Tuesday, December 30, 2008

from the North

I wore a sweater, no coat to work today, it was that glorious out, and then whammo, the wind started howling in at 45 mph. Wind from the North. I guess the 62 degree weather here was nothing but a fluke.

I must round up the North Face Gortex, and fleece for tomorrow.

It is winter in the Midwest.

It is currently 10 degrees.

I am thrilled that Santa brought me 3 pairs of wool socks!


PN is our social butterfly, I have mentioned this time and time again, because it is true. this is part of the reason I am working now. I seriously thought I was cool enough to spend another year at home with, but I am not. Hence the preschool program she is currently attending.

So far all is well. Everyday I pick her up, I am complimented for minutes at a time by several teachers about her "good manners", ability to listen to and follow directions, as well as HOW QUIET she is.


She is quiet?


Who knew. This is the sme child that gives running commentary all day, much like her Mother.

Well of course he wants mini chocolate eclairs!

SR has requested mini chocolate eclairs for his birthday. This is what happens when your child can read, and loves Paula Dean.

It is hilarious to me, because PN wanted a frosting laden cake, covered with Dora the Explorer for her birthday, "from the store". She was specific about the "from the store" part too. I went ahead and indulged her. When I was carrying the cake from the bakery, the darn thing weighed about 40 pounds. My guess is, the gobs, of buttercream frosting on it.

SR does not like "advertisements" on his cakes.

So now I am making the eclair part of his birthday dessert as we speak, as I have to work tomorrow, and right after work we are headed to my Fathers for New Years Eve, SR's birthday celebration, and the Nebraska Bowl game am making the filling as well tonight, and I will fill them at my dads New Years Day.

I always thought puff pastry was intimidating to make, but really it is quit simple, and quick.

Tonight I used 2 sticks of butter, and 2 cups of water, boil it, and then add your flour 1/2 cup at a time, and beat until smooth and forms a ball, and then you beat 8 eggs. Yes 8 eggs, and add them one at a time. Done.

Really quit simple, and I contend if I can do it, you can too.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, and drop the dough in teaspoon sizes on a cookie sheet.

Bake until, well they look done.

Now I am trying to catch up with laundry, I have DH volunteering his efforts at this time.

Monday, December 29, 2008

and my son turns 7 this week....

My Son turns 7 this week.

It is unbelievable to a part of my heart, and a relief to the rest of it. The picture that I have up at the header is from 2005. It is amazing what happens in 3 years time. We are blessed he is healthy, and what we had thought might have been possible Asperger's syndrome, is not. He is loving school now, and his chosen career at this time is a video game creator. He has a few good friends at school, and is working hard consideration for others.

The recliner turns into a bed at 9pm?

That sleep that was so elusive last night, and early this morning....

Oh yes, it has sought me out and found me.

I guess I am getting older, as I am pooped.

I volunteered to work extra today, as someone was ill and at home. I didn't mind, as I will miss a day because of the holiday. The days fly by, and are extremely busy. I love that. I look at the clock when I clock in, and then bam, someone is telling me it is lunch time, and then folks tell me it is time to go home. Gotta love that. It is busy.

PN has taken to school nicely. She has even grown accustomed to the afternoon nap. Ha, joke is on me, as I have been trying this since birth with the tot. I had tried everything.

SR has been going to work with DH over the holiday break, a year ago this would have been nightmarish, but now, all is well. I was concerned this am, because DH had a briefing with the big wigs, and SR stayed in DH's office and watched a movie. No shenanigans. The shark tooth that was behind the baby tooth, is moving forward, which is a relief to me. He also has another shark toth that is coming up behind his other lower front baby tooth. I am guessing, we will have to be as patient with that one.

DH had dinner ready to go when I got home tonight. This was very sweet of him, and a good treat.

Dishes are done, laundry, well it can wait. I have a short day tomorrow, at least on schedule. If I can pick up a coupe of other hours I will.

I am off to lie my head on the pillow and seriously sleep.

sleep much?

I did sleep last night. I am not sure how much sleep I managed though. I stayed up late, and watched Cast Away. There has been so little on television, that when I find anything remotely interesting, I have been watching it. It was on until later than I should have been up.

I than woke at 4:30am to note DH was not in bed, and I assumed he was up working, which was correct. He was up. However, I woke every 10 minutes after that just knowing i would be late for work and sleep through my alarm. I hate when that happens.

I promise you 4 plus hours of sleep will not be enough to keep me cheerful through the day.

I am really going to have to get to bed earlier in the evening, and make a habit of it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost over...

The long weekend, is almost over.

Wow, that was quick.

I tried to use it to play with The Collective.

Games for children, that have been a hit with The collective?

Rush Hour

Toot and Otto

Who's Who Extra (PN loves this!)

In case you need games for children, those are all great, learning games that are fun!

Tomorrow, I need to go to work, take PN to school, and bank.

SR wants mini chocolate eclairs for his birthday, so I will oblige.

Must go finish laundry........

I am going to need a night per week in which to do ironing, I used to do it on Wednesdays, and perhaps, I can do it then.

Tonight I am watching The Notebook, whilst catching up with the weeks washing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family time

Ahhhh...I just got finished coloring my locks, and taking a very long soak...

I have been a lazy bones today. Heck yesterday and today.

We did go see Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, and it was cute. the Collective sat through it, much to my surprise, as it was not animated. We all enjoyed it, and it was a nice family movie.

We also went out for pizza for lunch. I was tired of cooking, and dishes, and wanted non Holiday food.

I managed to finish my MILs scarf, and need to mail it now. I am terrible about getting things mailed, including Thank you notes, etc...and once again it will go on the list of things I MUST do this 2009.

I got a new camera for Christmas. As PN had broke mine. She got her own camera this Christmas from my Sissy. And I have done everything to warn her she cannot touch mine.

DH is still enjoying his Nano, and I keep calling hime a teenager, because he has white ear buds in 75% of the time now. (Frankly I would too if I lived with me.

The Collective, particularly SR are enjoying unscheduled time off.

I am enjoying the long weekend with my family, and know 3 days together is a rarity, and will remain as such.

I am enjoying work, it is nice to be busy, the days go speeding by. I am having to learn to keep a calender with me at all times.

I think the family is getting a YMCA membership for New Years....

Candid Camera

My Dad and I

Friday, December 26, 2008

Believe it or not

I managed to get 3 scarves crocheted this month. I made one for my sister for her birthday, and one for each of the kids! I gave my Sister hers last night. I am now working on one for my Mother in Law, and one for DH's ex Step Dad...

holy crap it is 62 degrees out.....

The great white tropics...

I sent The Collective to the backyard today....

It is 49 degrees.

SR fought me tooth and nail, as he is brilliant enough to loathe the cold and freezing temps, he has been asking for days about when does spring and summer arrive. PN loves the cold, and I am guessing might be part Eskimo.

Anywho, I sent them out bright and early this morning, with the sled. I told them snow would melt soon, so they better try and figure it out.

I see them attempting to build something out the back window.

I wish the wind would stop blowing, even though my guess is, it is from the south and bringing these warm temps.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its a wrap....

I am sitting with my paws up.

The Collective are in bed, DH is enjoying his Ipod NANO from The Collective. He is currently downloading podcasts of interest, and telling me how cool it is.

Technology is very cool to those of us who grew up with black and white tv's and no remote controls. We were talking the other day, about how a looming deployment is probably in the future, and how he can play video games online with our son and daughter, and what a cool boding thing that will be to do.

Dinner was great, the prime rib was yummy, as were the twice baked potatoes I made. The sour cream raisin pie was to die for, even if my meringue was so terrible I took it off of the pie. (Does anyone know a fool proof way to make meringue?) The pumpkin was yummy as well.

The Collective did pretty well considering a lot of gifts were necessities from boring old Mom. SR was getting so discouraged after the first 5 packages of much needed cold weather clothing, underwear, wool socks, and the like I thought he was going to cry.
He did get Sim City Creator for the Wii from his sissy and was thrilled. PN got a fur real puppy from Grammy she loved, and the paper dolls from my Sissy were a hit.

I was exhausted this morning when the day began. There is a lot of preparations that go into Christmas, especially when you have children. There is the trying to shop sans kids, hiding gifts, hiding Santa's wrapping paper, wrapping the gifts, the trip to Santa, the leaving food out for elves, reindeer, and Santa. It is like acting for a month. but the smiles, and goofy faces, and hugs over the smallest things like monkey pajamas, it is awesome. Nothing beats children on Christmas morning. Seriously.

We had company today, my Father and his lady came, as did my Brother, and Sissy. We had a wonderful visit. It is so nice having family close. I did miss my MIL, as did DH and The Collective. Particularly DH, today was bittersweet for him.

the holiday is done, and I am off to take a long soak in my tub, with new lavender soap I got in my stocking. I have a 4 day weekend to enjoy!

RIP Eartha....

Just read that Eartha Kitt passed due to colon cancer, same as my Mother...folks get your colonoscopy, I have. If you have a family history you will need one at the age of 35.

How I loved Eartha....she is by far the best cat woman ever...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoy your night

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas

We have been blessed this year beyond measure, and to God be that glory.

I want to make sure you know that we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and prayers to all of you this day.

I managed to get an hour overtime in today. Which is good, I did not mind, as I am part time.

I went to pick up PN from school, and by Gosh if she wasn't napping. She woke with an upset tummy. Poor kid.

I am at home now

making baked potato soup

smoked oyster dip

hot pepper jelly over cream cheese (thanks George)

relish tray

spinich dip

cheese tray

herring in wine sauce

chex mix

1 sour cream raisin pie

1 pumpkin custard pie

and must frost cookies, at some point.

DH is out with SR trying to tie up loose ends.

I still have to wrap gifts.

We are hoping to make candlelight service at 4:30pm.

To you and yours, may you be blessed

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Let me mention, I am probably at my best when busy.

But this day was to busy.

home to unload
caught up with a couple of friends and family
picked up PN
cooked dinner
did dishes
made 4 dozen sugar cookies (to decorate tomorrow after church service)
managed to get Christmas cards addressed, stamped, and sealed
Did 4 loads of wash, and put them away
helped the collective prepare for bed
put work schedule in new personal calender

I am headed to the tub...

Like a well oiled machine ...not

If you want to go insane, start a new job during Christmas, throw in a mammogram, ice, bronchitis, Drs. appointments, and shopping.

So me, the SAHM, went from 60-160 overnight.

It is the most hilarious thing ever.

I just returned from Walmart, and forgot one thing worshestershire sauce. Maybe I can convince DH to get some. If I have to stop in there one more time, I swear I am gonna get one of those little rascal sit down carts, and plow into people. They are seriously busy.

Today was my first day alone at work. It was ok, could have been worse, but could have been better.

I need to schedule my ultrasound, but am going to wait until after January first I think. I am sick of going to the Dr. right now, and it does not appear serious, looks like tissue.

OK, I am off to unload $220 of groceries, label envelopes, mail Christmas cards, prepeare tomorrows feast of hor dourves, laundry, pay bills, ummmmmmm....wrap presents, etc.

I got my first paycheck today, my first working persons paycheck in 8 years. Christmas ate it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tits in a vice...


Today was boob smashing day. Not as painful, as humiliating I would say. They put stickers on your nipples, and a sticker on the "lump", and then take 2 peices of plexi glass, and twist a knob that flattens them. And since I have a lump, and tissue, I got to pose for other views! It was most humiliating. The lady asked me, if I had implants, and although I am sure she asks everyone that question I wanted to say, "thanks for thinking my 38 year old rack looks like they might be fake"...

I have to go get an ultrasound next, as they could not determine much from the mammogram.

DH took SR to work today.

PN had school.

today was my last day of training.

Tah Dah, I am on my own.

I took my darn Christmas cards to Walgreens last night, and the machine went down! Craptastic.

So I should be there now, but it is like 20 below zero, the wind is howling, and I do not want to go outside.

I work tomorrow as well.

I have noted, that I do not have time to talk on the phone, or blog....

By the time I got home today it was 6pm, mostly because of the damn blizzard conditions that hit at 4.

Work is good. I am making my last minute Christmas list.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

this Years Christmas Cards, if I can ever get them in the mail!

First visit from the tooth fairy is tonight.

SR lost his front left baby tooth.....

it is soooo teeeny.


I am done shopping.

Santa got The collective a sled. I actually wanted to get them one of those old timey metal saucers, but decided against it. I bought like a foam tobogan. PN got a dolly that can swim, and SR got a marble maze.

I also had to get wrapping paper, bows, a rug for the mud room, so I can call it the clean room.

And now I have a snoop looking over my shoulder....

darn kids

20 below

How thrilling, that you get a weather report, and a description of what I am wearing daily.

I just made a big breakfast of hash browns, eggs, bacon, and biscuts. We are getting ready for church.

DH is taking the kids to Desperdeoux, and I have to finish shopping for The Collective. DH did some of it yesterday. He did stocking stuffers, and some of the gifts. I am going to try and wrap some as well.

Todays big purchase is a humidifier. It is so dry in the house, it is terrible. Yesterday DH got his Christmas gift. A snow blower. Holy Cow it was expensive.

I might break down today and make cookies with the kids. I have not started baking yet, frankly we do not need the sweets, but it is Christmas.

Off to get ready for a day running.

Need to get everyones medicine in them after breakfast.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 things left...

I think.

I hate when I am sick, I get all heady and fuzzy. Loathe feeling that way.

We managed to see Santa, photo taken. The Collective took lists as well as pictures of Santa PN colored. He was a nice Santa.

WEnt and got a couple of gifts bought. The "maul" was nightmarish.

I broke down and bought a new cell.

So for those of you that have the old number...email me.

Snowing, and visiting Santa

Today I take The Collective to see Santa.

We are getting ready to make the lists.

I need a picture of them with Santa, as I am sure our Santa days are limited.

I have a cute story about the gingerbread man, school, etc.

It is the weekend. I have a bit of catching up to do.

Friday, December 19, 2008

baby its cold outside

doncha know, we need it for snow.

DH just left the house to look at snowblowers for the 100th time. I do not need to be there. I want one with an extended warrenty, and one that is not too big for me to handle.

PN is VERY miserable. She hs a slight fever, and is draining and draining, and pooped. (Maybe you guys should not wake at o'dark 30, and SLEEP)

SR is fine. He does not want to play in the snow, and is asking me how many days until Spring. I do not blame him. I am actually thinking about having a Thaw party this Spring, because this snow is for the birds. PN likes the snow, as does her Father. SR and I? Ha, we are not suckers.

I am pooped, and am tending to laundry, the never ending jazz. (Does it reproduce when I am not here?

I have a box to ship. I have a couple of things to go and buy.

We are going to see Santa tomorrow, and we were hoping to see Desperdeaux (or however you spell the thing.)

I am late with my cards, but may settle for New Years cards at this point. I am too late to catch up now.

I did not do any baking, and if I feel like this in 2 days I will not be doing any.

There are some things, you just cannot make up

This is my first week on the job.

Of course, we have had 2 Dr. appointments.

I have a mammogram Monday, with a biopsy or aspiration, whichever is deemed necessary. But I digress.

To add fuel to the fire, today was a snow day, for both of the Collective. Great.

You see last night we had ice, on top of the snow on the ground.

The phone rang at 5:30am from the public school to let us know.

My kids were actually up at 5:30, I think it may have something to do with the oral steroids they are on, I am not sure, as I have just gotten home, and have not seen them yet. But steroids can make people WOUND.

I looked around the neighborhood and noted no lights were on at any of the neighbors, and I saw no traffic.

When interviewing for my job, I actually asked about snow days. (they are far and few between here.

Anywho, I decided since DH took the day off, which was stepping up to the plate big time, I would go in early so they knew I wanted to be there, and was not sure if anyone else could make it.

It was a good day, I learned a lot. I went ahead and just dove in.

In other good news they approved me to come in after I drop SR at school. Yeee haw. This WAS HUGE, you have no idea. that will save me $72 a week in fees for transporting him to school. I am thrilled.

I am so glad to be working for folks that understand.

$72 a week, is a gas bill, or phone bill....it adds up quickly.

I am impressed that DH is actually putting things on hold, so I can show up ready for work.

all is well.

And to the person that created mucinex, Thank You!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is laughable



I made appointments today.

Time of appointments? 3:30pm. Problem?

Getting everyone hauled in and out, etc.

I managed to leave work at 2:30pm. I called the respective schools ASAP, and asked them to have kids dressed and at the door! Even with that we made it to our appointment at 3:32.

I was correct.

SR has bilateral bronchitis.

PN has left sided bronchitis.

I have bronchitis, and a sinus infection. Neither are bad yet, I am just feeling a bit heady from it.

But can I just say darn it. Darn it. Darn it.

We are all on meds! Hooray.

It is now 6:12pm, and we have been in the house for 12 minutes.

DH is a doll and is going to pick up gift certificates for the teachers for a local coffee house. Thank God. I am in no mood to drag us about. As we have freezing rain that is already hitting the frozen roads. Very dangerous indeed.

I am finding it almost laughable that all of this is going on RIGHT now. Seriously.

Oh, my car is now fixed.....(thank God I have a job)

Eeegads, my current mood=not amused.

Alarm, we don't need no steenking alarm.

The Collective both woke coughing and hacking this morning. My guess is bacterial bronchitis.

I may have the onset as well.

So today on the list of crap that needs to be done.

Make appointments for the collective, maybe me too.

Get a cell phone, I ran out of time yesterday.

Get teachers Christmas gifts.

Car goes into the shop. (I think it is the thermostat thingy.


I am finding it almost laughable that months go by with me on an open schedule, and then blammy emergencies happen.

Unsure what to wear again.

I am thinking black pants (they are huge, but may do), a black turtleneck and brown blouse.

Of course my cell is not working, so I will have to make appointments from work.

I am not cooking tonight, we have far too many errands to run. I made soup last night, and we have leftovers. We will see.

*also, I am a hands on learner, training at a job sucks. You look like an idiot for days. I loathe looking clueless. Seriously. 8 years ago I was the go to gal, and now I am clueless. Ick.

*Off to pack everyone cough drops, kleenexes etc. Darn it.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

been a slob too long

2 days and I am already tired of wearing makeup...

not a good sign.

I feel fine for about 4 hours, and then I just want to take off my hose, and makeup. Ha.

I think I have spent too many years looking like a complete slob.

making donuts

you all know how I loathe mornings.

I think it is from waking at 4:30 for years to be at work at 6am, and working 12 hour shifts as an LPN.

I am working on my coffee right now.

A shower ought to help me wake.

This morning I am playing, what to wear to make my wardrobe appear larger than it is.

I think I have settled on a tan long trumpet skirt, brown turtleneck, and brown boots. I am gonna have to wear snow boots though. I am not pounding through snow drifts in 4 inch heels. I tried to manage yesterday in my little 2 inch black slingback kitten heels. Brr....that is nuts.

When I get off work today I must go get wrapping paper, and then let the collective help wrap some things for Grandma tonight. I must send her package ASAP!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I give it an 9

Even with the lack of a cell phone, a car heater not working, a vehicle switch, a bank visit, stop off at the store, a sort of impromptu Dr. visit for a lump in my breast, the act of dropping 2 children off, and picking them up all while driving in 4 inches of snow, I give the day high marks.

The entire house was ready for me to rejoin the workforce. The kids can dress themselves, they wake up on their own, they can get backpacks, coats, boots, etc ready. The morning is a smooth process. One year ago it would have been chaotic, everything just seemed to fit into place. I hope this was indicative of our new schedule.

I like my work place, although there is a lot to learn, but everyone was VERY WELCOMING and sweet. It is a busy place. It is sooo nice to be around adults, and helping people. It is nice to earn money, and feel productive. Not that being home was not work. It has been the hardest job EVER. EVER. My family is just ready for phase 3. PN loved SCHOOL. LOVED it. Her teachers said she was like a duck to water, and she displayed the loveliest manners she has ever seen. PN actually made friends today! Several of them, but one little girl in particular. She is EXCITED. Both children hit the bed at 8:15 tonight and did not make a peep. I am thrilled she likes it, she is a social creature. She is ready for kindergarten, but we could not enroll her because of her age. She was impressive today. I like the school so far, and she LOVED it.

My hair looked great when I left this morning, and than it went haywire. Naturally curly fine hair will do this. Darn it.

The added bonus, was returning home to find my driveway, and walkway cleared by my favorite neighbor!! How nice is that? Very nice. Because by the time I rolled in tonight, the sun was set, and it was COLD.

I would give the day an 9 on a 1-10 scale.

My Dr. wants me to go in for a mammogram, with aspiration, or biopsy (whatever the result calls for). He thinks it is nothing, as do I. My family history of cancer is alarming, so I just want ensure all is well in boobville.


Well we are ready to go, the morning went smoother than I had thought.

I am dressed, hair curled, etc.

However, Murphy has been working overtime.

1)My heater in my car is not working. Uhhhh it is 3 degrees this am. DH took my car so the kids and I could ride in the truck. So now I have to find someone to fix the darn thing....


2) I found a lump in my right breast about a month ago, it is not changed and is painful. I have fibroid cystic disease, so it could be nothing, however I have a Dr. appointment today. Just in case.

3) my call phone stopped working this morning, it died. Just kapoot. I took out the battery and everything. Crap, I never did like the stupid phone anywho....

but seriously. Today of all days?

I had to send the school a note, and call DH etc.


I decided to wear tweed pants, and a black sweater today. (I also wore toghts, because it is 3 degrees and snowing.

Wish me luck folks, I am working.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am hitting the ground running...

Hopefully I will be able to blog about our loverly trip, SOON.

However, I hit the ground running this morning. PN starts pre-k tomorrow, a different one than I had planned on, so this morning we had a tour. And now I am trying to compile, her pillow sleeping bag, 1 set of extra clothing, backpack, coat etc. Making sure all have her name on them etc. I also have a slew of paperwork to fill out. A slew. Ground running indeed. Tomorrow I start my new job, and want to be well rested etc. DH and I are currently in sleep deficit, which we have been managing for months. After a relaxing weekend, we are finding oursleves exhausted.

If you get the chance, fly MidWest, they were excellent.

Tomorrow I will be at work, so unless I find a chance to blog tonight, chances are you will here from me tomorrow sometime.

I am working....WOW.


Feels Like


Thursday, December 11, 2008

made it...

We were dorks and stayed up until 1am.

woke at 3am to catch our flight.

Made it here, and brrr, cold and rainy.

Went to cheesecake factory for lunch, actually had a piece of chocolate, coconut cheesecake. It was tummy.

DH and I get to talk uninterrupted.

Went here..., managed to find the Collective 3 sweaters per child for Christmas! Very very good sale.

Off to clean up, I look like a wet dog.

There is a mixer tonight, must go have a drink and mingle. Unsure what to wear. In typical fashion it says casual, but I have seen people in dresses. I was going to wear jeans and a sweater, but now, I am unsure..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OK computer

I was encouraged to bring the computer to DC. Heh.

DH said, what if we need to google something? What if we are stuck at an airport for 10 hours?

So I will. I think he also gets it is my dumping place.

This morning I have made beds, boiled a dozen eggs (kids love them, and grandpa gets out of making breakfast) , made sausage, put a chicken in the oven to roast, (for a pot of chicken noodle soup) and did dishes.

why in the heck is leaving town sooooo much work?


My Father celebrated his birthday December 7th. He was born Dec 7, 1941. Anywho, since I am in lurve with wool socks, that is what he is getting for his birthday. I must go get them today. I also have a few things to pick up at the store.

I still need to vacuum.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Getting ready to head out....

My Father and his lady arrive tomorrow, I have a lot to do..A LOT, before we leave town, and we are leaving VERY EARLY Thursday. I must pack, and vaccuum, and make sure clean linens are on beds, all laundry is done. they also want to come, to see how in the heck I manage to pick up SR from school, along with the other 800 childrens parents.

Blog will be dark, I am not taking my computer on our second honeymoon, much to DH's surprise.

I will being going out to dine with the recently engaged Princess Cat, and her man. We are going to meet for Vietnamese food. I want to hear all about the wedding plans, as I plan on attending! Plus DH will get to meet her. The only other thing we have in stone is a visit HERE.

I will also being having lunch with AFW.

The Joffery Ballet is performing The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center, oh and how I thought I could surprise DH with tickets! (they have cheap seats!) Damn cheap seats are sold out...Gah.

I am relieved the job hunt is over, and cannot believe I volunteered to start Tuesday!

Might as well jump in right?

I had to change PN's preschool, what a mess that was this morning. Nightmarish. The PreK I had a place for her held (with money), was available this morning, and then they called one hour later....saying they would be in a pinch.

Ughh....they are returning my money. And I was lucky enough to find another program, which sounds great. We go for a tour Monday. Nothing like cutting it close, huh?

I do not have much to add. I am excited for the new chapter to begin. I am anxious to have some alone time with DH.

I read this today...and it reminded me of a lot of things in this life...

Go over and offer some encouragement please, it just takes a lot of time.

Be good, when I return I have plenty to do to get ready for Christmas.

There will be baking, and preparing my home. We are having Christmas Eve here, with the family.

I am making my favorites

Apricot filled cookies.

2 1/2 cups flour, all-purpose
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup butter softened
1 cup sugar white
1 large egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup apricot preserves

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Mix together flour and baking powder and mix well.

Set aside.

Cream together butter and sugar.

Add egg and vanilla and beat on medium until smooth.

Add flour mixture and blend on low until well blended.

Dough should be firm.

Scoop tablespoons of dough, roll into 1 inch balls and place on ungreased baking sheets about 1 inch apart.

Using your thumb or a small melon baller, make a depression in center of each ball, creating a well.

Do not go all the way through dough to cookie sheet.

Fill center well with apricot preserves.

Bake 20-25 minutes until light golden brown.

Transfer to cool flat surface.

And Dh's favorites

Chocolate Crinkles

1/2 cup vegetable oil
4 oz unsweetened baking chocolate, melted, cooled
2 cups granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 eggs
2 cups Gold Medal® all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1. In large bowl, mix oil, chocolate, granulated sugar and vanilla. Stir in eggs, one at a time. Stir in flour, baking powder and salt. Cover; refrigerate at least 3 hours.
2. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease cookie sheet with shortening or cooking spray.
3. Drop dough by teaspoonfuls into powdered sugar; roll around to coat and shape into balls. Place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheets.
4. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until almost no imprint remains when touched lightly in center. Immediately remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks.

I will also be making sugar cookies for the collective to help bake and decorate.

Let me see.....If I thought December was busy before, well it just got busier.

Hopefully I will get some photos of DH and I on our trip. If so I will post them upon return.

The great job hunt of 2008 is OVER....

I am now employed.

I will not blog about work.

I start next Tuesday.

The people are VERY NICE.

2 degrees?


It is 2 degrees.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Do you believe , in what you see?

Before I talk about any of my day....

I need to share something with you. I have been struggling a bit, as a Christian and this entire "have faith" thing. The job hunting has left me a little wounded, even if the wounds are on my ego.

Just this past Sunday, our Pastor spoke about having faith. "He has better plans for you, better than you can imagine". I understand that...I do

But be darned if I can not just smile, and think of Gods blessings....

I had the interview today.

In good news, they called back so I had a second interview about an hour after the first.

My gut is telling me, it is 70% mine.

They are supposed to call sometime tomorrow and let me know.

In good news, I had went knowing it was for 9-5 position, but with trepidation re: logistics with The collective.

Upon arriving the mentioned there was a part time position open.

My ears perked, and the hours they offered me, are flexible and perfect.

I will have to take SR to school 30 minutes early, school has a breakfast program, and it is 30 minutes. (He is not thrilled with the idea.)

PN will be able to go to a good preschool.

I will be able to pick them both up EVERY DAY.

I will be able to get The Collective swim/dance/gymnastics/ piano. (One activity at a time)


So now I hope they LIKE me.

I met my boss, she is a petite and adorable young woman, and was very understanding. My resume is confusing. And frankly if you do not let me explain it, it looks wild.

The time off to care for my Mother, My SAHM time.

So to those of you who provided a reference today, THANK YOU.

They promised I would her a decision in the morning.

By the way, it is 17 degrees are as I type.

Murphy is no fool

It would seem that with the pending second honeymoon, Murphy would pull his tom foolery.

SR has had a cough for about 2 months. It is non productive, and dry. He also seems to have a lot of nasal drainage, clear. If I take him to the Doc, they will look at me like I am a nuts for taking him, and will suggest claritin to thin secretions, and a humidifier. It is worse in the morning, and with ANY jumping, or running around. It has not gotten worse, it just hangs on.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to my SIL who is a school teacher, she assured me, that half of her school has the same darn thing.

However, this morning I note, PN has started doing the same thing.

So now I have to figure out, do I take them to the Doc, may the money to find out nothing. Because if I took them today, they would do nothing. They also could pick up somethinng worse while in the waiting room. Because that is how it happens.

I will say the moment I leave the kids here with Grandpa, and his girlfriend, they will get worse, and they will probably end up having to run them to the Doc.

Just figures.

I did find wool socks for me yesterday, none for the kids. Imagine that? I may have to order some online, as I am done running around looking for them.

Last night I crocheted a bit, and managed to get 1/2 of PN's scarf done. I could have gotten it all done, but I have not crocheted since making them baby caps I forgot how to begin a new row. It took me a while. However, so far it looks sweet, and i think she will like it. I started my sisters too. I did not want to work on the Collectives while they were awake.

Today is going to be busy, I have a lot of weird things to do.

Take my black boots in, and get them reheeled. Hopefully the guy can have them back to me TODAY.

I also have to run to the bank ASAP this morning, mail some birthday cards, and bills.

WE got our first property tax statement Saturday. Holy Moses. I will say that we are fine with it, as the public school SR is attending is FIRST rate.

Ummm....I have a job interview today at a Psych group office. We will see how it goes. I keep going through the interview in my head. Nerve racking.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

well I tried on the dresses

OK the black dress, a touch big, but I think passable. Simple black pumps with pointy toes, and pearls. It looks fine.

I did try on a champagne/taupe halter dress. Way big. Must sell. Will either consign it, or craigslist it. It is gorgeous, and has beading on it.

I would consider getting things altered, but last time I had a dress altered it cost $45, that is $10 more than I paid for the black dress new.

Silly. I will continue to bargain and clearence shop, I am brilliant at it.

In good news, I found PN a pretty winter dress, and sweater. SR now has winter boots, that are good to 10 below zero.

Wool socks, are hard to find, and the kids were pooped. No fun shopping with a fussy girl.

I will look for wool socks tomorrow after church. DH warns me I will freak over the cost. (Because I am the cheapest person on the planet) I am. If they are uber expensive I will just get the 3 of us one pair tomorrow, and will get another pair next month. I would freak out if I walked up to a register with 6 pairs of socks and they say, that will be 70$. I would faint dead in the store.

I have been thinking about crocheting a scarf for DH and each of the kids for a Christmas gift. I am certainly not the Worlds greatest crocheter but I think it might be sweet. I will do simple scarves, so it should not take me long. I think my Sister would like one too, she lives near work and walks often a scarf would make her warm.

Buy some yarn tomorrow.

*Note to self, measure your diningroom table lady, also take your black boots in, and get the heels repaired ASAP, and YOU NEED AN OIL CHANGE*

The Collective are bonified midwesterners now.

We went to the Holiday Parade.

Brr temp was about 24 degrees with the wind chill.

And although we were bundled, we had never gone before and of course good ole Mom did not prepare to sit down through a parade.

Lesson learned, next year I will take blankets and chairs. As there is no standing (no obstructing views of others (smart). However I had to sit on a cold slap of cement. I kept the 2 on my lap, which kept me warm, but they are getting heavy. My butter is NUMB. NUMB.

The parade was great, about 10 marching bands, floats and large character helium balloons.

The kids made it for an hour before they started complaining about being cold. Frankly I thought the parade wold be perhaps 30 minutes or so. I mean who would think a parade in 24 degrees would last an hour and a half? (Not including to trek there and back). It was quite cold, next year I will pack chairs and blankies. Lesson learned. I did suprisingly well, the only part of me that was freezing was my butter.

This afternoon we are going to try and find SR boots. PN has a pair, I found from Walmart that is good for 10 below zero. , SR does not because they were out of boots the night we went. I am also going to buy the 3 of us 2 pair of wool socks each. I would wait for Santa, but frankly...it is to cold to wait. I also need to purchase PN a winter dress, that can also pass for a Christmas dress, she loves dressing for church, and she currently has no winter dresses. SR needs a sweater. The annual trip to Santa is any day now, and a photo will need to be taken. I think that should get us through the next few weeks.

I also have to get 3 gift cards for Birthdays, which will not be nearly what I would like to do, but hopefully folks will understand. December is an expensive month.

Let me see.....

the list the list...

Groceries for our absense, etc....

A couple of certificates for local eateries in case my Dad and his lady do not want to cook etc.

I hope your weekend is a wonderful one, and you are enjoying preparing for the Holiday.


Star City Parade in Lincoln.

I thought that the Holiday Parade was next weekend, I was remiss.

It is today.

We are off!

Warm clothes a must today.

Friday, December 05, 2008

heart of glass...

This is the first year since the birth of The Collective that we have put the glass and antique ornaments on the tree. The Collective actually trimmed the tree, at least what they could reach. I promise it is beautiful.

Forgive the shot, it was taken with my Mac...

another phone interview

in about 5 minutes...

The Army moved our trip back one day...



It is fine. So now we leave Thursday instead of Wednesday. We lost a day, but I am OK with that. The kids will exhaust my Dad, so I have to worry one day less.

I am in flux over the banquet...none of my dresses fit I lost a dress size or two) , and my loverly friend and were speaking about this over the phone, and 2 days later, this friend had sent a dress she had at her house, a handbag, and she even surprised me by sending special makeup...

Unfortunately, the dress did not fit my torso. I am broad torso, because I am from good German stock, and am built to pull a handcart out West. Darn, it was cute too.

So I think I can manage to wear a black cocktail dress I purchased for $35 here! (A lesson I learned, never rid yourself of cocktail dresses, because you think you are too big for them, you may shrink) I need to try it one with all of my undergarments etc on, and shoes to see if it can pass. It should. I am not in the market right now for a new dress.

The problem is, it is a banquet, and it is right below the knee, and is a simple sheath dress, boatneck, it appears to be taffeta, there is special detail at the back...hell I have google here, let me look something up.


The expected attire for a reception should be specified on the invitation. In general, the following rules apply:

Afternoon or Early Evening Reception (prior to 8:00 PM)

* Generally informal
* Military women and men: Seasonally appropriate service dress uniform
* Civilian women: Street length or informal long dresses as current styles dictate
* Civilian men: Business suits.

Evening Reception (after 8:00 PM) -Can be informal, formal, following is appropriate:

* Can be informal, formal, or very formal. If informal, the above rules apply. If formal, the following is appropriate:
o Formal (Black Tie)
o Military men and women: Seasonal dinner dress uniform.
o Civilian women: Long formal gown.
o Civilian men: Black tie; tuxedo
* Very Formal (White Tie) Very seldom worn
o Military women and men: Formal dress uniform
o Civilian women: Very formal gowns.
o Civilian men: White tie; full dress evening wear.

OK here is the problem, I have no idea what time the banquet is, I am assuming it is prior to 8pm. I must ask DH if this is formal or not, that would dictate the length of the dress I suppose.

I am starting to get excited about our trip, and am getting ready to make a spreadsheet for my Dad, re: pick up times, city activities, our passes for the museum etc. I should have a couple of things ready in the fridge as well.

They will all eat my chicken noodles...

OK off to was linens, vacuum, etc. etc. etc.

Next time I have the time, and money, and am not rushed by an even I am going to go to Younkers and peruse the formal long dresses and purchase a long black gown, just in case this happen again.

Part of me feels as though this dress is appropriate, I am a traditionalist...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tom Hanks, you owe me.

Polar Express is on tonight 8pm CST. Please Tom Hanks entertain my children.

I have a radio show tonight for SpouseBuzz, on reintegration of returning veterans, with PTSD, or a physical injury.

When I slated the show, my DH was scheduled to be here. He is not.

So I have team wrestling crazy folks unattended for an hour. Which sounds like a cake walk, I assure you I am on pins, these children better act right.


I tried to get DH and I into the White House for a tour over the holiday...

I feel like snoopy.


I tried.

We are going to The National Gallery, that is a the only certain visit at this time.


I have been laying off applying for jobs, although the money would be fantastic with about 7 birthdays this month and Christmas, the logistics of daycare over the holidays, well it is nightmarish. Especially for 2 children.

So opted out of seriously hunting for a position. Last night while sitting here in the quiet, I went and checked a couple of places, just to see what had been posted since I last looked. I found 2 real possibilities.

I went ahead and emailed a cover letter and resume, guessing it might take 2 weeks to hear back from them.

It seems to take about 2 weeks to hear from folks, and then another 2 weeks after an interview, if you manage to get one. So I went ahead and applied thinking, well heck they probably are not hiring over the Christmas Season, so I will hear back from them Jan 2.

I got an e-mail very early this morning, and then had an impromptu phone interview. They wanted to see me today! TODAY. Holy Moses, I was not prepared for this. At all. DH is gone, and finding a sitter with like 3 hours notice, well it will not going to happen for me. So I asked them if they could wait until Monday, they agreed. I was also pretty honest about needing M-F and needing to earn enough money to make working worth my time, they threw a number out, and I can manage on that number. I was down right honest about M-F and being available to my family. The HR director seemed to understand. I pretty much gave them room to wiggle out of things if they wanted.

Becoming a working Mom, is full of logistical nightmares, for those of you who do it I applaud you. the amount of phone calls and jumping through hoops is ridiculous. Finding someone you trust with your sweet children, is a lot of pressure. School drop off and pick up times. It is some serious planning. I have NO FLEXIBILITY. None. DH's schedule changes from one moment to the next some days...

So it would appear I have a job interview Monday.

thin ice

When I woke yesterday I glanced out the window and realized the first light snowfall had arrived.

1/2 an inch to an inch, not terrible, and managable.

Until we got into the car.

I have a all wheel drive car, and grew up driving in snow and ice. In fact I learned how to drive a stick shift in the dead of winter on side streets with my elderly but kind drivers ed teacher.

I was like snow...eh whatever.

Until I hit the road.

I assumed our street was slick, because it is a side street, and the city does not tend to those.

WE head 1/2 block to a very busy intersection, I was driving about 15 miles per hour. The intersection is on a hill. There were 4 vehicles in front of me. I saw the minivan full of children slide sideways when she applied her brakes, and she slid into the intersection. I took my foot off the gas.

At this point I note, the city had not been out at all.


The little bit of snow we had, was soooo packed, from all of the traffic, it had turned into a thin layer of ice. Ice that lasted the entire drive to school. What normally is a 20 minute process, turned into about 1 1/2 hours. It is at best 2 miles.

I coasted there, I hardly stepped on the gas, and maintained a speed less than 8 mph. No joke. the worst part was all of the impatient folks driving. Creating havoc, and honking. People, SLOW down.

How slick was it? In the 1 mile to school (ON A MAIN ROAD) I saw 3 cars in ditches, and 2 small accidents. The drive home, was not bad, because why I was dropping SR off at school, the city drove the beet juice truck by and the ice magically disappeared.

It was so icy I saw a 4 WD stuck, spinning his wheels. He was behind a small accident, and because of the stopped traffic, he could not pick up any momentum. He was also in a residential area full of children walking, and cars parked on either side of the road, he had no place to turn the wheel etc. He needed a push, and frankly I wasn't about to give him one, if I stopped to help, I would have the same problem. I drove around him and looked at him "I am sorry"....

It was very slick, and I am disappointed that the city did not have the trucks out sooner. Can you imagine driving a school bus, or daycare bus on that crap? It was frightening.

Lincoln is typically a little fast on the ice removal, but yesterday, well it was not a good day.

A very good reintroduction to me on driving on ice.

Al Gore is a liar

It is 20, but feels like 7 degrees.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I scooped, and will not need a gym membership...

I love my home, and am blessed, but holy Moses scooping a driveway of this size is nuts, as is the 1/2 acre corner lot with a sidewalk half way round the block. My arms will be rocking by March!! I also managed to scoop the deck.

One of the neighbor guys was out scooping when I was, I finished before he did, and so wanted to yell "I WON!"

Arm wrestling matches to come!

It is cold.

weather channel says...

Feels Like

18F stands for 18 freaking degrees.


the kids are out playing.

Santa, if you are reading this, they kids could use snow shovels. *cough*

I borrowed a pair of DH's wool socks today. They are the warmest things ever, and now I want 2 pair of them for Christmas. My feet did not get a bit cold! Amazing stuff wool. The only thing that managed to get cold, were my ears, and they were painfully cold. I had a stocking hat on, but should have worn my ear headband thingy. Lesson learned. Next time I will wear both. Everyone looks like an idiot, it is winter. And I could care less if I look like an idiot in these dreadful conditions. The entire time I scooped I kept thinking about the Donner party during that horrid winter. The isotoner gloves from MIL last Christmas, were perfect, and my hands did not get cold.

So today I learned, I can scoop a lot of area, and in good time. I can do it for excercise. In fact you burn 9.1 calories per minute scooping snow! Bring on the egg nog, Momma has found a new workout! Wool socks are warm. Cover ears better!

Off to enjoy recession chicken.

Recession, crockpot chicken for a cold day

It is freaking cold, the ice on the way to take SR to school was nightmarish, another blog post in itself.

However, I still have a bit of scooping to do.

PN has already been out and played, reentered the house demanding hot cocoa with marshmallows, and oatmeal.

Anywho, I am not running to the store. Too cold, and do not want to.

So I found a bunch of dark chicken pieces I picked up from the store in the freezer, defrosted them, and threw them in the crockpot.

With DH gone, it is hard cooking for 3, I am never sure what or how much the kids will eat. you know kids, one day they will eat you out of house and home, and the next day they might not be very hungry.

However, this recipe always seems to do the trick, and they eat and eat...

Recession crockpot chicken for a cold day

1 onion, chopped
10 oz. Coke
1 sm. bottle ketchup
3 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper

throw your chicken in, turn your cooker on and go.


It was 56 degrees yesterday. I took The collective to the park yesterday.

I woke this morning, and brrr.


Amazing what can happen in 5 hours.

social networking....

OK OK, so I tried myspace, and found it incredibly boring, and just too much...I tried.

So then I found facebook (tons of bloggers on there!!) and I actually like facebook.

It is like mini blogging, sorta.

However, there are some strange thing that come with facebook.

1)Like someone sending you a friend request, and you have no idea who they are. and you think perhaps I have forgot a name, that happens. So you look at the photo. Nope. So you send them a message and it turns out, you do not know them at all. Some people are dorky, and just like "lots" of friends"...odd.

2)Having someone from high school, that was a douchebag to you contact you all nicey nicey. I ignore these requests like I ignore a growling strange dog. No thanks. I am one of those people that was not thrilled with most of my high school experience. Skinny, awkward girls called bones, skeletor are like that.

I assume this facebook thing could be stranger, if an ex girl or boyfriend contact you. (I have not had this happen) I was not a prolific dater, and heck I married at 20. But ughhh...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Popcorn night a few days early

It was nice enough out today, that I took The Collective to the park after SR got out of school.

Fresh air...


tonight there are more holiday specials

ABC: Santa Claus is coming to Town 7pm CST

USA: Elf 7pm CST

Family: Polar Express 7pm CST

We are going to watch Santa Claus is coming to Town...

Enjoy your family time, and snuggle em.

Am I the only person that makes popcorn on the stove top?

Am I the only person that would say stove top?


Prayers for this family...

In sad news, I have been keeping up with Capt. Rob Yllesca's journey in recovery from and IED. His wife had started a blog for his recovery. And as most of you know yesterday brought this family devastating news, he is with his Lord and Savior now. His wife Dena, has been having to make such difficult decisions, and trying to explain this to their 2 small daughters...

You can make a donation to the family HERE.

UNL grad dies from injuries inflicted in Afghanistan

BY ART HOVEY and BILL EDDY / Lincoln Journal Star
Tuesday, Dec 02, 2008 - 12:41:12 am CST

A 31-year-old Army captain with family ties to both Nebraska and Guatemala died Monday from wounds suffered Oct. 28 in Afghanistan.

Rob Yllescas, a 2001 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ROTC program who was severely injured by an improvised explosive device in the mountains of Afghanistan, died Monday morning at Bethesda Naval Medical Center near Washington, D.C.

On an Internet blog where his family kept friends and the public informed about Yllescas’ condition, his wife, Dena, a native of Osceola, wrote:

“Well, today Rob went to be with the Lord. Last night his ICP’s went really high and they took him for another CT scan. The scan results were devastating. So, we decided to let him go Home. He went very painlessly and quickly. I don’t know when his funeral will be but it will be in Nebraska in my hometown. I will let you all know the details when I get them. Thank all so much for the thousands of prayers you sent for my husband. We now have an angel looking over us.”

The blog is at http://yllescasfamily.blogspot.com.

President Bush donned a surgical mask to personally present Yllescas with the Purple Heart at Bethesda Nov. 10. Dena Yllescas was at her husband’s side at the time.

When Rob Yllescas was wounded, he was on his first deployment to Afghanistan, where he commanded about 90 U.S. soldiers and 200 Afghan fighters. When the IED went off, he lost his right leg below the knee and his left leg at the knee, among other injuries.

He also had served two tours of duty in Iraq, where he was part of an armored unit.

Dena Yllescas spoke of her husband in a steady voice hours after his death.

“He was an amazing person,” she said. “He truly believed in what he was doing over there. He’s not only an American hero, but he’s also one to our daughters here.”

Julia is 7. Eva is 10 months old.

Rob Yllescas and Dena Gissler, a former lifeguard at the Osceola swimming pool, had their first date when she was a freshman at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She later transferred to the nursing program at what is now BryanLGH Medical Center in Lincoln to be closer to him.

“We were engaged 11 months after we met. We figured out pretty quick that we were hitting it off.”

Surgeons operated on “a huge clot in the middle of his brain” Saturday. But there was more bleeding in the brain later. “He absolutely would not survive that.”

That’s when the decision was made to disconnect life support equipment.

Dena Yllescas said she would meet with an Army casualty affairs officer today to begin making funeral arrangements at Osceola.

Yllescas was a graduate of Army Ranger school in Georgia.

His family was living in Killeen, Texas, just outside Fort Hood, at the time of his most recent overseas assignment.

Yllescas’ mother, Barb, grew up on an Osceola area farm as part of a family that included four daughters and three sons.

Much of the family gathered in Lincoln Monday, where Barb’s parents, Raymond and Esther Schott, are now retired.

A grandmother, an aunt, an uncle and a cousin took turns offering memories of fat baby cheeks, a young boy’s take-charge attitude, a dedication to country, and the sweet smell of hay that Yllescas helped harvest during summer visits from Guatemala to Nebraska.

“He was a very special boy to all of us,” Esther Schott said, “because he was the oldest of 19 grandchildren. He was always kind of their leader and their hero.

“It’s a very bad day for us today,” she said, “but he’s still our hero and he always will be.”

Rob Yllescas’ father, Otto, a one-time foreign exchange student in Lincoln, stayed on after graduation to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He and Barb Schott met there and they returned to Guatemala later to his family business obligations.

So strong was the bond that formed with the Schott family after Rob was born that trips to Guatemala became almost as common as the trips other people might make to a distant corner of Nebraska.

Aunt Sarah, now Sarah Hernbloom and a Malcolm school teacher, flew there for the first time with sister Cathy when Sarah was 11 and Cathy was 7. Sarah would eventually go seven times.

“He was like our little brother,” Hernbloom said. As a baby, “he had the fattest, cutest cheeks. We always wanted to kiss him . . . He would look at us and grab his cheeks and just start screaming.”

To her, he was adorable, wonderful and amazing. “He always wanted to be in the military. That was his lifelong dream, to serve. We used to tease him that he would be the dictator of Guatemala.

“He was just one of those kids — he was always kind of take-charge, even as a little boy.“

Uncle Pat Schott, now 48 and of Omaha, drove more than 2,000 miles to Guatemala in 1980.

His nephew will always be special to him, because of “the love he had for us. And he wanted to do everything in his power in dedication to his country and the people who live here.”

Cousin Carson Schott — now of Seward, and son of Osceola farmer Mark Schott — remembers hay harvest and also his role as matchmaker.

“I had set him and his wife up,” Carson Schott said. “I set them up actually while I was in high school. The first date I went with them I was kind of a third wheel. We went to the demolition derby at the Osceola county fair.”

Family in Nebraska learned that Rob Yllescas’ medical condition had started to deteriorate after Thanksgiving.

“We thought things were looking more hopeful,” said Sarah Hernbloom.

The family had drawn encouragement from the times when he struggled to open his eyes and seemed to be squeezing hands.

When surgery became necessary for the blood clot, said Pat Schott, “I guess we started to prepare a little bit. But we were always thinking positive, that he would be able to pull through this.

“It’s a devastating loss,” he said, “not only to his family, but also to his country.”

Patriot Guard Information...

Army Captain Rob Yllescas, 31, succumbed this morning, 01 DEC 08, to injuries he received in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Captain Yllescas was awarded the Purple Heart by President Bush at the National Navel Medical Center in Bethesda MD

He was seriously wounded about five weeks ago in an explosion in Afghanistan, losing both legs and suffering head injuries. His wife, Dena Yllescas said she still does not have a detailed account of how her husband was injured. She's been told that he was struck by an improvised explosive device while walking. He commanded B Troop, 6-4 Cavalry of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

Captain Rob Yllescas was on his third and final deployment after serving two stints in Iraq.

The family has requested the Patriot Guard Riders participate in Captain Yllescas’ final journey home.

No specific arrangements have been made at this hour however it is anticipated Captain Yllescas will be returning to Osceola, Nebraska via Eppley Airfield in Omaha on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

The Patriot Guard Riders may be able to provide an escort to or towards Osceola and will stand a flag line at the funeral and graveside service. The Funeral may be as soon as Friday or Saturday, 05 DEC 08.

Please monitor for updates and changes. www.patriotguard.org

Monday, December 01, 2008

Change in routine

Normally we do not watch TV in the evenings here, we do have movie night, with popcorn one night a week. We usually play a board game or cards, and read 3-4 books, and then it is off to bed.

However, during the holidays, I sooo enjoy all of the holiday specials.

Tonight ABC is showing Shrek The Halls, and The Grinch.

inspired by


With DH gone, and turkey left, I think turkey fried rice sounds delicious!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

stupid snow...

She thinks I am weird

I have been memed...

by Tammy of Household 6

It is a meme, called 7 weird things about you...

She has met me on more than one occasion. Heh....


Just 7?

1) I have a devil of a time getting to sleep, but once I am out if I know someone else is responsible for the kids...(I could sleep for like 15 hours) However, sleeping 15 hours, means that I would need no sleep for like 2 days, and it would lead to insomnia. Are you getting the picture here? So I sleep 6 hours.

2) I like my quiet time, I am selfish with it. When the kids go down at night, I luxuriate, in the fact that the tots are sleeping. I milk my time from 8pm-until I fall asleep.

3) I loathe creepy movies. Isn't life creepy enough? I do love Hitchcock, mostly for the fashion, but only will watch creepy movies, if I know DH is not going out of town for a month, which is rarely the case, so I do not watch them.

4) I am apocalyptic in thought, and even though I am Christian, and have tremendous faith in god, I am always planning for a disaster. I struggle with this a lot, and think it makes me a terrible Christian, and I work on it daily.

5) I cannot stand dead small animals, they freak me out. Eg: mouse, cat, dog. This seems strange, because large dead animals do not freak me out. Nor do dead humans. A dead mouse, can throw me into a month of the heebie jeebies.

6) I contend that I am living in the wrong era.

7) I hate for people to see my without my makeup, this gets worse as I age. My DH loves me without makeup and reminds me daily, that I do not need it. However, I feel icky if I am "public" without it. I did manage to forget it this year while I was visiting the White House, and Air force Wife, let me borrow some of hers, but it was not my usual spackle variety. ( I learned that I did not die) I have freckles, I like them covered.

Now who to tag?

Heck go ahead and do the darn thing, will ya, you know if you cannot think of anything to blog about....

Plus, I do not want to be the only person to flaunt my weirdness

Possible white birthday...

I grew up in the midwest, so I know those folks at weather.com are untrustworthy sums of britches...

I cannot tell you how many times we have been at an event during this time of the year, a 3 hour banquet, or wedding, or Christmas something or other to exit the event only to find 6 inches of snow accumulation in that time.

This morning we left for church, and what was happening...flurries.

Flurries, to those of you that do not know what flurries are, they are little snowflakes, well sometimes big uns...

Here is the kicker, we have blessed with no snow to date. A skiff here and there, but none stuck.

DH is getting ready to leave town, for the week....

I might get my cardio after all.

I was worried about getting all smushy over the holidays, and hibernation...


Saturday, November 29, 2008


We are home again, a wonderfully delicious meal, family and family....a double celebration.

My daughter actually had family sing Happy Birthday to her. She loved it. the cake was HUGE, and delicious. She recieved a lot of wonderful gifts, which was an added bonus.

5 years ago tonight, I was laboring with Pink Ninja, contractions that were strong, but not even, or regular. I called my girlfriend who is a Mother of 5, and an RN, she sat with me, and we timed them for hours....to no avail...(DH was gone)

I finally sent her home, climbed in the bath tub thinking it might make me feel better...only to find myself stuck, and horrified.

I called her crying at 11:30pm....frightened. Frightened to be alone, frightened to leave SR with her for the night, frightened my MIL would not be able to find a flight to help with SR. (She did) Sad my Husband was missing the birth of his daughter....

I walked into the hospital, and was warned I was 9 1/2 cm, and not to MOVE. They begged me to lie down, and I could not, I could only sit in lotus.

The delivery was fast, PN did not wait for a Dr. A nurse delivered her. the hospital was filthy, and I would not allow them to take her to the nursery, I was afraid she would get sick (she came home with RSV, after they snuck her out a couple of times for lab, while I was passed out).

She looked exactly like her Papa, when she arrived, however, she was sooo quiet I was worried about her. Pink, round, and sweet....and hungry. She was born at 1:30am November 30th.

It has been a very busy few days...

Tomorrow morning there will be a special birthday breakfast, which has become tradition. She chose french toast, and BACON! She wants to spend the day coloring with me, and would love to go out for Chinese noodles, and tea.

My blessings are many, I have sooo much to be thankful for.

*PS* the Feria hair color looks beautiful, I had many compliments, and my Brother told me it looked much better than any color I had from the salon. It took 25 minutes or so, and only cost $8.00. sure beats sitting at a salon for 4 hours, and $100 plus dollars! I will be doing this from now on.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Possible recipe for disaster...?


We are getting ready for a company drop in. DH's Aunt and Uncle swinging through today. Should be nice to see them, the last time I saw them was at DH's Uncles' benefit. It was an emotional evening....

So this morning, I am trying to catch up a few things around the house.

I also took the dive and decided to color my own hair (something I have NEVER done).

Coloring ones own hair, the day before family pictures, well it could be a recipe for disaster. However, a box of hair coloring for $8.92, as opposed to the $130.00 I would spend on a color and cut...well it just makes sense.

I am going to make a prediction that some stylists are going to have a rough go of it, with the economy as it is. I am also going to take a guess that there will be fewer blonds. Being blond is a lot of maintenance, and money to be sure...

The hilarious thing, I have such fine and thin hair, that I had about 1/2 of the hair color left. I decided to use Feria, deeply brown. I do not like the copper, or bronze tones my hair seems to think it needs to turn.

I will let you know how it turns out...

I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings, and as we praise God, and give him glory, let us remember those who are fighting the good fight for us all so we may spend this time in our homes, safe, free to worship as we please with those we love. May they come home safe, and know how grateful we are for their courage.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


SR is out of school today, so The Collective are both here.

The list of things to do today is amazingly longer than I would have thought.

We have a Thanksgiving to prepare for.

I am making this salad, because it is my favorite at Thanksgiving.

Autumn Jewels Jell-o Salad Recipe

1 cup cranberries
2 apples
1/2 cup sugar
6 ounces red gelatin
15 ounces crushed pineapple
1 cup diced celery
1 cup diced apples
1/2 cup chopped nuts
2 cups boiling water

Chop the cranberries, apples and celery into small pieces. Drain the pineapple and save juice. Combine cranberries, apples and sugar; cover and refrigerate while preparing rest of salad.
Combine gelatin with boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add enough water or fruit juice (apricot nectar, strawberry nectar etc.) to pineapple juice to equal 1 cup. Add this to the gelatin mixture. Chill in refrigerator until slightly thickened.
Combine the cranberry-apple mixture with celery, drained pineapple and nuts. Stir into gelatin mixture. Pour into lightly greased mold or into individual serving molds. Chill until firm. Unmold and serve on a bed of lettuce or garnish with sour cream or slightly sweetened whipped cream and a very light sprinkling of cinnamon.

I also promised to take The Collective to play today. I am guessing we will end up at the indoor play center for a bit of time, while there I need to pick up coupons, so my Father and his girlfriend can take them when they are watching them for the 4 DAYS while we are in DC.

I must pack the 3 of us, for at least 3 days, with plenty of activities, etc, because we are headed to my Fathers house. All of us Thanksgiving in one place. This is a huge deal, and I cannot recall the last time we have been able to this. We are not having our celebration until the day after Thanksgiving, because of all of the in law celebrations. None of us care about the day, we are just thrilled that everyone will be together. So we are having it the day after, along with PN's birthday, and a Nebraska football game. There will be 13-14 of us. I will make the dressing when at Dads, the mashed potatoes, also the gravy. I am skipping pies, because we are also celebrating Pink Ninja's 5th birthday, and we will be having cake.

I have also talked my Dad into taking the annual family photos at this time. He has a beautiful yard, and a new camera. I am trying to figure out what we can wear for a Christmas card picture. I would have liked one at the new house, but this will be fine.

Ummmm....we have to shop tonight for PN's birthday gifts. I have not been able to do the shopping, because toodle bug is always with me. So DH has promised to take SR. I also have a small list of things needed.

I really should start schlepping boxes upstairs. I am not sure what I have in the way of Christmas things any longer. Our outdoor things, had to be put to rest last year...and all of my greenery is icky. My lights, I think are on their last legs, It should be interesting sorting through it all.

All of the neighbors have had their things up for weeks, and lit. That irritates me, can we wait to light up until after Thanksgiving? Seriously. I still have my fall things up and out.

Blogging will of course be lighter than normal....

Enjoy your holiday, and I will say, it is a delight to be "home"....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My children are fighting over liver and onions, and brussel sprouts....

DH does not get home until 7pm. He better hurry.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My baby turns 5....

My youngest PN turns 5 this week.


My youngest is 5.

I know I still call them my babies. I realize they are not.

For those of you that warned me time would FLY, I would blink and she would be a big girl, you were right. It has happened that quickly.

It is hard for me to imagine being able to lift her with one arm now...

She is light, bright, engaging, funny, and beautiful.

She loves numbers, art, people, and making them smile or laugh.

She wants to be a Mommy when she grows up, and used to say she was going to have 5 children. She no longer wants 5, and sees 5 as a lot of work. She wants one baby now.

Time has went by sooo fast, I cannot tell you.

There are days, I am as ready as she is to get back to work, and out of here, she is anxious as well. But today I am reminded how lucky I have been to manage to stay at home with them, I am blessed.

And the days are very limited now.

this week I promise to sit and color for longer, and play an extra game of cards, and be more patient...

The only thing she is requesting for her birthdayis this!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I miss my yoga...

and my pilates...and I am going to bite the bullet and do it here this week.

It does reverse age, well maybe not YEARS, but your body will look younger I promise...

OK OK...

Today was the longest day EVER. It really was, and I cannot figure it out.

The Collective were up at 6am. That did not help.

They spent the morning playing, and arguing. Whatever, I am done at this point. I do not recall that sort of drama at that age, but my Sister was 7 years my senior, and I was 4 years older than my brother...so I am sure that helped. We all thought the other was sooo uninteresting that we did not spend much time together at all.

So breakfast, and than church. It was a communion today, and that refreshed me...We have found a church, near the house, that we can agree on, however, I will say it does not excite me, like our last church...not that it is the churches job to excite me, or my spirit....but attending a church you LOVE, and worshipping as you love too, well it makes it difficult to transition. I am trying to be patient, and figure things out at the new church. We did sing a lot of wonderful songs, and I really enjoyed that part of the service. I loved the Pastors message. It is a continuation of our last Pastors message...Romans 8:15.

After church service PN, was sooooo exhausted she fell to pieces in the car. Why? Because she was tired. the girl needs sleep. However, she avoids it like the plague. She will sleep, but SR is so loud in the morning, we all wake. He requires very little sleep, and always has.

PN performs better with 12 hours of sleep, but also would benefit from a SERIOUS nap around lunch. Today her lack of sleep showed itself, and she was like an alley cat, moaning, and fussing, and crying. It was ridiculous. I made her come home, and climb into my bed (I figured no toys, dark...quiet), and she climbed out, and refused to lie down. There was no arguing with her either....and I cannot really MAKE her nap.

So the rest of the day was a struggle for the 3 of us after that.

I made a big pot of chilli, and when DH got home, I thought a trip to the park down the street was in order. WE have no snow yet, and come January I will kick myself if I did not take advantage of getting out of doors. I am unsure what the temp was today, it is tolerable. (However I will tell you I had 2 fleeces, a stocking cap, and gortex (for sub zero temps), and gloves on...) DH laughs, as he meanders around with a fleece on. There were kids at the park with shorts on, sweatshirts, one tween girl took her shoes off to swing....no socks...


And there is me with 3 coats on, a hat, and gloves, a turtle neck...

DH was teasing me when I complained about my legs being cold. I was discussing that I need flannel lined dungarees, or some long underwear....oh and a face mask. He said..."so let me get this, you just want a sub zero sleeping bag to walk around in."....

"YES, I actually think that would rule."

A subzero sleeping bag with little arms and legs....and holes for my eyes.

It is mind over matter...I know, I have seen monks at 30 below meditating and sweating, all while mainting a normal body temp.

We actually have a friend that runs 2 marathons a year, and does not train for them....he goes in cold for them. It freaks me out. When I ask him how he does it, he tells me, it is all in your mind.

MIND...a powerful thing, and I suppose he is right to a point.

DC..impromptu blog meet?

All yawl.

We are in DC for 4 days...

And there are sooo many folks I would like to see.

Sooo many.

Anyone interested in a blog meet (cocktails).

I discussed with DH, one night would be good.

cocktails always good, I am unsure what night would be good....

let me know

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Remember this?

We were going to name them Arlington, and Holiday Inn

The funny thing about DH and I being locked up for 4 days...

I immediately started thinking about the last 2 times we spent any time alone in a hotel...

Both were for military functions. Officer Conventions to be exact. I can recall both.

I can even recall what I wore to each formal event. Etc...

The first Officer Convention, I had just got all of my hair cut off, and I recall being nervous. I had to take about 4 changes in clothes for a 2 day event. I do recall it being a gambling party (fake money of course), and I managed to play black jack with senior officers for about an hour and whipping all of them. I wore a black formal, with rhinestone straps, I bought off of a clearance rack for $45. I recall this incident, which was HORRIFYING.
We had a terrific time, and SR?

SR was born 8 1/2 months later...

The next event was a short time later.

PN arrived after a NCO Convention we had been invited to, plenty of margaritas, and nine months later, the Holiday Inn baby was born.

We are done having babies, and for that I am thankful, because Sheraton is a dumb name for a baby....

Getting them to go to bed...

Many parents know the struggle of getting kids to go to bed, and stay there nightly. there is always a glass of water or a final trip to the restroom....

Thursday night, we had the kids ready for bed, games played, books read...and the pep talk began. This particular pep talk was with SR.

AWTM: "Dude, you really have to get to bed, you have school tomorrow, you will want to be fresh and ready to go!"

SR: "I know, I know school. I have to get through first grade, then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and then high school, and then college, and then I find a job, and I get married, and have kids, and then I die..."

DH: "poor kid"....

Friday, November 21, 2008

I continue my reign as the poop removal queen....

After all of this time spent blogging, the #1 search continues to be...

"how to get poop out of the carpet"

I get about 30 searches a day M-F

On the weekends, people must poop more on carpets.....

I get about 50-80 on Saturday. (More if it is a drinking holiday it seems...ick)

You can read the original post here

I just wish I was #1 for something cooler.

Like how to make 1 million dollars telling folks how to clean poop out of carpet.

Maybe a search for "who is the coolest person EVER?"

Nope I get poop...

See for yourself...

also #1 for poop carpet

Is it Friday already?

I think it is....

OK, I have been slightly neglectful here this week.

I have some good news.

DH has been invited to Washington DC to accept an award. I too have been invited, which means my flight and hotel have been paid for. My Father and his girlfriend, have volunteered to watch the Collective for the entire 4 days!

This means, DH and I will be going on a trip ALONE for the first time in 7.5 years. The last time this happened I was pregnant, and flew on a teeny plane to Colorado Springs (puked on the flight, had to run through the airport with a HUGE belly, my Mom was sick, and I had been caring for her...I WAS sTREESEd).

DH and I have not been ALONE for 7.5 years. Oh sure maybe to a movie for a few hours or a motorcycle ride. But this is 4 days ALONE. I am seriously a little freaked out. I am actually worried about him finding me intriguing, interesting, and tolerable for 4 days. (I am note joking). Unless you adore me, which at this point is possible, I mean it has almost been 18 years of marriage.

4 days alone, in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC.




We can stay out late, we can stay in bed all day.

I can have a drink at lunch, and not be concerned that someone will call CPS.

We can totally make out...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And here is SR giving his first presentation....

SR is 6, and in first grade. With the help of his Science mentor, he prepared, researched, and learned about the water cycle and was able to present it to his first grade classmates. (I was in Tacoma, so DH was gracious enough to film it!)

Not too bad for his first time out of the gate.

PN makes an appearance, but you can hear her through the entire presentation. She got a stern lecture from her Father on the arrival back home.

I have been tagged....

By Doc In The Box...

Here are the rules...

The rules are: Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!

I am currently reading 2 books...

This one was the closest, and I am almost finished...

Physical Contact. Flirting.

Just for the record, the weather today is partly suspicious with chances of betrayal.

And Angel says, "It's gin."

As always Chuck Palahniuk is sweet and creepy all at the same time.

If you have never read a Chuck Palahniuk novel, you should.

OK now I have to tag 5 others, who I think are readers, and who will read interesting things.



Professor Kurgman PHD times 3

Rachel Lucas

Lt. Nixon

Learning To Live

Professor Chaos

OK....I want to ask more folks...

but if you feel inclined to join in...DO!

Today is cleaning day...

I could not think of any other song that might be appropriate for the occasion.

Betty Wright, and her song "clean up woman"....which has nothing to do with cleaning at all...

but the hook, and base line are great!

I will have peeling hands, the house will smell like bleach, windex, and murphey's oil soap, and lysol bathroom cleaner....