Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sucking eggs

That would sum up my day....

just when I think things look like a cakewalk.

I have not

watched The Daily Show for a long time, but I did last night...

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Carmageddon '09 - Lemon Aid
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Monday, March 30, 2009


I am currently working on a small project for a very good friend. I could not be there for her wedding, so I am embroidering her an antique handkerchief to carry with her on her special day. I am free handing it, to match her wedding invitation she sent.

In good news it feels good to do something for someone I care so much about. In bad news, I wish I would embroider more, so I was better at it. I will be attaching a note that says, do not look at the back. I also have noted my need for bifocals, is far worse than I had thought. I will need some in the next couple of months, as my eyes are fatigued.

I am watching Hildago right now, wondering how hungry I would have to be to consume a locust.

I do not think Monday helped much, as work was fatiguing, well not the actual work, but personalities can be...

It was almost 60 today, and tomorrow we are supposed to get some terrible Spring storm, which includes snow.

My Grandmother was buried in the month of April, and I recall walking in pumps, in the snow, in a think silk skirt....and how cold it was on that day. I also thought of Grandma this week when I was cooking asparagus, and for a moment, I could smell their home. Oh how sweet they were, and how they are missed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

On my nightstand

Since Deadwood ended, it left me wanting more of tales of Western expansion...

so I am reading this...

Phoebe Judson was a young bride in 1853 when she and her husband crossed the plains from Ohio to the Puget Sound area of Washington Territory. She was ninety-five when this book was first published in 1925. The years between were spent in “a pioneer’s search for an ideal home” and in living there, when it was finally found at the head of the Nooksack River, almost on the Canadian border. Phoebe Judson's account of the journey west is based on daily diary entries detailing her fear, excitement, and exhaustion. At the end of the trail, the Judsons encountered hardships aplenty, causing them to abandon a farm and business in Olympia before their arrival in the Nooksack Valley. During the Indian Wars they holed up in a fort at Claquato. In time, Phoebe overcame her fear of the Indians, learned the Chinook language, and won their friendship. All this is told in vivid detail by a woman of great dignity and charm whom readers will long remember. In a foreword, Susan Armitage, professor of history at Washington State University, calls A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home a "classic pioneering account," important for its woman's point of view.

More details
A pioneer's search for an ideal home: a book of personal memoirs
By Phoebe Goodell Judson
Contributor Susan M. Armitage
Published by U of Nebraska Press, 1984
ISBN 0803275595, 9780803275591
309 pages

I always think I was born during the wrong time, I cannot help but wonder if I would have made it then, if I would have died early from cholera, or smallpox. Or if I would have managed to build a sod home, and would be able to stand snakes in my home.

Invasions of the ants....

It is always some THING, is it not?

The other day after the torrential downpour...

I note ants. Foraging ants, not the water type.

We have Terro granules out of doors, and the little Terro pads on the inside.


Friday, March 27, 2009

And the work week comes to a close

This is the view out back...and the sunset, although I caught it a bit late this evening, it was glorious.

I am glad this week is over.

Bwah, I love this chart

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Am I the only one?

I spent most of the day scouring things...AGAIN.

Bleached, lysoling, laundry, etc...

and at some point today I thought it may be easier to just pack up and leave the house, to get out from under the foot of whatever virus this is. My hands are raw.

DH and I have yet to be touched seriously with it...

SR spent the day with a case of the lower part of this jazz.

I had to think to myself, that there is no possible way I could be the only person to have ever thought that it may just be easier to leave the germs behind.

It is Spring, and I would like to be planning my garden, and spring cleaning, etc....I am tired of scrubbing toilets, buckets, doorknobs, and washing bedding, and toothbrushes...

Last night at 8:30pm I looked into the mirror and frightened myself. I told DH that 10 years ago, 8:00ish was early int he day, and I would have looked great. Those days are over. I tried to perk myself up, with a apricot facial scrub, and a refresher of my hair color. Sadly it did little. amazing what a few years can do. My Father laughed when I relayed the message to him today, and let me know, the mirror becomes less forgiving with time, but in good news he could give a shit.

This has to be the last of illness for while right?

In other news, despite the fact that I am not hungry, or feel like cooking, I feel obligated to cook for my children who look thinner than normal.

I am making turkey filets on the grill, mashed potatoes, and asparagus, in hopes they consume some of it...

Project this week, correspondence, and Easter Clothing for the Collective. PN wants a lavender colored cotton dress. SR could care less as long as he is comfortable

I think i found an Easter project, in which DH's old ties can be used!!

This looks like a great and fun project!

Materials and Tools
Small- to medium-size raw eggs
Glass or enamel pot
Silk ties, blouses, or boxers, cut into pieces large enough to cover an egg
White sheets (or pillowcases or old tablecloths), cut into pieces to cover silk-wrapped eggs
Twist ties
3 tablespoons of white vinegar
Warm water
Vegetable oil
Paper towels
Tongs or spoon

Silk Tie Easter Eggs How-To
1. Cut silk into a square (or a piece) large enough to wrap around a raw egg.

2. Wrap a raw egg with a piece of silk, making sure the printed side of the material is facing the egg. Silk can still be used if it doesn't fit perfectly around egg.

3. Place the silk-wrapped egg in a piece of white sheet, pillowcase, or old tablecloth and secure tightly with a twist-tie.

4. Place the egg(s) in an enamel or glass pot. Fill pot with water to cover eggs completely. Then, add three tablespoons of white vinegar.

5. Bring water to a boil, turn heat down, and simmer for 20 minutes (longer if you plan on eating the eggs).

6. Remove eggs from water with tongs or spoon and let cool.

7. Remove silk from cooled egg.

8. For shiny eggs, wipe with vegetable oil after completing step 7.

The hills are alive, with the sound of puking

SR spent yesterday in my bed, docile, watching cartoons, and sleeping on and off. He did not talk or say much Dh said. When I got home, I climbed next to him and we slept for a bit. I gave him a popcicle, and gave him a warm bath. As soon as he got out of the tub, he puked all over the bathroom floor.

I cleaned him up, helped him get in his jammies, and I tried reading him a chapter from Captain Underpants. He was exhausted, and had no interest. And then he said he was hungry. I went ahead and gave him 4 club crackers, which he kept down with a few sips of water.

We then carried him to bed. He is over 50 pounds now, and I had DH do it, as he was so floppy, and hard to manage.

He slept through the night, with no illness.

This morning, he woke looking pale, and feeling weak, but ready to take on the day it seemed.

DH and I sat here debating on what to do.....Do we take him to science camp? Only to get a call in a couple of hours because he puked?

We decided I would stay at home with him this day, and let him recuperate.

so far all is well he kept rice krispies and a few grapes down. I am not going to push anything on him. He is drinking, and managed to play a video game or two. Something he took no interest in yesterday.

I have given more hygeine pep talks in the last week than I ever care to again.

Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.

I also have a can of lysol growing out of my left hand.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DH is staying home with SR....

and the puking continues...

I am sure glad I paid $150 for science camp this week!

What a way for the little guy to spend Spring Break...

poor kids.

And I woke to the sound of puking....

It was SR.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I am on the fence about having my uterus removed...and no I am not becoming a sex blogger...

Many of you might remember, when I had my laproscopy about 2 years ago, or whenever it was...they found adenomyosis.

Adenomysis is is a medical condition characterized by the presence of ectopic endometrial tissue (the inner lining of the uterus) within the myometrium (the thick, muscular layer of the uterus).

Adenomyosis, is PAINFUL. Very painful. Please remember I labored pretty much alone with PN at home, until I was 9 1/2 cm with nothing, no tylenol etc. I even gave SR his bath, did dishes...etc...so I am ok with pain.

When my Dr. in Arkansas suggested a partial hysterectomy, I thought about it for a week. I then arrived at his office with a question...

Hold on to your hats Nellie...and leave now if you blush easily. But this is a serious matter, with serious consequences.

I asked the Dr. if having a hysterectomy could effect my sexual well being.

Meaning this...the uterus does function during an orgasm...

"will not having a uterus, effect my orgasm?"

The Dr. looked at me for a moment, like his Universe collapsed, and then said, "good question, I do not know the answer."

to which I replied

"would you want your wife to have a hysterectomy, not knowing that answer?"

he replied

"probably not".

I have researched this to death, and have found little in the way of REAL useful information.

This proved to be interesting...

As well as this article.

I am currently considering ablation therapy, or alternatives.

I have also spoke with Physicians re: leaving the ovaries, and only removing the uterus, can lead to decreased blood flow to the ovaries. Not only causing hormal issues, but an increase for my risk of heart disease (which the gentic Gods have already seen to)....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Who needs television?

the weather here today was strange.

The wind has been fierce for 2 days, and from the southwest. Sunday I left a couple of windows open...we returned from church and I found my very $$$ print lying on the floor, glass shattered all over the place. the darn wind had pulled this heavy heavy piece right down to the floor. I was very upset, as we have a hard time agreeing on any art pieces. And of course it was one we both love.

Today it was windy as well....terribly windy with gusts up to 60 mph.

When I picked up PN from school, one f the minivans in the parking lot had something thrown into the window, and the darn thing shattered to bits.

I picked up PN, and returned home, and watched shingles being blown all over the place, the sky was hazy with dust.

And then whammo, the sky fell out, and buckets of rain came. Whammo again nickle sized hail. One more whammo and rain.

The entire afternoon was spent looking out of my window that faces west, and watching clouds roll by quickly, and listening to tornado alarms.

After it was all over, I looked out the front door to see a lovely rainbow...

The entire thing arched over the empty lot across the way, which was not a bad way to end all of the fierce weather...

PN is feeling better, I am on the other hand feeling a bit under the weather...

SR spent his first day of Spring Break at a science camp, and will continue to do so for the rest of the week.

get your striped socks, we are back in the Midwest...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

carried across safely...

Guard Wife lost her Grandmother...

I never know what to say.

But I think this song introduced to me by Tammi is a good one for today....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Governor Palin's take on the Special Olympics

emesis non grata...

We have been without puking for about 8 hours now. She is still on clear fluids, and not hungry, but she is looking lovely...

It is amazing how gorgeous your own children can look even while puking. Because frankly I feel fine, and look horrendous, just with the lack of sleep, and no puking.

DH is on his way home from work, he is going to take SR to look at guitars. That should prove to be interesting.

Nora Bug...? Perhaps

chaos seems to reign....

holy cow...

It seems as though all of my friends have had the crappiest of weeks.

One friend is currently in ICU with her son, awaiting a recovery from very serious surgery.

One friend has lost the dream of yet another baby.

One friend is losing a Grandparent.

Another friend is under tremendous work pressure....

I am not sure where I am headed with this.

Last night at 12:30am, I was headed to bead, and I heard cries from PN room, I sent DH to check on her. I was called to the room immediately to find puke on her bed, PN in tears, crying, and miserable.

She vomited straight until 2:30am.....and then was up every 45 minutes until 7:00am, vomiting, gagging, dry heaving, complaining of stomach pain, and thirst. After every drink of water, out it came. More crying.

She is currently on the couch, pale, exhausted, with a bucket, a box of tissues, and a warm, moist pack on her tummy.

What kept me going through, was the thought of all my dear friends...dealing with far worse situations, and real crises.

This is not chaos, this is the teeniest of bumps....

Friday, March 20, 2009

not the brightest bulb...

I spoke with my MIL the other day, and she informed me I sent her some purple snow crocus bulbs, when I sent her jonquil, daffodil, and iris bulbs.

I sent some of you folks, some bulbs, any luck yet?

My get up and go came and got up and went...

I am just sitting down, and it is indeed 6:25.

I left work, picked up SR from school. Today was pajama day at school, the kids were cute.

I did realize I had to go get Friday groceries before going to pick up PN from school. I could have taken them both, but taking one to the store is enough. I worried about taking SR to the store in his pajamas. But, I figured what the heck and took him. I was glad to see other children that came directly from school instead of just looking like I was lazy, or had no clean clothing to put on the kid. However I was surprised that so many people commented on his pajamas. Note to self, people REALLY do notice what you are wearing, even when you are seven. I guess I did not realize so many people would care...Folks kept coming up to him and saying "what are you doing in your jammies? Did you just wake up?" SR replied to all of them...."Duh? It was pajama day". the "duh" thing has been one of those things he has picked up at school, and I hate it.

He has also picked up things like "its what I do baby, it is what I do", "AWEsome, aweSOME, and other variations of the word...oye.

I got home, and found myself unloading groceries, cooking dinner, cleaning lettuce, washing grapes, strawberries, and all of that business you must do after getting groceries...

We are done with Deadwood, so we are either going to finish watching BSG, or Rome, AGAIN.

We have an Easter egg hunt in the morning.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And the almost Friday exhaustion sinks in...

It is late, and Thursday..DH and I just completed watching Deadwood. Oh how I hate ending something I so love to watch. Now what...I figure we have one month left of watching movies, and the like, before we are out working in the yard in the evenings, or playing ball...etc. I would like to enjoy this last bit of reprieve.

If you want a good chuckle, go over here to my friend Guard Wife's place, and see what fun it is to have a child at St. Patrick"s Day! It is truly darling.

I picked up PN, on St. Patrick's Day, not hearing any mention of a leprechaun trap, but did hear that the leprechaun peed in not only the boys bathroom at school but the girls bathroom as well? How did she know? It seems as though leprechauns urinate green. Who knew, I will applaud the school on using food coloring, and toilets, as 5 year olds love toilet humor. Literally.

Let me see what else do I have to share? not much on this evening. I picked The collective up after school and work, we came home, Igave them a snack, and we went to the park AGAIN. By the time we returned 2 hours later...all were exhausted. I mean beat. I managed to coach them, into the nightly routine, they went down, and that was it...

I am headed to bed right now, and I imagine I would feel more welcome with pezz glued in the corner, and cotton balls, and a wall with money on it...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Monday when we returned home, we went to the park, Tuesday we worked out of doors, and I took the kids out for a walk after dinner time. Today when I returned I was missing the sunshine, the temps were not bad, but with a 45 mph wind, and no sun...well I decided it would be a good day to catch up wit my indoor work.

The Collective, have been helping so much, that it really takes a load off. Simple things, like making beds, taking out garbage, and replacing garbage bags...well it seems simple, but when done for you, it makes the day marvelous. I must write them each a thank you this week, to encourage both of them.

DH work hours continue to be anything but predictable. And now with the springing ahead, he looses all track of time, and heads home an hour later than he should. We are all off schedule, because the sun is out, when it should not be.

I am currently making a big salad for dinner, and we will have left over corned beef toasted on rolls. I have laundry going, as well as a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded, and I would love to mop my kitchen/dining room.

In fun family news, DH's cousin, (with whom he stayed while he was here prior to me selling the house) is preparing for her wedding this summer.

Interesting, indeed as we will be staying at The Arrow Hotel...

The Historic Arrow Hotel was built on 1928 by a group of private citizens to service the needs of the railroad. It replaced the old Commercial Hotel, and was the first three-story building in Broken Bow. The street-level consisted of the lobby, restaurant, beauty salon, barbershop, ladies dress shop and a ballroom. The second and third floors held fifty-two sleeping rooms with public baths at the end of the halls.

I am also trying to figure out where to take The Collective this summer.

I think we need to have dinner on a train!

Best Days...

I grew up with wives tales, and what not...

We always planted potatoes on Good Friday...

Here is a great article full of good gardening advice

2 helpers...

We managed to get MOST of the front pruned, cut, and cleaned out...

I have 2 butterfly bushes left, and 2 plants left. WE had so much stuff we removed, our lawn waste receptacle is FULL. I will wait until the refuse folks come and take it, before finishing. I even put the kids in the receptacle to tamp it down.

Worse to clean and trim up, the rose. It is wild. I decided to move it in the back yesterday. However I am going to have DH help...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday it was 77 degrees.

Very hard to believe considering that it was neg 9 just a few days ago.

When The Collective escaped school, we came home, had a snack and headed to the park, which is walking distance.

Really amazing out.

The Collective played, and played and played.

I think we left the park at 6:15.

Today there is more nice weather, which means I need to trim some shrubs, plants, grasses and trees. This should not be hard, I am only hoping to find my trimmers, and pruners... where are they?

The Collective also agreed to pick up all debris, for a price. I think this is fine, as they have chores, and yes I pay them. I also have made it a habit to pay them daily for completion instead of once weekly. I think this is a good motivator for them.

I was not paid for chores when growing up, there was no allowance of any kind. And i understood what my parents were trying to do. There are just certain things you are expected to add to the house, without payment....

However, I think they do it with a cheerful disposition when they recieve something back.

PN is a whiz at dishes,making her bed, and putting her laundry away. SR, well he needs extra prodding.

I have felt under the weather for about 2 1/2 weeks with my IBS, I will not go into detail about it, but it is never fun, and causes extra stress when it flairs up for several reasons. One of those is the fact that my Mother died from colon cancer, the other is...IBS is painful, and not much fun. Eating is not fun, after meals is not much fun either. 2 years ago I took bentyl for it, and I broke down yesterday and asked my physician to consider writing me a script for it.... I will stop at the pharmacy today after picking up SR from school to see if it is ready. I loathe when the IBS flares up....Normally it means I am stressed, but frankly I am not. So I am trying to figure out what triggered this. It will go away eventually.

I am excited about pruning, and cleaning up my several gardens for spring.

Being out of doors!! Ahhhh

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This morning was my first day singing with choir in front of the congregation, I think second service went better.

This song was my favorite.

We are currently getting whipped by my 7 year old in guitar hero this morning, although I am not doing bad with kinks songs.

We are off to run about, my Sissy leaves this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Monday already.

We have found excellent BBQ finally!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am still drowning in housework, but my Sissy is here.

We are off to the park, and out fro a luncheon today.

It is suprisingly 51 degrees.

I also must print off some photos for people, including you GRANDMA!! I have been remiss doing this, because of the cost, and time involved. SORRY.

I will get some good shots today!

My Sissy also brought 8 boxes of my Grandma and Grandpas things I have inherited. Normally I would tear into all of it. But I really do not have the space, time or energy...I did find an unfinished quilt top, my Grandma had quilted by hand....

that is 2 unfinished quilt tops here now...

OK we are off!

Pics of the day to follow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Simma Down

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enjoying the view...

I haven't told yawl that I have the grandest view out my living room window. You have to look beyond suburbia, but then it is straight Nebraska...and sky forever a Western view. I get the loveliest view out that window when I do my dishes in the evening. I get the coolest show in town. A Nebraska sunset....which is my favorite, although the sunset off of Oak Island is not bad in NC, especially if you happen to have a Pina Colada, and sand under your butt...

The other day when we drove PN to Daycare in the morning, we saw 1 1/2 miles of Canadian Geese in about 60-100 different V formations, one behind the other....we stood out in the cold for 10 minutes watching them, listening to them....

It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen....


I have been slacking on laundry this week. So I have a project tonight when I get home....

I also note I have library books to return, AND the bar has become the catch all. Which is driving me bananas...

lots to do when I return tonight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hair, Hair everywhere

Last night DH made a comment about PN's hair being gumpy, with something. I was like whatever, it just needs to be washed...

Ta Dah, she had mentos watermelon gum in it ALL DAY.

Just for the record, if gum dries in your hair, it is impossible to use, ice, peanut butter, oil to get it out.

So I got as much as I could out and then gave her a haircut.

Yes, that is right, for those of you keeping track that is 2 impromptu haircuts this week...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wonderful company...

I just returned, and yes it is late...

We spent the evening with fellow US Army National Guard Soldiers, none of them born in the United States...

Amazing, really there were folks from Morocco, Peru, and Iraq. All thankful for what the United States Army has done for their countries, and wanting to give back with service. As an American, who has not served, I found it humbling, and amazing.

And even with the language barriers, there were lots of smiles, wonderful Moroccon food, and lots of laughter...

I learned little girls from everywhere love paper dolls and kitty cats..

Be careful when you sleep

I woke this morning, groggier than usual because of the whole move the clock ahead scenario....

My daughter appeared before me with a barrette, and a brush telling me to "put a barrette right here". This seemed like an unusual place. Who wants a barrette right in their bangs?

So upon further investigation, I note, she has given herself her second haircut...

AWTM: Did you cut your hair?"

PN: "Nooooooo."

AWTM: "Well who did?"

PN: "I don't know."


So I went to look for the offending scissors, and the missing chunk of blond hair and did not find it...

AWTM: "Hey, I just saw a small fairy with a teeny blond wig, any idea where she got the hair?"

PN: "Noooooo"

This might be an indicator of my week, I hope not.
I feel as though I cannot lecture her too hard about this issue, as I gave every living child a haircut on the block when I was her age, I also gave ALMOST every doll I had a haircut at some point.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Science Fair

Here is a photo of the science fair...the only one I am comfortable putting up, as the booth was popular, and most of the photos have a lot of people or children in them....

There were over 200 submissions, so many that the 1st graders got put in the hall, which was fine.

DH insisted that SR, do all of his own writing, and cutting. And he did, this was good for him. He went and mingled, and actually went through almost every booth. PN stayed behind, telling folks this was "her big Brother's booth".

PN is already excited for her first science fair, and has ideas...

It was a fun night

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday means the week is almost over...

This is good news, although the week flew by.

I have been a little grumpy, just ask DH, who has to deal with me. I think Monday and Tuesday wore me out, I am better now.

Hoping to catch ya up on the Science Fair tonight.

It is beautiful out right now. Gorgeous!! Who thought I would think 44 degrees is short sleeve weather! It is supposed to be 61 by noon.

No wonder the kids have bronchitis.


I am ahead of the curve this morning, beds are actually made, everyone is fed, and dressed, and in good spirits...

I am trying to figure out how SR got mud all over his shoes....must have been at recess yesterday. Leave it to him to find a big mud puddle....

Things are good.

DH and I are watching Season 2 of Deadwood again....I love it.

I am off to work in a short sleeved blouse, and skirt!!

I am going to have to do Spring shopping soon. The girls told me the office is HOT in summmer...they said it is terrible. ICK. I thought I could manage with lightweight sweater sets, sadly this will not work...

must come up with another plan. I figure skirts will be nice.

Must come up with some sort of budget...

I have NO summer clothes...tank tops and cut offs... that will not work in the office.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Running behind, Science Fair was a blast

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

SR must be feeling cruddy...

DH just left, and PN and I are having breakfast, and watching Franklin, I just heard coughing, so SR must be awake....

He has a big day today, as it is "The Science Fair"...

There are 200 participants.

SR thinks there were far too many volcanoes.

We had to change the science fair project, SR had picked salivary amaylaze, and how it changes starches into sugars, but frankly he is 7, and since it takes about 4 minutes of standing with cornstarch on your tongue...well it was not nearly as flashy as he expected. He did not think folks at the science fair would stand for 4 minutes with crap on their tongues...

So he decided Sunday to change his experiment to Non Newtonian fluids, and viscosity. All with the help of our good friend corn starch again. H/T to Trying to Grok

Pictures to follow sometime in the next 2 days

Monday, March 02, 2009

Remind me never to wear 4 inch heels on days like this....

Seriously. I was out of the house at 8am, took PN to Pre-K, then ran SR to school, where we discussed his science project, looked for his Spanish vocabulary words, which we never found...and studied, until he went in, and then I was off to work. At 3pm, I clocked out, ran down 4 flights of stairs, ran across the parking lot, ran into SR's school to pick him up, ran out, ran through the parking lot, drove to get PN, ran into her school, ran out, ran across a parking lot, drove tot he Dr. Ran with both kids into the Dr. We were only 1 minutes late.

While at the Dr. my diagnosis was proven correct. Both kids have bilateral bronchitis. SR had a chest x-ray to see if the Dr. could figure out if the kids has asthma...

Oye...we will not be able to tell until this bronchitis goes away.

So the kids are both on antibiotics, SR got a refill for his nasonex for his allergies, (as allergy medicine like zyrtec, and Claritin make him wild) He was also the recipient of an inhaler....

I am not surprised by the amount of illness we are picking up, as SR went to a small school last year (total number of students in the entire academy last year was 70), this year he is around 800 children, PN the same, she has never been institutionalized, and now she is around about 200 kids who have varying degrees of snot running from their noses. WE also have to remember we are in a different region with different disease etc, with a different climate. We are used to humid, and right now it is dry, dry as a bone.

But still ughhhhh. I told the Dr. today, hey dude, I am glad I started working, so I can at least pay you...

The kids seem to be slightly irritated by the illness, me, I am sick of IT. Seriously. I am tired of calling Drs. and begging to get squeezed in. (I do heart the kids pediatrician, he is a pleasure, and the kids like him), but I do not want to have to see him once per month.

Today was a good lesson in taking a running suit to work...

Me thinks it is going to be a long day

SR's bronchitis, which seemed to improve Saturday, is worse...

PN started coughing as well. She came to my bed at 3:00am because of nightmares nad a cough

I am going to guess they both have bronchitis, now.

Fan-freaking tastic...

So today after I get off work, I will be making a trip to the Dr, and then coming home to make a hurried dinner, and then it is off to the school to help set up the science fair....

long day indeed, and tomorrow promises to be worse. Yeeeehaw