Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

Today, should be a fun day for The Collective. It is The Fourth of July.

We managed to celebrate this weekend while DH was here,

DH and Sir Rowland even made a trip to the local Fireworks stand. We had a lovely meal of grilled steaks, corn on the cob, slathered in butter, lime, and cilantro, and watermelon. The evening was topped off with fireworks.

DH had to return to advanced course Monday, he had a quiz Tuesday, OH and a root canal, right after PT. I believe this toothache came out of nowhere, a toothache that seemed to decide to show itself during a PT run at the crack of dawn. Ouch.

So I will try and celebrate the day with The Collective, and ensure they have a good time at our little towns celebration.

I do have enough "pops" to keep them occupied for at least an hour. There is a parade, potato sack races, water balloon fights a magic show, fireworks, and a concert here today. I will see how much we can make it through.

Say a prayer for all of those serving our country today, and the families that miss them.

Enjoy your day.

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