Friday, July 13, 2007

Sheehan OUT of retirement...and headed to Fort Benning!

And is scheduled to be at Fort Benning, Georgia in the morning.

Cindy Sheehan Organizing Peace March from Crawford, Texas to the White House

* Summer of Love '07: On a Journey for Humanity
By Cindy Sheehan
Common Dreams, July 5, 2007
Straight to the Source

The other day I came out of my short retirement due to yet another Bush flagrant abuse of power. We decided that we would walk from Atlanta to DC to gather a people's movement for humanity. The longer BushCo are in office the less chance we have of recovering the heart and soul of our nation, saving our soldiers and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and saving the planet from corporate and individual waste and pollution. Impeachment, removal from office, and in a perfect world: incarceration for the criminals against humanity, are urgent and necessary steps that need to be taken today.Since the announcement of the Walk, circumstances have changed. Rev. Lennox Yearwood is not going to have his hearing for Conduct Unbecoming until the end of August, and we were going to begin our walk after his hearing on July 12th in Macon, GA. So consequently, we are going to begin our Journey on July 10th in Crawford, Texas.

Here is her schedule

July 10 Crawford Tx - Houston Tx
July 11 Houston Tx. - New Orleans La.
July 12 New Orleans La. - Montgomery Al.
July 13 Montgomery Al. - Ft. Benning Ga,
July 14 Ft. Benning Ga - Atlanta Ga.
July 15 Atlanta Ga. - Gainsville Ga.
July 16 Ganisville Ga. - Clemson SC
July 17 Clemson SC - Charlotte NC
July 18 Charlotte NC - Greensboro NC
July 19 Greensboro NC - Lynchburg NC
July 20 Lynchburg NC - Charlottesville Va
July 21 Charlottesville Va. - Richmond Va.
July 22 Richmond Va. - Arlington Va
July 23 Arlington Cem - White House/ Capital
July 23 Washington DC - Philadelphia PA.
July 24 Philadelphia PA - Allentown PA
July 25 Allentown PA - New York City NY
July 26 United Nations Action
July 27 Begin to Gather at Central Park
July 28 TBA
July 29 Gathering of Hearts Fest Central Park

Please notify your local recruiting offices, and military instillations ASAP.

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