Monday, August 17, 2009

TRYING to organize

WE have 2 days of summer left.


Today, we must go to the YMCA. I have to sign The collective up for swim lessons again. I had convinced Cora to take gymnastics, and then WOMP. I tried to look at the schedule, and there was no way in heck it would work. Ughhhh....I am glad she is easy to get along with. I convinced her to take swim again. There is still an awful scheduling glitch. the Collective are in different classes which means that swim lessons will take 80 minutes instead of 40. Seriously.

This scheduling debacle is new to us, because The Collective have never had school, and activities at one time. This is the first year! (I know you Mothers that have done this for years, are chuckling)

There is church activities on Wednesdays, which I hope they enjoy with all of my heart.

Oh and Cub Scouts, for SR. Which I have not gotten all information on yet.

We meet teachers tonight, and get to take a look at the school rooms, receive child PIN #'s and put money into lunch accounts.

Backpacks are cleaned, labeled and ready. Clothing in closets have been sorted according to weather, even if PN is trying to wear her new long sleeved bloused every single day.

I still need to moved the breakfast bowls, cereal and snack foods to a lower shelf in the pantry. Along with napkins, etc.

I tried to make my own organizer of the fridge, after looking and looking for one online, and not really finding a solution.

I wanted a Calendar that would not slide, with clips attached, and pockets for school papers etc. No one makes this...

So I made my own, after making a trip to Office Depot.

I bought one roll of magnetic tape, 2 magnetic bins, lots of clips, magnetic hooks, and an expanding file folder.

I cut off the decorative photos at the top of the old calendar, because frankly it was taking too much space. I put magnetic tape on the back of the expanding file folder. This will hold school paperwork, coupons, bills, address labels, flight itineraries etc...It has a closure.

I put scotch tape, paperclips, pens, giftcards, and paper in the bins.

This made room for the endless schedules I need to put up, the school master list schedule, the lunch menu, and the exercise class (for Mom) list.

By no means is it completely fool proof I realize. But it sure beats the magnetic clip system I had before. Endless piles clipped together in mass. This should also help keep my countertops clear, which is always a struggle.


Guard Wife said...

Looks awesome! I will work on mine & perhaps post a photo in a few weeks when I have a second to sit down. LOL

Kate said...

That looks very organized! (And your fridge is snazzy, too!)

I hope you are able to enjoy tomorrow.

MiChelly said...

For my kids, I have a big binder, with sections for each child. I created a contact sheet, per child, that lists: teachers, class, teacher emails, and schedules. Since I have two kids with IEPs, I have a copy of that in the binder (under the respective child section) along with notes for meetings, etc. I keep all notes from teachers, report cards, etc. in this binder, then at the end of the year staple them all together and file them in a drawer set aside strictly for school. It has taken me about three years to get this system down so I don't loose too many important papers.

As for activities... I don't think there would be a way for me to split a week up between 4 kids and activities, I would go insane... even more so lol.