Sunday, August 31, 2008


We had a terrific time today at the State Fair...

Thing DH and I were most looking forward to...

the quilts.....


As always, we were not dissappointed.

There were loads of them, all fantastic.

I always have my favorites though.

Bad news, my camera is on the fritz...

This after PN, adventure with it not long ago...


You would think I just threw stuff around and did not take care of it, by the looks of things here right now...

The truwk, will not come out of park...possibly an accuater.

PN's dresser leg broke in the move, we discovered this yesterday, I have to repair this tomorrow.

the bike chain keeps coming off....

the macbook got dropped, and the back hinge is wonky...


Isn't it odd that the shit is hitting the fan...

Anywho, there were a million opportunities to take great photos today.

but the quilts were amazing...

My goal was to teach myself by the end of the year. I know I will not have time to do so at this time....

However I am hoping by April!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I do not know how he managed...

DH managed to get the rest of storage building #2 empty today! Gun safes, and the heavy stuff, sans me.

I did manage to take The Collective for a bike ride, (I think this will be an amazing way for me to stay in shape) Util the freakin snow shows up...However, I bought The Collective crappy bikes from Walmart last year ...actually I made PN buy her own bike with money she had saved. (thanks Walmart, for continuing to sell stuff so amazingly cheap, that I can't leave you alone, only to take it home, and say "Oh crap those bastards ripped me off again!)

anywho the bike is an amazing piece of crap, we have been plagued with chain problems etc. I am not a mechanic, nor care to be one, and frankly I am sick of watching her have a fantastic time only to end up draggin behind me as I push the damned thing back home...

I am giving in and buying each of us one of Electra bikes.

CRAP snow...

So we are officially in the house, all of our possessions in one place.

FIRST football game of the season!!

WE missed Nebraska Football.

Even though Nebraska has had a terrible go of things since Tom Osborne left...

We were not able to get tickets, so will sit here, and consume steaks and watch the game.

Now, that is Nebraska.

The only way to be more Nebraskan, would be to do those things in a cornfield.

Friday, August 29, 2008

So excited about Palin!

I have NEWS

job interview Tuesday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Obama give out government cheese with the whine...

I begged DH to let me watch Obama's speech tonight...he claimed it would make him vomit.

Yeah, don't ask me why I insisted. I seriously wanted to hear "it" before the punditry and spin started.

DH said "I thought this was the DNC, not burning man."

He kills me really.

The most peculiar thing to me. Is the fact that Obama always ends up trying to convince Democrats, to vote for his socialist ways, doing the "My Grandmother worked so hard my Mother worked so hard" story. He does it every SINGLE time.

He ALWAYS ends up with Mother and Grandma. How proud he is of them and how hard they have worked. He mentions, how his heroes are his hard working Mother and Grandmother. Then he will mention how working hard, is not fun. It is hard. Some folks have a hard time making ends meet. He does not trust anyone to take care of themselves. "Let the government help you."

It is a fundamental conundrum that confuses me.

Using a pulling ones self up by the bootstrap story to propagate socialism.

I do not get it all.

Oh and there is that little thingy where his Trinity church, let Palestinian terror groups meet there...

*Oh and I am sort of confused as to why Obama referred to Russia as our "oldest ally". Did I miss something?

the bathroom is done...

I am celebrating by grilling marlin.

sounds yummy.

Just retrieved SR from school, and he is quiet...

I should probably e-mail the teacher and find out how the testing went...

so I changed my mind...

I changed my mind this morning at the paint store...

the halcyon looked too deep...

so I got quietude.

I do not know who names paint...

and yes I am sick of it...

However, only a few more rooms to do!

I will say bathrooms suck to paint, between the plumbing behind the toilets, fixtures mirrors etc...

It is time consuming for such a small room...

Plus a bathroom does not dry fast like a great room...

So it is a test in patience.

Buying paint this morning....

Going to Sherwin Williams to buy Halcyon Green paint for the main bath up stairs today!

Need to get the darn thing done....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Testing 1,2,3...

Meeting with SR teacher went well....

DH made it in time to go.

She understands SR a little already.

The accelerated, talented, and gifted person gave SR his first grade math test today.

He scored a 98%

Looks like he is done with first grade math.

Tomorrow is second grade math.

I am not sure what they do in second grade math.

So we will see.

I also gave her all of SR's homework from last year, so she could look at it, see potential weak spots, etc.

Vodka Pundit cracks me up...


Not funny...threats to Michelle Malkin.

Pacifists, I never will understand them...

are they chanting peace in the background...?

Love Peace Justice?


I look like Cilla...

this is going to take some getting used to.

*sidenote...the hairdresser looked like Amy Winehouse

knowing ones limits...

I guess it depends on the time, and the events surrounding...

My tolerance is low right now.

I have decided not to go back to school in 4 days...that is just nuts...

I am going to take an online course, and then set up my own clinical...

For now, that is all on the back burner.

I am going to focus, on nesting, painting, etc...

Getting our family in a routine.

Then job. I just need to keep reminding myself of this.

Frankly, I was just trying to attack too many things at once.

DH has been here with us, for about 5 days total...maybe 4 hours at a time.

So there is that.

I have been working with The Collective with the bikes, a big deal.

Plus there is the every day things that happen...

I am downshifting, for the time being...

In good news, I get my hair colored today! and trimmed up. A new stylist...

Oh how I miss and long for my last stylist of 8 years.

I have paint in my hair, I am sure they will appreciate it.

And let me tell you, the grays keep coming!

I can see them in the rearveiw mirror! Shocking! Little gray wires poking up...

MIL thinks I should go gray like Emmy Lous Harris...seriously.

No thanks...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Earworm...

SR room primed

Bathroom started


Today I am going to Prime SR's room.

And fill out an application...

The mornings are going smoothly here.

PN and I are still walking SR into the school.

He is transitioning amazingly well.

He comes home a little tired, and famished.

Tomorrow I get coiffed (long past due), as summer has taken its toll on my fine hair. The sun has turned it an indescribable color, even with the special summer shampoo/conditioner/ and masque I was using on it...

We meet with SR's teacher to speak with her about the plan for the year.

I did note, they offer accelerated mathemathics, and reading. Both of which he will need.

He mentioned liking art.

So all is well.

PN is getting anxious to start, and has a couple of weeks to wait.

Monday, August 25, 2008

wa wa wa....(the cartoon noise that crescendos..)

Ok folks, just got of the phone with the state board of nursing, and the college I need to take my refresher with.

The class is Tuesdays/Thursday nights...

Starting next week, until December.

Between class time, books, and clinicals...$1,000....

Not to mention the time factor and the baby sitting factor.

etc, ad naseum....

I feel like I am going through a maze right now, and keep hitting walls instead of cheese. An existential crises of sorts...

Part of me, feels like I should be hitting some sort of stride at this age...

A part of me feels as though I am a struggling toddler....

I am fortunate, I realize this...I am blessed.

but right now, I have no place to dig for reslove, I am DONE...DONE.

there is no reserve gas tank here.


The great job search of 2008

I have never applied for a job, I did not have at the end of the day...

Which is pretty common as a nurse, waitress, bartender, and other various jobs I have had.

Here is where the problem lies. I have to get a job, and pretend I am a single Mother...

Why? DH is gone A LOT.

I cannot rely on him to drop off children at school, or to pick them up.

With nursing jobs, this can be rough.

Most nursing jobs are 6am-2:30, 3-11pm, 11-7am. Or the dreaded 12 hour shift 6am-6pm, or 6pm-6am. Unless I want to make $9 an hour, which frankly would not be worth my time, and most of those jobs start at 9am.... that is right when I am dropping SR off at school.

There are also NO snow days in the medical field. They will find a way to come to your home and get you there. There is also not a large allotment of sick days. They also need nurses on Holidays, and weekends.....

See the conundrum?

PN is ready for school, she is social and is longing for a "pre-school". She is a bright 4 year old, and is ready. I feel as though I owe her to not be bored with good ole Mom any longer. I tried. But frankly she is READY. In fact I am sure she is ready for kindergarten, but cannot enter because of her birth date.

I was actually looking at picking up a lunch shift at a restaurant down the road. I figured, I could live on tips for a while.

And then I got answers yesterday.....

It seems there is a nanny in the neighborhood. She is retired, and widowed and looking for some extra $.

ahhhh....relief. I was relieved, even though I have not spoke with her yet. I have a few things to clear up first.

#1. get my hands on contact hours complete.

#2. take the two job offers into consideration and pick.

It is sort of spooky to go back to work after this amount of time...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday earworm

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A post in which I prove I was high school entrepreneur of the year.....

In case you could not tell, after my bedroom/macbok post.

I have a case of the grouchies.

Actually I think it is a case of the PMS.

You know, I never put much stock into the idea of PMS. Never did, but the last 3 years...yowza.

Now I'm a believer.

The Collective sense I am not my lovey self, but seem to feel safe to play "lets poke her with sticks all day just to make sure she is not insane." Not a fun game. especially if you fell partially insane living with a garage with boxes staring at you, and a bedroom that is pink and blue.

My Mother had a case of the grouchies from the time she was 38-47. My sister and I refer to them as "the dolphin years." Why? Well she would just unfurl with this noise of angst when irritated. And I promise, we walked on eggshells around her. If we would have pulled the kind of poking with sticks routine that my kids try to do with me...I might not be living and typing this.

I am hoping my case of the grouchies, does not last that long.

However, tonight as I was sitting here pondering the fact that I am jobless, and have such a massive hole in my resumme..

Maybe I should open the basement room to a bunch of crazy premenstruals. I mean after all, I have spoke of this red tent thingy to death here on the blog. Native Americans used to pack a tent and leave during their "time"...they saw it as a time for rest and renewel, reflection.

So, I have decided that if I am not employed by December I am going to open the basement room up as a "The Red Tent for Premenstrual Types". Because frankly they just want to be left alone. they want a padded room, a nice bed, a basket with chocolate/and something with salt, a small tv where they can watch stupid movies that make them cry, and the book Bridges of Madison County...

I sooo think I can do that too.

It does have a catchy ring to it.

"The Red Tent for Premenstrual Types"

~when all you want to do, is not be bothered

I think it is sort of a catchy idea.

I wonder who will give me a loan?

I should probably find a male loan officer with a 38 year old wife who is grouchy.

I am a beige person...

I also like vanilla ice cream, and white pressed shirts, levi jeans that are worn with holes.


However here is the after and before of the dining room paint


Friday, August 22, 2008

A padded room?


so tonight, whilst I am on the phone, my son who has permission to use my Macbook (only because I do not have the PC hooked up, picked it up...tripped over a basket(Pink ninja left lying in the middle of the floor), and dropped it...

something is all wonky with the hinges now.

I have an extended warranty on the thing...but really, I am unsure if it covers this sort of thing...


I mean it was unintentional, but really.

Can't they leave a few of my possessions alone. After all they had my uterus.

I have a couple of strange rules here at the house. (Which I have not come up with a name for by the way) I have a standing rule, that is no children in my room. I just do not like the only 13 feet I have left in the universe, invaded and sticky etc...I want the bed to look made, and no toys. I want a room that looks like a hotel room. It is selfish, but it has been that way since I stopped nursing them. I prefer them in their own rooms.

Oh they make their way in here, I promise, I will catch one or the other jumping on the bed, or wrestling in it...

It drives me loony toons.

Hotel room means nice linens, no cleaning, a mint under your pillow and room service. It may sound weird, but I needed a restful place like that.

I actually love my bedroom, the bedding, the furniture. It is by far the loveliest room in the house. Well except for this crappy paint right now.

However, upon moving in, my DH announces that he hates the bedroom linens.

Really, he said that.

They are gorgeous. They are mink colored imported Italian 1,800 thread count linens. Just the Duvet, and the 2 pillow shams, all else is cream colored. What is to hate about that? Seriously.

So I have been on the search for non brown bedding.

Part of me thinks I should just buy something really fluffy, and floral, not me and make DH think, "I guess the brown was not so bad after all."

But I have been consulting him.

I have found one option i am willing to change for, because i was that in love with the current state of things...

For Gods sake I even had lamps that went with, curtains and everything.

And now they violated the macbook...


Can a woman get some peace?

There is a room in the basement, that no one wants right now. It is an empty 4 by 10 unfinished room. A cement floor, and walls. I am seriously considering moving, the brown bedding in there, padding the walls, and taking the computer in with me. Maybe I can pad the walls, move in a small bed, my computer, and a teeny fridge full of food I do not like to share. Like chocolate, coconut ice cream, cashews and the like.

No one would ever suspect me hiding in there.

SR says...

So I picked up SR today from school, I asked the teacher how he did today.

I guess he needs to work on listening.

They were having a fire drill, and when he heard the bell he took off like a shot.

I told SR, that he needs to follow directions, and he said...

"What if it was REAL FIRE, I am not standing in line."

I could not argue with that sort of logic, but explained to him, that he could have run right into it, so stay together!


In other news, there is a Dr. that works with the Teachers college here in town. She specializes in gifted children. I took a chance, picked up her book, and sent off an e-mail. We have been having a dialogue today. Maybe she can give me some tips.


Look who is a Mommy Blogger now?

She even blogged about poop and breast milk...



SR has made it clear to me that he is already bored with school. He told me they are doing pre-k work.

They are not I assure you.

I think the teachers are reviewing skill sets from last year to ensure all of the children are on the same page. She is also trying to establish a routine. So the children know what to expect.

I have always known my son was ahead of his peers. I have not pushed things, I have tried to nurture his skills. But I have never pushed. He can be intense, and a worrier. I try not to add to those things.

Most of his challenges last year, were "learning the rules". Interacting with his peers in an appropriate way.

However on day one of school, he came home to tell me he is bored in math. Yesterday he told me they were writing the letter A.

Fast forward to last night. First grade open house.

I read through the curriculum for the year. He already knows it. Which says nothing about anyone else or what a normal 6 year old can do.

I just KNOW, they will have a problem with him, if he is bored. (the teacher informed me that he jumped off a desk in the classroom yesterday, he had to go to the thinking area, the new time out). He knows better. So he was having trouble controlling his impulses, trying to wow his peers, or trying to get attention is my guess. Heck perhaps it was all 3.

I stayed after the meeting to talk with the teacher. I tried to explain to her, that I have always know he was bright, but I was surprised at how far ahead he is, after looking at the cirruclum. I explained that SR can multiply, and divide some numbers, he can read cursive hand writing, he can also read most words. He has been sight reading since the age of 18 months....he enjoys the abstract, he enjoys mechanisms, he can count change.

I warned her that he is bored, and it will be a long 2 weeks, if he is not challenged soon. They do have an accelerated program, and I think he may be a candidate.

She did mention that he seemed hyper, and mentioned Dr. in the same sentence. I told her he has incredible focus, IF he is engaged.

I would be bored to if someone asked me to write the letter A.

I think some of his behaviors are clearly boredom now, I think he is also having trouble interacting with his peers because their interests are not his. He does interact much better with older children and adults. Most adults I know do not like interacting with people that do not have the same abilities or interests.

This should be an interesting year.

I sent the teacher an e-mail last night requesting a meeting, and suggesting he be evaluated for an accelerated program.


*also he has taught himself how to play Englishman in New York by ear last week. He only uses one finger but still....

Thursday, August 21, 2008


DH's Aunt made pico de gallo when were visiting about a month ago.

It was the BEST!

BEST I swear.

Cilantro is the key!

It is easy...

2 cups diced very ripe tomato
1 cup diced Spanish (purple) onion
6 - 10 jalapenos, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
2 tbsp salt (or garlic salt)

* Dice 2 large, very-ripe tomatoes and 1 large Spanish onion into 1/4" cubes.
* Chop jalapenos, garlic and cilantro.
* Mix all ingredients and refrigerate at least six hours.
* Keeps refrigerated for 4-5 days.

Variations - Add any or all of the following:

* 1 tbsp lime juice
* 1 habanero
* 1/2 can whole kernel corn
* 1/2 can black beans

Paint part 2...

So after noting it was not me and the paint...

Dad is having a stroke, I stayed calm, and said....

"let me do is the closest hardware store, we have dropped a ton of money in there..."

So I called Menard's told them the problem, they were "whatever, no one has ever complained before"

So I load the heart patient who is likely to have a stroke, in my car (My Father NEVER swears, and actually used the F word!)

We go in, and request the manager.

We beg him to hop in the car and look at it.

We explain the situation. Now understand here, I can show my ass with the best of them, I just figure I would try and handle this in a calm manner."

The Menards manager suggested that we get different paint from them.

I was like..."Are you freaking serious, I would not trust you to mix paint ANY longer, your paint quality is poor, I am going to Sherwin Williams like I normally do."

"Dude, the problem is not the paint, or the cost of the paint, it is OUR TIME. We painted for like 8 hours...2 people 8 hours."

Menard's manager: "Well what can I do to make this right?"

AWTM: "Well I do not trust you to mix my paint, would you?"

Menard's manager: "Probably not."

AWTM: "Can we get a gift certificate to make up for our time?"

Menard's manager: "I can't do that?"

AWTM: "Oh really?"

Menard's manager: "What I can do is give you my card, if you need something, let me know, you will have a standing discount. Call me, and I will take care of you."

AWTM: "I do not think this will work for me, I do not want to walk in here and explain this ever again, and I frankly do not trust you to follow through."

Menard's manager: "No we are good, get what you need to replace your painting supplies."

AWTM & Dad: (Go shlep and get supplies, not many I did not want to be greedy. I got 3 rollers, 4 paint tray liners and 1 new brush for cutting in.)

We then schlep off to Sherwin Williams, take the shade we want there and try to match it with one of theirs.

I get one 4 gallons of Cashmere paint, in kilm beige.

I take them home. I put 2 rollers on each wall to test the color.

It is too light.

So I load up and drive clear across town, back to Sherwin Williams with paint in tow.

I pick a new shade. Pavillion Beige.

I take 1 gallon home, and leave 3 behind.

I put the paint up and decide it is correct.

I take SR to First grade open house(another post altogether)

I call Sherwin William's to mix the other 3 gallons.

I pick it up, arrive at the house, and Dad and I paint until 10:30pm.


Paint is lovely, and the finish is so soft, it loks like you could put your hand through the wall.

Anywho, fast forward to yesterday morning. I need different try liners,(the previous ones did not fit the trays I had purchased there when I bought the paint, and they do not sell liners for the trays I bought...go figure) and more rollers. (ain't washing thanks)

I stop in at Menard's, I call the manager to customer service and he says "I can give those to you at cost."

AWTM: "I knew you would do this, I should know better."

Now folks, we are not wealthy, but I have dropped some cash in that store. I should have known, to buy Sherwin Williams paint from the get go...

I needed an 8 foot ladder, I bought it there, I needed paint, I TRIED to buy it there, I need a wrench, I would hop down there. I have spent hundreds of dollars there since being in our home in just 2 weeks.

No longer. I will not be spending our money there any longer. My time is not valuable to them.

The paint thing...

OK, so last Sunday, my Father was here.

I tried to keep him occupied with some shelves I had bought PN, but he finished them bright and early.

DAD: "why don't we get some primer up"

AWTM: (very tired of painting, because of painting the entire house in Arkansas) Rolls eyes.

Folks, I do not mean to sound like a wuss, but I am pooped. Between the move and loading, and living in strange places, hotels, and packing every 2 minutes. I am done.

I had also figure painting the house, would take a while and it would be easier to hire it out at this point. We have tall ceilings, and large rooms. Bedrooms, I can do. But this large livingroom/dining room/kitchen. No thanks. I had called the family friends that were painters, and they were supposed to come give me a bid/ color/ etc.


So Dad and I go off to buy some Kilz primer.

That goes on fairly easy, and we are done.

So Dad suggests, "hey lets go ahead and paint!"

Oye...I did explain my trepidation about starting this. Dad is a great painter, he is fast. I am above average in the painting department, but still know that between 2 coats and cutting in it will take me a while.

I break down and go get the paint swatch DH and I agree on. We take it to the store down the road, because that is where I picked up the swatch. I was not sure of what paint it was. Well it turned out to be Menard's brand. Menard's is a regional hardware center. (I always will go to a regionally centered store as opposed to a big box store.) I also figured since it is their color, they should do it better than anyone.

I bought one gallon to make sure it is the right color. My Father and I put the paint on in the dining room. It looks fine....the color is what I want, the paint wasn't great paint, you had to work it, but that was ok...

I went back and got 2 more gallons.

My Father and I paint on top of kitchen cupboards, part of the great room. I stayed up late, (2am) and finished. Why in the heck did I stay up until 2am? Well, my Father insisted on coming back to help...I really wanted to knock it out. So he did not have to do as much.

Fast forward to Monday morning, I wake and see a horrid finish, streaks, the paint looks wet, but is dry....I seriously wanted to cry.

I call my Dad, who is coming back to help...

and I say, "hey I stayed up and painted, and it looks like shit." "I am not sure what I did, but I must paint worse than I had thought."

Dad: "Do not touch it, I will be there"

Fast forward to my Father coming in the room.

Dad: "Hey, this paint is seriously three different colors..."

He was right,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

painting saga continued...

Very unhappy with my service at Menard's this monring...

will fill you in when I have time.

first day of first grade...

found my camera

must remember to take it with.

Today is the first day of school for SR.

740 students will be a change!

They have a Beta fish on his table, he wants to name it twinkie.

I hope he LOVES his new classmates, teacher, and classroom.

Still painting, what can i say, it is a big room.

Managed to get one coat in the hallway done, the amount of cutting in was ridiculous.

Maybe tonight I will have something interesting for all yawl.

Off to carve out a face, I have to walk little man in. That means no jammies, and makeup.

No, still not unpacked...

Mostly done, and whatever.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

last day of summer vacation...

The tale of painting will have to wait. ALWAYS spend $ on paint. Nuff said.

Sherwin Williams "cashmere" paint is the joke.

Today, is the last day of summer vacation.

To the park to play and for a picnic, and then it is off to the pool.

I refuse to paint least until they are in bed...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Not that kind...

I am unsure if it is the paint , or the finish...

I see some streaking.

Never good.

Maybe a flat finish streaks less that a satin one...


It is not like I am a novice painter either.

It is irritating.

I spent about 9 hours painting...


In other news, YES Tammi, PN has shelves!!


Which means her room, should look like less of a pigsty soon...

Off to decide what I am going to do about this stupid paint.

Kilz primer is excellent. BTW, but you all knew that.

And for the life of me, I cannot find my freaking camera.

New dining room set arrives today!

It will be the first new Dining Room table we have ever owned.

We have always had used, or hand me downs.

It should be mega pretty.

Off to take more face plates off, and move more crap...

Moving crap, is starting to suck.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Groundhog Day...

sometimes you wake, and it seems you are living the same life ALL OVER AGAIN....

My Father and I are painting!


Yes, the weight loss plan is in full swing.

We are painting the kitchen and dining, and living all the same. It is an open room. The paint color changes as all do, depending on the light or wall.

SR rode his bike a mile and a half today. the kid loathes the stupid seat on the bike. Don't blame him, it is an odd seat. PN, is off like a flash riding everywhere.

I heard the woman right across has a daycare! That might be something to think about.

Dad and I are painting. AGAIN.

Got the blue, and orage primed today, and first coat on 75%, second coat on part of that...

Tomorrow should be quicker!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I ain't unpacking shit that does not have a home...

Tomorrow morning is the big PARTY yeah, it will be nice to have everyone in the same house. Well i thought it would be. DH told me he has to work tomorrow. Crap. He said he thought he told me, I say I do not recall hearing there.

I talked to Dad on the phone tonight, he really wanted to go to storage with DH and move the rest of the stuff, since we will have extra man power here.

No can do.

Which is fine by me.

All 5 beds have fresh linens, and have since we have moved in. That night. All beds were set up and made.

The kitchen is unpacked, although I am missing at least 2 boxes, and my darn crock pot.

My Dad will have a bee in his bonnet tomorrow, he will want to dig into my boxes, and unpack them.

And then I will have piles of more stuff laying around.

In good news, I got a handy dandy shoe organizer tonight, some other storage containers that will fit in my laundry room closet, and I got PN's bookshelves, for less than half of the original price! Yeehaw. I should be able to unpack her books tomorrow night, as well as have a place for her baskets. (Praise Jesus, this kid is a mess.)

I am going to try and paint SR's room this week, the green is driving me batty. I am going to try and paint it a dark tan, and then drop a 7 inch stripe that is navy about 6 inches from the ceiling. Unsure if I want to mess with the stripe or not. He insisted on big boy bedding upon moving in. I also bought him a new lamp shade and finial tonight. A new lamp shade, did wonders. His room needs no cleaning up, as he is very tidy (with his room).

We will see if I paint or not, school starts this week. We have an open house Monday night, and then school Wednesday.

I need to find a class for a week to take a refresher course, in order to reinstate my nursing license.

I need to figure out what I want to do when I grow up...

Now I have seen EVERYTHING

I was preparing dinner tonight, and saw THIS commercial on Cartoon Network...

Holy crap. I recall


and there is this

But telling kids to go out and play? WOW.

Remember when I got my macbook?

(images not suitable for kiddos...)

And I was smitten?

Looks like another blogger is falling in love.

Must listen of the day...

Sweet Ella...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Watching the womens gymnastics, and feeling less than physical.

WOW! I cannot even stick a cartwheel in the lawn in an elegant way. They seriously make it look TOO EASY.


Finally, I feel as though I have accomplished something.

Mounds of paperwork done.

OK, so I am exaggerating a bit.

But it was a lot of paperwork.

New physicians paperwork-done.

Immunization records obtained, and copied for new Drs. and schools.

Rebate for the new Internet connection filled out.

School information sheet about my child filled out(this should help his teacher tons).

All school paperwork complete. No small exercise. I promise.

Instead of mailing it, I am going to run it to school tomorrow, it is less than a mile away, and I want to ensure it is there.

In good news, the school day does not start until 9am! How nice is that. That will help our family mounds.

I did call family friends the other day. They have a home painting business here in town and have been painting for at least 40 years. They are coming Tuesday to give the house a peek, offer suggestions and put in a bid. I have trepidation about color. I figure, they will know what looks good when up on a wall. Plus I have one of those open floor plans, and rounded corners. I have no idea where to "stop" with one color and begin another, or if one color is fine. Unsure if I can do more than one color. For those folks that say.."ah, it is paint, you can just repaint." No thanks. I hate thrown enough paint up this year. The exterior of my last house, seriously about killed me. I would like to do this once, and leave it for 5 years. I can do the bedrooms, etc. But the great room is overwhelming.

DH came home and mowed, the lawn is lush. It is very pretty. We had not mowed since DH had been gone. I took some time to weed, and cut some dead blooms off of some flowers.

We are hosting my niece's birthday party Saturday, Cousin Curl turned 4 the other day!!

It will be nice to have everyone here. The first big event.

Relief. Seriously. We are making headway.

Now if these damn boxes would unpack themselves, I would be thrilled.

More boring crap...

Today was school haircut, and school shoe shopping day.

First I will tell you, upon waking this am it was 65 degrees. I note some trees yellowing, the locusts are telling me we got 5-6 weeks left before COLD.

OYE vey, I am used to a little longer summer.

Loving how it cools off at night. Lurve it.

This morning Dish Network came to install the DISH thingy, next week they put a permanent foundation thingy in for it. So it will not be an eyesore on the roof, or on the deck.

In good news, they did it in the rock bed, in bad news I feel like a chicken trying to turn the darn thing on and off.

Then it was off for "look nice for school haircuts. SR has inherited my cowlicks. Poor guy. He has 3. I have like 6. They look smashing.

then it was off to get school shoes.

SR is the problem here. If a shoe is made with any sort of bump in the fabric, if it is too tight, or too ANYTHING, it turns into an all day event. Not joking. So I decided to take the kids to a "children's shoe store". I made them aware of the problem, and bingo bango first and second pair both fit. AMAZING! I made him pick ONE pair. And then it was PN's turn. The child is 4, in the 90 percentile on her height and wears a 13 shoe. She looks like she is wearing boats on her feet. I tried hard to get her to buy a brown pair of Mary Janes, or even suede. No. She wanted PINK, some sort of pink athletic, mary jane. they are ugly. ACK. I went ahead and let her get them. My thinking, everything she owns is pink anywho, and quite frankly I will not be wearing them...

FRankly it was well worth the extra money to be in and out in 20 minutes. Seriously.

Tonight, and tomorrow I will finishing up paperwork and immunization paperwork.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unpacked yet?

No quit calling and asking....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I were a morning person, I could save the WORLD. Or at least myself.

I have never been a morning person.


Even when I worked from 6am-6pm as a nurse, and had to wake at 4:30am, I HATED it. HATED it.

I woke up every morning loathing the 4:30 hour. I tried to like it, I did, for 8 years I tried liking it.

Me "the talker", does not like conversation in the morning. (Do not expect a smile until 9:30am) Hard to believe, I KNOW.

I do not like romance in the morning either. That romantic notion of rolling over and madly attacking on another in the morning, is not typically appealing. I need to have coffee and brush my teeth.

I am a night owl. I function fantastically from 10am-2am.

I always have. I have insomnia, always have.

In junior high, I would sit and listen to old radio shows until I fell asleep.

I read at night to go to sleep.

I wish I could hop in bed at 10pm, and sleep.

I have tried about everything at this point. Long walks, yoga, and regular exercise does caffeine after 11am, helps.

For 17 years I have been married to a morning person. My children are morning people. Everyone here wakes up going 100 miles per hour.

Me? I look like an ostrich in the morning, all disheveled, and wild, feathers all fluffed up, eyes half closed. Irritated. That is me in the morning.

These children need someone perky in the morning. They need someone who will be ready to go "Sis boom bah! Get ready for school, it is a gorgeous day, the new day awaits, conquer it, I LOVE you guys, etc...."

I am going to have to work on this.

My poor Husband, sings and jokes, and is playful in the morning. Me? Not so much, I should not be allowed to talk to another human until 10am.

And people who wake with cheerful dispositions in the morning, irritate the shit out of those of us who wake slowly.

When my Mother was still living, she and my DH would wake at 5am, make coffee, go on the deck, chat, cook and have a party. My Father who is also an ostrich...and myself, we would wake and roll our eyes at them as we sipped our coffee. We would secretly plot how to make their mornings as miserable ours.

And the other day I read this brilliant little ditty by Tuna Girl...

I so fervently wish that I could be a morning person. This morning I got to hang out and chat with my husband while he got ready for work. I got to spend some quality time with my son who is sickeningly happy in the morning. He was even dancing! And I got to sip coffee while the men in my life had bacon and eggs. It was nice.

I feel like if I could just wake up at 6 a.m. every morning my life we be so much better. All of my problems would be fixed. I'd be the kind of person who exercises and folds laundry right out of the drier. I'd be the kind of person who saves money and has a hobby. I'd be the kind of person who has a clean house and...does stuff.

My teeth would be white. My hair would blow in a constant wind. And I'd wear...outfits!

I am with her, being a morning person could solve all of my problems...

It might make me near perfect...

Or maybe I need another cup of coffee.

Monday, August 11, 2008

things I need and cannot find...

My iron

My hairdryer

drill bits

In what I think is good news today! I have internet, i am not having to steal from the neighbors!!


The Collective have a Drs. appointment for pre school physicals.

Houston, we have a Dr.



And now I hope we like them.

For the record, I have not had Tri-Care Prime-evah.

I have not had military insurance for 16 years.

A new adventure awaits.

The good news, the new office is friendly, and helpful.

The Collective get in for physicals this Thursday!

How handy Dandy is that?

In other news. My DH had to talk me out of my anxiety tree. I spend a lot of time in the anxiety tree.

I am easily talked out...

Classic worrier. Note my wrinkled forehead, and furrowed brow.

After 38 years you would think I would learn anticipation of the worst is a terrible way to live everyday...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A great read this morning

My cousin was featured in an article...

My favorite quote...

" And for me, being around the outside of a horse will fix anything on the inside of a man.”

That is nice.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Novel idea...

I woke this morning at 8am.....

Knowing there are few of these late mornings for me.

The first thought as my feel touched the ground...

"Why on Earth do they not make daylight savings time the DAY school starts.

I mean it would make sense.

The kids would be rested, etc. etc. etc. (Still watching the King and I.)

In another note I am watching mens gymanastics. My favorite men's gymnastics year. The Mitch Gaylord year. Seriously. It would have been the 1984 Olympics, I am sure someone else remembers.

I was attending a country school, and the girls and I all had mad crushes on Mitch Gaylord. One of my friends parents scored tickets to go see some sort of Olympian roadshow thingy...

We went and waited and waited downstairs on the floor for Mitch Gaylord. I just knew if he met me, he would be smitten and want to marry me. Sort of stalkerish, but I was 14, and harmless, all 80 pounds of me.

While I am at it...

Here is PN, and her loverly very FIRST dance recital...

She is the blond, 3rd child from the left. The one that stops and waves half through!


The video is up!

could have fooled me...

I read that John Edwards and Clay Aiken both have new babies.

Frankly this news surprises me.

I seriously thought they were both Teh gay.

Friday, August 08, 2008

So I am watching the Olympics instead of unpacking.

I watched as the North Koreans somberly marched in the opening ceremony. I kept thinking, I bet this is amazing for these folks. After all they are uber isolated.

Someone happened to put the Italians like one or two groups behind, and the Italians were loving LIFE. It was a walking party.

It would suck to be North Korea.

I have balls

Too many balls in the air.

I found a job listing!

It is with the school system, in healthcare.

The position closes Monday.

I have no printer.

So I must run and get an application today.

Which means I must clean up and head down there to get one, and then I must fill it out and have it back down there today.

I also noted I have to take a "nursing refresher course" to practice here. Darn it. I did not need to do this in Arkansas.

I still cannot find a Dr. I have scoured the Tri-Care West sight. Most will not take Tri Care Prime Remote.

I have to find The Collective's immunization records. They are in a box, somewhere in the garage.

I am still unpacking.

Feels ridiculous.

I am not used to so much administrative "schtuff".

*Update: Got application today. Filled it out, and handed it in. Found my most non-wrinkled professional looking outfit. Not easy when you are a SAHM. The Collective showed their "a$$e$" in the office, after I gave them a long lecture about it. I rarely "get mad"...but I was not happy. Sliced my finger on the dolly in the garage. Blood EVERYWHERE. Butterflied it, sitting here with it iced. And am now grouchier than ever.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

between meltdowns and homesickness...

I have spent the last hour lying in bed with Sir Rowland, who would not stop crying.

He has what appears to be good old fashioned "homesickness"

"Is there a cure?" He asked.

I tried to tell him, that it would feel more like home, as I got his things unpacked, and that the longer we are here, the more memories we would build...

I tried to explain to him that I moved when I was little and I understood.

But I let him just have a good cry.

It was bound to happen to him.

My child that does not transition from the house to the car well.

I have had him help me unpack his room.

Time, I figure....

3 hours wasted

I spent almost 3 hours on the phone yesterday trying to find a Dr. that will take TRICARE prime remote.

Good luck with that......

We have paid for Federal BC/BS for the past 8 years. Even when my DH was activated and deployed we always kept our other insurance.

And now I know why.

I NEED a Pediatrician. 3 hours of folks telling me they do not accept our insurance. The Collective both need physicals for school ASAP.

I am unhappy about this....

I have not even started looking for Dentisits/Gyno/Internists. Looking for Physicians may be worse than I had anticipated.

* I did call 3 of the groups on The List... they are no longer accepting TriCare Prime remote patients.

I will start making calls tomorrow

Sir Rowland driving the combine

Unsure when this video will be available, sometimes Youtube, takes a little time.

I present Sir Rowland driving an hugantic combine.

Here is how the conversations started...

Farmer: "So you want to drive the combine?"

SR: "I am afraid I do not have a drivers license." (serious as a heart attack)

Farmer: " Let me look around, I do not see any patrolman around here."

SR: (stuck a piece of straw in his mouth, and took his responsibilities very seriously.)

*NOTE: you can hear my female cousin calling in, asking pretty much "where in the hell are you".....I felt a little bad for imposing during harvest time, but how often do "city kids" get to drive a combine?

I still cannot get over $800 a day to run the combine!

MKH kills me....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Endless sea of boxes.....

I think I am trying to set the record for the most time consuming move on record.

Today I managed to unpack 20 more boxes. Mostly kitchen things, vases, tea sets. (note to self, have people over for tea I have enough tea sets here for 40 people at least. That is just silly but they are all "family" semi-mental thingys. I wonder if folks would show up to a tea blog meet? I will blame it on my Father's English anscestry.)

20 boxes, and I felt accomplished. Until DH brought another load home tonight. He did the same thing last night.

It is seriously like the never ending sea of boxes. I have no idea how to stay motivated at this point. The Collective are no longer entertained by the notion of me unpacking. I have been trying to get them out and give them a break here and there, but geesh "how many more boxes are there?"

At this point I do not want to know.

I stopped asking 2 loads ago.

How I had all of this in our teeny house is beyond me.

Children of the wheat...

A few more photos of my cousin's farm, and the wheat fields.

I happen to have video of SR actually driving that combine in the other video and will try and load it soon.

I do want you to imagine for a moment harvesting grain by hand. Think of how long it would take to do that. Not long ago and people did this task by hand with a scythe or sickle. ( people still do, but it is not all harvested by hand.

My father used to work wheat in the summers as he was a kid, as did my Mother. My Father described the arduous process in detail. I can recall my Mother telling me she hated "hay and wheat harvest, more than ANYTHING". "People were hot and grouchy, and all I can recall about it, is just being plain old hot."

Here is a snippet...

I do wish Jerry would record his father telling us how they used to do this...

things I lurve so far....

I love being all together as a family again. DH had been here since I believe February. It had been a while.

I love our new home, despite some of the wacki colors and other fixable things. I love my deck, it is HUGE, and partially covered. The yard is great too, we have soo many butterfly bushes, that we almost always have 20 butterflies about.

I love the public library, and yawl know how much I loved our old library. They have a bigger selection of books for the children and SEVERAL play areas. We can even check out MORE books and movies!

The service here has been great,so far!! For example, I sent a note to the Nebraska state licensure for nursing this morning and heard back within 15 minutes. Seriously.

We escaped the 100 degree MONTHS in Arkansas, and even though we picked the hottest weekend to move, it was still tolerable. Yesterday it was 79 degrees, and cooled off at night!! (Ask me again in November when I am freezing).

The public parks, and childrens museum are fantastic. Seriously! The Children's Museum is incredible 3 levels of amazing activities. This will come in handy when it is 30 below zero.

The stores ARE clean!! Spotless. When DH arrived, and was here for the first week, he was almost run over by an employee with a mop.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wheat blogging

Well if Jerry can do it, I can too!!

How about "The Great 2008 bloggers wheat off"?

My second cousins planted wheat this year on several sections of land.

It was just gorgeous.

Wheat is pretty at almost every stage.

Even when you are left with just straw.

So here is a video from my Cousin's place, who actually lives in a "village".

This is a video of the grain harvest.

This was a HUGE combine, not kidding. The head on the darn thing was 36 feet long. 36 feet. The cost of running this particular combine with diesel fuel?

Guess, come on I know you want to.


PLAYERS: The irritating voice is mine, the squeaky voice is PN, the blond boy is SR. The guy in the shorts, my Dad.

For those folks that are not "country". The combine separates the grain from the wheat. This leaves straw. I think have another video of SR driving the combine, and the balers working on the straw.

Monday, August 04, 2008


My e-mail is no longer in service.

Please note

I will not get your e-mail.

my current one is gmail

Some proof of craziness...told you so.

Pray to God that these are before pictures, and I find the enrgy some place deep in my soul to correct it SOON.

Instead of being a spouse-blogger/mommy blogger...

Looks like I will be a painting blogger. Which means not nearly as much blogging as I would like.

It is the year of disappearing time....

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The first piece of mail

Was a box that contained piano solo arrangements for Cole Porter, from this blogger!!

Now I must practice in the shower, so I can WOW her.

Go wish her congrats on finishing the bar exam.

where did that bruise come from?

That was the game I played tonight as I lay in the tub looking at my legs...

My guess is a desk, or a box. Something.

Another of those quick update thingys which I do poorly.

I LURVE the house. Lurve it. However, there is that midwestern pessimisstic part of me, that just stays "even". Just in case. One would not want to get oo excited. #1, it might look like pride. #2, you are asking for something bad to happen if you are "too happy."

Seriously, I am nutz.

My Brother and his wife were here yesterday, and my Brother kept saying over and over. "you do not seem that excited, aren't you excited?"

For the record, I am thrilled. I am.

We are blessed. I am married to the man I love, I have 2 children I asked for. the house, well that part is gravy. It is beyond my wildest expectations.

We are home...



Saturday, August 02, 2008


We closed this morning, and took posession immediately...


My family is finally under one roof AGAIN.

It feels like home.

Pictures soon.

Did I mention the previous owners LOVED color?


I got my bath.