Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Welcome to the enslavement camp for retirees!

Is it chagrin or shagrin? I am too tired to care, and heck this blog is filled with enough typos, and mispelled words, that I am sure there are some folks that are sure I am a monkey.

Speaking of monkey...

The other morning as I woke Sir Rowland he said..."Mom, I dreamt I was a monkey last night, it was great. I was able to help people." How fun is that, I have never dreamt I was an animal.

My Dad and his girlfriend are leaving in the morning, much to the dismay of my Father the perfectionist, who would love to stay here, and complete EVERYTHING.

Frankly, I am relieved and GLAD I HAD the help!! The amount of work we have done, well as one person, I would not be at the point where i see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will have to send a card, and something special ASAP. Maybe a bag of epsom salts, and a case of tiger balm.

I am pooped.

Today I woke to overcast skies, and just knowing it would rain.

My Father wanted to go around the house and try and fix all imperfections today, but with the pending rain, well it would have been a mess. I know, the rain, nearly ruined the west side of the house, after I had worked sooo hard painting it.


So I talked him out of that.

He replaced a blind, and we decided to go to the local nursery to get a truckload of mulch, 3 flats of Vincas, 4 flats of magenta wave petunias, magenta verbena, some sot of taupe ornamental grass, a fern, and some purple and chartruse sweet potato vine, and 5 salmon colored azalalea shrubs. The thunderstorn broke like mad while inside the nursery, and the sky fell out. WOW. A downpour. So we get the truckload of mulch home and the skies stop pouring and decide to sprinke, so we went ahead and spread mulch in the rain. The ground was far to wet to get the truck up on the lawn, so my Dad had the lucky job of loading the wheel barow while his girlfriend and I spread the mulch. I am not fibbing when I tell you that I have about 4,000 square feet of flower beds. I do. We ended up making another trip back and getting another double load.

It was hilarious, only because when we work, we sort of get nutsy about it. The other night, Dad and I painted with a spotlight in the front. We were trying to take advantage of the dry weather.

I recall planting potatoes one night on my Dad's acreage by flashlight as a young girl. The neighbor girl came over and said..."My Dad wants to know why you are planting in the dark?" My Dad told her that "everyone knew potaotes must be planted in the moonlight"..... HA, they tried it.

We spent the day out of doors in the rain like ducks. I had to get my Dad a bandana to wear on his head. Between the humidity and rain....we were a sight. I had his girlfriend take a photo of Dad and I soaking wet with a wheelbarrow standing in the rain....I hope she send it soon. It is a hilarious picture.

I told my Dad, he had better get something nice for his girlfriend after spending her vacation here. I have been running one of those "working vacation" thingys.." like a Dude Ranch, without the coolness factor. More like some sort of enslavement camp for retired people.

When we finally unloaded the pickup bed, a few of the neighbors started pouring in from work.

What did they see?

My Dad and I spraying out the truck bed in the rain....it seriously looked like we were washing the truck in the rain...

I have not had time to take photos, but will soon!!

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Anonymous said...

I have been exhausted just reading all the things you are doing getting ready to move. But you have also made me laugh.

Thanks. I think I'll call my dad and see if he wants to come join an enslavement camp for retirees.