Friday, April 11, 2008

I will rest when I am dead

I forgot I have to chaperone at the zoo today....

Update: Chaperoning 13 kids while going through a zoo? Like teaching cats to use a fork and knife. They were good, you just cannot seem to get them all to listen at THE SAME TIME. We took a group photo, I think it took 10 minutes to get them all standing and looking the same direction. Hilarious. They all operate to the beat of their own drummer. It was fantastically funny to hang out with them for the day. I could never teach this group of kids. NEVER, as I am sure after 4 hours of herding cats, I would crack. But they are a sweet group, each shining in his or her own special way. Personality galore. The best part of the day had to be at the alligator area. There were all of these caterpillers all over the ground. Thousands. Unsure what kind, but they build these little webs in trees? Bueller? Anywho, the kids were so fascinated with the caterpillars, that they could have spent the day messing with the caterpillars. I was like, "hey kids look a giraffe", "look a tiger!!"


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