Monday, November 03, 2008

One can never have enough hangers

Today, is a little groudhoggish in feel. Laundry, beds, dishes...I never seem to have enough hangers. Must put them on the master list, whiich seems to get longer and longer.

Elections are tomorrow. Folks are anxious, biting nails, lighting candles, and what not at this point. And I would like to say, "whatever, life will go on"....but I cannot. Living in the United States gets more complicated daily. And it is amazing to me, that sooo many folks complain about how horrid things are run here, but we find immigrants WANT to come here in droves. They come here for all kinds of reasons, political, religious and financial freedom.

Will any of us feel better tomorrow? I am doubting this, it seems as though there is a divide right now, and one that will not be forgotten any time in the near future.

Folks have labels now, and they will not disappear any time soon. the elections season has divided some households, neighborhoods, etc. No one wants to argue all day, well some folks like it...

I will cast my vote tomorrow, with my daughter at my side.

The other night at the benefit for DH's Uncle, I saw how generous people are. It was not mandated either....generosity is NEVER mandated, and it should not be.

So I will do my laundry, in my wash machine that costs 17$ a year to operate, even though folks would label me as not green because of the way I am voting,


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