Friday, July 20, 2007

Garage Sale Day 2

Sold a lot of books
a dresser
art print
some baby clothes

Sir Rowland and Pink ninja have made $15.00 at the lemonade and cookie stand, not bad for 25 cents a pop.

I am still sitting on a few larger items, that I will not budge on.

Still no freaks, well huge freaks.


A lot of "normal people"

What is the world coming to?

My Sissy and I managed to listen to Oldies Country today.

I recall the lyrics to a lot of VERY UNFORTUNATE songs...

really I do.

A lot of Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers, Monty Hall, Patsy Cline. And some of those are acceptable, but there were a couple of songs, that frankly....I am absolutely embarrassed about. But when you grow up with am radio, and lots of long country drives. And when your Mom takes you to the State Fair to see Kenny Rogers and Dottie West...

4 times.



Anonymous said...

oh man, you just lost some coolness points!

just kidding

Linda said...

I bet I could outsing you on some of those songs...I was raised on Charley Pride!!!