective.

I guess that is ok, or I am going to pretend it is. After all it is silent all day...I feel like a Momma Cat, who cannot get her wits about her, and trying to find my own stride.

Sarah will arrive tomorrow, and I am soooo excited to show her the city I love so much...I really do love it here. Although I know we are both perfectly content to sit and relax...

I wonder if she has seen Auntie Mame before?

Because she should....

I hope I can find something for her to eat...

I hope the crickets stay out of the basement....

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Put a post up.....this month. It has been forever.

He has a surprise!

Friday, August 21, 2009

yoga, television, and not getting as much done as I should

Report for the week....

The Collective LOVE school, they like the teachers, SR even was sent home a handwritten note complimenting him on several good behaviors. I was not sure about the teacher when we initially met, but I think I get her now. I am sure she has seen, and heard about everything, and likes to assess things herself. The other night when we met, I felt that. (Believe it or not I can relate to that even in nursing) So right now I am thrilled.

I made it a habit to go to the gym immediately after dropping the kids off at school. I became even more motivated to do so, after going to the Dr. with The Collective and stepping on the scale. (Seriously??? Seriously???) All of the weight I lost painting, and moving, well it is back. Frankly it should be, I have not been going to yoga as I should. I thought running after the kids on bikes, and swimming would have helped. There are a few things I loathe about the aging process in females, metabolism. I have talked endlessly here, about how I NEVER used to worry about my weight...never, I was one of THOSE people. and to all of those folks that told me "it will catch up with you.". Well I hope you are all smiley now, you were right.

I have never dieted, nor will I start now. I love to eat, and frankly I eat a balanced meal most of the time. I do like a coke every day. I gave that up, and am having one every couple of days. I will not give up things. If I do, I feel like a cartoon animal seeing walking chicken legs every single place I look. No diet, no thanks. I do need to eat breakfast. I am not hungry in the morning as a rule, and would prefer brunch. However, that is not going to work. I need to eat before yoga, otherwise I run out of steam...I understand the physiology behind this..I get it. I really will have to FORCE myself to eat breakfast.

I turned on the TV today. It was on once in a while when the kids were home, usually some cartoon or something. 2 1/2 days of silence was enough, and i thought i could mop to an old movie or my surprise there was soap operas on! i seriously did not know these things were still on. I used to watch General Hospital when I was 15. When i was a new Army Wife, and 1990, I watched Santa Barbara for a bit, the affair really was short lived. I was surprised they were still on.

I like serial drama, I do hence my love of Deadwood, Rome, Carnival, Big Love , and my current favorite Mad Men.

Sarah is coming for a visit, SOON! For those of you who have not heard, she has NEWS! Go over and read and leave a note! i should be cleaning like some sort of mad woman, and i have been keeping busy so is just overwhelming. I tend to start laundry, run a load of dishes, clean a tub, and vacuum all at once. It is leaving me disjointed, I am going to start doing one room at a time. I am thrilled she is coming, I will have someone to hang with, and chat with, sans interruptions! Neato. I am afraid my tomatoes might come in while she is here...and currently she cannot stand them.

I am putting myself on an internet probation. I think it may help!

Amazing courage, and bravery

This is an amazing man....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and i made it to 12 noon

This morning was IT for us, the day I have been prepping for for the last few years. My daughter, (who was 22 months old when I started blogging ) started Kindergarten today. My itty bitty sunshine girl.

My Son started 2nd grade! I have no idea where time went....

and I was fine, until 12 noon when my Husband mentioned I was sorta crabby. (I was, I was on a RANT, complaining about things that were not personal....just grouchy.) And after he mentioned I was crabby, I cried and cried after trying to hold it together all day.

I think he felt bad that he had mentioned my mood, but he probably knew it was coming after 19 years of living with me.

It was cliche, my day. SAHM, is now a SAH? My kids are now gone 8 hours a nursing license needing recertification, after letting it lapse here in Nebraska. (I had no idea we would come back) Just cliche.

The kids LOVED school, loved teachers, loved the day. SR got in trouble for talking, and had to put his head down on his desk. (Um hello, he is my kid). We ran into the VP this morning, she informed us they have a mentor for SR for Math/Science...we will meet her soon.

Time flies. This is not all about me I realize, I mean I am glad the kids are READY for school, healthy, and bright. I had not near the trepidation re:SR going to school as I did in years past. They are doing sooooo fantastic, and I am going to take credit for some of that...

and as I sat here tonight, it occurred to me, OMG, they have to go to school tomorrow too......

But I seriously am amidst an existensial crises, and I have a map, with a couple of paths marked. Right now my intention is to stay here and get my $#!* together, get organized, get projects that I have been wanting to do, but are impossible with The Collective around. I am going to play old movies while I iron, and I am going to unplug my brain for a bit, try and recharge. Because I am not sure how to do this next chapter. I will figure it out. I always do. Sometimes I am late to the party, but I eventually show up.

Tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school, I am going to yoga, I am going for a walk. I am going to weed my flowers, I am going to have a hot cup of tea for lunch. I will pull everything out of the pantry and organize it.

The map says start job October, start school in January. I am going back to school in January. The house, well it could keep me busy for months. (Also i weighed myself when i took PN to the DR today, it was horrid, I will be busy with that too)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart Cole Porter

Last day of summer

WOW, that was quick.

I just made blueberry pancakes, and actually made a few extra for the freezer. (You can easily store them in quart zip bags and pop in the toaster when you are in a hurry)

Last night we toured the school, the kids each got a Popsicle, or ice cream sandwich, we met teachers, and tah starts tomorrow.

SR was fantastic last night, he grabbed his little sisters hand and gave her a tour of the school, and introduced her to EVERYONE, art teacher, computer lab teacher, PE teachers, librarian...etc. No stone was left unturned.

When PN walked into the school, she was met by her bestest friend in the hallway. He charged toward her, and hugged her so hard they both fell over. It was sweet.

SR met his new teacher, and we had a small chat about him, and she was able to watch him interact with his peers. He is friendly and was polite, and then started talking about binary code, and poof the kids left 2 at a time looking bored and confused. I have not heard a peep about his mentors yet, I will assume all is well. I am sure I will speak to the coordinator sometime this week.

PN's teacher is calm.....I suppose this is a fantastic skill needed for a kindergarten teacher. she seemed unshakable, even with all of the noise and bouncing, and crying. The school had to hire 2 new kindergarten teachers this year, a lot of children. In good news, her classroom is tucked back by what I believe is the 4th grade pod. This should be good, as it will be a little quieter, probably not so good for the 4th graders.

Today I am taking The Collective to the state capital for a picnic lunch, and a short tour including an elevator ride to the top. I am unsure if we can go to the top, I have not been since 9-11.

My fingers are crossed.

We might go to the outdoor pool, after that. Let the kids swim, and play.

Tomorrow it begins, a new chapter for our family.

Me left in an empty house, with my new existensial crises....

Monday, August 17, 2009

TRYING to organize

WE have 2 days of summer left.


Today, we must go to the YMCA. I have to sign The collective up for swim lessons again. I had convinced Cora to take gymnastics, and then WOMP. I tried to look at the schedule, and there was no way in heck it would work. Ughhhh....I am glad she is easy to get along with. I convinced her to take swim again. There is still an awful scheduling glitch. the Collective are in different classes which means that swim lessons will take 80 minutes instead of 40. Seriously.

This scheduling debacle is new to us, because The Collective have never had school, and activities at one time. This is the first year! (I know you Mothers that have done this for years, are chuckling)

There is church activities on Wednesdays, which I hope they enjoy with all of my heart.

Oh and Cub Scouts, for SR. Which I have not gotten all information on yet.

We meet teachers tonight, and get to take a look at the school rooms, receive child PIN #'s and put money into lunch accounts.

Backpacks are cleaned, labeled and ready. Clothing in closets have been sorted according to weather, even if PN is trying to wear her new long sleeved bloused every single day.

I still need to moved the breakfast bowls, cereal and snack foods to a lower shelf in the pantry. Along with napkins, etc.

I tried to make my own organizer of the fridge, after looking and looking for one online, and not really finding a solution.

I wanted a Calendar that would not slide, with clips attached, and pockets for school papers etc. No one makes this...

So I made my own, after making a trip to Office Depot.

I bought one roll of magnetic tape, 2 magnetic bins, lots of clips, magnetic hooks, and an expanding file folder.

I cut off the decorative photos at the top of the old calendar, because frankly it was taking too much space. I put magnetic tape on the back of the expanding file folder. This will hold school paperwork, coupons, bills, address labels, flight itineraries etc...It has a closure.

I put scotch tape, paperclips, pens, giftcards, and paper in the bins.

This made room for the endless schedules I need to put up, the school master list schedule, the lunch menu, and the exercise class (for Mom) list.

By no means is it completely fool proof I realize. But it sure beats the magnetic clip system I had before. Endless piles clipped together in mass. This should also help keep my countertops clear, which is always a struggle.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I would like time for $500 Alex

Summer comes to a close this week, as The Colletive BOTH go back to school! This week, I sign PN up for gymnastcs, and SR swim. We go to the school, and meet with the new teachers, we sign up for PTO, and scouts, and hand in the remainder of paperwork. It is sure to be a busy week.

My Sissy is here, and it was of great assistance yesterday, as I wondered out into the city to get school clothes! In wonderful news, I did not have to buy any school SUPPLIES none. The school, the public school provides all supplies. SR needed his backpack replaced, but we had an extra one here, so that was easy.

Shopping amoung all of the other families yesterday drove me crazy. Not enough dressing rooms, long lines were the main culprits. I will not wait that long again. I did have the good fortune of having a nice 15% coupon for The Children's Place, and along with the sales they were having it all worked out.

SR got his first pair of lace up shoes, and so did PN. SR got New Balance size 2, PN some polka dotted keds, with bling on them, size 13. The kids have big feet.

They have been up early for the past few days, which is good I have been putting them in bed by 8:15 goal time, and they have been waking at 6:45-7:15. This is good, they need to be on schedule, and need the rest, even if it is horrid to be in bed at 8pm when all of the neighbor kids are running loose and screaming all over the neighborhood.

Today I must run back into town, take Sissy and the kids to the pool, I have 3 things to return or exchange. I also am in dire need of tupperware of some sort.

she leaves today, and I have no idea where the weekend went. None

Thursday, August 13, 2009

McCaskill...let them eat cake

I am working on a post re: this new proposed healthcare bill, but frankly get overexcited, and my points are not made clear...

As a person that has worked in the medical profession...I HAVE STORIES, lots of them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

plumb crazy lady thinks she needs a sash

I fixed a minor toilet issue today...

The flush lever broke. No big deal, unless of course you are me, I had no idea how to fix it etc....

I am learning how to take a deep breath, and take apart things. It seems to be the only way I can figure out how to put things back together again. Great...

My son video taped me fixing the toilet, you can see here. I was not really intending to, and am not sure if it is all that instructional. However I think it does show, that some things just sound like they might be huge projects when they are simple. (The video also reminded me of the project of painting the bathroom is left. that is the only room left and it needs to be done)

I did not grow up at my Father's knee watching him fix things. I am intimidated by mechanics. So the fact that i actually am able to fix anything amazes me. Thank God for the internets. Also a shout out to my friend RAVE, who actually googled fixing toilets as I was complaining about it on facebook.

Fixing stuff not my bag at all. I am beginning to think of making myself a SASH like Brownies get. I was never a Brownie, and I was sooooo jealous of little girls in Brownie uniforms. I might make myself a SASH, and make myself patches. Some military wives, can do it all with the grace and style...not me, I swear I would wear my SASH all over the place, even with my poorly designed patches.

"what is that one for?" Oh the baby's head exiting the womb, that one is laboring alone.

"what is this package of hamburger patch for?" Remembering to take meat out of the freezer.

Nope grace and being demure ain't my strong suit I am afraid.
I am learning how to build confidence in my abilities....and it is a good thing to know how it feels.

I am understanding what made The Collective feel like they were invincibile after learning to ride bikes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

to do list...

need to run errands at some point today.

jar lids and rings
clothes washing detergent
cheese, and meat for sandwiches

I just cleaned and peeled about 10 cucumbers for dinner tonight.

spoke with Sissy, she is coming this weekend, we might put up corn.

I am making out school shopping list, we do not need much at this time, the real shopping will begin when we need coats, and boots....

knowing I am blessed...

There are moments I am truly struck by how blessed I am. Daily I give thanks and praise, but there are moments when it strikes me, that my life is soooo wonderful, and i wonder what I did to deserve it.

I got exactly what I wished for, and prayed for. AND MORE. How is that even possible?

The other day I was driving home, and I have no idea how I managed to get here....

This morning I woke to find the Collective watching a movie, and eating Tostitos (Mother of the year award, probably not). However, they were not fighting, or arguing, they were quiet.

The weather is perfect out, and I must make it to the garden to pick cucumbers, check my slow tomatoes, which I am sure will ripen at ONCE. I need to water my flowers, and pul a couple of weeds, trim some things back...

Linens are in the wash machine, and it smells of bleach in my laundry room and kitchen.

The weather is near perfect out, the birds are singing.

The day is so glorious I am making out bills...things are sooo nice, even debt cannot dampen my day today!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Swim lessons..

My DH just happens to be home for a minute, and actually made it home before dark tonight, in fact he met us at swim lessons!

DH used to teach swim lessons, and is a terrific swimmer. I can swim, but its nothing to write home about.

He was impressed with both children tonight.

Bonus, SR wanted to go down the slide. There is a rule, you must be 9, or be able to swim across and back on the deep end. SR was determined to do so.

He MADE it! He now gets to wear a red bracelet, and got to register to use the slide.

He was so proud, it was all he could talk about.

His physical confidence has grown this summer. First the bike and now this. I am keeping him in swim.

PN is also doing wonderfully. She shows good form, and will be ready to graduate soon!!

I am sooo proud of them this summer!

This was pretty neat

Go here


I am a bit grumpus.


Sick kids, kids that don't listen, DH being gone so much, the broken wash machine, school starting soon, summer coming to a close.

I am whining. I will get over it, I am sure....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Houseboat is on TCM

Sophia Loren was such a beauty, and a good reminder to spend more time on my eyemakeup.

(also note, she was so gorgeous, she managed to get away without shaving under her arms!)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

a different life

Sarah sent me this today, and believe it or not I had read it a while back. But read it again...and it reminded me of sooo much.

Those tiny Hallmark calenders (you can pick up free), used to be the way I would manage my life. I kept one of them, and it remains in my safe at this time. I promised myself when I felt overwhelmed I would take it out.

there is scribble in bad writing

chemo 1st dose at home
radiation 11am
Dr. visit 2pm
hospice nurse 9am
sonogram! 10am find someone to stay with Mom
2nd round chemo, sick at 5pm
call Dr
PT test lab
oncology visit in Omaha
found out baby is a boy!
DH leaving for deployment
fly home to check on house
resign position at work
fly to Nebraska to check on Mom

it is filled to the brim, with lab dates, and all sort of horrid events, all sorts of wonderful events too.

It is the year I do not want to forget. It was the year of far to much emotion, with no break in between...

That is the way life is, if you are lucky.

There are times you want to pull the emergency cord, and cannot. "Hey I want off of this thing", but even though it is a horrid ride, you pray this will be be the final terrible bumpy ride. Certainly, a ride can never match this one? In the back of your brain you know better. There can always be a worse road, you do not have to look far.

And as with all things, you can look around the bus and look at others to see how they are fairing, some people tap feet, others knit, some hold a barf bag, some chat with one another, some have white knuckles as they have been on this bumpy road longer than most...

When you have a year or years that is packed with bad events, illness, death, life altering events it can exhaust even the best of spirits.

I do not have any advice...none. I wish I could help. It is not easy when you are far away, because really in the end you are a set of ears.

I kept that little book so I would not forget I made it off that road as a complete person, even if I felt like a different person at the end....

Most of the time I like who I became when I got off of that bus, and sadly there are days I miss the person I was when I bought the ticket.

You rule the way that I move....

I am free from the shackles of laundry, as my wash machine died yesterday at about 9:45am...

I am off to straighten things up and then off to the pool

But before I go, I must tell you Sade has some of the best lurve songs evah.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I watched TV tonight...

which is fairly rare.

I am glad i did, because I saw this story, and found this blog.

I am lucky...

If you have not been able to go to SpouseBuzz Live, and you are a military wife. You may want to consider it.

You will connect.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I married my Jake Ryan...

John Hughes died today...

and so for a greater part of the afternoon, I thought about movies and what they meant...

I hated my teen years, as much as about 50% of us do I suppose. I was skinny, unattractive, my naturally curly mess of hair was bad (mom insisted a perm would fix all, and frankly all it did was make matters worse), I had no idea how to apply makeup, I was not good at sports although I had tried, we never had money for any sort of lessons, or clubs so that was out too, I had attended a country school which did not helps matters when high school rolled around, I was not particularly skilled at academics either....

And as goofy as it sounds, John Hughes made that all ok, lots of kids were weird looking, strange..I mucked through...

My wish through high marry my Jake Ryan. When I would tell my girlfriends, I would get the "he doesn't even know you exist" thing....he had a tall blonde girlfriend, who was not awkward.....

The John Hughes recipe worked....boy intrigued by awkward girl.

I married him.

This is amazing...

update on SR

and this morning, he appears to be fine, perfectly normal.

I canceled our trip to a waterpark with friends, and will give him until noon to make sure all is well.

If anything is out of the ordinary at noon, he is going to the Dr.

I figured out what these gray hairs are...they are antenna.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Oye vey.

SR, is better, by that I mean he is not puking. He puked one night, and then 1 vomit the other night...

However, he is still not SR....he is tired, and low energy, and fine with laying about watching tv, going to bed early, and not eating me out of house and home. Not my kid, like a shadow of my SR.

Whatever he has is NASTY.

This is where Motherhood gets tricky. I could have taken him to the Dr., after he initially got ill, and as a nurse I knew they would tell me to monitor his temp, force fluids, pull back on food I went ahead and did all of that. And now on day 6 of this whatever mean virus it is, I am taking him in the morning. I am having them do a strep culture, and a CBC so I can see if his white count is up. The rest of us are fine (knock on wood). This too makes me nervous.....and is the reason I never did delve into pediatric nursing, because I am a wuss, and sick children cause a worry in my core that is not comparable to any other fear I have. He is no longer vomiting, nor does he have any GI symptoms...but.

He is pale, low energy, no appetite, that my friends makes me nervous. Especially having 2 siblings that were chronically ill. Hence all of our family friends had children that were chronically ill (you meet people in hospitals and Drs offices) my paranoid Mother antenna is HIGH tonight. I hate this antenna, it is long, and has red lights, and alarms...

Monday, August 03, 2009

I blame the kodachrome....

I have this affinity for the 1950's.

I think it is the beginning of track homes, and bright colors, and aquamarine appliances, and tidiness, and ....well all I really know about the 1950's are what i have seen in photos and film. My parents 1950's experience was mostly unlike what I thought was typical. My Mother was of the second generation born in the United States, and grew up very poor, and in rural RURAL, America. She rode a horse to school, her Mother made her clothing, and her life was less than what I have grown to see as typical 50's upbringing. There was no meeting Grandfather in his suit at the door with an old fashioned, and slippers.....and there was not 2.5 kids. There was a farm and a lot of work. My Father was a preachers kid, and a town marshall's kid, in a rural area. However since he grew up in town, my Mother always thought he was a "city kid", ha a city kid in a town of 400. Go figure...

All of the stories I have heard, and I still cling to the notion of my 1950's, white gloves, and red coats, and shiny cars, and being helped by actual sales people, men wearing hats, bomb shelters, dutch modern furniture, wiggle dresses, and pencil skirts...

And I blame kodachrome film, and old Hitchcock movies for these silly notions. Mostly the kodachrome...

Kodak announced in June they would not be making it any is like the death of an American icon. Far more profound to me than the death of Micheal Jackson.

Things will no longer look as blue, or red, or perfect...

1950s kodachrome flicker pictures random...
more here
and one more hilarious one here

SR still sick..

Gonna try and watch this tonight...

Adventures in Motherhood...

I am pooped.

Saturday, my son seemed ok, a little tired, but he was up the night before so I thought nothing of it...

Red tent was staked, so I felt under the weather.

My Father and his girlfriend came for a visit, I made spaghetti, because I was too lazy to make anything else. Saturday morning at 1am, I am awakened by the sound of the tv turning on. Think movie "over the hedge" when the critters are stealing food in the middle of the night.

So I wake to find SR on the sofa, with the remote. "Hey dude, go to bed" I manage...I take him by the hand, and enter his room to find vomited spaghetti all over the place.

Yeee-haw. I managed to strip the bed, clean the floor, which I think is stained now....and start laundry. I put clean linens on the bed, and got him a bucket...uh yeah he was sick all night...

Yesterday he was better, just wiped out....

Today I am exhausted, wondering how anyone manages a household with a new infant who needs to be nursed every 4 hours or so....

How I did it, I have no idea...

Thank the good Lord, that the kids are so resiliant, because well mom, she is not...

Oh and the extra sauce I made, it is in the freezer, i do not want to see spaghetti for a LONG time....

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Last night, DH returned from being gone for a few days. He informed me that the only day he has off from work the entire month of August is the 19th.....

Seriously?? And then while the sun popped up he headed out again...TDY again.

There went summer. Poof.

My son turned on the bedroom lights at 4am, complaining of a sore throat, and I about died. 4am, is the worst hour to wake me. He must think I am magic, because there was little I could do to help him. I gave him some motrin for pain, and a lozenge...

My Father is coming today with his fiancee, they are coming for a visit. I have no idea what I will do with them, but know I must spend the morning, vacuuming and mopping.

SR is going to be GRUMPY today, especially after waking so EARLY. Ughh...

I hope my Dad shows up at lunch or will take that much coffee to make me pleasant, and be ready for company.