Saturday, July 19, 2008

I do lurve Omaha...

I love Omaha. I do.

I am at my Brother's home for a visit.

Last night we went to Wheatfields for dinner. (One of my favorite casual dining places in Omaha) The food ALWAYS tasty, the menu HUGE. My only complaint is too many choices. Prices are amazing! For $17, I had a 13 oz NY strip, a Swiss Hotel salad (assorted greens,tomato slices, blue cheese crumbles, and a delicate sweet dressing with a trace of chives) creme brulee potaoes, and asparagus spears. was soooooo yummmm. I made sounds while I chewed. Oh, one other complaint. The bakery menu.... I have been working on my peanut butter cup cheesecake for almost 24 hours now.....very RICH, and HUGE.

Today was spent at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Fantastic, on MANY levels. But I was surprised at the added bonus of a yearly membership at a special military rate of $40. The normal cost $78. The zoo is expansive, so we only picked a few things to see today. I picked monkeys/apes. The kids picked penguins. DH picked the new creatures of the night in the basement of the desert dome (albino alligator!)...

A fun day, and very nice to see DH.

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