Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I forgot....and I am gonna blame my uterus

My memory is failing me.

It managed to get worse after each child, and then deployments...

It is a bit worrisome, as my Grandmother had Alzheimer's disease for YEARS.

Over spring break everything was canceled here. No AWANA, gymnastics, Mothers Day out, ballet....nothing.

So yesterday while driving to pick up Sir Rowland from school, Pink Ninja says...

"Mom it is Monday."

AWTM: "crap."

PN: looking sad...

AWTM: "I totally forgot your ballet class, TOTALLY FORGOT. I am so sorry."

PN: "that is ok Mom, but remember I have school tomorrow."

Guilt, indeed. She so enjoys her ballet class. She really does. Not to mention the fact, that I had already paid for it.

No good at all.

I think I need to turn a wall into the livingroom into a dry erase board. Sort of like they have outside of surgery.

My brain, that used to be a trap door, is now well a trapped door but things get locked in and do not have a way out.

When I was a nurse, I could remember EVERYTHING!! Who needed tube feeding insulin, pills, and at what times....

I am a little nervous about going back to work...

my brain is now pea soup....

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