Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have become local neighborhood garden lady, I need a hat.

I would have never thought.....

I would become the gardening advice lady.

Never in a million years.

I need to take some photos of my garden before I go....

How I will miss it. I have had some real success in there.

The white climbing rose I planted for my growing CRAZY big.

The haustas, HUGE.

Sedum, HUGE.

Liriope, gone CRAZY. I have split it and planted and planted it...(a great plant investment for those of you on a budget.) We call it monkey grass.

The alstromeria I was given at my Mothers funeral, was planted years ago, and now is growing and healthy and gorgeous.

Pictures soon...

I promise!

I have become the house, the neighborhood retired folks drive by at night, they peek at my garden. I have become the lady at the library that gets asked what to plant in the shade.

Accidental fit club....

Since I have been bloggin, I have ALMOST always, had some sort of exercise regime...

Pilates, yoga, both, walking, something.

Upon the cusp of the move I canceled my membership. No time for it...

I guess I did not need it, as good old fashioned hard work was good for something.

I did not notice the weight loss,

My Father did on his arrival.

I noticed a bit in my face....

And then my clothes started becoming looser.

Then my favorite tore up hole in the ass 501's stopped fitting.

and then my post SR pregnancy jeans fit.

Last time I was in them was about 5 years ago...

they are loose now.

I have to see a man about a dog and was trying on my dressier items, and tried on my favorite spring suit.

The jacket looks nice, I am broad through the shoulders and it has been snug.

the skirt looks big.

so I went shopping today.

I actually tried on a pair of size 10 pants...

too big

the assistant brought me a size 8

too big

the assistant brought me a size 6

too big...

For some reason this designer sizes wacky.....but for a moment I did not give a crap...

Now I know how to loose weight.

you rake 90 bags of leaves, paint an entire home inside and out....

and spend 2 months just so busy that your head is a fog...

I do not look thin, and the only person that has mentioned it was my Dad...folks at church and school have not noticed.

I just hope that weight is gone for good.

Because I do not want to keep that kind of pace up in order to keep the weight off.

That was insane....

In 6 years, I had lonly lost 25 pounds. SLOWLY...SLOWLY. I had not really modified my eating, I like food...but I thought I was doing eough physical work...

I want this gone for GOOD...

because it is nice being 10 pounds thinner after working so hard.

Calenders, and alzheimers...

Do you know, that I thought today was last week.

Seriously, I did.

I lost the week.

Not the first time.

I do it often.

the date rarely matters here, only the day of the week.

I stopped looking at calenders when DH was deployed, and have not bothered with them since.

This month, sort of important to know what day it is.

I have to pack, and move, fill out contracts, move, find a home, have a kindergarten graduation, and AWANA ceremony, a dance recital...

Crap...I lost 7 days.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How fried is she?

So fried, I freaking laughed my ass off watching this creepy bird pet a cat...

what is better...more creepy bird, this time perching on the cats head...

Whirlwind of a week

Seriously folks!

An insane week!

Good insane but insane.

I meet with a JAG to go over my house contract in the morning!

YEAH JAG, duh, I had not thought about the JAG.

PN has just took washable marker and tattooed herself from head to toe....


DH will coming home soon to help pack, and clean and SORT!!!

The Collective ARE THRILLED!!

They are tired of me.

Heck I am tired of me.

Heck, I am just tired!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My 6 year old is brilliant....

For the last few years, I promised myself I would get a convertible. However with the move up North, that has gone to the wayside.

Well we pulled up and the first car we saw was a BMW 2 seater.

Sir Rowland: "Mom there is your convertible, that is COOL"

AWTM: "Yeah, very, but there are only 2 seats, there would be room for only one other rider, I cannot afford that kind of mid-life crises."

Sir Rowland: "You know what is good for a mi-life crises?"

AWTM: "What dude?"

Sir Rowland: "A change in carrer."

Everyone at the car lot stopped in their tracks and died laughing....including me.

AWTM: "So what do you think I should change my career to?"

Sir Rowland: "Well, you are good at bossing people around, but you are not making any money doing that."

Bada Bing.....

Perfect delivery.

I am currently looking at the Cadillac Deville, it is pretty....but I do not want to pay for repairs

An Audi, it is pretty.

And a utilitarian toyota Avalon, with only 50,000 miles....

I will let you guess which one is winning the contest.

Title, deed, contracts, and allergies....

I went to the title company this morning to go over what I need etc.

What a fast education.

In good news, I had all of the information I needed!

For once.

And regaurdless of escrow being explained to me 100 times in the last 8 years, every single time I think I understand it, I do not.

PN went with me to the title. She also made sure I knew she was bored 100 times.

I have the contract here as well.

My allergies are in full swing now, just when I thought they could not get worse.

I am babysitting the neighbors kids today after I ballet, and picking up SR. Why I agreed to that I have no idea.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have earnest money, signs are down..........

Queen of the dorqs

Uh yeah...

before showing a home

and baking cookies so the home smells like freshly baked goods...

yeah that.

Remember to take them out of the oven.

Only me.

Another interested party....

Another showing today, just for back up I guess....


There must be a full moon. My sitemeter had 20 poop out of carpet/couch/ wall searches within the last 24 hours....

Parents of the World unite


Today I have a VERY interested party coming to look at the house.

VERY interested.

They informed me they are preapproved for an amount greater than my asking price, have driven by 3 times, are in love with the photos, excited by how handy this would be due to childcare location, and work location, and asked if they paid the full price, would I pay closing.

Normally I would not mention any of this, as I am superstitious enough to think speaking of good fortune before it happens is a definite jinx. However....

I am excited and anxious for this couple to come and look at the house.

They are excited, and have a young son, and have similar careers. It would be nice to see the home filled with good energy, and optimism.

I am hopeful they like the home.

I was up late last night, nervous. Shining the doors, kick plates, head spinning.

I was also up front about all issues good and bad with the home....

Friday, April 25, 2008

This is me at 1pm tomorrow

another impromptu showing

I have been shining appliances, glass doors, sinks, toilets.....all evening.

And yes avoiding the damn laundry.

I need to get on that

like NOW


My directional signs came today, I put them out tonight.

Open House scheduled Sunday for 1 hour.

The Collective and I managed to plant about 75 flowers today....not kidding, but it looks splendid.

I need to focus on the inside, and I do not want to, but must.

I have avoided laundry this week. I am starting to loathe laundry. REALLY. i would rather scrub toilets than do wash.

oh and the dog thing....

I have made DH wait for a dog for 17 years...

the subject comes up weekly.

The Collective have been asking me for a dog for at least 2 years...

DH wanted a gun dog. He actually wanted a German Shorthair, pheasents you know. However, I have read in more places than 5, that they can be HIGH enrgy and high strung. That will not work here. I am high strung enough. And one high strung person in a house is one too many. I am sure all who live here will agree.

I am actually looking forward to pheasent hunting this year, as well as duck hunting. although I am the only person in the house that likes to eat duck. Everyone here thinks it is too fatty. Which is exactly why I like it. I have trouble hitting a standing target, so it will be interesting for me to shoot a moving target.

Anywho, I think I have decided on an Italian Spimone. I will now have to convince DH. I keep reading that they are "easygoing".

That is what we need.

Going to call a guy about a dog...


To make a long story short...

The neighbors wife left him months ago. Since that time, both adult children have moved back home. The daughter who is NEVER home, bought what appears to be a terrior. The other adults in the house hate the dog, so they let the dog roam through the neighborhood. It is a puppy. It wants to play.

Puppies and kids like one another.

PN has taken the puppy under her wing, despite my chasing the darn thing off every 2 minutes. The dog shits in my yard, and chews whatever he finds....He likes to run with PN in the yard, and he likes to play fetch with her.

Today the puppy grabbed PN's pant leg, and got to aggressive for my liking. He bit her, and left a hefty bruise. So I went to the neighbor, and woke him at 12 noon, and asked him to PLEASE put the dog in the back yard, where it would not roam. I also informed him that it bit PN, and showed him the mark.

He apologized, and told me I could flush the dog down the toilet. Nice. Then he shut the door, and left me to deal with the dog. For the rest of the afternoon. I cannot very well keep the dog out of my yard. It is impossible.

I am going to have to call animal control in the morning, if I find the dog roaming again.

Why do people that do not have the time to care for a dog get them?

Oye Vey....

Showed the house last night, the couples realtor was with them.

My gut tells me they were not very interested. We will see. I hope my gut is wrong.

I do not like the impromptu home showings. But really I think I need to give in, and show it whenever I have the opportunity. I will say it drives me nuts.

The Collective and I ran out and bought more plants and flowers last night. Walmart had annuals at great prices here. I let the Collective pick them. SR picked a lavender plant, a strawberry plant, and all red flowers, including salvia, pentunias, and one other I cannot recall. PN picked big petunias, and a lot of unussual textured plants. I am glad they like going to the nursery, and am thrilled they like to garden with me. I come from a long line of gardeners. I would much rather spend my day outside planting than even cooking, and that says something.

I hope my new home will have a place for me to dig in the dirt.

I love gardening, and find it ironic, that I have such allergies that it is almost a hindrance.

Last night while driving home it was a gorgeous 77 degrees, we rolled down the windows, and the air, and temperature was just right. The temperature, and condition was such that I was 12, and in the back seat of my parents Buick, and we were on the was to the drive inn movies. Strange how climate can remind you of something.

I am hoping we get this house sold, and get back home soon, so I can take The Collective to the drive inn movie in Neleigh, Nebraska. I took them 2 years ago, and want to go again. It has been 2 years?

time flies.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


open house in 2 hours....

I should probably put make up on, and pick up dirty laundry huh?

A busy morning....

It is raining, so I have been on administrative duty!

flyers on the house are printed

also the mortgae information.

I will be sorting and stapling this morning.

In good news, I have had 6 inquiries on the house this morning alone!


I found this last night....

and it killed me.

BTW, she has 3 of these videos up. I loved them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I missed Earth Day


The 20 count bag of lawn and leaf gone.

I am done raking.




I do have some shrubs that need to be trimmed, but I am gonna wait on that.

I do not want to look at a rake for some time.

now, the hard part starts?


So I seemed to have things somewhat under control and ready to go around here...

The sign has been up for a little over 2 weeks. A lot of traffic has been generated for some reason.

If you would have told me as I was standing on a ladder with a paint brush in hand that getting the house ready was the easy part, I would have told you..."you are freaking crazy".

But guess what, checking things off the list was the easy part. I am a list/task person. Tell me what you want done, and I will do it.

WAITING, not my strong suit. The waiting for the phone to ring, and for cars to drive by is driving me NUTZ. The WAITING for interest to be generated....oye. I am more German/Midwesty than I care to admit to, and I like things NOW.

I placed an ad in the paper yesterday, which was more expensive than I would have imagined. SERIOUSLY. I listed the house on craigslist, and military by owner, I have ordered more signs, with arrows directing folks my way.

Marketing. Which I can do, I started off at the University of Nebraska in an honors business program. But still, the wait. I hate it. I am trying to keep myself furiously busy. I am also wondering how much time I should give it, before actually hiring a realtor.

So it is back to the garage, to sort, back to the yard, there is something to do I am sure. there is always an empty box to pack, always dirty clothes to wash...

My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high.


There is one thing SR has picked up from school that drives me insane.

Loud talking.

Drives me crazy.

Wednesday's child

It is Wednesday, and I do wish I had something exciting for you to read...

I do not.

I just made PN some waffles and bacon.

The city came and put sod over where they had dig, so I moved the sprinkler out there this morning. I put some roundup on a few stray weeds and grass in my flower bed.

I have to do laundry today.

I also have to prepare the house for showing this Sunday.

It is humid out again this morning.

The storm yesterday brought pollen down, and there is a fine green powder EVERYWHERE. I need to take a sudafed this morning before going out again.

I need to go through some bills this morning.

DH and I keep missing one another....

PN is already soaked from playing in the sprinkler.

I had to fill the truwk this morning....3.48.

Who knew filling up a vehicle could mean making life decisions.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AWTM 0 bugs 1

Today has proved to be icky humid....

like pea soup humid...


what is worse, the little gnats and small pests that would not let me alone as I tried to finish raking in the back....

damn bugs.

I even offed myself, including my hair. I even put some off on a paper towel and dabbed my face with it...

the little bugs that get in your ears and bite your face.

I gave up after 10 bags...

they would not leave me alone. They were driving me crazy.

I did get the azaleas planted, pulled up 2 dead ones, and mulched.

There is only one back corner left.

But the bugs won today.

Now I am in my Husband's garage throwing crap out and sweeping out cob webs, etc. Trying to figure out what things are and attempting to group items.

DH should be glad he is not here, for his ears are sure to be burning.

*back to the garage to cuss under my breath....

looks like rain....

A beautiful morning here, I currently have a dove cooing, a young bright cardinal, and a tree full of finches. All are singing. It is a gorgeous 69 degrees

I still cannot believe the front is done.

The back is all I have left.

I really want to finish it today, as rain is headed this way. The Collective will be gone today, so I can really WORK.

I am thrilled with the results.

The city came this morning, and put down sod, where they had dug up my yard, they did a great job. It looks better now than it did before.

My list of projects is dwindling. That is thrilling.

The list was long.

Now I need to change my focus to marketing the house.

In good news, about a month ago, there were 15 houmes for sale in my neighborhood. Currently there is one other, and mine is the better deal.

It is a matter of getting folks here now.

Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

where did I put my mix tape?

I wish I could find my sleep mix tape...although I no longer have a tape player...

also the damn thing would be holy moses 19 years old.

I recall I had Cocteau Twins on it twice.

The CD is packed away.

I still love Elizibeth Fraser's voice, even if I have to read along to decipher what in the heck she is saying. Normally i am good at guessing accents....but I would have never guessed her as being Scottish.

Your rebate?

making Chuck's recipe....

I am starved after all of the raking, and crap...

So I am making Chuck Z's tuna casserole for dinner tonight.

Minus the cream of mushroom soup.....I am not going to the store AGAIN!


12 bags of leaves from the North side of the house....

The FRONT is DONE!!!!!




My poor hands look like shit.

but the front looks fantabulous!!

The front is officially done, other than ocassional weeding, watering, and mowing!!

I wanted to do a dance and pour champagne over my head when I finished tonight!

Tomorrow I am planting azaleas I bought at Wlamart for $2.50 a pot!! I should have bought MORE!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Only the sunniest of dispositions...

Last night we popped corn on the stove, buttered it, and watched The wizard of Oz. I was a little concerned, The Collective might loose interest in such a long movie. they did not.

The biggest surprise was Pink Ninja. She was rivated. She also thought the flying monkeys were "cute". Every time The wicked Witch came on screen SR and I would go.....
"uh oh"....

until Pink Ninja says...

"Mommy, you would be mean to, if someone killed your sister."

There you have it.


I returned home today to find my front yard freshly mowed....

the neighbor lady mowed for me...

that was a blessing.

I need to do something very nice for her.

I have a big YARD!!

I also returned to find the new fence is UP!!

I just have to put new hardware on my gate!!


Back to straightening things up....

Gas is now 3.40 here, which I think is the highest it has been.

I do not get anime?

The Collective are watching some sort of anime this a.m., as I sit here trying to recall how to put on make up.

I do not get anime.

We have church this morning.

I then have to run to Walmart, and get a few things. How I hate going to Walmart, but since moving down the road it is handier than driving all of the way into town.

My open house is today, so I am going to be inside trying to straighten things up in here. Frankly I would rather be outside finishing lawn work. It is supposed to rain every day this week.

I ran out of lawn and leaf bags...

There were 70 in the package.

I bought them after DH left.

I am going to try and keep The Collective outside today, but it will be a battle.

the fence should be up and replaced this afternoon...

I am sitting here this morning, surrounded by laundry I washed and folded last night.

Have a good Sunday!

We are off to church!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I reek ...

I seriously stink, it was warm out today and all of that raking, ick.

tonight is movie night here at Casa De Dust.

I should be able to fold laundry, while we watch Wizard of OZ.....

Maybe I can use the flying monkeys to scare The Collective into doing chores.

the Collective are trying to convince me Sponge Bob would be a better movie....

I must educate them...

amazing lyrics....

It's the kind of night that's so cold, when you spit
it freezes before it hits the ground
And when a bum asks you for a quarter, you give a dollar
if he's out tonight he must be truly down
And I'm searching all the windows for a last minute present
to prove to you that what I said was real,
for something small and frail and plastic, baby,
'cause cheap is how I feel

Half moon in the sky tonight, bright enough
to come up with an answer
to the question why is it that every time I see you
my love grows a little stronger
But your memory leaves my stomach churning,
feeling like a lie about to be revealed,
but I'll horde all this to myself
'cause cheap is how I feel

It's not the smell in here that gets to me it's the lights
I hate the shadows that they cast,
and the sound of clinking bottles is the one sure thing
I'll always drag with me from my past
I think I'll find a pair of eyes tonight, to fall into
and maybe strike a deal
Your body for my soul, fair swap
`cause cheap is how I feel

I have a farmers tan...

My old fence is gone, the new fence should be up tomorrow!!

I raked about 16 bags of leaves from the back.

the contractor came and picked up the trash, and left me a Corona, which is gone already...

I did not get my hook up for my plant

I also noticed 2 spots, where I missed paint....

For the love of Pete...

the Collective made a mud puddle, and laid in it.....seriously.

I am going to put the in the tub.

I would have taken photos, but my camera's battery is dead....

I think i have 10 more bags of leaves in the back, and then I can work up front....

There is a light at the end of the tunnel....

I should the house today to a loverly couple from Oklahoma. It was no where near being ready to show on the inside, but they only had today to look.

They seemed interested.

I should sleep like a rock tonight

headed out...

Saturday, and sunny

It is Saturday, and sunny, which means I can get in the yard.

I have a lot of raking to do. There are still old oak leaves hanging on for dear life. Living in a forest, just means a lot of raking. Usually when we rake in the fall, the 2 of us, we get about 80 bags of leaves, and then in the spring, we get about 130. Seriously.

I have only raked about 50. Oye....

I did contact the worship leader at church, looking for youth who might need $$$ in order to go on several retreats this summer. Hoping I hear from them soon, he thought it was a great idea. I asked for 4 kids.

I have a flower bed in the back to mulch, and 5 azaleas to plant, and just a lot of leaves.

The interior is looking better, amazing what fresh paint can do.

The rock beds already look better, after being blown out! I have a hook to hang in the back for another hanging planter...

Still not feeling up to par, and would rather stay in bed all day in a fetal position, with a hot pack.....

Enjoy your Saturday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

CNN reporter arrested for possesion of methamphetamine.

Read more here!

I note he has a blog, and frankly the blog reads like a speed freak would write...

Male for the hills..

First brides in bathroom stalls...and now this?

Run for the hills I tell you.

I woke at 4am this morning, advil had worn off. Terrible cramps, from my full moon friend...

So I climbed out of bed, took 4 more advil, and then warmed up my hot pack from Gretchen....normally, during this time, I have to sleep with an electric heating pad....

no more....

the pack is just the right size for your tummy....

I managed to get back to sleep...

and I need to tell Gretchen THANK YOU!!

I would tell anyone with a similar problem to purchase one.

AWTM....helping brides pee since 1987

I found this photo online today, and it occurred to me, I have helped more brides get on the toilet than I care to recall. Which is quite hilarious, since I was never myself a "fufu" bride, and eloped in a simple dress.

I have actually seen up to 3 bridesmaids in a stall .....

What a ridiculous tradition...


Normally the rain, would upset me....

I am not going to let it this time.

I am going to take advantage and get some things done around here.

Laundry, the laundry never stops does it?

I have already had a call on the house this morning.


I also have to move furniture back to its home, and pack some things.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todays list...

trip to the store

raked 3 bags of leaves

cleaned out my rock beds in the back with a borrowed leaf blower!! I love this thing and want one.

gave my fern a haircut

planted 3 more pots o flowers

fertilized my gardens....

carpet is cleaned, but I called, and they are coming back to hit a couple of spots...

Called my lawn folks, they missed a ton of crabgrass and wild phlox, they are coming monday to respray.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, if that is the case, i will do laundry, if it is nice, I will continue to rake the front....

In good news, I have had at least one person stop, and ask about the house everyday, which is amazing, I have yet to put an ad in the paper. We also live a little "off of the beaten path". So it is nice to have the traffic.

I am pooped, and am making bacon, pancakes, and eggs for dinner....

2 cups of coffee did nothing...

I took the children to their respective places today, came back home, and started moving furniture, and stuff....

and I have not heard a peep from the carpet folks.

they were supposed to be here at 10'ish...

So in typical fashion, i am now sitting here wondering IF and when they might show up....

Yesterday, I had to make my truck payment, normally I do this online, but we are in the process of changing banks, because of the move. So I went to the new bank. (who by the way is 3 1/2 weeks behind on my paperwork, I have yet to have my ATM card, etc....

Anywho, I stopped in to ask if they could electronically transfer money from my new account, to my old bank for the truck payment.

Bank: "We are not able to do that. you can wire it, but it will cost $15.00."

AWTM: "You are kidding right?"

Bank: "No."

AWTM: "OK, that seems like a fairly antiquated way of banking. I mean, ANYTHING can be done online. I can buy a human baby online, but I cannot transfer money?"

Bank: blank stare

AWTM: "So you are telling me, I hae to withdrawl, the $, and pony express it to the other bank?"

Bank: "I guess so"

*I have never tried to purchase a human baby online, I am not sure if it can be done, I was simply overdramitizing to prove a point. Freaking banks....*

how tired are they?

I think since I am DONE painting, my body is revolting today...

my arms feel like they weigh 20 pounds each...

I awoke this morning, first thrilled that I am done painting, second thrilled I will be spending part of the day sans children....

and then i remembered, I am getting my carpets cleaned, which means moving furniture and shit all morning....

I should have waited a day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Normally I do not notice.....

But the city came today to pour the concrete around my storm drain...

I totally get this now.....

nuff said......

the heavens parted...and I heard a choir of angels....

I am done painting/caulking

I even managed to wash the windows in the back, along with the screens!!

I do not want to look at a paintbrush in a very very very VERY long time.....

Tomorrow, carpets cleaned.

Friday, my fence is being repaired.

I get to start staging the interior...which frankly, I am not great at.

I also get to start packing AGAIN!!!


We have a pet!!

PN has a new pet named "CUTIE"


Another thing off of the list...

Carpets being cleaned Thursday!!

Now If I can convince The Collective to keep them fresh!

End in sight!

I am almost done!

I have about 1 hour of touch up, and painting the foundation.

I have folks coming Sunday for an open house, The Collective will be at AWANA.

So now I need to bust a move, and get the pantry straightened, and get the home show ready.

Does anyone have any tips?

Let me know!

I told DH, I really need to go to a beach, sit my ass down with a drink....just us. I do not want to see another human...I want to hear the ocean...

I really did an amazing job, considering I have never painted a home before...

I will buy steel siding, brick or stone the next time....

If I ever meet the creator of masonite siding......he better watch out!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We love this...

I love the "a$$holes" on SNL...

DH and I do this all of the time...

What is worse, Elle McPherson or animation?

I cannot imagine being a teenager right now...ick.

I did not care for it when it happened to me so very long ago.

It occurred to me the other day when I was retrieving my e-mail on yahoo, that the advertisements that pop up are all some some of weird animated, pictures. Wrinkle cream, cellulite cream, make up, bras....all of them not actual pictures, but some weird sort of digital computer imagery. Not one freckle, or line, or scar....some odd colored fleshtone animated beautiful woman. I am sure there is a name for it. I am not going to look into it.

When I was 16, I recall desparatly wanting to look like Elle McPherson. I wonder who 16 year old girls want to look like now...? The animated digital imagery?

I do believe that gender identity can be related to images that we see. I do believe body dysmorphia can be related to images we see.

Just a thought this morning....

Monday, April 14, 2008

3 days

and 2 neighbor kids peeing outside!!

The best part, they were not mine...

the most hilarious part....they both did it in the frnt yard in front of God and everyone!

The parents were freaking out....

one child got carried in, the other little girl, well her Dad about had a stroke. But heavens to Betsy, PN and the little girl were just watching the dog peeing and laughing hysterically! I am guessing the little girl thought...well if the dog can do it...what the heck.

So glad I am "over that..."

Knocking on wood

This sorta stinks...


This sort of stinks...

Single parenting, preparing a house, and "showing it"....ha.

Hard work. I am a wuss.

I woke this morning to a very chilly 54 degrees. No trouble getting SR, back inot the swing of the school week!!!! YES.

So I opted to try and catch up on laundry, linens and such....I guess the laundry fairy does not get I am busy.

This afternoon, it really got nice out, so I opted to get my buttinski, and The Collective out of doors....I painted a little. Not much.

I found a car I like.

It is a 2003 cadillac deville.....

price is right, looks clean...

I need to look up info on it;

Called USAA, to find out insurance, info blue book, etc on it....they were HELPFUL!!

I heart them.

Tonight, I had an inquiry about the house. (I was praying that they did not want to see it tomorrow, I am in no mood to scramble around here all freaking night.

My couch is currently covered with folded clothes.

I did take a bag of boys clothes, to the neighbor lady, her blonde son is adorable!

A mish mash of a day.

Tomorrow both children are at school!! I am going to take a bubble bath, hit the hay early, and see what I can accomplish tomorrow!!

I hope your Tuesday is loverly!


Spent some of my day yesterday out of doors, praying it would not rain....raking

Saturday I had spent about 4 hours putting a second coat on, and painting trim. My goal was to get the West side done. I managed to get the West side done. I also pushed, and got the most of the South side done, and 1/2 of the North. Amazing how much quicker a second coat goes on...also I am still spot painting spots I find....

Sunday, it looked like rain all day.

It never did rain. Thank GOD!

I also raked up some leaves out of the back yard. The oak leaves had hung on to the branches until the new growth pushed them off.

The pollen now....whoa! Everything has a coat of green on it. EVERYTHING. There are puddles of standing water from all of the rain we have had, and there is a scum of pollen film lying on top of the water. Disgusting. Which means I am living on 1 sudafed during the day, and 1 benedryl at night. I hate to take any more than that. I can feel the sudafed stop working around 2pm, but hate to take any more, it wires me. I have tried zyrtec, allegra, and claritin....I think the sudafed, and benedryl work better, so I will stick with that. I am also hoping when we move up north, my allergies are less prevalent...

SR, has dark circles around his eyes, snorting, sniffing and sneezing...he looks miserable.

PN also has allergies, but seems better off.

Today, I need to catch up on things indoors as long as I can stand it. Laundry in particular. Painting, raking, planting, and weeding.....well the outside looks great. However, I suppose we need clothes to wear.

I have been painting in all of my old, "everyday" clothing so I can throw it out once I am done. It will force me to buy new "everyday" clothing.

Most of the household goods have been sorted, We are down to the everyday items now....

Pantry must be sorted and cleaned out.

It is Monday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Publicly speaking

This morning, SR did not want to go to children's church, he told me he would much rather sing our hymns, and sing instead of listen to all of the screaming in children's church...

I can't blame him.

So PN went to children's church, SR came with me to "big church". I have no idea why I have opted to call it "big church", but I do.

We had some great music this morning, we really did. And since I am not coughing every 2 seconds, I can sing out now. I am not a good singer, and I do not care, I like to sing.

After we sang for 20 minutes, the Pastor passed on several announcements, and then SR stood up and said he had an announcement to make. 300 pairs of eyes, followed his little voice. He announced it was my wedding anniversary. Everyone gave us an awwww....And then Pastor said, "how long have you been married?" SR piped up and told him, "you are silly, I am too young to be married". Gawfaws came pouring out...

I think I actually blushed, SR was solid, not afraid at all to stand up in a room that large and make announcements! Hilarious.

Then we sang this...

SR sang Harmony with me......

Happy Anniversary

*photo taken by DH's Grandfather Clifton, 17 years ago

17 years ago this morning, DH and and I woke in Lincoln Nebraska. He had been home for about 7 days from Desert Storm. We had spent the night in my garden level apartment, in a twin bed.

I remember being EXCITED, a tad bit nervous. BUT EXCITED....

The sun was shining, but the clouds were coming in. We had intended on gatting married at Hazel Abel park in the gazebo. However, the clouds stayed, and we were rained out. My roomate, kept telling me rain on your wedding day, meant the couple would be rich.

My something new, shoes DH had bought for me at Dilliards. They were $24.00. Funny how I remember that. Something old, was my dress. I borrowed a barette from my roomate for my hair. I cannot recall having anything blue on....

DH wore his uniform.

The ceremony ended up being at my church. DH and I drove to the church together with our witnesses. The ceremony was 20 minutes long.

Probably the best 20 minutes I have ever spent....

One of these days I will scan the photos.

17 years........And I think we have spent more anniversaries apart from one another, than together. But love is like that....

All is well. Life is easier when you have someone that has your back. Life is easier when you love someone.

I am truly blessed, and there is not a morning I wake where I am not thanking God.

I can remember
Standing-by the wall
And the guns-shot above our heads
And we kissed-as though nothing could fall
And the shame-was on the other side
Oh we can beat them-forever and ever
Then we could be heroes-just for one day


Saturday, April 12, 2008

These ladies KILL ME...

The blog is here

If you would have told me 17 years ago tonight...

That in 17 years I would be spending my 17th anniversary, alone painting and trying to sell a house, moving back to fridged winter temps, I would have the two most gorgeous and healthy children on the planet....

I would have called you crazy.

17 years ago tonight, DH's friend rolled into town late, he was DH's best man. We stayed up talking until 3am.....

I wonder where he is now?

The Collective wanted me to explain "anniversary" to them. so I explained what it meant. They then wanted to hear the story of how me met. They thought it was hilarious that I was 15. they thought it was equally funny that Daddy was a LifeGuard. They were confused about Desert Storm, I tried to explain it...they loved the kissing in the elevator part, and they liked the part where Daddy got onto one knee with a ring.

they actually went


Too funny....

They did keep asking about babies. I explained to them that we waited for 10 years. They thought that was crazy.

I may leave a legacy of poop free carpet...

Believe it or not, my most popular post of all time...

gets about 3-10 hits a day...

I got this in the mail today...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "How to clean poop off of carpet in 3 easy steps.":

I can't tell you thanks enough for your advice! My daughter had a great adventure with her poop at naptime. Smeared all into the white carpet. Thanks to you it looks great again! I've forwarded your blog to all my mom friends!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scuze me while I dump my skull....

The last couple of weeks, heck the last month have been a blur. I am not kidding. A case of too many irons in the fire. The problem is none of the irons are hot, they are almost lukewarm.

Nothing worse than a lukewarm iron, it takes forever to get the wrinkles out...

So excuse while I dump my skull out tonight, in a sort of attempt to organize.

Sir Rowland takes the Stanford Academic Test this coming week. Orginally I thought, heck he is in kindergarten, No thanks. But I was convinced by the principal this week to let him go ahead and take it. It may help his new teachers next year to evaluate him, and his needs. My biggest issue with this, he is 6. Will he be able to sit through the darn thing?

The city arrived to assess my wash out by the storm drain, there is no gas or electric. They can fill it. They got the go ahead today. Lets see how long it takes to pour concrete.

My F150, has some sort of recall, I need to take it in and get it fixed ASAP. (It is minor)

WE are in need of a new vehicle. You readers might come in handy here. I need a sedan, 4 door, nice RIDE....smooth, lots of room, lots of trunk space, safe. I need a used one. Something good on LONG cross country trips. A car that would comfortably seat 5-6 in a pinch...The Explorer is on its final legs. I think she has 240,000 plus miles on her. I get to pick this car. YEAH!! I love how a Lincoln rides, I also like how Cadillac rides. Let me know folks...I really know nothing about mechanics/safety. I just know from being in the passenger seat in those. I've looked at a BMW, but frankly know nothing about BMW?

Lesson number 187 on painting in the darn south...humidity...oh and 11 rainy days out of 13. Well I need to slap an extra coat on.....crud...looks like I can get the West side cracked out tomorrow. Sunday the north side. The saga continues. I painted the west side, from 4-8pm tonight....I will be second coating, weather permitting for the next 5 days probably.

House hunting in our new locale, frustrating. It is pricier than I would have thought. However, you almost always get a basement. so you double the square footage. The 2 homes we were interested in, sold a little while ago. So the search continues. The main issue, getting in the school district we want. I did not think I was being picky. I thought my requests were simple. I recently found a great home, but it is only 1,200 square feet upstairs. Which is what we have for a total now. However there is a basement. So that is 2,400 square feet.... unsure if that is adequate. However, the neighborhood is one of the best, the school district, our #1 choice, and it is handy to all services we would use.....and I might mention the price is right. I would not EVER be in a pinch to make the payment. However, with the market as it is, and interest rates being what they are, I think we should look at something a little bigger...As I do not want to move anytime soon.....moving is exhausting.

My Father was shocked while visiting...why? It seems SR, has made such gradual changes, I have hardly given him enough credit. When my Father left, he called me while driving through Kansas City.

Dad: "I have been thinking this whole drive"

AWTM: "About what?"

Dad: "I cannot believe how SR, has changed. He did not have one meltdown in 6 days. Not one."

AWTM: thinking...."yeah, I guess he did not"

Dad: "He seems like a different kid...."

AWTM: "I know"

We then spoke about all of the hours SR spent crying as an infant, and how frustrated and anxious his toddler years were. I was thrilled when the hours of crying turned into meltdowns. The meltdowns went from EVERY SINGLE time you had to transition the kid to 3 a day. And now, well they only seem to rear up when he kid is fatigued, on extreme sensory overload, both, or frustrated. Also, it is just hard to describe, and too much to think about. No advice needed or wanted here. He seems to be figuring the planet out, and has managed to find the coping skills to deal with it...It is essentially amazing to all of us who know him. 6 days no meltdowns.

PN, has been challenging me lately. She is smart as a whip, doing excellent at her Mothers Day Out. Her only complaint is that when the babies poop, they make her gag. And the "boys" are naughty sometimes. However, she is trying to be a big girl now, and it is confusing her. She seems to like to make sure that I KNOW she is a big girl by arguing with my meal choices, etc. Autonomy. ewwww....I wish this phase would speed up, and she would be my sweet girl again. she likes to turn everything into an argument. I hate arguing. I have always let her make choices. So we have to figure this thing out. She is also a little miffed about her favorite man being gone. Daddy. She really misses him and is confused about why he is not here. I have explained it a million times. But heck she is 4.

Daddy was supposed to come home for the weekend. We were going to celebrate 17 years of marriage sunday. But work is such that he could not come home. Darn.

17 years. I am getting old.

I will rest when I am dead

I forgot I have to chaperone at the zoo today....

Update: Chaperoning 13 kids while going through a zoo? Like teaching cats to use a fork and knife. They were good, you just cannot seem to get them all to listen at THE SAME TIME. We took a group photo, I think it took 10 minutes to get them all standing and looking the same direction. Hilarious. They all operate to the beat of their own drummer. It was fantastically funny to hang out with them for the day. I could never teach this group of kids. NEVER, as I am sure after 4 hours of herding cats, I would crack. But they are a sweet group, each shining in his or her own special way. Personality galore. The best part of the day had to be at the alligator area. There were all of these caterpillers all over the ground. Thousands. Unsure what kind, but they build these little webs in trees? Bueller? Anywho, the kids were so fascinated with the caterpillars, that they could have spent the day messing with the caterpillars. I was like, "hey kids look a giraffe", "look a tiger!!"


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Must do....

UPDATE: 5:20pm Friday...

$490.00 left folks.

Donate HERE!!

Some people can go through trials and tribulations, and do it with such grace and candor, I am left amazed and humbled.

Tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio we spoke with Reid Stanley who authors the blog A Storm in Afghanistan.  Reid  is an active duty soldier, who lost his wife to cancer 408 days ago.  He shared his family's story through illness, treatment, death, funeral, and grief.......If you have a moment, please listen to the program, Reid really is a no nonsense and open with his care, and love for his wife.  Please listen to the show. 

Reid, is currently involved in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

I'd like to announce that I've decided to partake in the Avon - Walk for Breast Cancer.

walk will be 26.2 miles long, or more recognizable as the length of a
marathon. I think that's significant as battling cancer is often best
thought in terms of a marathon - it's a long race.

I'll be
walking in Washington, DC - where Ellicia found special memories on our
last trip. And significantly, it's the weekend of her birthday - she
would have been 41.

Avon's foundation requires a commitment to ensure the successful goal of the walkers.  Each walker must make a commitment of a
minimum of $1800 in contributions.

am asking for YOUR help. I'd like to blow past that goal, personally.
Breast cancer, like so many cancers, is a horrible disease. We need to
keep funding the research to DEFEAT this disease - before it claims too
many more of our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters... and little known
fact, the men in our society, too.

Please, go to my Avon website where you can donate directly.

If that doesn't work, then you can also click the button below, and those donations will go 100% to the walk.

Thank you for your support.  It'll be a long, hard walk... but, as Ellicia taught me, anything
is possible.


Reid needs to raise at least $1,800 to participate in the walk. Tonight he announced on SpouseBuzz Radio, he is at 64% of his goal.

I would love to see the blogosphere help Reid reach the $1,800 goal within 24 hours. If you cannot donate, just spread the word. Every dollar counts.

Awareness is the key...

The Avon Walk for cancer website is going to use the money for the following.

Funds raised through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer event series are managed by the Avon Foundation, an accredited 501(c)(3) charity, to advance access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer. The Avon Foundation supports a virtual national network of research, medical, social service and community-based organizations, each of which is making a unique contribution to helping patients or advancing breast cancer research. The Avon Foundation awards funding in breast cancer education and awareness; screening and diagnosis; access to treatment; support services; and scientific research into the possible cause, prevention, treatment and cure.

I would like to see an end to this disease. I would like my daughter to exist in a place where breast cancer does not exist....

please spread the word and repost!!

Rain rain go away...

They are estimating we have had 4-6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

And now...

All I can hear is sirens.

Tornado Warning








Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am going to take a day off, pooped

I am pooped.

This morning PN and I had to run to Walmart and return some blinds. (wrong size, on 4 windows of all things)

We also picked up a new lunch pail for her, I cannot locate hers, and she is getting tired of taking a plastic grocery sack...

I also picked up more dirt.

We managed to get 4 pots planted.

And then I tackled the front flower bed, I thinned bulbs out while it rained. I managed to get most of it thinned.

Raked 4 bags of leaves.

Called the city, there was a wash out at my storm drain...PN found it, a hole bigger than her.

the city guys put yellow caution tape up.

Nice, nothing says sell a house like yellow caution tape. It looks like I murdered someone on the corner...

I took the neighbors across the way a batch of bulbs, and also took some to the nice lady down the road .

I managed to bag some of the bulbs and will ship them off in the morning. For those of you who requested them, forgive the less than stellar presentation.

For those of you in cold climates, do not plant them until it thaws out. (keep them in the crisper)

I made mixed bags...iris and daffodil. It will be a surprise when spring comes.

My bossy neighbor, had to come over today and make commentary.....I am going to kick him one of these days.

I had 3 inquiries about the house while I was out front doing lawn work....the 3 year old neighbor boy was peeing in the road one of those times!! Too funny

almost done...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Welcome to the enslavement camp for retirees!

Is it chagrin or shagrin? I am too tired to care, and heck this blog is filled with enough typos, and mispelled words, that I am sure there are some folks that are sure I am a monkey.

Speaking of monkey...

The other morning as I woke Sir Rowland he said..."Mom, I dreamt I was a monkey last night, it was great. I was able to help people." How fun is that, I have never dreamt I was an animal.

My Dad and his girlfriend are leaving in the morning, much to the dismay of my Father the perfectionist, who would love to stay here, and complete EVERYTHING.

Frankly, I am relieved and GLAD I HAD the help!! The amount of work we have done, well as one person, I would not be at the point where i see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will have to send a card, and something special ASAP. Maybe a bag of epsom salts, and a case of tiger balm.

I am pooped.

Today I woke to overcast skies, and just knowing it would rain.

My Father wanted to go around the house and try and fix all imperfections today, but with the pending rain, well it would have been a mess. I know, the rain, nearly ruined the west side of the house, after I had worked sooo hard painting it.


So I talked him out of that.

He replaced a blind, and we decided to go to the local nursery to get a truckload of mulch, 3 flats of Vincas, 4 flats of magenta wave petunias, magenta verbena, some sot of taupe ornamental grass, a fern, and some purple and chartruse sweet potato vine, and 5 salmon colored azalalea shrubs. The thunderstorn broke like mad while inside the nursery, and the sky fell out. WOW. A downpour. So we get the truckload of mulch home and the skies stop pouring and decide to sprinke, so we went ahead and spread mulch in the rain. The ground was far to wet to get the truck up on the lawn, so my Dad had the lucky job of loading the wheel barow while his girlfriend and I spread the mulch. I am not fibbing when I tell you that I have about 4,000 square feet of flower beds. I do. We ended up making another trip back and getting another double load.

It was hilarious, only because when we work, we sort of get nutsy about it. The other night, Dad and I painted with a spotlight in the front. We were trying to take advantage of the dry weather.

I recall planting potatoes one night on my Dad's acreage by flashlight as a young girl. The neighbor girl came over and said..."My Dad wants to know why you are planting in the dark?" My Dad told her that "everyone knew potaotes must be planted in the moonlight"..... HA, they tried it.

We spent the day out of doors in the rain like ducks. I had to get my Dad a bandana to wear on his head. Between the humidity and rain....we were a sight. I had his girlfriend take a photo of Dad and I soaking wet with a wheelbarrow standing in the rain....I hope she send it soon. It is a hilarious picture.

I told my Dad, he had better get something nice for his girlfriend after spending her vacation here. I have been running one of those "working vacation" thingys.." like a Dude Ranch, without the coolness factor. More like some sort of enslavement camp for retired people.

When we finally unloaded the pickup bed, a few of the neighbors started pouring in from work.

What did they see?

My Dad and I spraying out the truck bed in the seriously looked like we were washing the truck in the rain...

I have not had time to take photos, but will soon!!

Calling all gardeners, attention all gardeners.....


If you are in need of bulbs let me know...

I also realize this is not the ideal time to plant a bulb...

However it is worth a shot...

I have about 400 bulbs, I am trying to thin out, they are certainly cramped, and thus not doing well.

Let me know and I will try and find the best way to get them to you...

I currently think that if I wrap the bulbs in moist papertowels, and put in a zip bag, they might travel well if you live in the United States.

You will need to plant ASAP!!!

Let me know if you are interested in trying.

I currently have Iris, daffodil (several varieties)

I will be able to tell you if you are getting a daffodil, or iris, but I will not be able to tell you the color!

LEt me know, or drop me an e-mail!!


Monday, April 07, 2008



I am tired and a little sore, and cannot imagine what my Father must be feeling at 30 years my senior.

The good news is, all of the "main painting' is done!!

I figured we spent about 4 days, give or take painting. Throw in all of the trips to Walmart, the paint store, taking The Collective to AWANA, school, MDO, giving Dad the tour of both of the children's schools, and church, and throw in the day we took the day off and went to Hot Springs, well we did not do too bad.

It was really horrible, and I have no intention of doing it again any time soon. At least a home exterior.

My few tips to painting on a budget are....,buy a very nice brush. NICE like a 2 inch slanted brush. Never let anyone else use your brush. Wash often, store with bristles moist and wrap in saean over ight. Also the roller is your friend. ROLL when and where you can, it saves a lot of time!! Buy decent paint. Practice seems to make perfect, the more you paint, the quicker and better you become. So start in a room that can afford some mistakes. If you need painters tape, use it... Oh and if you can afford to, use scaffolding. We did not (I did not want to spend the $$ on it) and it would have been nice, but heck I am not sure we could have used it up front anyway, as my flower beds were a hot mess from all of the rain. Painting from a ladder is a spooky job. Just because it cuts your range of motion.

The new color is lovely, and I am wishing I would have painted it years ago. It was hard finding a color that would compliment the brick, and the roof, and I did a good job. Photos might be up tomorrow night...if I can find some time.

Yesterday we had an inordinate amount of traffic. I forgot my neighbors house is probably still listed in all of the real estate books, so we had a l kinds of traffic. Sundays are open house days. At 4pm, I broke down and thought well, heck I might as well put my sign up. Today, Monday of all days I had 3 inquiries, and actually showed the house to young wife and her Mother (warts, boxes and all) as it is not really "READY" for show. but what the heck. This same young woman called about 20 minutes later asking if she could bring her Husband and they also did a walk through....they really liked it, and had that goofy first time home buyers smle, and really liked what they saw. We will see what they think. They were also curious to know when I could move, and if anyone else was interested. VERY quick.

We will see! Very exciting indeed.

I am actually glad my Dad came to help, it certainly cut my time painting. It really did.

It has been nice painting with my Dad, we are similar in a lot of ways. We prefer the quiet, no radio. We notice different has been nice.

Tomorrow, we are going to look around the interior and see what we can find......

Now I will sit and wait for phonecalls.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Children get older....and I 'm getting older too.

OK, for the record, I wanted no part of my Dad helping me paint for a few reasons...

One of those reasons, he is a cardiac patient....he has actually been coded once? Once I think....and he then received a triple bypass....



There is another reason, my once athletic, and physical Father, is no longer physically active...

Long story, but i think he just misses my Mom #1. Number 2, he is retired, and spends his time with those who think physical activity is for people who want to lose weight...

Anywho today my Dad and i were painting the south side of the house. (that is the garage side for those who have visited.

I looked over and he was standing of the ladder. I heard a hammer hit concrete, and then heard a thump, and noted my Dad 20 feet away from the garage, and lying on the ground.

He lost his footing, and did some sort of stuntman roll.

Scared the living shit out of me, he also would not take my advice and stop climbing. I am 37, I can climb. I am not afraid of climbing, I have great balance. I will climb.

He is lucky he did not break a bone. I think all of those years he worked in a dairy factory and drank milk 6 times a day had to have helped.

It is painful to see my dad as rarely as I do, only to note such a physical decline. In fact just the other day my DH and I were talking on the phone, about a situation...and DH said..."I would never want to fight your Dad." the loss of my Mother, and retiring and aging...well it seems to catch me off guard when I see my Dad for more than 48 hours...

The collective are enjoying him, and he is loving them.

1/4 of the house left, and we just might be done.

Hot Springs...

Decided to let the house dry out a day.

6 days of rain with 100% humidity, make it hard to paint...

so much to my Dad's disappointment I rounded everyone up early this morning, made pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and we headed out.

!st stop The bank...

The Collective had emptied the piggy banks into zip bags.

Our New bank, does not have a change machine....WTF? They also did not have my papaerwork for my banking (done over 3 weeks ago) processed yet. They had only DH on the account despite my filling out paperwork, and my names on the checks...I was not happy.

so then I took The Collective to another bank....

They wanted to charge the kids 5% for using the "change machine"....seriously. SR told them if the church got 10% and they got 5%, he would certainly lose some of his hard earned cash. They ended up waiving the fee....

They had $70.00 in earned piggy bank, and Easter money. Holy smokes...

So I promised them we would go to the toy Chest in Hot Springs....

After wrangling with banks for almost an hour....we finally left for Hot Springs...

The collective started not feeling good about 1/2 way into the trip....thank God for dramamine....I did not want to clean up puke.

We did manage to drive through Benton, and Bryant, and saw plenty of tornado damage....that was one heck of a storm folks....the storms, and tornadoes left and erratic path. I have photos and will post them soon.

We then started out journey at the Fordyce Bathhouse...

the restrooms were out of order, due to the storms and heavy rains....not good when children are in tow...

Hot Springs is a people watching mecca. We saw a 15 year old girl, with 2 children and an jailhouse ankle bacelet on....holy Dad saw someone roll a joint and smoke it outside of a souvineer shop, we also saw a lot of women in their 50's with cropped denim jackets and gold belts...weird.

We ended up going down to the Arlington Hotel, and sitting on the veranda and having an early morning drink....Dad chose coke, I ordered his girlfriend a glass of wine, I had a Bombay saphire and tonic, and the Collective had Sprites. It was nice to sit under the sun....

We then proceeded to try and shop. PN loved the clothing shops, and anything with sequins, and bling on it....SR was complaining of boredom.

We then got to the toy Chest to find the shop was actually flooded with 3 feet of water due to "The storms" they woud not let the Collective in, as they were restoring the shop.

the kids were ok with it, once the guy that runs the store gave SR the new Thomas, and new Rokenbok catalogs...

We had popcorn for lunch, headed out to a few new stores and then headed back to Little Rock to go to The other Toy Store.

PN, was fascinated with a sort of pogo stick thing you hang from the ceiling, and a double scooter, she zoomed all around the store with it.....

she found very little there, and decided she wanted a new bike with her allowance money.

LONG DAY, and I am beat....will update tommorow, and hope to post some tornado photos...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Interiority Complex...

OK, the painting of the interior is DONE.

My Dad and I sooo kick ass. We seriously thought this could take longer. Not bad considering all of the trips to Walmart, and Sherwin Williams.

First off, I am almost ready to start my own painting business. I am getting very good at cutting in and trim. I only had to use painters tape twice. That is huge!!

My arms do not hurt, I have no blisters. I have paint in my hair, eyebrows, arms, and hands.

My Father is such a a neat painter, that he has no paint on him....


My Father's Lady oiled my cabinets again, and she played with PN, straightend some things up....

Today was day 6 of rain....To those of you who have never painted in 100% humidity, it is different than painting in the rainforest.

I think we are going to try and make it to Hot Springs in the morning to do some shopping. The Collective still have garage sale money from last summer and the lemonade stand, as well as allowance to bring as well....Hot springs has a great toy store...

Of course, will take them on the "tour", bath houses, old casinos, etc...

I have not been in a while...

We will be going through some of the hardest hit (from the tornados)

Friday, April 04, 2008


OK quick note, there have been terrible microbursts, tornados, and storms here since about 8pm...

lots of damage throughout the state, some as close as 10 minutes away.


Let me just say all night I was making jokes that if I died, while painting it would just would no question.

I did think if the tornado happened to hit my house my house, at least the walls would be freshly painted as I stood in the rubble talking to channel 7 about how the tornado just sounded like train....(viewers would say, boy her walls look fresh even if they are 200 km away.)

not really how I wanna go....but.

Is that popcorn in your hair, or are you just happy to see me?

the popcorn ceiling drove my Father and I batty today. We are both too picky about painting to really want to deal with that crap..

I at some point had it in my hair, on my face...crap.

The other amazing thing here was...face plates in the living room. I swear there were 14 face plates. Crap.

I will say this, practice makes perfect, and well since I have been painting a lot I am getting better I believe.

My cutting in is fantastic now!


Tomorrow, we are going to paint the hallway. I managed to trim it out tonight, I also spot painted the doors.

Oh and a quick shout out to the friendly and helpful guy at Sherwin Williams, who mixed my paint to match PERFECTLY! AMAZING!!

I am beat...

I need a quick idea for dinner tomorrow night.

I also must stop and pay for gymnastics and ballet tomorrow.

Dad says...

If you have a house with popcorn ceilings...sell it.

A lot of work, looks great!

Living room down...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All is well...

My Father and his lady arrived at about 5:15pm today....Dad pulled up in his new caddy. A black car? WOW.

May not sound odd to any of you, but we all have white cars. Living in the Midwest through winter means dirty cars...White is actually the easiest to keep "looking" clean, especially while on gravel, or out in a rural area, they also do not get nearly as hot when it is summertime. Anyway, I come from a white car family. It is pretty funny when all of the cars are at my Father's house. My Father had a white caddy, a white Suburban and a white Chevy truck. We had the white Ford Explorer (which is on its last legs) and the white Ford F150, my sister has a white Cavilier, and my Brother a white Mercury Cougar and a white Ford FI50. Anywho all of us have white cars, it is actually pretty funny. Dad broke the unspoken agreement! Very funny. We always look like a team or something if we are meeting anywhere.

Dad arrived here with his girlfriend, and looked tired, poor guy. The last few years have just made him tired, and the 12 hour drive straight here was no exception. He showed up all blood shot, and beat....I think he just wants us "back home" ASAP, and that is wearing on him a bit....he is worried about me here, packing, and painting, and selling a house in a ruthless market. I promise, I have tried to alleviate the worry, after all I am the Queen of OK..and well, there is the other family stuff that has caused him great stress....which I cannot go into detail about on the blog. Stress is not good when you are a 67 year old guy, with heart disease.

Dinner was yummy. I had thrown a pork roast in the crock pot, and made a pasta salad. Nothing fancy, and easy. PN offered a lovely meal time prayer....

It is raining. No painting the outside. Day 5 of end in sight. Crap. Anywho Dad had told me a couple of days ago over the phone, well, we will just paint the inside....

So we walked from room to room tonight, and decided what needed a fresh coat of paint...

I am a lucky Mom, my children are not hard on things. Neither ram crap into walls, or are careless with things.

Kitchen, very minor touch ups.

Entryway, needs fresh paint.

Livingroom, well when you live in 1,200 square feet, and the livingroom is the LIVING room, well it needs paint.

Hallway needs paint! And that is it.

The Master looks great, both children's bedrooms are fine. Bathrooms are wallpaper, and not even the doorframes need a touch up.

I am pleased by taking a closer look and realizing we really are not rough on houses.

In good news, my father is a great painter, and quick. I am quick as well, so it should not take us long.

We have also forgone any need to paint anything any other color than vanilla ice cream....or whatever the freaking color is, but I must go to Sherwin Williams in the morning and check with them, I want the paint MATCHED. Otherwise I will end up having to paint more than I would like.

So I asked my Father if he would not mind replacing some blinds for me while he is here as a bonus, and he agreed! He will be much quicker than I would be at that task...FYI, kids ruin blinds.

Simple tool usage, well it seems to take me forever.

His girlfriend has been very sweet, they brought The Collective each an outfit, and some snacks. the kids are enjoying them. SR cheated at UNO tonight....darn kid.

Both children will be in school tomorrow....we should be able to knock out at least 2 projects.

I need to get a photo of Dad and I painting.

Laughing Wolf

Featured HERE!!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I am watching Bad Voodoo....

and it is harder than I thought.....

Well done, but fucking hard to watch.

Speaking of Reproduction

I put 7 eggs in a pan to boil.

I forgot about it...

Did you know if all of the water cooks out of a pan, an egg will explode???

My Dad and his girlfriend will be here tomorrow night, and my house will smell like eggs....


And now I am cleaning up shards of eggs.....

double crap

I forgot....and I am gonna blame my uterus

My memory is failing me.

It managed to get worse after each child, and then deployments...

It is a bit worrisome, as my Grandmother had Alzheimer's disease for YEARS.

Over spring break everything was canceled here. No AWANA, gymnastics, Mothers Day out, ballet....nothing.

So yesterday while driving to pick up Sir Rowland from school, Pink Ninja says...

"Mom it is Monday."

AWTM: "crap."

PN: looking sad...

AWTM: "I totally forgot your ballet class, TOTALLY FORGOT. I am so sorry."

PN: "that is ok Mom, but remember I have school tomorrow."

Guilt, indeed. She so enjoys her ballet class. She really does. Not to mention the fact, that I had already paid for it.

No good at all.

I think I need to turn a wall into the livingroom into a dry erase board. Sort of like they have outside of surgery.

My brain, that used to be a trap door, is now well a trapped door but things get locked in and do not have a way out.

When I was a nurse, I could remember EVERYTHING!! Who needed tube feeding insulin, pills, and at what times....

I am a little nervous about going back to work...

my brain is now pea soup....

First Memories....

For some reason I do not have a "first memory".

Isn't that strange?

I can recall attending church, and preschool, but have no recollection of anything specific.

I can recall learning my mother was pregnant, no one told me, it was a secret. Which seems strange, but my Sister (7 years my senior) spelled it out to a friend, and i remember deciphering, and then being a little miffed that Mom had not told me. I would have been 3 1/2.

I can recall getting a small table and chairs for christmas, I might have been 4-5?

I remember getting stiches in my lip (scar is still present but small. I think I was 3, and it was winter. I was outside playing in the snow on the patio, (alone?) there was an icicle on a bike, I tried to bite it off and managed to cut my mouth up....

My Mother wrapped me in a blanket, Dad drove to the Dr. They promised me M&M's if I stopped crying. I remember repeatedly calling for my Dad. (BTW, the Dr. did a great job at stiching it up and it is barely noticable at this time.)

I can recall being about 4 and consuming what I thought was a foil wrapped chocolate bar out of the fridge, the entire thing. My Sister was babysitting me. About 1 hour later my folks arrived home to note I had actually eaten an entire bar of ex-lax my grandparents had left in the fridge. My poor Sister spent the night in horror. I cannot recall the specifics, but remember sneaking back and forth to the fridge.

There are times I wonder what my children will remember, and I hope it is not the times I loose my temper, and raise my voice, or the trip to the hospital with broken arms, or the being so sad that Dad is not here. I hope it is not "falling in Grandma's freshly dug grave," or watching mommy cry because she cleaned up puke and poop for 8 days when they had rotovirus. I hope they remember swimming on the roof of the hotel in Atlanta at night, or the multiple museums we have taken them to, I hope they remember praying at the dinner table, and all of the tickling,

I promise I am going to ask them when they are older.....

I am sure I will be mortified at what they recall, and like any parent I will say..."That is not how it went down."

Do you have a first memory?


Day 4 of rain.

Mind you there is a reason they call Little Rock, Little Rock...

there is no soil.

I have standing water in my back yard....

Maybe instead of painting my Dad can build an arc.


Dad's new idea....

"We can paint the inside!"

Yeah fun.

Moving furniture should be great fun.

My Father's girlfriend has never been to home, nothing like showing her all of the grossness that lives under my furniture on her first visit

For shits sake.