Friday, February 29, 2008

bacteria family...

It seems as though in our travels up North we have exposed some of those who love us to whatever viral illness.

People are flat out in bed, unable to work, with fever, cough, snot, and in some cases vomiting as well....

Generation Have to have it....

I am not sure where to start here.

Selling my home has proved to be more frustrating than I would care for.

In speaking with realtors, (who btw, I have named the new slimy profession, lawyers run free) I am amazed.

A realtor wants 6-7%, which they split with others. However, it is still 6-7% for the interested parties to pay.

A realtor can list your property, and increase your market numbers, and they have keys to your house and can point out a bathroom. The job pretty much ends there in my eye. In our case, we are in a first time home buyers market in an affordable market, so the money to be made by the realtor stands at about $7,678. To list my house, open the door, and announce I have 2 full baths. That seems insane to me. Especially in the age of home printers, and computers, and digital cameras.

I found out yesterday after speaking with 4 attorneys (I do not need one in this state to sell my home) I need only a title company. Charge $675. When speaking to the attorneys, they asked how my "market" was because 2 had homes they want to sell themselves.

I told them I imagined I was in a different market than they were. But I am not frightened yet. I am also not beyond using a realtor, if I get into a pinch. But there is no pinch yet.

I keep hearing about foreclosures, and buyers market, and how houses are standing months on end empty.

However, I think the market is probably more effected by a generation of folks who bought a home they should have never bought. I.E. my peer group. The number of Mcmansions sitting foreclosed is amazing, as well as the number of Mcmansions that have no furniture and are being lived in.

It seems as though I am from a generation of folks who even though are probably more educated than previous generations seem to think they need to maintain a lifestyle in which they cannot afford. They leave their parents home, and think they are entitled to live the same lifestyle even though they have not worked 30 years to get there.

The amount of foreclosures in America, well it might be the economy, but it is an economy, in which I see the bus being driven by people that do not know how to say no, and folks that are soooo worried what others will think they get involved in a dangerous game of keeping up with the Joneses.

It is a game that can rarely be won.

I also do not see it changing soon.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paratroopers need love to

Mr. Blackfive, and Sherri brought this to my attention.

Airborne needs messages and mail of support....

Go over and read,

and e-mail

Lets make a deal...

Cross your fingers yaw'l

Say it isn't so....

More terror, and suspects are POSSIBLY Somali Muslims....

Africa breaks my heart...

News of the day...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perception is aqua marine....

I had the good fortune of being asked serious parenting advice today while at the library at story time, by a gal I am friendly with.....

I seriously laughed, and about fell out.

I told her she should have asked me 7 years ago, before children, because I had all kinds of advice then...

Now? Teee Heeee.

I told her we were lucky to all to be wearing underwear when leaving the house.

She said The Collective always seems to be well behaved, and I always seemed to "look like I had it together"...

I laughed again and told her to look at my shoes. My left loafer had baby powder on it.......and I told her about PN riding the garage door. I invited her to my home, so she could see toys on the floor, finger prints on everything that would show them, a fridge that needed to be cleaned, laundry in a basket awaiting my magic is just life. Most of us with children live that way.

I then told her parenting, is just tough, and every Mom, feels as though they are failing 70 percent of the time.

Parenting is not like they show it on TV, it is not for wussies. Whatever you need to work on, the Good Lord above will make sure you learn that lesson through your child. If you need to have empathy for other parents, you will receive. If you need to learn patience, you will get the slowest and most deliberate child on the planet. If you need, it will be provided. It is yours to work out. And at the end of the day, most of us would like a redo of a portion of the day, or we would have handled things better....

You gotta hear this!


like a cat in a tree

OK, last night at 8:45 pm I climbed out of my tree.

I get all riled like a cat, and I will climb to the highest branch and meow for hours. Eventually I get tired of it and jump out. So I am out now.

I met with realtor #4 last night, who i also an appraiser, just to figure out the current market, etc. I also found out, I do not need to fix anything on the inside, I do not need to update anything. He is sure it will not effect my asking price. So I had talked myself into a tree. There are things I insist on doing. Because it is what I would want done for myself.

I also climbed up in the tree because of chats I had with 2 other realtors over pricing. They had undershoot my asking price by almost $11,000. Without even seeing my home. All new appliances, cupboards, mantle, tile....a 2 1/2 car garage. Which may not sound like much, but we are in a first time buyers market and $11,000. Well it is a lot at the end of the day. so by the time I would pay them.....well I was looking at making very little money.

All is well.

I am going to try and sell the house myself. I have interested parties contact me already. If things go to the shitter I will contact him.

The realtor wants about 6%. That is a hearty fee indeed. I am frugal, and am excellent with money. When I see 6%, well that is a lot of cash to a stay at home Mom.

Anywho, I am back to my old mantra "one piece at a time"

I can only do what I can do.

I can only do one thing at a time.

I am awaiting my appraisel from the fix it man, he was supposed to get back to me last night. He did not.

Back to sorting and packing.....yawl.

My blog is where I go to empty my head.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


horse cart

horse cart


cart horse

cart horse

You know, you can have the fanciest cart EVER, but with no horse, well it is really just a cart for you to pull around, or something to hold water...

I need to find a horse


I keep reminding myself to breathe......


one thing at a darn time.

I think to far ahead.

The fix it guy came this morning.


My estimate will come later today.

My red tent is pitched, nerves are rubbed raw, and I am overwhelmed.

One step at a time.



My lavender phlox have been blooming for a month.

There are dandelions, the kids picked some at church the other night, brought them into the truck and proceed to tear them to bits, and I had a sneezing fit. My Daffodils are starting to bloom.

Spring is here, which always means busy for me, but this Spring finds me busier than ever...

Allergies have started, and with the bronchial condition I am suffering with, and now the cold....yeah fun. I may change the blog name to mucus head.

But spring is here, so start preparing yourselves.

My fix it guy comes in the morning to give me and estimate on replacing some of my siding, fixing a plumbing issue, and looking at some ceramic tile that has cracked. I will then start to paint the outside of the house, when the siding is replaced. I also need to wash windows, and mulch my flower beds up front. I have decided to plant a lot of vincas, to try and showcase the landscaping up front. They are inexpensive, and require little watering. I normally can buy quite a bunch for little money and those little things give you quite a show for your money. I normally choose perennials.

The single parenting thing, hard. and to those of you who do it per your Husband's or Wives career, and for those of you who do it because you have amaze me. Last year I managed to single parent for 6 months. I am hoping it is far less this year, but who knows. I always forget how HARD it really is. I am being reminded quickly. Today SR did not have class as there was a break in, and so the police were investigating the school grounds today. So I got to play peacemaker for the third day in a row.

I have interviewed yet another realtor to sell this house. I did not like her. I realize it is a buyers market right now, and not a sellers economy. But I am having trouble finding a realtor that impresses me to sell my home. I keep going back and forth on this issue of needing a realtor....

Who knows what I will do. Both ladies I have spoke with currently seem as though they do not stand to gain much by selling my home.

Who knows. I might do it myself. Someone from church already asked when I would be ready to sell.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack and Cheney cousins?

OK I missed this...when it came out..

but listen what the great orator has to say in this clip...

Unclaimed Remains

(KSDK) -- Recently, volunteers in Missouri and a handful of other states discovered the cremated remains of war veterans inside small canisters and cardboard boxes.

Instead of receiving their promised military burial, these war heroes have been forgotten and left on mortuary and hospital shelves for decades.

A national effort is underway to give these veterans a proper and dignified burial.

On a cold January day, Missouri's Patriot Guard would form its customary flag line and another veteran would be laid to rest with honor and respect.

But not all veterans receive that dignified ceremony. At Oregon State Hospital, an estimated 1,000 unclaimed cremains of veterans are neatly stacked like cans on a grocery store shelf.

A series of gut wrenching photographs, taken by Rob Finch, were first published in the Oregonian in 2005. The photos of cremains inspired people like Linda Smith of Dixon, Missouri, to take action.

Smith said, "I was furious..storing cans like that, that were rusty and dented."

Smith and her husband Joe met while serving in the U.S. Navy 37 years ago. The couple was sickened by the photographs of twisted and corroded canisters.

Joe Smith explained, "They (veterans) wrote that check, that blank check payable to the people of America that no matter what happens they are going to serve their country...As a nation, we let them down."

Less then a year ago, the Smith's joined the Missing in America Project, MIAP.
The MIAP works with the Patriot Guard, the American Legion and Veterans Affairs, to identify the abandoned cremated remains of forgotten veterans. They work to ensure that veterans are properly laid to rest.

Linda Smith said, "We visited 100 funeral homes in Missouri. There have been a few that have admitted they have them, but they won't let us inventory them."

While Oregon represents the most glaring case, the Smith's believe the cremains of thousands of veterans remain warehoused in dusty basements, and closets and backrooms waiting for a proper burial.

Of the 100 Missouri funeral homes visited, only Gerber Chapel,in Webster Groves, agreed to go through the legal process, and release the first unclaimed veterans' remains to MIAP. Gerber also provided gold urns for the ceremony.

Six Missouri war heroes would finally be remembered at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis County.

Linda Smith read each of the veterans names as current soldiers brought their ashes to the front of the chapel

The first was Captain Paul Albert Pickel. During World War II CPT Pickel received the Bronze Star Medal and four Bronze Stars. His cremains sat on a shelf for 33 years.

Richard Franklin Beardsley also served in WWII as an Army Air Corp combat veteran.
He spent 28 years on a shelf.

It was 27 years for 2nd LT Edward Allan Rudulph.

1st SGT George Eugene Dierkes, SGT Arthur Rudolph Hirsch, and SGT Loren Seeber Leslie spent a combined 71 years on a shelf.

1st LT Kenneth Conklin led the prayer and said, "These veterans lay forgotten for so long, and now we have the chance to rectify they mistake."

The keynote speaker was Major General King E. Sidwell, the Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard.

In a cracking voice, Major General King said, "We have an opportunity today to honor six souls who cried out..and I want to express my personal gratitude."

On a cold, January day, six Missouri war heroes arrived on hallowed ground. Their long journey home ended with dignity, honor and respect.

The cremains of five more St. Louis veterans will be interred this spring. Similar efforts are underway nationwide. MIAP estimates that there could be tens of thousands of unburied veterans who served in wars throughout the past century.

There are several reasons why funeral homes and even some hospitals hold on to the cremains for so many years. The most common reason is that the deceased had no family. Sometimes the family abandons the cremains. The funeral home gets stuck with them because directors can not simply dispose of the ashes whenever they want.

A bill will be proposed in Jefferson City this session to make it easier for funeral homes to release the cremains after a certain period of time to veterans' service organizations.

Volunteers with the Missing in America Project hope this bill encourages more funeral home directors to open up their doors and records.

Contact the Missouri Missing in America Project

Contact Illinois' Missing in America Project

You can watch the video here

You must watch this is touching

The flying Walendas

I do not missing having toddlers. They scare me. I think the hardest part of Motherhood is as soon as babies start moving, until they can reason a little. 9 months-to 3, well it is constant policing. You are worried about EVERYTHING. They will stick things in their mouths, they will climb, they will pull themselves up on unstable items etc. As a Mother, you literally feel as if you are preventing death ALL DAY. All Day. There is little in the way of sitting. It really was shocking to me, when SR turned that age, how rare sitting was. For those of you who remember, PN broke each arm in that age range. Frightening. I was not a big fan of "toddlerhood". To much curiosity, and that curiosity about the World over rides a Mother's voice, and warnings of no.

When each of The Collective turned 3, I let out a sigh of relief.....we made it out alive.

SR, he does not participate in dangerous activity as a rule. The kid is not a fan of risk. Then there is PN.

DH had not been gone 12 hours when. I was headed out to take The Collective to AWANA last night. As the normal routine, I open the garage door, and they race to the overhead door and stand in front of it. So I casually push the button to raise the door, and I note that I forgot the book bags.

I literally stepped into the door 1 foot, reach down to grab 2 bookbags, and when I return to a stnding position, and step one foot back into the garage, I hear crying. My brain automatically assumes, that the crying is from a game of "he touched me", or "he pushed me"...something irritating.

Anyway, so I look out the garage door, and I see SR getting into the truck. I then see two little legs dangling from the ceiling.

It seems as though PN thought it would be a good idea to grab onto the garage door and hang on when I pushed the button.

She never let go.

Her fingers did not get pinched, Thank GOD.

I had to swoop in and save her life.


I doubt if she will do it again. She was scared to death.

When I asked SR, why he did not call for help from me, he said....

"Mom I tried, I did, but every time I opened my mouth, the only thing that would come out of my mouth was laughter."

DH was only gone 12 hours, and I almost lost one.....

I really need to sell this house FAST.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

OK....when CNN has to CORRECT a wacko lefty....WOW

and now he is gone....

As a military spouse, I am used to goodbyes. I can stand being separated for the greater good.

Combat, schools, TDY, but this is a first for us. DH left this morning for his new job in a destination of our choice. This separation seems to be one of the strangest to tolerate, because it is by choice.

I guess, I can cross my fingers, and hand the reigns over. I hope he likes his new job, and I hope he feels at home.

DH ended up changing the light fixtures for me, the process was far more tedious and complicated than it should have been. Lighting conversion kits etc. involved. The new light fixtures are lovely though, and the lighting looks more "current".

I also removed the "padding" I had bought for the fireplace when I first brought SR home from the hospital. I was afraid someone would hit the edge of it, and we would have to take a toddler to the ER for stitches. DH told The Collective last night, to be vigilant, and if they got hurt now, well the irony would be HUGE.

Small projects complete, with a few more to go.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

and the sexiness does not STOP!

Just when i think, things around here, cannot get further from sexy.

The chipped tooth.

The coughing, the nasal drainage, the constant blowing of mucus from my skull.

Well, while on the road of grossness, why not change out toilet seats!

I bought them yesterday and was sure I had bought the wrong size. HA HA, nope they fit!!

I will also add as often as I clean toilets, that remains a pretty icky job.

Grout is cleaned, shower heads taken down and any trace of lime removed.

I still need to replace the caulking, replace the towel bar, and toilet paper holder and wahlah!

One complete room done.

Tonight I am changing the light fixtures on my ceiling fans. My current fixtures are cheap and ugly. I found a $30.00 solution. Here is hoping they work, and are an improvement!

Funny, how we fix the house to be more livable, upon leaving it.

I Fall To Pieces

I woke this morning, with something crunchy in my mouth.


What is that?

Darn, that is a piece of freaking tooth.

Oh my.

It was a tiny piece of tooth. But seriously, when in the hell did that happen?

We went for sushi last night, as a going away dinner for DH. It could not have been that.

Darn it.

I guess I will spend a day at the dentist this week.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can't sleep, overwhelmed, so why not waste time filling THIS out?

It was a long day, and just when I do not need to feel shittier, PN and I get a cold/flu. NICE! BINGO...for the love of Pete. Ya know hacking up crap is not sexy enough, so now I get to add blowing mucus out of my nose to the mix...fantastic.

DH' last weekend here, before he heads up to his new job! Which is exciting, but damn we would love to join him soon.

Hoping this house sells FAST.

Thanks Lukie...

place an X by all the things you've done. Answer the 32 questions and pass it on.

(X)Gone on a blind date
(x ) Skipped school
(X) Watched someone die
( ) Been to Canada
(X) Been to Mexico
(x) Been to Florida
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Been lost
(x ) Been on the opposite side of the country
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
(x) Swam in the ocean
(x) Cried yourself to sleep
(x) Played cops and robber
(x) Recently colored with crayons
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only?
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
(x) Made prank phone calls (before caller ID)
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(X) Blown bubbles
( )Gone ice-skating
(x) Been skinny dipping outdoors
(X) Gone to the movies

what could be more liberal?

Lets see what AWTM readers can come up with.....

like a woman with too much makeup on....or how trading spaces ruined suburbia

I am not a"decorator". I can not tell you what color goes with anything, sort of like clothing. I always think classic is the best way to go.

There are several things I did not like about house hunting. Spending money, or the idea of spending money, well it makes me nervous even sick.

And then there is "design", spacial relationship and "color". I do not get those things.

I am guessing some of this is genetic, I did not got that female /decorating genetic. Nope. I like things beige, or cream, or taupe ad get the picture. I also do not like crap everywhere. I am a bit spartan/and like things stark.

1/2 of the homes we went into have not been updated since 1978-1980. Simple things, door knobs, switch plates, old appliances, light fixtures, red bathroom cupboards, carpet on the bathroom floor. Now all of those things, I can see beyond if the price is right.

The newer homes we looked at, seriously skeeved me out with paint. Lincoln Nebraska must love trading spaces, or the home and garden channel. Because almost every house owned by someone under 40 had assaulting paint choices inside. Examples, a neon green babies room, a bright blue exercise room, a purple , yes purple kitchen. I went into an interior decorators house, which for 5 minutes was interesting, but the following 15 were hell on me. It was a home out of a magazine. And I am sure she likes her home to be a show place for her skill, it also appears she might have had a home office there. So I understand she was trying to give examples of her work for clients....there was not an empty space on a wall, or a corner that went ungreeneried, a vinnette any place that would hold one.

But I will tell you, being in that home with so much going on, with no place for the eye to rest made me absolutely insane.

And I am not trying to be critical of folks that can live like that, I just cannot. For some strange reason my eyes can only take so much.

I did not realize, I had an optical overload problem until that home.

I do...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

PTSD part 2 tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio

9pm EST, you can listen here...

Mother's Day out...a wash...

I showed up at the spa freshly bathed, sans makeup, and almost excited as a child on Christmas morning...

I immediately knew there was a problem when the receptionist stood there looking like someone from idiocracy.

I stood silent for about 5 minutes, and then I said is there a problem?

Idiocracy: "well we have you down for a pedicure and a facial, but no massage."

AWTM: "No, I specifically chose to do this today because you could fit all services in today"

Idiocracy: "Well you see our massage therapist is out with bronchial pneumonia, so we have no one here."

(You see where she conveniently tried to pretend it was not on the schedule, and then let me know the day spa, only has one person available for massages, out and she is sick, AND they did not have the decency to call me at home and notify me. Because as a consumer, I have all of the time in the World and no schedule)

Idiocracy: "Well we can do your pedicure and facial today."

AWTM: "" (Because I was pissed, as DH took off from work 3 hours early, because the salon said the only time they had this week was 2-6. I do not think a pissed off woman should get a pedicure, facial or any other relaxing service.)

Idiocracy: "When do you want to reschedule? I will give you 10% off when you return"

AWTM: "I have no idea, when I can do this again." (10% will not pay for childcare involved for 4 hours of services.

I left, frankly I was angry and did not want to call the lady a liar, so I left.

After I cooled off, I called the spa requesting a refund, as I do not want people I am pissed off at touching me sans clothes while I am trying to relax....Idiocracy answered the phone, and I told her I wanted the owner of the salon to call me ASAP, as I was requesting a refund.

The owner quickly returned the call, apologized that no one called me, etc.

Lets just say I do not negotiate with Vietnamese women well, she did some Jedi mind trick on me....

She did offer to pay for a sitter, although I am sure she will do the Jedi mind guilt thing so well again, that I will probably end up paying for the sitter myself.

End of story, I am not noodled out today, which was the plan. I wanted to be seriously noodled. Seriously. What was supposed to be a relaxing day turned into some sort of bucket of crap. The frequency of this sort of thing happening around here, well it is far too often for my taste.

When we first arrived here, I would have went ballastic, but after 3 years of being driven absolutely wacky by continued bad service, poor performance, in addition to it being delivered at a snails pace....well they have worn even the bitchiest part of me down...that "normal" person left after the first three years we lived down here. Being in a hurry, or demanding services, well it is just a moot thing here. I have seriously learned to sit back and ignore this sort of stuff, because frankly I would have been dead from a stroke the first month here....

I am done. I just want what I paid for, when I paid for it...

One more reason to get the hell out of Dodge...

Oh and if you have not watched Idiocracy, I would recommend doing so, it is almost like living in Arkansas. But what do you expect from a state that gave us "the Clintons" and Mike Huckabee?

Mother's Day Out....for real

Pink Ninja is a social creature. And I am afraid at the age of 4, her Mom is becoming a bore. If you add the packing, and projects it seems as though Mom is extra boring. She has begging me to go to school. Begging. Which frankly has been difficult for me to accept.

Sir Rowland, never asked to go to school, he was quite content to stay at home. I am also sure, if given a choice he would stay home.

However, with all of these current projects hanging over my head, my time. Well, like everyone else, there are not enough hours in the day. So last week I decided that PN might be a good candidate for Mother's Day Out. There is a program down the road. I know the woman who runs it, she is a doll, and I gave her a call. They had an opening.

So this morning, I am packing lunch for PN. She is thrilled about starting school. It will give me 14 hours sans children each week to maximize my time. I should be able to get some of those projects done that are hard with the help of a 4 year old. Things like painting, landscaping, and painting.

I personally felt a little guilty about it, but DH will be leaving this week, so I am single parenting until we ca sell the house. Selling the house will probably happen sooner if I can buckle down.

I am sure the silence is going to be deafening. And it does make my hurt ache a small bit to know she is ready for "school". She is by nature our "goer". She would go all day, she thrives in social situations. When I take her to sir Roland's school for field trips, or when we are at church for AWANA or choir she blossoms. She has friends, and is very flexible which is important to her 3,4, and 5 year old peers.

I will also admit, it feels very SELF indulgent to me, like a luxury item of sorts. And for those that know me, well there is a tremendous amount of guilt. I like being able to handle EVERYTHING alone. The MDO program to me, is a flat out admission, that I can no longer juggle every ball I am used too.

For Valentine's Day DH got me an hour massage, facial and pedicure.....I was told by the salon that it will be 4 hours of bliss.

You may want to check in later, as after today I might faint amidst the free time, and the pampering hit my head on the counter at the day spa and die.....

You may want to check on me later, I think I might die of shock.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


PN and I continue this coughing hacking virus...

it is really rough stuff.

Question of the day....

Do we build? Let me know if you have ever built a home, and what you you regret about the process.

I understand the pros....

But what about the cons...

On a side note, I let SR stay home from school today, as he was held up in a car for a few days. Why on Earth was this sounding like a good plan?


referee Mom

We have returned to the forrest, and boy is my ass tired...

First head is full. I will spend today sorting garbage in and garbage out...


We found one.

First off, I must mention here for those of you who do not know me, I am practical.

House hunting is nt "fun" if you are me.

All I see is money.

In good news I know what I do not want.

I do not want a multi level home.

A ranch with a basement is fine by me, and I think DH was also convinced it is the way we live as well. I do not like fussy, I do like a very open floor plan.

So there is that....

We found one home that suits our taste, after looking at what felt like a thousand homes. So we will see.

I have decided to use a reltor to sell. The market is too hard, and my neighbors house is sitting unsold for about 8 months.

That is the good news.

Lincoln has GROWN, since we have been gone. WOW....

We are pleased that where you buy is where your school district is. Which thrills us. There is no bussing. Which means your school is a part of your community, they are close, and Lincoln has always made education a high priority. the are we are looking at has an elementary school every mile or so. The city is as clean as I remember.

When we entered the state, it felt like home....which was the best feeling.

My family back home is excited as all get out, and each were extrememly helpful, my Brother even took a day to watch PN and cousin Curl so they could play while we looked at homes with SR. My Sister in law cooked, and even provided me with a glass of wine! All look great, and my Dad came down 2 days to see us.

The kids got to play in the snow. We had a snowball fight, my Brother (who played baseball in college won), after i encouraged him to throw harder because he kept missing me. Note to not call Brother a washed up baseball player.

It was cold, and we tolerated it fine. PN LOVED the snow, layed in it, ate it, and acted as if she was at the beach...

All is well, and now I need to go back to the grind....prepare, pack, sell...

OK I am off to read about you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

This is a great vinyasa sequence

Return of the position of the week

One of the fantastic things I enjoy about yoga, is how metaphorical it can be. Since my very lax practice at home, I got away from challenging myself.

This is a perfect example.

Urdhva Dhanurasana


* Stretches the chest and lungs
* Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and spine
* Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary
* Increases energy and counteracts depression
* Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility, and osteoporosis

The modification for that pose is this...

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana


* Stretches the chest, neck, and spine
* Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression
* Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid
* Rejuvenates tired legs
* Improves digestion
* Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
* Relieves menstrual discomfort when done supported
* Reduces anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia
* Therapeutic for asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis

So I have been doing the modification. Because I was not trusting myself or my personal strength. For some reason Urdhva Dhanurasana frightens me. And I am unsure why. As a child I could easily do that pose, I could walk around like that. But as an adult, it is physically harder. But the real frightening part as an adult for me, is the fear. The fear that I cannot get into the pose, that I do not have the strength or flexibility to depend on myself.

So yesterday, when my teacher encouraged us to go into the pose, no one did. I was on my mat, and thinking..."no way, no way." And then I gave myself a small pep talk, and suddenly I was in Urdhva Dhanurasana.

I am strong enough, I am flexible, I can rely on myself.

It was nice. Even if I only stayed in Urdhva Dhanurasana for 3 breaths.


PN and I are still hacking. My pneuumoia seems better, but the bronchitis has not improved due to some insane super virus, that makes us cough and cough and cough. The fatigue has passed as well, which means I managed to get 6 bags of leaves raked this week. Packing seemed to take a back seat as it is nice out, and PN is tired of watching me pack. So I raked, and pulled wild onions up, picked up about 100 sticks from my river birch tree. Damn tree.

Today we will spend the day packing for a trip to Nebraska, which is a brief but necesary visit. I need to stop and pick up The Collective some chewable dramamine, charge all tings electronic, and pack my camera.

I also am having to pack very snow and cold.....oye.

I am really looking forward to seeing family and I am hoping it recharges my batteries. I am hoping a visit, lifts my spirit, as I am a bit weary right now. It is sort of a matter of looking through the forest, and I am unable to see the trees. All I am seeing are a lot of leaves, and branches, and grass that needs to be mowed. Work, is what I am seeing right now. So I need to back up, and try having a different perspective.

In yoga news, well prepare yourselves for me to go back to position of the week, and some yoga discussion. I am enjoying class again soooo much. Yoga is really a good practice, and has been good for my body and my spirit. Strange how I could neglect something that makes me feel so good and so strong. In fact, I have a new goal for the year. I will be certified by the end of the year to teach a yoga level 2 class. It is doable indeed.

The blog may be black while I am on the road, it may not, one never knows.

Enjoy the weekend, I promise Spring is around the corner my daffodils are up and almost ready to bloom.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Defining PTSD tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio 9pm EST

For More Information please go here.


DH continues to crack me up..

last night when DH and I were talking about the "Baseball steroid hearings"

DH said pump them all full, maybe they will play better.

Let them pump themselves until they die.

not a bad idea...

Shakespeare Sonnet 116

Let me not to the marriage of true minds

Admit impediments. Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no! it is an ever-fixed mark

That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

It is the star to every wandering bark,

Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks

Within his bending sickle's compass come:

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,

I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

William Shakespeare

(1564 - 1616)

Love is better than Ice cream

Amazing Love Song

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last night

when my husband walked in the door, I said...

"Welcome Home from the hottest wife on the planet"

He said

"I am married to Loni Anderson?"

He cracks me up!

More proof that the French are dirty, and India is bored...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am finding Hillary Clinton's reaction to the word "pimp" entertaining this week.

She found it offensive.....hmmmmmm.

I really wish she knew how offensive it was to hear about oral sex from interns, and that little blue dress we all had to hear so much about?

It almost makes the term "pimp" laughable.

Is this offensive?


Still packing.

And there is REAL PROGRESS being made, which is good.

We were planning on taking a trailor up this coming weekend, but we are now unsure about it.

We are making this up as we go. I will say paying for storage, when you have space, and you know you will be making plenty of future trips seems idiotic.

We are also helping the weather is cooperative this coming weekend. Although I know we will FREEZE.

We are staying with my brother this coming weekend, and that will be nice. Cousin Curl and PN miss one another. They think they are sisters, and are only 9 months apart. They cannot wait to see one another.

My Father informed me that he will be coming up to my Brothers as well, and perhas my Sister will be tow. Nice. All of us together, and it is not for sickness, a funeral, wedding, or other function.

I will get to spend one day with them.

Monday I meet with our realtor, and must work on a list of all of the properties I am interested in seeing.

We have decided to stay in town, despite our romantic notions of moving to the country. We figure, there is plenty of time for that in the future, and the convenience of living in town, will be nice.

I am still looking for an all brick ranch, and the search is harder than one would think. The builders are building everything UP, in order to fit more homes in a development.

OK off to yoga...

enjoy the day

learning to say no, and dealing with the downpour of guilt....

It has taken a long time for me to learn the following words.."no".

Now if I can figure out how to get over the guilt that is associated with letting that word spill from my lips.

With our family being on the cusp of a move, it seems as though I am busy.

So the other night, after weighing the decision for weeks in my head, I announced I would be unable to help at AWANA on Sunday nights.

Sundays have proven to be the busiest day of the week for us. And the AWANA volunteering took 3 hours of my time on Sunday evenings.

I try and make sure The Collective know, that living in a community means that they give as much as they take.

Well, the three hours just aren't possible for me any longer.

DH will be leaving soon, and I will be single parenting, packing, painting, trying to sell the home etc.

I quit, to save my own personal sanity, because my sanity is important. It is. and i know that. I must have my own back.

So now I have my 3 hours back on Sundays, and The Collective will still be in club.

I will tell you, I wish I could just say no, without offering a 1 hour explanation. I have not learned that yet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Living with the happiest child on the planet

Pink Ninja has the most sparkling disposition of any human I have met. Well, unless she is sick, and then she is mad, and angry. But if she is feeling well, she is like a walking ray of sunshine. Always smiling. She reminds me of a blonde Snow White.

It is amazing to me.

I am not always sunshiney, I can be if forced. I am not a morning person, I thrive on sarcasm, and dry jokes. I like coffee in the morning.

But I am learning from her. Her enthusiasm for life is not lost on me.

Pink Ninja woke the other morning, and came to my bedside announcing in the most sing songy voice, "Good Morning Mommy, the birdies were singing outside my window to tell me to wake up, it is morning!"

Not a bad way to wake up....


My Blog Momma's family has fell into hard times it seems. One of those instances that alters day to day living, until it is resolved.

Brain tumors, fluid, nausea....

So go over and lift Brandon in prayer, and as always in times like these, strength, and clarity for those in the family, and those involved in treatment.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Verizon, do you hear us now?

This is unbelievable! GO READ AND TAKE ACTION!!

spring has sprung, but at least it is not leprosy

Which means I seem to have a nasty case of bronchitis, and pneumonia. Nice. Just the ticket when you are packing a house, and preparing for a 10 hour road trip, meeting with a realtor, and trying to sell a house (oh and preparing for single parenthood)!

I did go to my GP yesterday who I adore, and managed a screen for strept, flu, and a chest x-ray. The chest x-ray came up positive for fluid in bilateral lobes. Pink Ninja was in tow, and loved seeing her Mother get a shot in the bottom. that was a nice grounder yesterday. I also walked away with a script for cough medicine and antibiotics.

I knew I was down in the dumps when I was making it to about 8pm and felt shot. I normally exist on about 6 hours of sleep with no problem. Lately I have been requiring about 10, and remaining very low energy all day.

I skipped yoga this am. and slept instead.

At least it is not leprosy, as Springdale, Arkansas has had an outbreak!

H/T Back Home Again

Friday, February 08, 2008

Nickelodeon flushes its Rebels With a Cause video?

If anyone can find the video, send the link.

It appears Linda Ellerbee's Nick at News program Rebels with a cause, has been flushed down the internet pipe. I have exhausted all methods of looking for it, as have many of my readers.

In fact even the WCW, who featured the story on their Marxist website say it is no longer available.

I find it curious that Linda Ellerbee stood behind these children as they called our Military men and women torturers and murderers and now there is no video available.

The good news is Nickelodeon will no longer air the program that featured the bodies of dead children at 5am.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Attention, Linda Ellerbee wants to exploit military families!

Last night when I returned from church I found my e-mail brimming with this

"The Nickelodeon news series �Nick News with Linda Ellerbee� is looking for kids of soldiers currently home from deployment who are willing to be interviewed about the readjustment process. We�re looking for a few well-spoken kids around 11 to 15 years old to talk about how life has changed now that Mom/Dad has come home - particularly those dealing with a physical injury, divorce or PTSD. This show will recognize that war affects whole families, acknowledge the sacrifices of American troops and their families - especially their kids, and portray the good feelings that come with being reunited. Filming will be completed by the end of February.
Interested families please contact Coordinating Producer Jessie Findlay at Lucky Duck Productions - 212-463-0029 ext. 153 or "

If anyone is seriously considering contacting Nickelodeon, I would have them watch this program, Rebels with a Cause.
which no longer is hyperlinked.

Update: 2/8/07 Sculley's Mother found the piece. Thank you. I will also add the images are not safe for children. However I do want those who have not seen it, to be able to view it, and make up your own minds. Is this appropriate television for 5am on Nickelodeon? BTW, it appears that this is only an excerpt from the original piece, but is disturbing.

You can also find it here.

You can go here to see an archive of Nick News programming to see what Ellerbee's agenda is.

In the news program Rebels with a Cause,

This Nickelodeon "news program", is not a news program. It is a leftist primer on how to be a "left-wing radical REBEL".

I am not a blind follower of our Government, and I also think that Government should be watched by it's citizens. It is our civic duty.

However this program led by Ellerby, is anti-war, anti- GWOT, anti-military.

This "news program" is not about people changing the World around them.

Ms. Ellerby uses leftist propaganda buzz words like "taking on the establishment".

She shows a group of "tweenagers" walking around in orange jumpsuits, hooded and yelling from a bullhorn. "We are not ok, with people being tortured by American soldiers!" "Are cooperation's priority over human lives?"

There is also a call for the impeachment of the President in the second segment of the video, "democracy is at stake because of the President violating the Constitution".

The fourth segment of video shows another tweenager, who has put together a video of wounded Iraqi children, with the song Jesus Loves Me playing over it. This teenager blames America, the military, for what is happening in Iraq. This young girl says "she finds, videos and facts on the Internet" to show what is REALLY happening in Iraq. I am guessing she is getting these images from Al Jazeera.

Nickelodeon is the new training ground for leftist propaganda.

My original post is here. I stand by my post. I will also note, that after contacting Viacom, Nickelodeon, And it's advertisers I was ignored. I was never contacted by any of those folks. I will note that Ellerbee's production company Lucky Duck, did find the post and was on my site for hours. So, they were aware of my stance.

No thanks, Linda Ellerbee, if I wanted my Husband called a terrorist, or murderer, I would watch Al Jazeera. Why don't you ask your friends at World Can't Wait for help. Oh, I forgot they are too busy at the Marine Recruiting Office in Berkley.

*Update* I called Miss Jamie Findley, I told her I was unhappy with Ms. Ellerbee's Rebels With a Cause story. I also asked her, if she had any idea where the archive of the show was located. Because it has either been removed, or buried. She had no idea who I should contact to find it.

Feel free to call Jamie at 212-463-0029! Let her know what you think about Elerbees' stance.

*If anyone can find a direct link to the rebels with a cause program, please send the link to me. I am running short on time this am, as I am volunteering at the school today.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Alive and well

When it is 75 degrees all day, and you are able to wear shorts, in Arkansas in February, you have a problem.

We were haunted by strange weather all yesterday.

At about 5:00pm, it broke loose, wind, buckets of rain, thunder, and more lightening than I have ever seen. Snapping, cracking, and popping lightening.

I actually opened the back kitchen window after dinner, because the wind, rain and lightening were so feirce we could not hear clear sirens. We could never decide if they were our town sirens or the next towns. I did manage to get a quart of water in my kitchen from opening that window for that 30 minutes.

Tornado sirens, and tornado watches and warnings throughout the evening.

All is well this morning. the balmy temps moved east, and it is chilly this morning.

It looks like Atkins Arkansas got hit, there was a fatality on I40 down the road, and I see Memphis was unlucky as well....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

so, a preacher, a black guy, a woman and a mormon walk into a bar....

I cannot think of a punchline, because I am too ill....

Signed, A Proud Marine Wife

(Image from Move America Forward)

This was sent to me by a friend, she asked me to publish it here at AWTM. I was honored she asked.

All Symbols Are Not Created Equal

The military uses symbols to denote everything. Service branch, rank, accomplishment, sometimes even MOS are all represented without having to say a word.

Military families share some common symbols: the blue star, the yellow ribbon, the purple heart and sadly, the gold star.

For the Marine Corps, it starts with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The wearer of this pin is known, first and foremost, as a United States Marine. It is presented at the completion of boot camp. It is earned. Semper Fi, do or die, baby.

The Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform is full of symbols. The blood stripe on the pants represents sacrifice, the blue of the tunic represents bravery and the white of the collar represents honor.

Rank insignia denotes a Marine's achievement and with that, the addition of responsibilities.

And when a Marine falls, his loss is symbolized by the rifle, helmet, boots and dogtags.

At at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, an empty place is set to symbolize those who have gone before. Gone but not forgotten. Ever

.In order for such symbols to be effective, they must truly have meaning.

So when an institution like the Marine Corps, full of such symbols, comes up against an organization that..oh, I don't know...uses Dollar Store pink foam tiaras and red fingerpaint as's not exactly a cage match, is it?


A Proud Marine Wife
Carrie Constantini

Purple State or yellow dog.

We are in Arkansassy, and it is election time I have no idea what will happen.

I keep seeing folks with Hillary signs all over the place. A few Obama signs. I always think of Arkansas as a yellow dog state. The Republicans spent little money here, they probably figured it was moot.

I have seen 3 political commercials. (Remember we do not watch a lot of television here at the Casa.)

They have all been Obama commercials.

There is one that remind me of the old coke commercials.

They sort of freak me out. Very retro, and evoking 50's 60's and 70's colors and ideas.

maybe this will help

where did I put that thing?

Packing still. I know everyone is gonna tire of me talking about packing, but it is what it is. To remain a functioning house while packing, with a 4 year old in tow is frustrating. So you know. She does well, it is not the four year old that is the problem, it is me. I just want to pack and be done with it.

It also seems as though when I have boxes, and tape, the marker up and walks away, when I have a marker and labels I run out of boxes.

Today I have to make my way downtown to pick up an end roll of newsprint.

I have used almost all of my linens to pack. I am saving the rest for pictures, mirrors, wall hangings and the like.

*kitchen- about 25% packed
*linen closet- 90% packed
*laundry room and pantry- 25% packed
*Master BR- 25% packed

When I start to look at those numbers, it is a long walk ahead, so I am stopping. Oye.

We are taking our first truckload and trailer up this month. DH reports for duty at the end of the month. We are all making a trip up as a family shortly, to look around the city. It seems as if the city has grown and we will be surprised. So I have to pick out a few houses to look at, etc.

PN asked the other day "Mom, why don't we just find a house shaped box, and pack the whole house in that?"

She is a smart cookie.

I am looking for a huge box for the house!

Monday, February 04, 2008


don't know why

I woke this morning, took the kids outside to load them up in the truck to note it was a balmy 68 degrees at 7:55am.

Odd. Humid, windy and warm.

No wonder we are sick, with crud.

It was 22 degrees a few days ago.

It is currently 74 degrees. Doors are flung open, heat turned off, and the darn down comforter looks ridiculous on my bed.

I guess Spring has sprung, and the weather looks blissfully warm for the next week!

I am going to try and get things packed, time is ticking. FAST. FAST.

I did not get much done over the weekend. Too many scheduled activities, and the refereeing took its toll.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

brunette AWTM and her blonde daughter

For the record, I feel like dog piss right now...just saying.

I am ready to cough up an ovary. I am unsure what sort of respitory virus I have.

Here is the brunette AWTM. You can't really see it, as it was back in a pony tail.

You get the idea.

now my daughter, there is the real looker. Angelic looking truly.

Now if I could get her to act as angelic as she looks...we have a winner folks.

Since it is Sunday, The Sundays

A great voice to be certain....

So the weekend continues. what is super bowl weekend?

Headed to church, home to put a roast in, and then to AWANA.

If you need to read something of value, go to GRITS and read about Lex.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

and while we are preparing to go to a birthday party, they hack each other to death in Kenya...

I watch the news from Africa about every other day. I find it confusing most of the time. The political/socio/tribal and economics of Africa are something I do not think I will ever understand.

I have been watching Kenya in particular. We had a family friend spend some time recently in Kenya. She was very excited about going on her trip. She was taking oral histories from women dying of AIDS and writing them down for their families, and their soon to be orphans. When she told us she was going, I was worried, Africa is not for the faint of heart. It is a dangerous place. Unstable. Even the simplest act of driving is dangerous, and God forbid you need a blood transfusion or become ill. Not to mention all of the rogue factions that prey on tourists. She returned earlier than anticipated, after being stopped, and threatened. You can read it here.

And the violence in Kenya seems to have erupted after its most elections in December.

I think the numbers are saying officially 850 killed. But my guess, is it is more. Especially with the number of refugees from Kenya being reported as a quarter of a million. Reports of people being burned alive, The hospitals are seeing an escalation of the number of gang rapes, women coming in to possibly get treated for rape and other injuries acquired. The youngest of these victims is reported to be an 18 month old baby girl. The clashes continue between Mungiki and the Kikuyus....

It is very reminiscent of Biafra and Congo in the 60's, Uganda and Burundi in the 70's, and most recently the genocide in Rwanda.

Friday, February 01, 2008

That is just rude


Transforming the National Guard and Reserves into a 21st-Century Operational Force (Commission on National Guard and Reserves, Final Report)

sleet, sick, baby books, the red tent and a 4 day weekend

SR is off of school again today. No sleet, but school illness. He has been great, but PN feels as though he is infringing on her turf AGAIN. The senseless bickering that goes back and forth is not good for me when my red tent is pitched and I am trying to protect steel wool rubbed nerves.

DH has drill this weekend. Bwahhhh....

I am also trying to continue to pack.

As excited as we are about the move, it has been hard to imagine the time has actually arrived.

Going through belongings has been difficult in some cases. The pregnancy journals, and baby books a little hard. I thought I had resolved all of the melancholy feelings around that time, and I have still seem to have some left over sadness and longing.

I was looking at photos of me in a hospital gown, nursing PN and telling my husband via phone of her arrival.

I have mentioned it here, we had waited 10 years into our marriage to consider pregnancy. God blessed us almost immediately after we had started.

I looked through the photos, and recalled my longing for DH to be here, and be involved, the wonderful things he missed. The difficulty of being a single parent. And I realize I am no the first person to manage that, or the last. I do not think I am trying to be a martyr, or my own damn cheerleader.

War is as old as humanity, and sometimes necessary.

When I recall those feelings, I must also recall my own strength. and no this is not one of those self congratulatory posts. I did not make it through without a hitch. I did not make it through without scraped knees, a bruised ego, and frankly I fell flat on my face a couple of times.

I did manage it. Even if it was one minute at a time, which frankly on some days was all I could muster. So when I look at the photos, of the Collective as infants, most of them are taken at arms length with half of my face, some are of an infant learning to walk or stand alone.

And we managed.

I learned I am a very capable person. I am a stronger person than I would have thought.

*I cannot help but think about moving in 10 years, or perhaps 20. I cannot help but wonder what I will think about circumstances later...*

I already voted will you?

This was a great read. Well done Mark Levin.