Wednesday, July 16, 2008

like Peyton Place

Not much time..

However I will say small town living is exciting. I feel as though I must be leading a thrilling and exciting life.

My Father's cardiologist said this the other day during my Dad's checkup...

Doc: "you must like movies?"

AWTM: "I suppose, why?"

Doc: "I keep seeing you renting them..."

First off folks, I have been to the movie gallery 2 times. 2. In like a month. Both times, no one was in the place, except for me and The Collective.

I am unsure if the Doc, happens to be driving by and sees my car, or what....I promise we are walking chaos right now, but we are certainly not that "noticable". Heck my car is gray...

I might just rent something really dirty, and see what the folks in town think about that!

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