Thursday, August 06, 2009

update on SR

and this morning, he appears to be fine, perfectly normal.

I canceled our trip to a waterpark with friends, and will give him until noon to make sure all is well.

If anything is out of the ordinary at noon, he is going to the Dr.

I figured out what these gray hairs are...they are antenna.


wifeunit said...

I am terribly relieved he is feeling better. Even if it is at the expense of hairdye for your mom antenna...

Chuck said...

A little summer flu?

Doesn't matter, I am glad he's feeling better, hope he is well soon.

vet66 said...

I am glad he is better. Did you mention what his temperature was during this period? Probably low grade?

Mom's work is never done. Wait until the grandkids come around in a couple of decades. One sneeze or cough during the night at dark-thirty and Mom is on the job.