Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have become local neighborhood garden lady, I need a hat.

I would have never thought.....

I would become the gardening advice lady.

Never in a million years.

I need to take some photos of my garden before I go....

How I will miss it. I have had some real success in there.

The white climbing rose I planted for my growing CRAZY big.

The haustas, HUGE.

Sedum, HUGE.

Liriope, gone CRAZY. I have split it and planted and planted it...(a great plant investment for those of you on a budget.) We call it monkey grass.

The alstromeria I was given at my Mothers funeral, was planted years ago, and now is growing and healthy and gorgeous.

Pictures soon...

I promise!

I have become the house, the neighborhood retired folks drive by at night, they peek at my garden. I have become the lady at the library that gets asked what to plant in the shade.

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