Thursday, July 12, 2007


I will be co-hosting my first show on blog Talk Radio. With friend and co-contributor Most Certainly Not.

I have decided to begin with a discussion on reunion and reintegration.

Which is actually a timely topic, as DH will be home in 3 short weeks after a 6 month school at Fort Benning.

Some of us, not all of us, have anxiety around reunion and reintegration. It is a a very strange time for some military families.

I think when the general public sees reuniting, it is normally at some airfield. And most Americans are privy to the smiling couples running into one another's arms. And that does happen, and it is one of the sweetest parts of being a military family. But "what happens, after you drive home and the television cameras are no longer there?"

I hope to give you a piece of that tonight.

I am also sure there will be some technical difficulties, as I am new at running the switchboard at Blog Talk Radio, and the IM board.

Oh and a bonus, the neighbor girl I slated to be here at 4:30pm.....will not be here until show time! So I may be starting the show giving directions to the sitter!!

UPDATE: Of course there was a glitch tonight, and I will take responsibility for that. I scheduled the show for 6pm, thinking 6pm EST, but it was then scheduled for 7pm EST. HA, so I lost the Dr., as he is headed out of town, he did agree to reschedule, and I will work on this segment ASAP. However I was joined by Most Certainly NOT, for a lively discussion on parenting and being National Guard spouses!

Tune in tonight!

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