Monday, July 09, 2007

Rainy and Dark

It is almost black out.

Rain, I am sure most of the day.

I do not bother checking the weather online, or on TV.

I will depend on my eyes and ears.

We are out of large paper.

So I must go get some.

We do have library time, at 10:30.

I do not mind the rain. It is the perfect day to read, and clean. However since I have children, I am sure we will play candy land, cards, spanish bingo, color, make signs for The Collectives Lemonade Stand (for the pending garage sale).

But, I could not help but look out the back door and imagine what a PERFECT DAY this is to sleep.


There is a constant rumbling, and REAL DARKNESS.

This also means, I do not have to water the lawn, or flowers, or pots.


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