Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is personal...

I was at Guard Wife's blog and noted this.

Guard Wife says it better than I can here.

Before you think Ted Rall is just some Left-wing cuckoobird who draws junior-high level cartoons for a living, remember that he has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and stands as one of the most reproduced cartoonists the New York Times employees during three separate years. He's won awards for this kind of sickening 'work.'

Since Ted Rall and his sycophants seem to think we give a rat's crapper what he thinks, I suppose it's fair that I share with them what I think. I'm sure there are plenty of mouth breathers who don't even know who Ted Rall is, but share his sentiments, so this is for them as well. It's amazing to me that someone would attempt to equate our service members with the unwashed, mouth-frothing kabal of suicide bombers, but it isn't surprising.

In Ted's first cell, he refers to the subject he's depicting as a "male." Let me remind Ted that those who wear the uniform are MEN (and women). A concept, I'm sure, which falls outside his understanding. But, real men can recognize another real man. And, although Ted probably doesn't care, a woman can recognize a real man when she sees one too.

In Ted's second cell, he depicts a man who is contemplating reupping in the Armed Forces and calls it "willingness to die for a cause." Ted, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but freedom and liberties aren't "a cause." Causes are the things that weak minded individuals like yourself have the gall to glom onto, regardless of their worth, and then decry the loss of your freedoms if anyone dare point out to you how pathetically ridiculous you are. Without liberties and freedoms that these men and women are willing to fight and die to secure, you and your ilk would have to find real jobs. So, instead of sneering, you might want to reeducate yourself. Or, in your case, educate yourself.

Having faith isn't religious fervor in the same sense of those who are suicide bombers. Suicide bombers make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty, the meek and the dangerous, or the actual wrongdoers and law-abiding citizens. We aren't fighting terrorism because we demand subjegation and a religious conversion by those on the other side. We fight it because we aren't so interested in the options radical Islam has to offer -- submit, convert or die. Believing in God or having faith that you will be protected isn't religious fervor, nor is it weakness. And, if you look around, there are plenty of Pagans, Aetheists and Agnostics wearing the uniform today.

The fact that Ted Rall would show a man in uniform with the words "Poor Education" beneath him is so hackneyed that I'm surprised Rall is still beating that drum. Much research has been conducted to demonstrate what those of us who actually know service members knew long ago: the military isn't for dummies. The fact that Rall and his cronies repeatedly beat this worn out drum and refuse to relinquish this disproved stereotype shows them for who they really are more than any other element. Of course, since the mainstream media, including Ted's paper, refuse to print the truth in regard to our service members' demographics, maybe he just missed the memo.

I found it offensive so many different levels. Mr. Rall is really denigrating EVERYTHING I LOVE about America. Religious freedom, love, honor, respect.

And I would love to see Mr. Rall try and work as a cartoonist in North Korea where those ideals get you killed.


Leader: Kim Jong Il

How censorship works: North Korea has wedded the traditional Confucian ideal of social order to the Stalinist model of an authoritarian communist state to create the world’s deepest information void. All domestic radio, television, and newspapers are controlled by the government. Radio and television receivers are locked to government-specified frequencies. Content is supplied almost entirely by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). It serves up a daily diet of fawning coverage of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il and his official engagements. The country’s grinding poverty or famines are never mentioned. Only small numbers of foreign journalists are allowed limited access each year, and they must be accompanied by "minders" wherever they go.

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