Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am going to take a day off, pooped

I am pooped.

This morning PN and I had to run to Walmart and return some blinds. (wrong size, on 4 windows of all things)

We also picked up a new lunch pail for her, I cannot locate hers, and she is getting tired of taking a plastic grocery sack...

I also picked up more dirt.

We managed to get 4 pots planted.

And then I tackled the front flower bed, I thinned bulbs out while it rained. I managed to get most of it thinned.

Raked 4 bags of leaves.

Called the city, there was a wash out at my storm drain...PN found it, a hole bigger than her.

the city guys put yellow caution tape up.

Nice, nothing says sell a house like yellow caution tape. It looks like I murdered someone on the corner...

I took the neighbors across the way a batch of bulbs, and also took some to the nice lady down the road .

I managed to bag some of the bulbs and will ship them off in the morning. For those of you who requested them, forgive the less than stellar presentation.

For those of you in cold climates, do not plant them until it thaws out. (keep them in the crisper)

I made mixed bags...iris and daffodil. It will be a surprise when spring comes.

My bossy neighbor, had to come over today and make commentary.....I am going to kick him one of these days.

I had 3 inquiries about the house while I was out front doing lawn work....the 3 year old neighbor boy was peeing in the road one of those times!! Too funny

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