Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stream of thought....yes more of it.

My Sissy gave me the day off the other day. I took the day, went to the gym, went to Starbucks, sat and tried finishing a book, pawed through a magazine. I went to a boutique, that I only go RARELY, I have never bought anything in there. It is always nice to look at an $800 pair of shoes. It makes a $50 pair look like nothing. I managed to go to SteinMart, which I love. I left all shopping empty handed. We have ballet, and tuition due soon. I honestly do not need anything. So I browsed. I did take myself out for a blu-cheese burger. YES AGAIN. YUM! It was a relaxing day. I even came home exhausted.

The visit from Sissy has been nice. It is easier. She helps with laundry, dishes, she LOVES my cooking. Except for the sweet potatoes. I forgot she dislikes them. WE have played scrabble, and giggled. I took her shopping today, and diswayed her from buying yet another black hoodie. Enough ALREADY. I talked her into a pretty turquoise summer sweater....pretty. WE chat all day long, we are chatterers. Imagine that. I miss having her close. The Collective miss her as well.

I am struggling with my birth control they put me on to control the amount of cysts, polyps, etc. My hormones had a mind of their own. I must say these Loestrin...make me feel loony, and moody, which is not typical of me. I promise. I go to the Dr. soon.

The yard is gorgeous, and I must take a picture of the crape myrtle up front...

It is gorgeous. The grass looks phenomenal, considering it is Bermuda crap grass. The neighbor men are all jealous, and working their asses off to keep up with me. I hope DH arrives, while it is looking so beautiful.

Temperature have been wonderful. I have no complaints, but the bugs are horrendous. Fire ants Cicadas, locusts, mosquitoes. PN and I noted at least 40 locust shells. ICK.

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