Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one leg up

I woke t 5:45am.

I got out of bed because I was lying there in a panic with all of this move stuff coming.

I thought

"wake up and get your crap done".

I can get internet service but it is patchy this morning.

I have to keep a leg up wear a foil hat, and raise a hand...

Monday, July 28, 2008

looks like the VA came through, maybe I will have that gin and tonic in the bath.

Thank God DH is more patient and diplomatic than I. (90 minutes on the phone with the VA, and problem solved)

REALLY. He is.

I still contend that the VA is operating like it is 1950 instead of 2008.

We take possession of our home THIS FRIDAY!!


First order of business.

A LONG bath in my new tub, a loooong bath. Like 4 hours (not kidding)

Door closed, some sort of drink in hand. (Maybe 3, it has been a long time coming)


And I know I cannot just walk into my new house, and get in the tub. I will not have any towels or anything until I unpack a few things.

The bathrooms will not take long. They are one box each. I am not one of those lotion/shampoo tryer outers. One lotion, one shampoo, one conditioner. I am freaky that way. Although I note a lot of folks seem to have cupboards full of the stuff, and hate most of it....I do not like bottles of things rotting in my cupboard.

Anywho, I intend on taking a long bath, and will have a funny book in tow.

I am currently TRYING to read When You Are Engulfed by Flames, by David Sedaris.

I have spoke a lot about David Sedaris here at AWTM. Nothing perks me up like reading about his misfortune.

I got hooked on Sedaris when he used to be a fairly regular segment at This American Life.

I tried to sit and think about why I LOVE him so much the other day. It really goes beyond the self deprecating humor. It goes beyond throwing his friends and family under the bus. Although I think he seems to get away with it, with the reader because he throws himself under the bus as well.

I suppose it is the details. When he writes, I swear I am in his living room, his apartment. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, I am his friend and I am in the room. Amazing.

I wonder if he struggles writing that way. Writing such detail MUST take some sort of patience. I lack that lovely trait. I do. But probably ought to work on it. I think I used to write with much more detail. I sort of just throw things out now, just to empty my head.

Details will be nice. Especially if i want to read these accounts later.

just in case...

does anyone here know anyone of influence with the VA home loan folks.

I hate to ask....

but seriously in a panic.



coffee, tea or me

thinking Starbucks is gross.

Seriously, I think there are a handful of folks like me who love coffee, but do not understand the entire over roasted coffee beans at Starbucks...I also loathe ordering a "grande" anything.

(let me add I love the seasonal sugar laden stuff they do, like a pumpkin spice latte, or a pepermint mocha)

OK. So I found delicious coffee that does not taste like burnt mud, and am thrilled.


It is delicious, and so far not a sign of a hippie.

Our new home is in a "college town". Full of decent coffee houses. However I find Scooters to be just delish, the service is also faster than most coffee houses.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Removal Machine

like having my own piano bar, without the drinking.

I am in Omaha again. It has been fun, and relaxing. We managed to go to the zoo 2 more times. I took all 3 childen. FRankly the 3 children alone with one parent behave better than they do with all four. I know because we have done both. I seriously contend they behave better with less supervisors. Amazing. We have been taking our time because we are so close again. We spend 2 hours at one exhibit, and leave when we want.

One of the benifits of being here?

My SIL plays piano beautifully. A skill I do not have, and have always wished for. ( I will try and work on rectifying this matter in the future). This morning I am listening to her practice hymns for Mass. It is lovely.

I normally have her play requests for me. Mostly songs from musicals. Cole Porter, etc. So I can sing. My Brother is weirded out that I know all of the words. He thinks it just plain weird. I also know a lot of songs from the 30's-50's. From working with geriatric patients since I was 15, is my guess. You have to do something when giving someone a bath, right?

I need to find an entire Cole Porter song book to buy her....it would be a win win deal.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 more days and I will be in my new home!!

Unless of course the antiquated way the VA processes paperwork holds things up. Geesh. VA, if you are reading this, process it already before I throw my family "under the bus", in some blog post I will regret later.

After living "alone" and away from all family. Well living with my Dad, as helpful as it has been. Well holy smokes. I mean I feel sorry for myself. I do. But I should probably feel worse for my Father. I mean a widow, with a fiance' and boom. Kids in his food, yelling, wrestling, playing etc.

As someone who more than appreciates quiet. I understand what constant motion and noise can do to a person.

It has made me insane over the years.

So please VA hurry up already

And more photos of July

These are "the girls" Cousin Curl and Pink Ninja after consuming a pound of cherries. Pink Ninja is a handful by herself. With Cousin Curl. They produce enough energy to power a vehicle. Ford Motors should call me.

This is Sir Rowland and Cousin Curl. Photo taken by Pink Ninja, who has been nabbing my camera as a creative outlet. She broke my zoom, and now I need a new one. (Note to self, by her a camera for her birthday)

This is a photo of all 3 cousins lying in the grass on 4th of July. Adorable.

The final photo is one of "the girls"...do not let their collected preciousness fool you. They are sneaky like cats.

I had no idea...

Omaha is hosting...

A multi-event sports and rehabilitation program for military service veterans who use wheelchairs for sports competition due to spinal cord injuries, amputations, or certain neurological problems. Attracting more than 500 athletes each year, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games is the largest annual wheelchair sports event in the world.

The events are going on RIGHT NOW.

Go here for more information.

I would love to volunteer next year for the event.

More photos. (I told you I had bunches)

The Collective were amazed at the size of these "dandelions". They are from the suburbs and did not know the difference.

Here is a photo of a Shriner tear-assing around in his little car. I want one.

the annual photo at the 4th parade. I have been looking throuhg all of the 4th photos, from babies in strollers to now. They do grow up so fast.

DH bought 3 of these "blow up Osama Bin Laden's head thingys" for the Fourth. Not as satisfying as one would think.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The first part of July in Photos......lots of them...

OK, first photo is The Collective and I with Grammie. We love Grammie. I wish she lived closer, because we do get along so well. I think God sent me such a blessed woman, because he knew I would loose my Mother. She is thoughtful and generous with her heart. I note The Collective have tongues out in this picture. Figures.

This is a photo of a couch I would REALLY LOVE, while shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It was very smart looking. But really who needs an enormous leather couch in the great room?


btw, after taking this photo, and several others we were followed around the store for 2 hours....

This a a photo of the neighbor burning the trees we removed from my Fathers place. It was legal schmegal. The guy even went to the fire department and obtained a permit. The fire pit was HUGE. HUGE, and it burned FAST. The kids could have cared less.

This is the neighbors famouse tire swing that has been hanging forever. Everytime we take the girls on it one of them falls off of the damn thing. Be careful were you land, it is in a cow pasture.

More later

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Who will be attending Blog World EXPO in Vegas this September?

Milblog Conference...

I need to see my imaginary friends.

I do lurve Omaha...

I love Omaha. I do.

I am at my Brother's home for a visit.

Last night we went to Wheatfields for dinner. (One of my favorite casual dining places in Omaha) The food ALWAYS tasty, the menu HUGE. My only complaint is too many choices. Prices are amazing! For $17, I had a 13 oz NY strip, a Swiss Hotel salad (assorted greens,tomato slices, blue cheese crumbles, and a delicate sweet dressing with a trace of chives) creme brulee potaoes, and asparagus spears. Yummmmmmmm....it was soooooo yummmm. I made sounds while I chewed. Oh, one other complaint. The bakery menu.... I have been working on my peanut butter cup cheesecake for almost 24 hours now.....very RICH, and HUGE.

Today was spent at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Fantastic, on MANY levels. But I was surprised at the added bonus of a yearly membership at a special military rate of $40. The normal cost $78. The zoo is expansive, so we only picked a few things to see today. I picked monkeys/apes. The kids picked penguins. DH picked the new creatures of the night in the basement of the desert dome (albino alligator!)...

A fun day, and very nice to see DH.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anxiety AGAIN?

OK, I am on vacation, but not really.

I keep trying to convince myself I am, to no avail.

I have things looming, and although I have TRIED and TRIED. I am not one of those people that can have looming stuff and relax. Just can't. Damn.

We cannot move into the new abode until the 1st of August.

Seems sort of silly to shop for furniture for the new place until I am in it, and can measure etc.

And then we have school, pre K for PN, BOOM, job hunting, painting, etc.

I am still on the search for Drs., pediatricians, a phone company, and the like.

No big deal if I had computer access at all times, I could do things at night...

So I am doing everything the old fashioned way which means phone call after phone call.

This morning I spent my time with my cup of coffee on the phone, with the gas company, electric company, garbage, a pre-K program, the title company.....

I am currently signing contracts via snail mail. Which is fine, frankly it only takes 1-2 days for things to get form one town to the next....

I will say I am spoiled with technology.

My Father thinks it is hilarious that I am frustrated out of my wits with the phone and snail mail.

He does not understand the ease of the computer.

Wish me luck.

I am going to try some yoga this weekend to mellow my ass.

I could use a nice brisk walk as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh and I am 38....

Thank you for the cards, and well wishes..

I am 38.

I am going to tell people I am 42 though so people say, wow she looks great "for her age".

I feel 32.

I am healthy.

I am blessed.

like Peyton Place

Not much time..

However I will say small town living is exciting. I feel as though I must be leading a thrilling and exciting life.

My Father's cardiologist said this the other day during my Dad's checkup...

Doc: "you must like movies?"

AWTM: "I suppose, why?"

Doc: "I keep seeing you renting them..."

First off folks, I have been to the movie gallery 2 times. 2. In like a month. Both times, no one was in the place, except for me and The Collective.

I am unsure if the Doc, happens to be driving by and sees my car, or what....I promise we are walking chaos right now, but we are certainly not that "noticable". Heck my car is gray...

I might just rent something really dirty, and see what the folks in town think about that!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

reminder for myslef to blog about "The Shopper"

and being in a small town...

If it were sooo much fun, people would never leave home...

at least that is what my DH keeps telling me...

I hate to say I have tried the family togetherness thing now for about one month

My poor Dad.

We have brought chaos to the widow Grampa's home...

He lives in a white house,

White furniture and white carpet, white table, and chairs, white flooring in the kitchen....

All are intact.

But still.

We continue to live out of 2 bedrooms, out of suitcases. ICK.......

but I thank God, I have not had to pay for a hotel for a month or 2.

The kids are a bit twitchy at this point.

I did get them a Wii.

Sir Rowland has been obsessed with bowling and has reached PRO status.

I have tried to limit his time, but with much problem.

Pink Ninja is mad, we are not home, I took her away from her friends, and church, her Dad is not here..."what in the heck"?

She is more defiant than I have seen her she has regressed in behavior.

I hope all changes upon the move, as my nerves are FRIED! I am not sure what to say, or do to make her see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Her terrible 2's have been late in coming, and now I get them 2 years later with a vengence.

I am going to try and make the best of things, as this is probably the last REAL summer vacation we 3 will spend together, as I will be going to work full time, doing "something"....soon. Tomorrow we are going to go to a "county fair", we still need to go to the zoo in Omaha. I have friends I need to visit...

I am still unsure what i want to be when I grow up, and well I am a mediocre writer, and as much as I enjoy it, blogging will not pay the bills...

I am currently trying to find a 9-5 nursing job. Not easy to find, and 9-5 nursing jobs are not where the $$ is.

Still toying with the idea of getting certified to teach yoga in my spare time.

Ummmmmm...I am on language double secret probabtion, as my son has taken to calling people douchebags.

DH was unimpressed, shame on me.

We are ok.

Will try and catch you all up to speed SOON....

only a few days and we can move in to our new home.

I am excited.

I am also not thrilled with the idea of painting, and buying furniture, but both need to be done.

I have pictures to post...

things to talk about, and no time to do it.

I am sitting in a Burger King of all places, stealing free internet, eating a fried chicken sandwich and a coke, both of which I do not need, as I have gained 5 of the 10 pounds I lost...


maybe the painting will help?