Monday, March 29, 2010

The sun

Is shining snow is melted, and I finally have lillies sprouting long leaves out of the rocks, and mulch...thank goodness, the entire state almost went mad.

What has been keeping me away from my blog?

I am now a proud Auntie, of a little boy, he is sweet, and teeny. How I forget how teeny they are. I got to spend some time with my niece.

My Mother in law is now living here. It has cut chaos, seriously.

My job, busier than ever, business is BOOMING, grew 3,000 almost overnight. BUSY. Job security, and much more hours. I am working about 40 hours a week now. It works out ok, Gma can pick up and love on grandbabies....she missed them so.

My friend Guard Wife, now has a new addition to her family

So many babies born in the last few heart grows.

Easter is upon us, going to attend Good Friday service, and Easter service, happy.

SpouseBuzz went well in Texas, even if I spent 22 hours in airports. I could have driven there. all of the spousebuzzers continue to amaze me.

DH and I are planning an trip to Las Vegas for our 19th wedding anniversary this year. People keep saying "19 years, and kids that are 8 and 6..that is odd?" We plan on laying as low as we can in Vegas...

DH doing the PS90 or whatever workout, me I should be doing something.....swimsuit season, well it is here....frankly it takes months for me to get used to the idea.

I have never been more glad to see winter go....

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Why is there always a list here? things to buy, things to do? the list seriously needs to be tackled NOW, otherwise I will be loosing sleep over it.

I need a follow up mammogram, YAY. (My Aunt Mother's side is a survivor)

I need a colonoscopy, nothing says fun like sitting on a toilet for days, and having a camera inserted in your anus. (My Mother died from colon cancer that metastitized pretty much everywhere) No choice in this one, because I am turning 40. Holy Crap, I am turning 40.....

Need to write a letter to our bank in Arkansas for the third time to get the title. This process gives me a letter, and the phonecall should have been enough.

Check on the red and white game tickets you bought your Dad. I bought 10 expecting to get them in the mail, but am having DH go to the UNL office this week to check.

Need to buy some glass jars to store food in, I am not storing anything in plastic any longer.

Need to organize the pantry.

Need to order some Hosta bulbs. I do not have enough here.

Also I am looking for a larger car, I downsized 2 years ago, and love the car, it is good on gas, but it is too small. Looking at the Nissan Murano. something to fit 5 comfortably...anyone?

Need to get some frames painted, and replace some glass in a frame....

and the list continues.

Headed to Fort Hood this week for SpouseBuzz, ready to see my friends, but also need some major decompression time....going to turn my hotel into a sensory deprivation tank...of sorts.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Had to take the kids to see Fred Wesley

Took the kids to this tonight...

Very fun, SR even got out of seat and danced.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

the windows are open, and I look like a voodoo princess

with my dust wand and bottle of lysol dancing through the house madly...trying to rid this house of stale, germ filled air....

You will not win germs. I am not a pig, and I clean...this is a loosing battle germs.

Friday, March 05, 2010

What is that sound?

It is SR coughing...the healthiest of the tribe this now sneezing and coughing....ick.

PN, not really BETTER...

so far my plan is to skip rock band practice in the morning, even with the concert coming...who knows.

I would love if they would veg, and stay quiet, but it is almost nearly impossible.

Projects for the weekend..clean up round here. We also have science fair projects to do.

My MIL is in route!

She will be spending part of her year here, and will go back to NC whenever. She is now retired, and has no real schedule! We are excited to have her come. She is a good friend of mine. It will be nice to have her around to shop with.......hang with. The kids are out of their minds excited!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Paying Drs. and I should be thankful to...

OK...let me see, DH was sick, with a sinus thing that went to his chest....2 rounds antibiotics, steroids, an inhaler, and some sort of decongestant, and he is somewhat better.

PN, never fully recovered, from her sinus thing, it turned into right ear infection, and a URI.

SR..not sick...but had keratosis pilloris, and needed cream.

Me, better now, but we all know I spent half of winter sick with sinus and a bad tooth. the bad tooth btw, has cost me about $700 at this point. The crown alone was $350! That was more than our wedding cost....

As much as I hate paying Drs. I guess I should be thankful to have the choice of Doctors, and insurance, and money to pay them....

Do not worry about my families health, there is a trend up here...most families have spent the winter months with at least 1/2 of the family trying to kill some germ...we are not alone.

We ALL LOVE our GP. Seriously love him. He is the calmest Dr. EVER. SR wanted to give him a tip after our visit the other day because he was so impressed with him. He gives SR Latin lessons, and medical lessons when we go in.

I am tired of getting Squeezed in, and having to literally run in the school, out of the school, across town only to run through the parking lot...seriously for the birds.

In good news, we have the opportunity to go to Hawaii 2 times this we are shuffling things around trying to figure it out.

The dog got fixed! I almost forgot! another Dr. bill!

OK....I am off...I need to go to bed before 1am one of these days!