Saturday, November 22, 2008

Remember this?


Some Soldier's Mom said...

ok, no. but I probably missed all of MTV during the 80's while I had & raised my kids, maintained a career and the home fires... doesn't seem I missed much ;-)

Guard Wife said...

I WAY remember this and was HORRIFIED when I saw the Ting-Ting's on some kiddie show singing this...WTF?! The show was "Yo-Gabba-Gabba" or something.

It was so weird. I caught strains of this from the kitchen...walked into the living room (no one was watching the TV, of course) and just stood there with my mouth open. Flooded with memories and having a hard time figuring out why this band (who sound SO much like the original) were singing this version of perfection on a God-forsaken kids' show?! WTF?
So, I just closed my eyes and danced around the living room in my best Molly Ringwald way.