Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I was liking you too

I took The Collective to the park this morning, when it was only 90 degrees. They had fun, there were lots of people in and out. Lots of Grammies at the park, with grand kids. It was exciting to be the "young Mom". This does not happen much here in Arkansas, in fact, I have been mistaken for a Grandparent on 2 occassions. Another post entirely.

So one of the Grammies and I struck up a conversation, after Pink Ninja initiated a chat about Eagles having pointing beaks, and sharp talons. When I asked her what animals eagles preyed on, she answered Antelopes. I explained to her that they would have to be baby antelopes. The other Grammy, mentioned she had antelopes in her back yard, to which I replied I assumed she wasn't from around here.

She was from New Mexico, and on summer break, here awaiting the arrival of another grandbaby. We had a lovely conversation, about New Mexico. Oh how I love New Mexico, the chilles, the food, the scenery. Anyway, so we start chatting about New Mexico. I find out she is a teacher, her DH a judge. And we are having the LOVLIEST of conversations UNTIL....

DA DA DUM.....

She asks what I do, and what my DH does.

And after I tell her, she then goes on this big "Democrat rant"....

Phrases like "current administration is acting illegally". "we need to get out of Iraq", and she went on and on and on. She is a German teacher and informs me that on her travels to Germany, she hears a lot of complaints about America.

I tried to explain to her that Iraq is a small piece in the Global terrorism puzzle, I tried to explain economic terrorism, and the principles of insurgancy, global economics. I tried to talk to her about Pakistan, The Horn of Africa, the fact that Eritrea is currently arming folks in Somolia. Oh and lets not forget Indonesia, Thailand....and on and on..

And after seeing her face unchanged.

I took The Collective for a walk.

That is a pretty typical conversation, here in a yellow dog Democrat state.

I believe in open dialogue too, just not today...


DOD sending four units into Iraq for rotations
By Lisa Burgess, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Pentagon on Tuesday identified four units that will deploy to Iraq to replace units rotating out.

The Army’s 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) from Fort Hood, Texas; the I Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters, and two regimental combat teams, all from Camp Pendleton, Calif., are slated to deploy, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters.

Not as extensive as I would have liked to see this list...

to the park

It is nice enough this morning to get out for a bit

to the park with The Collective, and Gates of Fire.

DH ALMOST done with school.

DH done with his dental work.

Aunt Leggy buries her Grandfather today.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Sir Rowland has taken to call me "management" today.

Hey management, can I have a drink of water?",

"Wait until management sees that!"

And so on and so forth....

I finally asked him.

"Hey dude, why are you calling me management?"

Sir Rowland: (with a straight face) "Well you are in charge of managing the house, and its contents, right?"

At least someone knows who is in charge around here, because I was beginning to wonder.


Fellow military wife, over at Patiently Waiting announces the arrival of a BRAND NEW BABY BOY.

I read her almost daily, and recall her struggles trying to pregnant. And now, they are blessed.

HE is BEAUTIFUL, seriously.

EYES open, and ready.

Go over and take a look, and leave a note for the new family of 3!!

I was sleeping....and remember when Sally Field was an ingenue?

Until I woke remembering it is garbage day in the morning.....


And now I am awake, and the garbage is out by the curb.

Today I watched Sally Field pimping out Boniva. A medicine that is supposed to help with bone loss, or for those diagnosed with postmenapaual oseoporosis.

Can I tell you, this made me feel fucking old.

I can recall a lot of Sally Field moments in my lifetime. Thanks to being brought up in the 70's. I am sure she was on at least variet show a week, there was Gidget, The Flying Nun, the whole "you like me, you really like me" moment. Heck, I recall her bridal veil blowing in the wind in Smokey and the Bandit.

And now America's sweetheart, is pimping out arthritis medication.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Luck of the pot...

Another Pot luck today at church.

And not just any pot luck, it ends with a dessert auction.

Beginning bidding if I understood right.

$25 snacks/bars

$35 cakes

$50 pies

So I went and made 4 pies yesterday. No easy feat considering, I did not want to use "family pie plates".

So I went to look for glass pie plates. I felt I could not put a $50 pie in an aluminum pie plate. Well, after looking for 2 hours, and no luck, I broke and bought aluminum.

For the love of Pete.

2 Pecan
1 Peach
1 Peach/Pineapple/Apricot

I will only be taking 3 pies, as The Collective, wanted a pie, and so I let them try the multi flavored pie, because I had never made one before.

I also spent the day making a pasta salad, and my snicker salad for the pot luck.

Making a $50 pie is a daunting process. DH told me to put 2 $10 bills in. I mean, I make a MAD PIE...but $50?

The money is going to help with the cost of The Awanas Program.

I wonder what I will come home with?

The loverly temps have taken a back seat to the usual 100 degree, no wind, and balminess. EWWWW.

My Father has taken it upon himself to paint his home, in July of all months. Which has me slighty irritated. I lectured him about it.

AWTM: "why in the hell are you painting in July?"

Dad: "oh settle down, I go and paint on the West side in the morning, it is cool."

AWTM: "well take breaks."

Dad: "I will, I am not in a hurry."

AWTM: "If you aren't in a hurry, why in the hell are you painting in July?"

Dad: crickets.

My Sister-in-Law lost her Grandfather the other day. I must get a card sent TODAY. It has been a difficult couple of years for them, as they have had a lot of illness, and death.

My Sister returned home to find her employer did not pay her, her vacation time she requested. Oye...

DH called this morning, he was getting ready for church. Matt Hughes, the Champion Ultimate Fighter guy, is going to be at Fort Benning this week. How cool is that? I wish I could go too.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Filipino Prisoners are back: Jumbo Hotdog!

yeah that is right, Jumbo Hotdog...

Holy Crap

1,500 Philipino prison inmates re-enacting Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

OK, I am always late to he party.

Just another reason to want to kiss Al Gore's brilliant ass for inventing the internet.

Oddly enough I am wondering, how the inmate got the part of Ola Ray. Actually I do not think I wanna know. But the guy has to be the worst drag queen I have ever seen, and I have seen some bad ones, folks.

A Wonderful Listen this am.

Enjoy your Birthday Tammi

Friday, July 27, 2007

Now here is what I am gonna need for you to do!

Saturday, is my Blog Mommas Birthday.

And I was trying to come up with some sort of blogabration to have.

It did not take me long to decide that since Tammi adopted a soldier from Soldier's Angels this week, and put a call out to us to do the same .....well.

My DH frequetly speaks of how IMPORTANT mail is to soldiers. He really thinks it can be a defining moment in a day. When one gets mail HOORAY, and when there is mail call, and your name is not called. Well, the day is the same as the day before. DH promises me mail can be a deal breaker. I will also admit here, I was not great at writing letters his last deployment. With the advent of e-mail, and 2 tiny ones, I just thought e-mail was certainly the most effective way to communicate. I regret that now.

Since Tammi signed up the other day, I am aware of 4 others that have decided they can make the time to contribute.

SO as a military spouse, and friend, I am going to ask from the depths of my heart for you to follow Tammi's lead, and adopt yourself a soldier.

If and when you do so, notify her in her comments HERE!

I think she will be thrilled, if we can get some of these BRAVE men and WOMEN some regular and uplifting mail.

I know there are plenty to go around. WE do owe it to those that do our fighting to thank them in a meaningful way.

If you do not have time for a letter a week, and a care package a month (which frankly is THE EASIEST PART of the war effort), writing a check might be something you can do!


To adopt a soldier you must commit to sending a card or letter a week and AT LEAST 1 or 2 care packages a month. This is important to help bring home a healthy hero.

Care packages do not have to be expensive and you can either put together your own, or we have also put together some in our store at cost for you to send, or to use as an example. Duration of the adoption is usually anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the branch, etc.

AND FOLKS be CREATIVE, with these care packages if you can, and if you cannot, recent magazines, M&M's, OREOS, WIPES, CARDS for SOLDIERS to send home are always welcome!! Chirstmas is right around the corner folks. Let them know you are thinking of them!

Chelsea Handler with some Old School Wisdom

Terms of Endearment

I should be sleeping, but I am not. I am tucked in and watching Terms of Endearment. Which has to be on my list of top 10 movies of all time. Even with Debra Winger, who I normally dislike in most roles.

The scene in which the Mother has "the talk" with her sons, just took place, and I swear it gets me every time. What does a dying Mother say to her small children? I have no idea. I have been privy to the scene more times than I care to recall.....

In fact I actually attended nursing school, at the hospital that Terms of Endearment was filmed at in Lincoln, Nebraska. And oddly enough, I spent a lot of time at the bedside of women on the Oncology Floor. Women trying to plan for their families, and especially their children's futures, knowing they would be gone soon. I can recall long conversations, actually Moms of children thinking out loud. And I recall most of those conversations being the same. Moms want the same things for children, when it comes down to it. But I could never quite take hearing all of it. I must have nodded a lot. Like I said I do not recall specifics. It was always heartbreaking. And I always felt I owed it to them, to listen, and nod with little in the way of tears, especially since most of the time these women sat strong and in good faith.

But this movie gets me EVERY time I watch it. And when Shirley McLaine delivers one of her final lines and says...

"I'm stupid, I am stupid. For some reason I thought it would be easy"....

Well she is right.

I am not sure how popular this movie is any longer, but I think Debra Winger and Shirley McLaine did a brilliant job. And if you have never watched this movie, you should. The story is timeless.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


After spending part of the week in a fair amount of pain, I was finally nudged to go the the vagina whisperer. The nudge coincidentally was a fantastic amount of pain that had me frozen for a few moments.

So I called the vagina whisperer, diagnosing myself with a cyst on my left ovary.

Imagine my surprise, after a loverly vaginal ultrasound being diagnosed with a ruptured right ovarian cyst, and a 3cm left ovary cyst.

Crap. Only half right.

I am feeling better now, after some medication. But frankly I just want to stay in bed until I feel better.

No can do, as I will be up at 5am, prepping for a trip to the airport as Sissy leaves.

My Sister has to depart in the morning.

In other news Sir Rowland has taken up the game of scrabble. He does quite well, and I think would spend hours playing with me, Pink Ninja has other ideas for him.

Pink Ninja has become the resident hair stylist. Which is not really grand. I have naturally curly hair, that when brushed in humidity takes on its own sort of personality. And not a friendly one. I need more ball caps.

While at the mall the other afternoon, I had the pleasure of sampling Estee Lauders newest fragrance Pleasures Delight. I loved it, with its hints of caramel, vanilla, marshmallow, and strawberry. Yum. I normally wear Coco Chanel which fragrance base is vanilla, amber, and honey. I did not buy any perfume. I told the woman, I should probably let DH pick my perfume, because after all I want him to enjoy it. She was quick to retort with this.

"Oh honey, men will pick out things that smell like grapefruit. Because it makes them perceive you as 6-10 years younger".

AWTM: "Well I want 5 gallons of that."

I wasn't sure if I should believe her or not, so I looked into it...

Well what do you know....

NEW YORK (AP) _ A study of smells shows that the scent of grapefruit on women make them seem younger to men _ about six years younger

However, a grapefruit fragrance on men does nothing for them.

The study by the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago was conducted to determine what makes a women smell young _ but not too young, like pink bubble gum.

Institute director Alan Hirsch said he smeared several middle-aged woman with broccoli, banana, spearmint leaves, and lavender but none of those scents made a difference to the men.

But the scent of grapefruit changed men's perceptions. Hirsch said that when male volunteers were asked to write down how old the woman with grapefruit odor was, the age was considerably less than reality.

Maybe it is time to try grapefruit huh?

Stream of thought....yes more of it.

My Sissy gave me the day off the other day. I took the day, went to the gym, went to Starbucks, sat and tried finishing a book, pawed through a magazine. I went to a boutique, that I only go RARELY, I have never bought anything in there. It is always nice to look at an $800 pair of shoes. It makes a $50 pair look like nothing. I managed to go to SteinMart, which I love. I left all shopping empty handed. We have ballet, and tuition due soon. I honestly do not need anything. So I browsed. I did take myself out for a blu-cheese burger. YES AGAIN. YUM! It was a relaxing day. I even came home exhausted.

The visit from Sissy has been nice. It is easier. She helps with laundry, dishes, she LOVES my cooking. Except for the sweet potatoes. I forgot she dislikes them. WE have played scrabble, and giggled. I took her shopping today, and diswayed her from buying yet another black hoodie. Enough ALREADY. I talked her into a pretty turquoise summer sweater....pretty. WE chat all day long, we are chatterers. Imagine that. I miss having her close. The Collective miss her as well.

I am struggling with my birth control they put me on to control the amount of cysts, polyps, etc. My hormones had a mind of their own. I must say these Loestrin...make me feel loony, and moody, which is not typical of me. I promise. I go to the Dr. soon.

The yard is gorgeous, and I must take a picture of the crape myrtle up front...

It is gorgeous. The grass looks phenomenal, considering it is Bermuda crap grass. The neighbor men are all jealous, and working their asses off to keep up with me. I hope DH arrives, while it is looking so beautiful.

Temperature have been wonderful. I have no complaints, but the bugs are horrendous. Fire ants Cicadas, locusts, mosquitoes. PN and I noted at least 40 locust shells. ICK.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My Sissy needs to learn to Simma. Especially down here in the "Mid South", where things are done on a different time continuum.

It took me about 4-5 years to get used to "The Arkansas way of Life". 4-5 years of waiting hell. Because being from Nebraska, well you do not have to WAIT like you do here. I am really unsure how to explain it.

My Mothers Grandparents were immigrants from Germany, and were farm folk. I grew up in a rural area. Which I feel requires some sort of explanation. The last time I visited my home town, it was amazing what I got done in an hour. First off, my engagement ring had a prong loose. So I walked into the jeweler at 3:15pm, after a 5 minute drive. I walked in, I was recognized, and they apologized because it would take 30 minutes to get to. HA. I then went to a High School Friends meat locker, and bought about 200$ of meat for 70$, all unfrozen Angus beef, all cut in front of my face, and home made sausages. It took 5 minutes. I then went to the grocery store, picked up groceries, they were carried to my car, I then went to the jewelry store to pick up my ring. They had fixed it in 20 minutes, and charged me NOTHING. I seriously can run errands in minutes back home. I mean several errands. It is insane to me, after being absent from that town for 18 years. I need to add here, that the town is about 29,000.

My Sissy about freaked today because it took 4 hours for a tire rotation, and oil change. I mean she came unhinged. She wanted me to bull-dog them. Can I tell you, there is not much point in bull-dogging down here.

I recalled my Mother visiting me for the last time. She was sick at the time. And I asked if she wanted to run to the bank with me. My Mother went NUTS, after waiting 20 minutes in line at the bank.....She refused to run any more errands after that. I mean it drove her bat-shit crazy.

My Sissy was wild today, sooo wild, I heard her tell 4 people over the phone how long it took. I mean she was seriously amazed.

I really don't let it bother me any longer. If I did, hell I would be in an insane asylum. I have learned to pack stuff for the kids, and carry a book with me at most times.

There is a lot of waiting down here. A lot.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Laughing Heart

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.




Arkansas Guardsman Killed in Iraq

CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark. – The Department of Defense today announced the death of an Arkansas National Guard Soldier participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Sgt. John Ray Massey, 29, of Higginson, Ark., died July 15, in Balad, Iraq, as a result of injuries sustained when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device during combat operations in Baghdad, Iraq on July 14, 2007. Massey was assigned to Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Fires Brigade from Ozark.

"Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of one of our courageous Soldiers," said Maj. Gen. William D. Wofford, adjutant general of the Arkansas National Guard. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young man. No words can fill the void in their lives left by his loss. I only hope his family can take comfort knowing he died in valiant service to his country. He was called to serve, and he answered that call. He was a true patriot and will not soon be forgotten."

Approximately 150 Soldiers from the Ozark, Ark. based battery were mobilized for duty in Iraq on February 4, 2007. The unit is slated to return early in 2008.

Along with the Ozark based unit, the 142nd's Headquarters Battery is in Iraq, and the brigade's other 2nd Battalion units from Fort Smith, Van Buren and Siloam Springs are in Kuwait. In total, the 142nd Fires Brigade has over 300 Soldiers currently deployed.

This is the 22nd loss suffered by the Arkansas National Guard during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the second for the 142nd Fires Brigade.

Currently the Arkansas National Guard has over 1,100 Soldiers and Airmen deployed to support operations in the Global War on Terrorism.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

low country

I am beat after finishing the garage sale. Not physically tired. Mostly dead from sheer boredom.

Garage Sale= boredom.

Sir Rowland ended up doing well over $17.00 in lemonade and cookie sales. Whoda thunk?

Pink Ninja helped a bit, and I would guess drank more lemonade than she sold.

They liked having so many babies at the sale.

The Collective LOVE babies. LOVE them.

They want me to have 4 more, at least. I told them I was too old to have any more babies. Which I suppose is a lie. I could. But frankly I feel too old to go about the sleep deprivation, poopies, colic AGAIN, plus there is that trip to the urologist Daddy made, I did not want to explain.

Sissy, is enjoying the kids, they make her laugh all day. The simplest of things, crack her up. And for the love of Pete, I have some funny kids.

Sir Rowland told me about a month ago, when he gets older, he wants 8 kids, and a silver KIA. A KIA of all things. I asked him what in the heck he wanted a KIA, and he said, "have you SEEN the warrenty on those things?"

Tonight, we drove them to the little park down the road, and they sat on the Merry Go Round as I pushed them round and round, FAST as they requested. I cannot do round. I almost puked watching them. Sir Rowland, got off, laid in the grass and proclaimed he "needed a barf bag". He can't do round either.

Pink Ninja can climb a rock wall barefoot with a dress on, and if that is not Ninja like, I am unsure what sorts of Ninjas you hang out with.

It was a good day. We had church, pot luck. Which I bailed on, due to the garage sales and sitting in hell like temps for 3 days. Man I was just pitiful. So I bailed, and made a kettle of smoked ham and beans, and enough corn muffins for at least 50 people. Not exotic, or fancy. But it got eaten. And it was something I could pull together in like 5 minutes. I was surprised to note ONLY 1 pie. So it appears I will be making pies from now on....because I can make some pie!

The Collective miss Daddy. Oh God how they miss him.

Sir Rowland starts school in less than a month. WOW. And here is the bonus he is ready. I am ready. I am not clinging, kicking and screaming worried sick. I am ready. I think it does help that he will be attending the Church's Academy. But we are ready. Daddy is slotted to take him school shopping when he returns. He will need supplies, and a cool lunch box.

Pink Ninja and I will be alone. Which is frankly scaring me more than Sir Rowland going to school. She is sure to miss her partner in crime. I am looking forward to the 2 of us being able to have alone time. But I am not sure how entertaining she will find me.

I do know, that I my be able to convince her to lie down in the middle of the day. And I am hoping she learns to nap, with her tired Mom.

I have only been going to the gym about 1/3 of my normal schedule. Just because I am beat. I mean really. I am tired. I am done. The 3 month advanced course, which I was prepared for turning into 6 months....sucked.

Sure the traveling offered a reprieve of sorts. My MIL, and Sissy....have helped out. The traveling was a great journey for us to make. It is nice to know I will not go crazy after being puked on, and locked in a car for 9 hours at a time. I RULE. The Collective have grown into little people. I can chat with them, reason with them. And when I cannot, it is off to time out. (More for Mom, than them)

Being a National Guard Spouse is weird stuff. Especially when your DH wears a uniform Monday through Friday. It can be tough living in suburbia. For instance explaining my Husbands absence OVER and OVER to people I have told at least 3 times AGAIN and AGAIN, well it is old. They have no idea what in the heck he is at school for, wondering why he cannot just tell them no. I note when I go to the commissary at the Air Force Base, well there is just something that is understood. People hold doors open for you when you are alone. there are looks. If you are dressed and just came from church, ALONE. It is pretty much guessed your DH is not around. Tired Moms are recognized as tired. Even if it is another wife smiling. I am afraid, I cannot same the same for my suburban Kroger.

So I am admitting here, I am tired. This week I have felt my age. Which I hate to admit. I like to go go go....I like to accomlish things around the house. But I am FRIED.

I am enjoying being brunette again. I look in the mirror, and am happy to go ahhhh....one color instead of thinking I look like a mess and need my roots done. Ahhhh....it is a samll thing, but will do.

I forgot our date with the Dentist this past week. Knew all day we had to go, and lost track of time, until the Dentist office called an hour after appointment time. I also forgot one day at the library. And today I remembered the play down the street was last night. CRAP.

I think that is a sign of early onset of dementia, as my Grandmother had a case of it.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Garage Sale Day 2

Sold a lot of books
a dresser
art print
some baby clothes

Sir Rowland and Pink ninja have made $15.00 at the lemonade and cookie stand, not bad for 25 cents a pop.

I am still sitting on a few larger items, that I will not budge on.

Still no freaks, well huge freaks.


A lot of "normal people"

What is the world coming to?

My Sissy and I managed to listen to Oldies Country today.

I recall the lyrics to a lot of VERY UNFORTUNATE songs...

really I do.

A lot of Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers, Monty Hall, Patsy Cline. And some of those are acceptable, but there were a couple of songs, that frankly....I am absolutely embarrassed about. But when you grow up with am radio, and lots of long country drives. And when your Mom takes you to the State Fair to see Kenny Rogers and Dottie West...

4 times.


When did this happen...?

So, I am sitting here, having a garage sale and getting ready for a pot luck on Sunday?

When did this happen?

I mean really, when did this happen?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pot Luck


Any ideas for a pot luck dish for Sunday at church.

Something DELICIOUS and impressive. This is my first pot luck at this church. So give me a hand folks!

Day One Sale...

Only Sold books.

Sir Rowland, ALMOST OUTSOLD me in lemonade and cookies.

He was quite a salesman, insisting ALL who were in a hollars reach, had to have some FRESH LEMONADE!! I will add salesman to his list of talents.

So I still have a lot of stuff left.

I guess I knew tha, and that is why we are doing this for 3 days.

But can I tell you, I am an idiot for doing this, as temperatures reach those in HELL. I am smoked out from the heat, and boredom.

In good news no freakish types showed up. That is also bad news, as I was considering that to be blog fodder. I mean I know my life is not THAT EXCITING or INTERESTING. I KNOW. But a strange person buying all of my appliances, with a $500 bill and a patch on his eye would have been cool.

I suppose I could make something up. But real life always trumps fiction.

Thank God my Sister is here, there is no way I could have carried all that I have had to. Did I think I could move furniture alone?

Someone did try to talk me down on a dresser today. $15.00 for a dresser. Holy smokes, I refused. Maybe my Saturday I will get rid of the damn thing.

Let me see. I did get a note from RSM in the mail today, all is well. I am sure he would be sick at my blogging over there...I must think of something to put up over there....


Anyone care to give me a suggestion for a post to put up over at RSM's?

OK, I am off, Sir Rowland has learned the thrill of word finds, Pink Ninja is up to Monkey shine. I need to make a dinner of some sort..

Adam Ant - Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OK vote for most irritating

With my Sissy here, I am in television HELL.

With that said, I want to know which of these 3 "celebrities" are more annoying.

Rachel Ray?

Wayne Brady?

Donnie Deutsch?


Sissy: "So what movies do you have"

Me: "Well I have Borrat sitting here, I have not watched it YET."

Sissy: "and"

Me: "Well have you seen the new Bond flick?"

Sissy: "I am not into Bond"

Me: "Watch this one, and you would be."

I guess I am not convincing enough.


Strong Bad: Garage Sale.


Sissy arrived last night, 45 minutes later than expected. Which seems to happen a lot when and if you ever fly from Memphis to Little Rock. The pleasure of living in a non hub, when every flight that arrives is an air bus.

The Collective had a great time riding the escalator, and watching other planes come and go.

Not much to do in way of entertainment at the Little Rock Airport.

I was a little freaked out by a Mom and her 2 sons girlfriends. They had all of these welcome home signs. I immediately presumed that these boys were returning soldiers,so I asked the Mom. She said "Oh no, they are brothers. They have been in Michigan for a WEEK, seeing the older Brother. The Girlfriends are just excited they are home." Then when the plane landed, these "girls" busted through the sign that says "no people past this point", and they ran and jumped these 2 dorks. It was infuriating to me. TSA did nothing. I figure if they cannot stop 2 20 year old girls, the chances of them stopping a terrorist are slim. I am also guessing that it upset because, I just watched a returning soldier just get off the plane, and meet his young wife, and a baby (who he had yet to meet). And they stood patiently.

Anyway Sissy's flight was late, and in typical Little Rock fashion it took longer to get the luggage than it did to fly here.

Today, I have a ton of shit to do. Frankly I feel like hoping in the car, and driving until the ruckus leaves my head, but hell that may never happen and I might end up in California. So I need to stay here and deal with "all things garage sale".

I need to note here, the general haggling that takes place at a garage sale is irritating to me. It really is. So maybe I should fill my flask. I also am sure to be irritated by the folks that show up at 6:00am and knock on the door. Folks I promise there are no treasures at this thing, no Picasso's hidden under poster prints from college. It is all stuff I want to get rid of, and the price is marked. If I want to give any of it away, which has been how I have managed for the last 5 or so years, I will donate it, or give it to neighbors. Garage Sale people can be a strange lot, how do I prepare for them?

I also need to run to the bank and get change.

Sir Rowland needs to finish his lemonade and cookie stand sign. Sissy should help with that.

I have a closet after closet to go through. We have more winter coats than anyone should. That is what happens when you are from Nebraska. You stockpile cold weather gear.

I also have some clothes to go through. I have a chocolate colored mini skirt, that is hanging in my closet. It has not been worn in a WHILE....

A mini skirt, a very mini skirt. What in the hell am I doing with a short skirt?

A military formal, that is gorgeous, but a maternity gown, black silk shatung. NEVER WORN, tags still on. First of all I do not think I could squeeze my fat ass into a size 5 maternity gown. What is a size 5 maternity gown? I must have bought it my first pregnancy. I did, as a attar of fact.

There is also DH's juicer....that has to go.

A TV set, a small one.

The Fire Engine toddler bed

2 highchairs.

A Train table

oye....it is going to be a long day isn't it?

The Collective are glad Auntie is here....

and frankly so am I.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yummmm lunch

I had to take a break from sorting garage sale, and trying to clean. (The 3 year old has her own ideas, about how "welcoming her room should look.) My Sissy arrives tonight at 8pm.

I was starving, so I made myself a braunshweiger sandwich.

liverwurst = liver sausage = leberwurst Notes: This is a family of pork/or beef liver sausages that are creamy enough to spread. One variety is braunschweiger, which is smoked liverwurst. Substitutes: pâté OR teewurst OR mettwurst (the spreadable kind) OR gelbwurst

For some reason, I normally only buy braunschweiger when DH is home, because I a a stickler with waste, and am always afraid I will never eat all of it. But the other day while at the commissary I bought herring and braunschweiger. (Also note 40% iron, which is good for those of us that border anemia)

This does make a delicious sandwich, I like mine on Jewish rye, with mustard, and raw purple onion.

The Collective seem to like it on crackers, in small doses.

Delicious, and easy sandwich, I would recommend, if there is no one around you need to kiss.

Elvis costello - pump it up

Sorry about all of the music, I have to clean to something

David Bowie on Bing Crosby

This is personal...

I was at Guard Wife's blog and noted this.

Guard Wife says it better than I can here.

Before you think Ted Rall is just some Left-wing cuckoobird who draws junior-high level cartoons for a living, remember that he has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and stands as one of the most reproduced cartoonists the New York Times employees during three separate years. He's won awards for this kind of sickening 'work.'

Since Ted Rall and his sycophants seem to think we give a rat's crapper what he thinks, I suppose it's fair that I share with them what I think. I'm sure there are plenty of mouth breathers who don't even know who Ted Rall is, but share his sentiments, so this is for them as well. It's amazing to me that someone would attempt to equate our service members with the unwashed, mouth-frothing kabal of suicide bombers, but it isn't surprising.

In Ted's first cell, he refers to the subject he's depicting as a "male." Let me remind Ted that those who wear the uniform are MEN (and women). A concept, I'm sure, which falls outside his understanding. But, real men can recognize another real man. And, although Ted probably doesn't care, a woman can recognize a real man when she sees one too.

In Ted's second cell, he depicts a man who is contemplating reupping in the Armed Forces and calls it "willingness to die for a cause." Ted, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but freedom and liberties aren't "a cause." Causes are the things that weak minded individuals like yourself have the gall to glom onto, regardless of their worth, and then decry the loss of your freedoms if anyone dare point out to you how pathetically ridiculous you are. Without liberties and freedoms that these men and women are willing to fight and die to secure, you and your ilk would have to find real jobs. So, instead of sneering, you might want to reeducate yourself. Or, in your case, educate yourself.

Having faith isn't religious fervor in the same sense of those who are suicide bombers. Suicide bombers make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty, the meek and the dangerous, or the actual wrongdoers and law-abiding citizens. We aren't fighting terrorism because we demand subjegation and a religious conversion by those on the other side. We fight it because we aren't so interested in the options radical Islam has to offer -- submit, convert or die. Believing in God or having faith that you will be protected isn't religious fervor, nor is it weakness. And, if you look around, there are plenty of Pagans, Aetheists and Agnostics wearing the uniform today.

The fact that Ted Rall would show a man in uniform with the words "Poor Education" beneath him is so hackneyed that I'm surprised Rall is still beating that drum. Much research has been conducted to demonstrate what those of us who actually know service members knew long ago: the military isn't for dummies. The fact that Rall and his cronies repeatedly beat this worn out drum and refuse to relinquish this disproved stereotype shows them for who they really are more than any other element. Of course, since the mainstream media, including Ted's paper, refuse to print the truth in regard to our service members' demographics, maybe he just missed the memo.

I found it offensive so many different levels. Mr. Rall is really denigrating EVERYTHING I LOVE about America. Religious freedom, love, honor, respect.

And I would love to see Mr. Rall try and work as a cartoonist in North Korea where those ideals get you killed.


Leader: Kim Jong Il

How censorship works: North Korea has wedded the traditional Confucian ideal of social order to the Stalinist model of an authoritarian communist state to create the world’s deepest information void. All domestic radio, television, and newspapers are controlled by the government. Radio and television receivers are locked to government-specified frequencies. Content is supplied almost entirely by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). It serves up a daily diet of fawning coverage of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il and his official engagements. The country’s grinding poverty or famines are never mentioned. Only small numbers of foreign journalists are allowed limited access each year, and they must be accompanied by "minders" wherever they go.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Go wish the hot Momma Happy Birthday!!!

Go wish her a Happy 36th!!

Lawrence Welk Meets Velvet Underground

The List!

I posted about "the list" today at SpouseBuzz!!


My Sissy will be here tomorrow!

So after the library, I must prepare for her arrival.

Wash linens, vacuum, dust, and general organizing.

We will be busy with the garage sale this week I am sure.

I have not been able to get things together as I had thought.

I have a lot of climbing around the garage to do.

There is also preparing snacks for The Lemonade Stand, I have promised the kids they could make. An entire year of The Collective begging to have a lemonade stand. Sure...

My sissy will be here for about 10 days, and I do not have much planned. I really am tired. almost 6 months of single parenting, has worn my ass out.

Not kiddding.

Today I must put ad in paper, call church and get tables, finish Sir Rowlands paperwork for school.

HE STARTS kindergarten in a MONTH.

Holy Moses.


I have ejoyed having fresh flowers in the house.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

shocking news from back home....

An Uncle with "pancreatic problems".

Not good.

On my Mother's side..

The track record not good.

My Mother-deceased colon cancer with metz

My Uncle L-deceased pancreatic and liver cancer

My Aunt JK-surviving breast cancer

My Uncle T-in hospital "pancreatic problems"


And it is moments like these I wish I was closer, so I could cook a meal, go visit....

So say a prayer....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yeah, Spanglish is on TBS!!

I rarely watch television any longer, seriously. But I just found Spanglish on TBS, and even though I own it, I am going to sit here and watch it with commercials. That is straight goofy.


I just had a girlfriend call from Nebraska, to ask if I was alive....

because of THIS!!

Picture Pages

Posting the song was not enough!

Flowers on the Wall

To all that played along yesterday, and dropped in for Birthday well wishes. I do thank you. I really do, it made the day brighter I assure you.

I took the day off. I didn't make a bed, heck I didn't even make my cake. I seriously too the day off. I got The Collective dressed, threw on a face, and left.

It was a cool day. probably the first July 13th it was in the 70's that I can recall. However, the rain put a damper on things. The movie plan was a wash. Surfs Up, and Shrek 3 both no longer in town, and we have already seen Ratatouille. So no movies for us. Darn.

I went to the bank, needed to go to pick up vacuum bags from the folks at the Kirby shop. Ha, that is how exciting I am folks!

We then went to Barnes and Noble and I bought myself, Gates of Fire. On recommendation from Sarah of Trying to Grok. I felt guilty about buying myself a book, particularly after trying to get this garage sale together, and getting irritated by the sheer amount of books here. I am managing to rid myself of all soft covers, except for my dogeared copies of Catcher in the Rye, and Nine Stories both by JD Salinger. I am even purging myself of my mohawk days Sex Pistols written anthology. I am also ridding myself of my hardcovers, that I do not see myself rereading. Including my Chanel biography, and my Andy Warhol diaries. I have moved books enough in my day, and am not a fan. I will be keeping most antique books, and those in good bindings that I read regularly.

Anyway, I bought a book. Which really felt like a ridiculous move after sorting books all week.

We then went for lunch, and I got that blu cheese burger, and fries. The three of us shared, so we could indulge in a sundae afterword. PN ordered a chocolate sundae, with chocolate syrup, and peanuts, so rich after a small taste I thought I felt my eyebrows grow.

We then came home.

I went to the front porch and found GORGEOUS flowers!! I am sure the neighbors thought someone died. DH got me a lovely bouquet, about 2 feet tall, just stuffed. There were also lillies from friends! A big box from Aunt Leggy, and my Brother, including a magazine subscription to Paula Deans magazine, a book, and even gifts for The Collective. Thank You all. My Father sent a check, with a note that said "do something crazy, hire a stripper!" HA! My Sissy sent a gift card. And there were cards. One from my MIL that had a 3 page handwritten note included.....which sentiments made me tear up.

We played for a while, and then I drug The Collective out for Indian food. I even ordered a beer, which I drank a quarter of. The Collective only fond of the rice Pallou, and Naan, and desert rice. The snubbed the saag paneer, and jafarzi. Darn kids...it was delicious. They were antsy, so it was not relaxing.

So that is the birthday roundup!! Thank you sooo much again.

It is very nice to be remembered on a special day, especially when all of those you love are far away.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sheehan OUT of retirement...and headed to Fort Benning!

And is scheduled to be at Fort Benning, Georgia in the morning.

Cindy Sheehan Organizing Peace March from Crawford, Texas to the White House

* Summer of Love '07: On a Journey for Humanity
By Cindy Sheehan
Common Dreams, July 5, 2007
Straight to the Source

The other day I came out of my short retirement due to yet another Bush flagrant abuse of power. We decided that we would walk from Atlanta to DC to gather a people's movement for humanity. The longer BushCo are in office the less chance we have of recovering the heart and soul of our nation, saving our soldiers and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and saving the planet from corporate and individual waste and pollution. Impeachment, removal from office, and in a perfect world: incarceration for the criminals against humanity, are urgent and necessary steps that need to be taken today.Since the announcement of the Walk, circumstances have changed. Rev. Lennox Yearwood is not going to have his hearing for Conduct Unbecoming until the end of August, and we were going to begin our walk after his hearing on July 12th in Macon, GA. So consequently, we are going to begin our Journey on July 10th in Crawford, Texas.

Here is her schedule

July 10 Crawford Tx - Houston Tx
July 11 Houston Tx. - New Orleans La.
July 12 New Orleans La. - Montgomery Al.
July 13 Montgomery Al. - Ft. Benning Ga,
July 14 Ft. Benning Ga - Atlanta Ga.
July 15 Atlanta Ga. - Gainsville Ga.
July 16 Ganisville Ga. - Clemson SC
July 17 Clemson SC - Charlotte NC
July 18 Charlotte NC - Greensboro NC
July 19 Greensboro NC - Lynchburg NC
July 20 Lynchburg NC - Charlottesville Va
July 21 Charlottesville Va. - Richmond Va.
July 22 Richmond Va. - Arlington Va
July 23 Arlington Cem - White House/ Capital
July 23 Washington DC - Philadelphia PA.
July 24 Philadelphia PA - Allentown PA
July 25 Allentown PA - New York City NY
July 26 United Nations Action
July 27 Begin to Gather at Central Park
July 28 TBA
July 29 Gathering of Hearts Fest Central Park

Please notify your local recruiting offices, and military instillations ASAP.

Good Morning!

So far so good, even if it is Friday the 13th.

PN, crawled in bed with me at 4:00am, and I thought ICK...

Until it meant, we both slept until 8:00am. Now that is a GREAT WAY to BEGIN the DAY!!


Then I note my Blog Momma, is having a party for me at her place! Which is flippin fastastic, as I am going to have to start "cooking" like a normal person when DH returns, and there are some great recipies!

We are going to Surfs Up today, as it is rainy. (Not exactly a treat for Mom, but sitting in a cool and dry theater, while The Collective are entertained WILL WORK!

We are also going to the Purple Cow for dinner tonight.

Because I am hungry for a blu cheese burger, fries and a coke.

I already recieved a gorgeous African Violet last evening from Stacey Lee, if she is not a doll! It came right when I needed pick me up!

So go have fun today!

Happy Birthday

WE are headed out today...

a movie

a blue cheese burger, fries and a coke

and errands

of course.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is For The Soldiers

Andi, of SpouseBuzz will be interviewing Drowning Pool tomorrow on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio.

The band Drowning Pool performed for our troops in Iraq, which inspired them to do more. They wanted "to make a difference," so they recently partnered with Lizzie Palmer and IAVA to begin a campaign to advocate for better mental health care for troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The campaign is called, "This is for the Soldiers."

While ‘This Is For the Soldiers’ officially kicks off the week of July 4th, supporting the troops is nothing new for anyone involved. Rockers Drowning Pool toured with the USO and performed for troops in Iraq, Kuwait and South Korea in 2005 and 2006. "We have had the opportunity to meet the troops overseas, come back to the states and get invited to different bases in difference cities. We have spent countless time with soldiers who do what they do without question and you can’t help being touched by that,” said Drowning Pool lead singer Ryan McCombs. The campaign’s title, ‘This Is For the Soldiers,’ comes from a line in the Drowning Pool song, “Soldiers,” that the band wrote based on their experience. Bassist Stevie Benton remarks, “After returning from Baghdad, our priority was writing a song about our troops, for our troops. I hope they will accept the song as a show of our respect and thanks for all they do for our country.”

PTSD is real, and it's a natural by-product of war. It should not be used as an excuse to avoid war, but neither should it be ignored. We have a lot of work to do in this area.

Browse the site. Spread the word. How often do we see celebrities use their celebrity in a way that is non-partisan and benefits our troops?

Rock on......

3pm EST at SpouseBuzz Talk Radio


I will be co-hosting my first show on blog Talk Radio. With friend and co-contributor Most Certainly Not.

I have decided to begin with a discussion on reunion and reintegration.

Which is actually a timely topic, as DH will be home in 3 short weeks after a 6 month school at Fort Benning.

Some of us, not all of us, have anxiety around reunion and reintegration. It is a a very strange time for some military families.

I think when the general public sees reuniting, it is normally at some airfield. And most Americans are privy to the smiling couples running into one another's arms. And that does happen, and it is one of the sweetest parts of being a military family. But "what happens, after you drive home and the television cameras are no longer there?"

I hope to give you a piece of that tonight.

I am also sure there will be some technical difficulties, as I am new at running the switchboard at Blog Talk Radio, and the IM board.

Oh and a bonus, the neighbor girl I slated to be here at 4:30pm.....will not be here until show time! So I may be starting the show giving directions to the sitter!!

UPDATE: Of course there was a glitch tonight, and I will take responsibility for that. I scheduled the show for 6pm, thinking 6pm EST, but it was then scheduled for 7pm EST. HA, so I lost the Dr., as he is headed out of town, he did agree to reschedule, and I will work on this segment ASAP. However I was joined by Most Certainly NOT, for a lively discussion on parenting and being National Guard spouses!

Tune in tonight!

Crappy Horoscopes

I turn 37 tomorrow.

Do you still turn 37, if no one is around to see it?

Anywho, so I checked my horoscope, which I rarely do.

Daily Extended Forecast for July 12, 2007

If you want something done right today, you are going to have to do it yourself. It's not that the people around you won't want to help -- and it's not even that these people aren't capable. It's just that you need to be the one involved in the process in order to get all the fulfillment you deserve from it. Roll up your sleeves and dig your hands into the mud. Only then will you be able to have bragging rights -- and you're going to want bragging rights on this one!

So I thought, great, more PROJECTS, I am tired of projects. I have enough to do around here, I DO NOT want to tackle another project alone. No thanks.

Well, like an idiot and check tomorrows horoscope as well.

Daily Extended Forecast for July 13, 2007

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you'll feel full of good energy -- so good, in fact, that you must see it as a responsibility. What are you going to do with all of this 'can-do' spirit? Even if you want to hang out on the couch all day, or just grab a quick nap in the afternoon, resist the urge! Your mental energy is still there even if your physical energy lags. You owe it to yourself today to get out there. Whether it's a social outing or just a walk around the block, go do something!

Great tomorrow I will have a lot of energy, so I can do MORE projects.


Drama mean

I had an e-mail from a friend who is "in theater" right now.

To shorten it a bit, he told me,

"CENTCOM has you blocked because of content...what in the hell kind of smut are you putting on the blog?"

This made me a little upset, as although I do curse on occassion, I do not believe I have violated any Op-Sec. So if my DH was in theater, and the blog was the main way of communicating, he would not be able to see photos of his children, or hear my tales.

Because I curse?

I am a little freaked out about it.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prettier than most woman folk...

Seems as though my Blog Grampy Harvey, has been busy picking on that priss John Edwards.

* Silk was invented to allow women to feel as soft and smooth as John Edwards.

* John Edwards has never understood what that stupid zipper on the front of his pants is for.

* WARNING: To avoid being attacked by John Edwards, do not wear Tag Body Spray.

* The holy grail of botany is to develop a rose whose petals have the dewy softness of John Edwards.

And there is more at IMAO

John Edwards really is, like the Breck Girl redoux. I bet Al gore hates the little SOB, for using all of that electricity, blow drying his hair. Ooooops I almost forgot, Al Gore uses all of that electricity inventing the internet, and drying his extra large towels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Inaugural Earl Woods Memorial Pro-Am Golf Tournament

A Tribute to the Military

Members of 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) attend the inaugural Earl Woods Memorial Pro-Am where they watched event host Tiger Woods tee off in the early morning with AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson, Army Sgt. Maj. Mia Kelly and Air Force Sgt. Andrew Amor for a round of 18 holes at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD., July 4, 2007.
Photo by Johnny Bivera

You may go here to read more, and watch a video of the event.

By John J. Kruzel / American Forces Press Service

BETHESDA, Md., July 6, 2007 - Taking a break from Gulf diplomacy, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spent some time this afternoon at Congressional Country Club here focusing on golf diplomacy.

Around 3 p.m., the secretary arrived at the 13th hole to meet with seven Army special forces soldiers and two wounded war veterans. The soldiers and veterans are representative of thousands of servicemembers honored this week during the AT&T National PGA golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods.

Woods, whose father Earl Woods was an Army special forces soldier for 12 years, has infused the inaugural tournament, which runs July 3-8, with tributes to troops.

“This is a very special tournament for Tiger Woods and all of these great golfers, and the PGA Tour to really put together an event that honors our troops, honors their service, and honors their sacrifice,” Rice said.

As she walked the grounds here, Rice described sensing a palpable feeling of support for America’s troops. She said Americans understand that military service requires troops and families to make great sacrifices, commit to long deployments and sometimes lose comrades.

“I have not seen a person out here who has seen somebody in uniform (and let them) pass by,” she said. “They thank (servicemembers) for what they’re doing. That makes a real difference for the country, because I know that our troops know that they’re being supported, but it’s also important for the American people to have a way to show that support.”

Retired Army Sgt. Michelle Saunders, who was wounded in Iraq, said the outpouring of support humbles her.

“We signed up, we raised our right hand because we wanted to; it wasn’t because we were forced to,” she said. “I know a lot of people on the receiving end say it’s humbling for them, but it’s actually very humbling for us.”

Saunders and a group of servicemembers will be treated to a day on the links here July 9, a day after the official tournament ends. Playing on a tournament-quality course is a rare opportunity that few have the fortune to enjoy, she said.

Woods actually played in a golf foursome July 4 that included two servicemembers. He and tournament sponsors will give 30,000 tournament tickets to U.S. military personnel over the course of the tournament week, and those attending will be able to enjoy the view from a special seating gallery, and snack on discounted concessions after showing military identification.

"My dad was retired, but I grew up on a military base, and played golf there and that was my home course," Woods said during the July 4 opening ceremony. "For me, all my life, I've been part of the military.

"I've always been around (servicemembers),” he said. “I understand the commitment it takes for men and women to do what they do each and every day. That's a commitment that I don't think that people truly understand.”

Allison Barber, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for internal communications and public liaison, called the tournament the “perfect package” to express support for servicemembers.

“The PGA Tour goes out of its way to use the golf world to highlight and thank our troops,” Barber said. “And then you have Dr. Rice – and there’s nobody busier – and she comes out, not just to watch golf, but she wanted to come out and thank the Tiger Woods Foundation, thank the PGA Tour, but she really wanted to spend time with our troops.

“I think if our troops got one message this weekend, the message should be that everybody is doing what they can do, within their worlds, to show that they support the troops,” Barber said. “And the message is so clear that the American people do support our men and women in the military.”

Woods and his father established the Tiger Woods foundation in 1996 with the mission of empowering young people to dream big and set goals to achieve those dreams through community-based programs, according to the foundation’s Web site. To date, the foundation has helped an estimated 10 million children.

In conjunction with the AT&T National tournament, Woods' foundation donated thousands of cards that will eventually reach servicemembers.

"The Tiger Woods foundation created post cards with the America Supports You message on there, and wanted to make sure that people had the opportunity to write a message to our troops and their families," Barber said.

As golf tournament attendees rode shuttle buses that drove them to various destinations on the tournament grounds, they were given a chance to write personalized messages on the cards, she noted.

"We’re taking those cards and giving them to our America Supports you homefront groups to be included in care packages, so they’ll go right out to our forward-deployed troops," she said. "We’re desperate for our troops and their families to know that no matter what the policy debate is, and (despite) the political scenario, one message is clear: America supports you."


Rained AGAIN.

So, I spent the morning on the phone.

Dental appointments made for the 3 of of us.

Vagina Whisperer appointment made for me.

Windshield being replaced in the a.m.

The difference 3 years will make.....

These are 2007,2006,2005 Fourth of July Parade photos.

My how they have grown.

Red Mosque

I have been trying to keep abreast of the news in Islamabad, Pakistan all week. The Red Mosque. I have been watching, worried.

Many chanted “Death to Musharraf” and “Death to America” in a rally led by Maulana Faqir Mohammed, a cleric wanted by authorities and who is suspected of ties to al-Qaida No. 2 leader Ayman al-Zawahri.

Monday, July 09, 2007

If I Were Emma Peel...

Everytime I had to look at the neighbors confederate flag hanging, or the painted plywood yard art of the little boy peeing on a shrub, I would have a drink, instead of frothing at the mouth.

The bottem fell out.

That is what they call a downpour down here.

You will be having a gentle rain, and then boom, the bottem will fall out.

We have been very lucky to have rain almost every other day. Which means, my lawn is green, weeds are easy to pull. Temperatures have not been in the typical 100's as is normal this time of year.

However the mosquitos are out in record numbers and Sir Rowlandd and I look like we have dermatological disorders. the mosquitos have been leaving Pink Ninja alone.

So we painted. Well PN painted.

Sir Rowland worked on duplicating an Arkansas state map.

We had fried eggplant and fresh tomatoes for dinner.

Rainy and Dark

It is almost black out.

Rain, I am sure most of the day.

I do not bother checking the weather online, or on TV.

I will depend on my eyes and ears.

We are out of large paper.

So I must go get some.

We do have library time, at 10:30.

I do not mind the rain. It is the perfect day to read, and clean. However since I have children, I am sure we will play candy land, cards, spanish bingo, color, make signs for The Collectives Lemonade Stand (for the pending garage sale).

But, I could not help but look out the back door and imagine what a PERFECT DAY this is to sleep.


There is a constant rumbling, and REAL DARKNESS.

This also means, I do not have to water the lawn, or flowers, or pots.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Painting the town "yellow"

while some of my friends are in Chicago, living it up....at Og-Fest 2007, shooting guns,, and drinking beer.

AWTM, is painting her town yellow.

Yes folks, complete excitement here at Casa De Dust.

I am "puttin up corn".

AWTM, and The Collective managed to dehusk 2 bushels of sweet corn.

AWTM, gets the pleasure of removing the remaining corn silk, that freaked The Collective out.

Lets just say, no one has anything on AWTM when it comes to dehusking ears of sweet corn. I was completely bad ass, and had 2 bushels done in 20 minutes...

Now I need someone to throw down some sort of gauntlet, and challenge me to a shuck off.

I am aware that it is completely a shame that I am spending Saturday night "puttin up corn".

I am.

More good days than bad...

It seems as of late, I have fewer sour adventures.

Ahhhh, I am enjoying 3 and 5.

Last Sunday I picked up The Collective from childrens worship, only to be stopped by the teacher. So I froze, and looked at her ready to accept what she had to say, and I was already to cancel the days plans as consequence. And then I heard the magical words....

"The kids were so great today, they each got an award for being the best behaved children in Sunday School."

After DH picked me off of the floor, we continued to have an excellent day.

And this week, even with DH back at Fort Benning, I was prepared to deal with some very angry behavior from them.

No such luck.

Maybe it is a fluke, or perhaps, they are done watching me referee all day long.

We have had a fantastic week.

We have went fishing 4 times. No luck with fish, but for about 20 minutes they seem to enjoy it. I have taken to leaving the fishing equipment in the back of the truck. You never know.

We went to the Commissary, same thing, wonderful. Sir Rowlands only request was cereal with no prizes or advertising on it. Pink Ninja of course wanted yogo rolls, because she saw them advertised on television.

The change in behavior, well it feels like it has happened over night.

I was able to take Sir Rowland to the firewrks for the first time ever. He has never enjoyed the spray of sparks, and noise. He thought it was a silly way to celebrate. But this year, he stuck his head out of the side of the truck, and oooooing and awwwing, with the rest of them.

Pink Ninja is keeping busy on her trike, riding barefooted, and picking me whatever resembles a bouqet from the yard, she has been helping me pull weeds.

Sir Rowland helping plan menus, and assisting with cooking.

They are awake at the usual 6:00am reguardless of what time they are put to bed, so i have been making sure they are in bed by 8pm. Which gives me time to do dishes, laundry and clean up around the house. When they wake, they usually grab a piece of fruit and watch cartoons, and I am allowed to sleep for 30-45 minutes longer. No fighting, no wrestling.

Amazing to me.

To the Moms that have told me, "it gets esier, it is different, but it is easier"....I gotcha now. It is different, we are still busy. But I no longer have to fret about going places, wondering who is going to tire, or cry, or meltdown. We are having fun...

The 3 of us. Sir Rowland is opening the truck for his sister and saying, "after you, ladies first"...

I told my DH the other night, "this is going to sound bad, but I am REALLY enjoying them, I mean I know that sounds bad. I have always enjoyed them, but now we are havng fun".

DH understood, and told me, I did not need to explain myself.

Finally. And I promise they are being rewarded with hugs, and love, and lots of Mom time.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Fountainhead

The alley by Logan Street

I spent part of the day, thinking about Fourth of July past. And wondering what memories my children will take with them, after this relatively short stint in my care. I was thinking about how Fourth of July has changed.

I grew up in a sleepy little Midwestern town, and I think we were able to buy fireworks about a week and a half out from the Holiday. We would get the "Shopper" a local small publication that listed Ma and Pop grocery adds, local business ads, yard sales, and the like. Around the fourth, the fireworks stands would start to advertise. They would enclose a coupon for a free pack of lady fingers, and smoke balls if you spent $5. So my Mom would cut the coupon out, and then she would call Grandma, and folks from work. I recall heading down there in my Mom's blue buick, hot from the summer heat, smelling of old car. A smell I miss, and would recognize immediately, but no one has an old car any longer.

My Sister is 7 years my senior, so I do not remember many trips to the fireworks stand with her. I do recall my younger brother and I making the trip year after year. We would get one brick of lady fingers. An entire brick. I am unsure how many lady fingers that adds up to. We would take them home, and Mom would give us an old Folgers coffee can, we would proceed to unwrap them one by one. Fingers turning sliver as we worked on the chore. Unwrapping yellow, red, and green for hours. We normally left the free pack intact, and would light it as a unit, and listen to the series of blasts....always deciding in the end, it was sort of a waste, one light and an entire pack woud be done.

We would stand by the alley on Logan Street, ALMOST the worng side of the tracks, hell one street off, and we would keep oursleves busy for days. We would light the punks off of the electric stove, and run outside for hours. Punks no longer smell the same, I wonder what has changed. The neighbor kid Roger, that shot my Sister in the arm with his BB gun, told us punks were made from camel crap. Funny what I can remember.

We were careful with the lady fingers, for the most part. Of course we always found a stray pop can, or something to blow up. Oh and there was a "close call" EVERY season, you know the lady finger with the short fuse, that you should light on the ground, but didn't as some sort of show of Bravado. And the tricky long fused lady finger in which you were sure you had a long enough time to throw the thing, only to have it almost take a finger off. The promises of "do not tell Mom, I almost blew a finger off" following immediately.

I do remember my Father holding bottle rockets, and lighting them throwing them up in the air, thinking that he was nuts. Bottle Rockets were outlawed in those parts not to long after.

I also remember that when we ran out of punks, my Mom would give us a lit cigarette to light the suckers with. A cigarette of all things. Of course, this was back in the day, where you could smoke in the Drs. office. Yes I am that old, I suppose.

Down and out at Fort Benning.

DH had a root canal Monday. Uhhhh, he has not been feeling well.

He is not a medicine taker.

They didn't send him "home" with anything.



after suffering through almost an entire week, and 2-3 trips to Dentists and Drs. They finally have DH on antibiotics, and pain meds....

For the love of Pete. I am guessing he should feel much better in the next 48 hours.

Infected? Uh yeah draining an abcess 2 times would leave me to think there is an infection.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It did not rain on our Parade

The Collective had a great time at the Parade.

If there is one thing we should read today

It should be THIS

Independence Day

Today, should be a fun day for The Collective. It is The Fourth of July.

We managed to celebrate this weekend while DH was here,

DH and Sir Rowland even made a trip to the local Fireworks stand. We had a lovely meal of grilled steaks, corn on the cob, slathered in butter, lime, and cilantro, and watermelon. The evening was topped off with fireworks.

DH had to return to advanced course Monday, he had a quiz Tuesday, OH and a root canal, right after PT. I believe this toothache came out of nowhere, a toothache that seemed to decide to show itself during a PT run at the crack of dawn. Ouch.

So I will try and celebrate the day with The Collective, and ensure they have a good time at our little towns celebration.

I do have enough "pops" to keep them occupied for at least an hour. There is a parade, potato sack races, water balloon fights a magic show, fireworks, and a concert here today. I will see how much we can make it through.

Say a prayer for all of those serving our country today, and the families that miss them.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Theft from the Perdify

Stole this from Buckethead's place...

Hell has no fury like a mound of fire ants

I had a relaxing morning planned


I made it through yoga.

We made it through the library.

We even made it fishing.

The fire ants had other plans.

I guess we were thought of as invaders.

A couple of screams, and I KNEW.

2 screaming children.

Numerous red medium sized ants, who decided to take it upon themselves to bite MY CHILDREN.

So, between the screams, I removed shoes, socks, and killed those suckers with my bare hands.

I have various bites on my hands.

Pink Ninja, 3 bites that are visible.

Sir Rowland, got the worst of it, I am afraid. Too many bites to count.

So after the battle ended, I drove immediately to the pharmacy drive thru pleading my case, and begging for chewable Benedryl, and cream.

They honored my request.

Damned ants.

Atlanta Aquarium

Here are some photos of the Atlanta Aquarium.

The Collective loved the Beluga Whales, Penguins, and Sea Otter displays.

The trip to Atlanta was fun.

I was taken aback, by the smell of human urine at Olympic Park. So if you are headed that way, feel free to skip it. Not much to see. A big fountain, some sculptures, homeless people, and the smell of urine.