Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yummmm lunch

I had to take a break from sorting garage sale, and trying to clean. (The 3 year old has her own ideas, about how "welcoming her room should look.) My Sissy arrives tonight at 8pm.

I was starving, so I made myself a braunshweiger sandwich.

liverwurst = liver sausage = leberwurst Notes: This is a family of pork/or beef liver sausages that are creamy enough to spread. One variety is braunschweiger, which is smoked liverwurst. Substitutes: pâté OR teewurst OR mettwurst (the spreadable kind) OR gelbwurst

For some reason, I normally only buy braunschweiger when DH is home, because I a a stickler with waste, and am always afraid I will never eat all of it. But the other day while at the commissary I bought herring and braunschweiger. (Also note 40% iron, which is good for those of us that border anemia)

This does make a delicious sandwich, I like mine on Jewish rye, with mustard, and raw purple onion.

The Collective seem to like it on crackers, in small doses.

Delicious, and easy sandwich, I would recommend, if there is no one around you need to kiss.

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