Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First Memories....

For some reason I do not have a "first memory".

Isn't that strange?

I can recall attending church, and preschool, but have no recollection of anything specific.

I can recall learning my mother was pregnant, no one told me, it was a secret. Which seems strange, but my Sister (7 years my senior) spelled it out to a friend, and i remember deciphering, and then being a little miffed that Mom had not told me. I would have been 3 1/2.

I can recall getting a small table and chairs for christmas, I might have been 4-5?

I remember getting stiches in my lip (scar is still present but small. I think I was 3, and it was winter. I was outside playing in the snow on the patio, (alone?) there was an icicle on a bike, I tried to bite it off and managed to cut my mouth up....

My Mother wrapped me in a blanket, Dad drove to the Dr. They promised me M&M's if I stopped crying. I remember repeatedly calling for my Dad. (BTW, the Dr. did a great job at stiching it up and it is barely noticable at this time.)

I can recall being about 4 and consuming what I thought was a foil wrapped chocolate bar out of the fridge, the entire thing. My Sister was babysitting me. About 1 hour later my folks arrived home to note I had actually eaten an entire bar of ex-lax my grandparents had left in the fridge. My poor Sister spent the night in horror. I cannot recall the specifics, but remember sneaking back and forth to the fridge.

There are times I wonder what my children will remember, and I hope it is not the times I loose my temper, and raise my voice, or the trip to the hospital with broken arms, or the being so sad that Dad is not here. I hope it is not "falling in Grandma's freshly dug grave," or watching mommy cry because she cleaned up puke and poop for 8 days when they had rotovirus. I hope they remember swimming on the roof of the hotel in Atlanta at night, or the multiple museums we have taken them to, I hope they remember praying at the dinner table, and all of the tickling,

I promise I am going to ask them when they are older.....

I am sure I will be mortified at what they recall, and like any parent I will say..."That is not how it went down."

Do you have a first memory?

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