Monday, March 30, 2009


I am currently working on a small project for a very good friend. I could not be there for her wedding, so I am embroidering her an antique handkerchief to carry with her on her special day. I am free handing it, to match her wedding invitation she sent.

In good news it feels good to do something for someone I care so much about. In bad news, I wish I would embroider more, so I was better at it. I will be attaching a note that says, do not look at the back. I also have noted my need for bifocals, is far worse than I had thought. I will need some in the next couple of months, as my eyes are fatigued.

I am watching Hildago right now, wondering how hungry I would have to be to consume a locust.

I do not think Monday helped much, as work was fatiguing, well not the actual work, but personalities can be...

It was almost 60 today, and tomorrow we are supposed to get some terrible Spring storm, which includes snow.

My Grandmother was buried in the month of April, and I recall walking in pumps, in the snow, in a think silk skirt....and how cold it was on that day. I also thought of Grandma this week when I was cooking asparagus, and for a moment, I could smell their home. Oh how sweet they were, and how they are missed.

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