Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day One Sale...

Only Sold books.

Sir Rowland, ALMOST OUTSOLD me in lemonade and cookies.

He was quite a salesman, insisting ALL who were in a hollars reach, had to have some FRESH LEMONADE!! I will add salesman to his list of talents.

So I still have a lot of stuff left.

I guess I knew tha, and that is why we are doing this for 3 days.

But can I tell you, I am an idiot for doing this, as temperatures reach those in HELL. I am smoked out from the heat, and boredom.

In good news no freakish types showed up. That is also bad news, as I was considering that to be blog fodder. I mean I know my life is not THAT EXCITING or INTERESTING. I KNOW. But a strange person buying all of my appliances, with a $500 bill and a patch on his eye would have been cool.

I suppose I could make something up. But real life always trumps fiction.

Thank God my Sister is here, there is no way I could have carried all that I have had to. Did I think I could move furniture alone?

Someone did try to talk me down on a dresser today. $15.00 for a dresser. Holy smokes, I refused. Maybe my Saturday I will get rid of the damn thing.

Let me see. I did get a note from RSM in the mail today, all is well. I am sure he would be sick at my blogging over there...I must think of something to put up over there....


Anyone care to give me a suggestion for a post to put up over at RSM's?

OK, I am off, Sir Rowland has learned the thrill of word finds, Pink Ninja is up to Monkey shine. I need to make a dinner of some sort..

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