Saturday, July 07, 2007

Painting the town "yellow"

while some of my friends are in Chicago, living it Og-Fest 2007, shooting guns,, and drinking beer.

AWTM, is painting her town yellow.

Yes folks, complete excitement here at Casa De Dust.

I am "puttin up corn".

AWTM, and The Collective managed to dehusk 2 bushels of sweet corn.

AWTM, gets the pleasure of removing the remaining corn silk, that freaked The Collective out.

Lets just say, no one has anything on AWTM when it comes to dehusking ears of sweet corn. I was completely bad ass, and had 2 bushels done in 20 minutes...

Now I need someone to throw down some sort of gauntlet, and challenge me to a shuck off.

I am aware that it is completely a shame that I am spending Saturday night "puttin up corn".

I am.

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