Monday, July 28, 2008

looks like the VA came through, maybe I will have that gin and tonic in the bath.

Thank God DH is more patient and diplomatic than I. (90 minutes on the phone with the VA, and problem solved)

REALLY. He is.

I still contend that the VA is operating like it is 1950 instead of 2008.

We take possession of our home THIS FRIDAY!!


First order of business.

A LONG bath in my new tub, a loooong bath. Like 4 hours (not kidding)

Door closed, some sort of drink in hand. (Maybe 3, it has been a long time coming)


And I know I cannot just walk into my new house, and get in the tub. I will not have any towels or anything until I unpack a few things.

The bathrooms will not take long. They are one box each. I am not one of those lotion/shampoo tryer outers. One lotion, one shampoo, one conditioner. I am freaky that way. Although I note a lot of folks seem to have cupboards full of the stuff, and hate most of it....I do not like bottles of things rotting in my cupboard.

Anywho, I intend on taking a long bath, and will have a funny book in tow.

I am currently TRYING to read When You Are Engulfed by Flames, by David Sedaris.

I have spoke a lot about David Sedaris here at AWTM. Nothing perks me up like reading about his misfortune.

I got hooked on Sedaris when he used to be a fairly regular segment at This American Life.

I tried to sit and think about why I LOVE him so much the other day. It really goes beyond the self deprecating humor. It goes beyond throwing his friends and family under the bus. Although I think he seems to get away with it, with the reader because he throws himself under the bus as well.

I suppose it is the details. When he writes, I swear I am in his living room, his apartment. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, I am his friend and I am in the room. Amazing.

I wonder if he struggles writing that way. Writing such detail MUST take some sort of patience. I lack that lovely trait. I do. But probably ought to work on it. I think I used to write with much more detail. I sort of just throw things out now, just to empty my head.

Details will be nice. Especially if i want to read these accounts later.

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