Friday, June 30, 2006

Cotton candy kisses and pepermint stick fingers....

You would think after 4 1/2 years into this "motherhood" deal, there would be no more suprises.

Yet daily, soemthing suprises me.

You see, Dash my 4 1/2 year old son is a tidy eater. Always has been really. You can "almost" never tell where the kid has been sitting at the table for a meal. He is neat, he does not like food on his fingers, or clothes. He also complains of the dirty hands after a meal, and will now rush to the bathroom to wash.

Pink Ninja on the other hand, is a mess. Really. WE can always tell which seat is hers. There is a four foot area beneath her that showcases her dining experiance. You can tell what she likes and what she does not by her "area". She also becomes almost violent at the sight of a washcloth headed for her face, or fingers. She would rather run for hours than to be relieved of this stickiness. I will also add here, she almost always one of the three, food in hair, food on clothes, food on face. (Today it was paint in her hair, no food)

She is also, part candy, I am convinced. I am having a difficult time recalling a time where I have touched her hand where it was not sticky. Like her dermis excretes syrup of some sort. Her hands feel like she has been waiting tables at an IHOP for an 8 hour shift.

This leads me, AWTM to be on some sort of tear for about 3 hours out of the day wiping, spraying, wiping, spraying.....doorknobs, mirrors, truwk windows, anything she touches.

Dash came out of his room the other day with 3 mega blocks, 2, 6 inch sets of wooden Thomas track, and a potato head. ALL were sticky, icky gross, we had to take all items to the bathroom and wash them. Dash was beside himself.

Since Pink Ninja does not want me or her Father to wipe her down, we encourage her to wash herself as often as possible.

So, the other morning after breakfast, I send both children to the bathroom. I proceed with washing dishes and cleaning PinkNinjas four foot section of crap. I hear Dash playing in his room quietly and think nothing of it.

I then note running water. So I enter the bathroom to find PinkNinja standing on the stool in front of the sink. She had been washing her hands for at least 5 minutes. At least.

5 minutes
1/2 bottle dial liquid soap

You will never guess. Yep she was sticky, however this time it was sticky with soap. Yeah the item I depend on to make my daughter clean, the one thing in the house to battle sticky fingers. Soap.


Anyone wanna guess what in the hell is going on round here?

I am hoping to know details SOON, and will post more on this later.

In the meantime, you will notice an increase in cursing in this place.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who do you look like?

This should be fun for a Friday post, tomorrow is Friday isn't it?

Well I really want to know who you look like. A celebrity? Your Aunt Ginnie, or Uncle Charlie? I want to hear the story.

So I wanna know who you look like, and OHHHH...even the people that VISIT DAILY and never leave a comment. Yeah, de-lurk for the day. That means you!!

Example: I was once told by "elderly mall walkers", that I looked like "one of the girls from Petticoat Junction". I do not think I look like any of the Petticoat Junction girls, but hey, they both had on glasses, and probably had cateracts.

"Big Toeny Weighs In"

on the great sock debate....

"Yo, Cat nothing wrong with a little sock action, or big sock action for that matter, just ask my crew."

Fight Club.....

OK Buckethead first off, I am not on your blogroll. *cough* And now I note you are talking shit about Arkan-thaw?

Must READ...

I was visiting Mary Ann's place, and although her blog is always filled with touching and wonderful information. I caught this today.

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of the Iraq war's deadliest day for American military women.

Read it here
*I am having difficulty linking this directly, unsure why, please find the story titled "The Fewer The Prouder, The females Marines"...the story is worth our time*

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lost In Translation

A stranger: "What is the magic word?" (fully expecting to hear the word please)

Dash: "Well aberacadabera, of course."

Position of The Week #21

Corpse pose

This pose is typically used for meditation.

I went to yoga yesterday at 8am. Crawling slowly out of my "red tent". I got to class.

Upon walking in, I note the class is FULL. This is unusual. I note 4 of the regulars, in the back, and we are looking at each other. They are looking at me to watch my reaction, and I am looking at them with my "WTF?" face.

It seems as though, no one in my little suburb likes yoga, they all hate it. So "the forces at the gym" have combined the last 2 straight yoga classes with pilates. To make the new schedule all yolattes.

OK, OK I can stand it, the pilates are sculpting me a waist, and my tummy, although it remains a bit pouchy after housing Pink and Dash for 9 months.

SO I decide I can make it through this.

You see the yoga is private, it is a private journey. Even if done in public. The journey is a private one. It is head time, it is quiet time. The yoga forces me to concentrate on my body and my breathing rather than all of the noise in my day. It forces me to look inside my head, and push all of the intrusions out so I can make my body work.

However with this new LARGER yolattes group...ughh it is a challenge. They do not get it. Everytime the instructer proposed a balance pose, or any other "yoga pose", there was a collective sigh, and a "yeah right" kind of attitude. It wasn't happy or good.

I wanted to tell them all to shut the fuck up, (yeah, not very yoga like at all) that balance is possible if they quiet themselves, if they believe they can do it. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

Well I made it through class. I transitioned between tree, to leg lift, king dancer, quad stretch, to T-pose. All without stumbling. It can be done.

So, now, more than ever I am having to learn to quiet my practice. Shhh my brain, because oh, this is gonna be hard.

Just when I think my chi is right, and I am zen master.

If I Were Emma Peel.....

I might drink this entire bottle.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Midwestern Wife cooks Indian food

First off I will preface this by saying I am a decent cook. Although I specialize in "farm food, country food". You know, meat and potatoes type cooking. I also only use recipes during baking, never while "cooking". So, this week along with my short list of cleaning goals, I had promised myself I would try and cooking Indian food.

This means curry powder, ginger, cinnamon, mustard seed, garlic, coriander. Can you say intimidating?

So I gathered about 5 different recipies and went for it, without measuring, without following any recipie exactly.

I cooked with my nose, and when the house smelled like an Indian restauraunt I knew I had it right.

It was delicious. Dear Husband gave me an A, and said I would have scored better if wearing a sari while presenting said meal.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sometimes I am reminded....

how lucky I am, and how miracles happen....

Can't get it out of my head...

So, Miss Swift Kick and A Band Aid, asks people to..

I'm asking readers - men and women alike - to leave a comment with the song lyrics they'd play for me in their version of a standing outside my window Say Anything moment. Or perhaps the lyrics they'd play mid-relationship as a reminder to me

In the comments someone leaves the lyrics to "So into you" by The Atlanta Rhythm Section. About the weirdest song for anyone to put up. However since that time, the damn song has been stuck in my head. I cannot get it to leave.

Please help me out, I do not want to buy the entire damn album...but I think I need a copy of the damn song. Maybe it will help get it out of my head.

Cleaning up

There are some things round here that need cleaning up. One of those is my colorful language, and that ain't gonna happen.

So next on the list is....

1) Kitchen curtains need to be washed. I also recall a handy tip from my DH's Grandma. Wash curtains with a cup of epsom salts.

2) Clean out bathroom #1 cupboards

3) Clean out bathroom #2 cupboards

4) Dust all of the ceiling fans

5) Make hair appointment ASAP

That sounds doable doesn't it? One would think so, however you realize I have my own private help squad that shadows me. So we will see what I can manage.

They come by it honestly..

The collective are not up with the chickens for no reason at all. It seems as though they come by it naturally.

*Pink Ninja, and Dash, helping water Granmpanios garden, my fathers thumbs so green he insists "everything in the garden" "takes over"...

Grampanio: "if you plant the yellow stuff, it will take over, you have to thin it out."

AWTM: (who has planted the yellow stuff, only to see its slow demise) "Oh really?"

Now What?

Dade Gone Mad, makes me laugh almost daily. This time, he takes the boys fishing, and he writes this...

Catching a catfish is like hooking-up with a 450-pound woman with a moustache and Cheeto-hands at a bar. Yes, you reeled it in – but what exactly do you plan to do with it?

Now that is the funniest thing I have read all day.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another walk..

*another photo of Cousin Curl and Dash walking on the farm...

~Where the Sidewalk Ends

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

Shel Silverstein

Nacho Sushi

Last Night was date night here at Casa De Dust. Yes, despite my bitchiness and mood I had arranged a date earlier in the week. I am sure DH was thrilled....

A ride on the bike, Japenese food, and hoping that Jack Black or DH would make me smile.

Well, I laughed for about the first half of the movie. Jack Black in tights and polyester clothing with some sort of 70's perm and mustachio....well it is funny.

The movie, probably safe for most kids 7 and older. No nudity, I do not recall cussing.

The bike ride, not half bad, the cicada's competing with the Harley for front stage. It was too close to call.

The Japenese food wasn't bad, the glass of wine, was needed.

The next date scheduled is a formal mid-July. Let the dress hunting commence....

Although I am still in love with this little ditty...and do think I can wear it to a formal event. I think it is simple enough. I do not want to show up looking like I wish I were 18 and at prom...

If I Were Emma Peel.....

I would always be prepared to use my feminine wiles...

video here....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Take this job and .......

It has been brought to my attention that I am UNDERPAID...

I see dead people

The very straight white Eric's post about his Father's hobby, and the remanents of the hobby reminded me...

I have yet to post about my Grandmothers quilt top I collected on my journey to the Great Plains.

So upon my arrival to my Father's home, and my Father expressing his desire for certain "things" to be gone through. I made sure to tell him I wanted his parents daily dishes for Pink Ninja.

The daily dishes were Fire-King peach lustre or copper tint, I remain unsure. However upon removing them from the ceder chest. I handled each dish with great care. Remebering the store bought ice cream from the Jack and Jill Supermarket 30 minutes away from their home. I remember the rhubarb sauce my Grandmother made to top the ice cream. How it always tasted the same, and delicious. How my Grandmother could take the sourest "vegetable" on the planet and turn it into some sort of delicous treat to top off ice cream -is beyond me. My Grandfather was an unpaid pastor, town handyman, and City Marshall for his small town, my Grandmother a ohone operator for a bit. They lived frugally, and survived a depression. So upon inspecting the dishes. I noted.

2 dinner plates- very well worn

6 other dinner plates- like new

8 coffee mugs- all well used

8 saucers- mostly all well used, I can recall eating toast and pie from the saucers.

2 bowls- well used

6 bowls- like new

As I wrapped up these plates, I noted 2 very well worn and some of the peach luster gone from the center. I couldn't help but recalling the faces of my Grandpa and Grandma. I pointed out to my Sister who was sitting on the floor at my side.

"They only used 2 plates, and 2 bowls, they saved the other 6."

Oh, and the quilt? Well it was under the dishes, and I guess I will save that for another day.

The arrival of "The Red Tent"

DH, spent the morning, making the collective breakfast, dressing them, playing with them, and then readying them for departure...

all while I was sleeping.

So in the dark and peace of our quiet bedroom, he tiptoed in the bedroom to announce he was taking Pink Ninja and Dash for the day, as well as my truwk.

"sleep, rest, get some rest, feel better...."

So I slept for another 45 minutes. Awaking at 9:11 give or take a few seconds, in the darkness of our bedroom. Feeling the coolness of the sheets, and duvet on my skin.

I plodded into my kitchen to help myslef to coffee, already made by Dear Husband.

Quiet, nothing but the sound of the air conditioner fan circulating cool air, the dishwasher running, the hummm of the dryer, and the spinning of the wash machine, oh and the broken clickety clack of my typing.

It is quiet. And in order for me to enjoy the quiet, there are a few things I must do, to enjoy the gift of this "red tent".

There are things that need to be shhhh'd.

For example the kitchen floor, that is "screaming" it is in need of a good mopping, the television that keeps "whispering" it needs a good dusting. There is some laundry that is "mumbling" it is in need of a good wash.

Talking laundry, and a talking floor? Just when I thought it was quiet around here.

**Thank You DH, I owe you cave man time**

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Night at the movies....

This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 3

Today I lived on advil, made veggie pizza on the grill for my brood.

It is movie night a Casa De Dust

DH: "Pulp Fiction?"

AWTM: "Kill Bill"

DH: "Kill Bill II?"

AWTM: "Can we watch Fight Club instead of Kill Bill?"

Tomorrow is a new day, right?


* more warnings...The link does include a woman's posterior, so you have been warned


Thank You DC bachelor, for posting photos of a Playboy ceterfold with cellulite.

That makes me feel much better today...Let the chocolate eating commence.

Also note tips for photo shopping photos of yourself!

You know Laughing Wolf is a photographer, and also worked at Playboy, I wonder if how much airbrushing goes on? I am also wondering if the wolves ever requiring any air brushing?

Inquiring minds want to know....

It would make me feel better today.

Where is my "red tent"?

Warning: Do not proceed, if you do not wish to hear about menstruation.

Seriously: You have been warned

Last Chance....

Go Away.....

My current monthly cycle has taken an toll on me. Which is insane. Ever since I have stopped taking "the pill" I have felt so much more "stable" as it were. Better, normal. However this month's "cycle" has left me feeling shellless, open and vunerable. Everything is too loud, too fast, too demanding, too....well too much. The anxiety, and feelings of overwhelming anxiety and dread is something I do not wear well. I seriously just want quiet and rest. I do not want to hear any noise, or any demands, or answer any question. I just want to be able to shut my mouth, and ears. I am not the moody sort. (Although, I am sure there are some that would disagree) So I am left feeling very out of sorts as it were. I am also suffering from cramping of this uterus of mine. Cramping that the Drs. told me would improve after giving birth. They lied.

My Mother-in-law had told me once upon a time, that many Native American cultures sequestered women away during they're mestrual cycles. She told me that women would be sent away fom camp and sent to a "tent". Men and other relatives taking care of her responsibilities for that time. This tent was also used in times of childbirth or illness.

"In many cultures, there were special temples or lodges dedicated to menstruating women to find retreat and relaxation during their moontime. Some believed that menstruating women had special powers during this mysterious bleeding phenom-enon. Family members or leaders in the tribe would make special requests of menstruating women, asking them to pray for the sick or seek visions in their dreams. Women were often highly honored during their menstrual cycle and were given special privileges, such as relief from their chores and duties, and were waited upon by their tribe or family during their moontime."
There is also this

"Plains Cree in the segregation at initial menstruation and in not using special lodges for subsequent menstrual periods. The cutting of wood by the Eastern Cree girl follows the Plains Cree custom, although the ceremonial return to the lodge is not eastern. The Central peoples differ in that every menstrual period is an occasion for seclusion.
Throughout the areas under discussion, contact with a menstruating woman is defiling, especially for sacred objects. The phrasing given to this concept by a Winnebago informant holds true for most eastern tribes. "Everything that is holy would immediately lose its power if a menstruating woman came in contact with it."25 "
So I have read different theories on the sequestering of women at this time.

So today, I have searched all over for a tent, there is the Eureka tent in the garage, we have used it for camping, and the like. It is bright yellow and easy to assemble. However it is sprinkling, humid and hot as hell out of doors.

There is the Dr. Seuss tent in the laundry room, all rolled up with "The Cat In The Hat" grinning widely just trying to provoke me.

I suppose I could enlist the collective to make me a fort, a tent out of blankets and cushions and chairs. My living room looking like the border Juarez, Mexico for the day.

I am left feeling unsure who would benifit from my sequestering today, or for the rest of the week for that matter. Would it be my tribe? Or, would it be me?

I am unsure.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wanna Be A Winner?

It appears, The Rocket Jones, is having a contest..."Since beginnings are important, I thought it would be a good idea to officially start Summer 2006 with something personally positive. Fill in the blanks:

Rocket Jones is better than _________________ because it's _______________.

For instance, you might say:"

"Rocket Jones is better than bondage because it's top-rack dishwasher safe."

And The Award for Useless Piece of Shit Of The Week Goes to.......

Mayor Nagin! Pink Ninja, and Dash armed with a box of crayons, and a scribble pad would like to challenge you to a good ole fashioned "civics off".

I am putting my money on the kids.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

While in Nebraska, I needed a few supplies. So I packed up the collective, and my Sister and we headed to Shopko. Upon exiting my beloved truwk, Dash spots a penny and picks it up. He is rich and puts the penny in his pocket.

Upon entering Shopko, I decided that a bathroom stop is in order.

So into the bathroom we head, directly to the handicap stall, so I can monitor the activities of Pink Ninja and Dash.

When out of the Dash's mouth I hear.

Dash: "Hey Mom I can buy a feminine napkin now, with the money I found!"

AWTM: "Yeah, I doubt if you would want want of those."

Sister: Laughing her ass off to the point of tears.

Dash: "But Mom, I have the money."

AWTM: "Darlin, if you find penny feminine napkins, or tampons for a penny, I am pulling the truwk around."

Position of The Week #20

"At the center of your being you have the answer;

You know who you are and you know what you want."


Tonight, I needed yoga, had to go. MY mind full and fast of things undone, things to do. I also needed to go, because my body ached. 2 1/2 weeks with very little exercise is not good for my head or my body. I do not ache or hurt when i am practicing regular. My head is clearer, thoughts are crisper. There is a relief.

The class was a challenge tonight, it included 30 minutes of pilates. Which I am learning to love only because I have a waist line again. The 30 minutes of pilates was follwed by 20 minutes of a great yoga sequence.

Here is the best part, it was the teacher I fear, the hard ass, the class I used to loathe. Guess what, I do not loathe it any longer. Perhaps, it is beacause I struggle less. I am respecting what she has helped me accomplish. Even if she smiles ardently, and chats us up, as I struggle to maintain a pattern of even breathing.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose)

Named after a legendary teacher of yoga, this twist energizes the spine and stimulates the digestive fire.

Click for larger image

(ARE-dah MOT-see-en-DRAHS-anna)
ardha = half
Matsyendra = king of the fish (matsya = fish
indra = ruler), a legendary teacher of yoga

Stimulates the liver and kidneys
Stretches the shoulders, hips, and neck
Energizes the spine
Stimulates the digestive fire in the belly
Relieves menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache
Therapeutic for asthma and infertility
Traditional texts say that Ardha Matsyendrasana increases appetite, destroys most deadly diseases, and awakens kundalini.

Summer Solstice

The very Straight, very white guy of SWG, reminded me today is important.

I recall, when Uncle Rico was living in Iceland....

"Jónsmessa - St. John Baptist's Day - June 24th"

This day has inherited many of the customs and folklore
associated with Midsummers Day, three days before.
Regarded as one of the most magical nights of the year,
cows gain the ability of speech, seals transform into humans,
very propitious for looking for herbs, grasses,
and of course the Magical Stones.
These stones usually were supposed to lie at the
bottom of a particularly inaccessible lake
and you had to reach the site at midnight when
the stones would float to the surface.
The dew falling on this night has special healing powers,
but only if you roll in the dew - stark naked.

Anyway Eric, you better head on over to "Cousin Brad's" house, I am sure there are some cattle that have something to say to you, particulary after the de-horning. Oh, but go over naked and roll in the pasture a couple of times.

Who Wants To be a millionaire?

Marry the guy who thought of this...

"The Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha Nebraska.
What's large enough to seat 750 guests for dinner while 1,200 other guests are playing golf, bowling, testing their skills on video games or driving a car on an Indy-style race track? It's The Amazing Pizza Machine, in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Amazing Pizza Machine is unlike any other indoor family entertainment complex in the region. In terms of sheer size at 65,000 square feet, there is nothing comparable between Minneapolis and Denver. The array of games, rides and attractions, all under one roof, are unparalleled in the region.
When the doors open to the public they will find 120 video games of every skill level. Rides and attractions will include glow-in-the-dark golf to bowling, bumper cars, racecars, and the Wild Ride, a wild spinning ride, all located in one climate-controlled complex. If you spent just five minutes playing every game and attraction, and riding the rides, it would take you 12 hours.
Add to the fun a buffet filled with more than 100 dishes made fresh and on site daily and four themed dining rooms to dine in. The Amazing Pizza Machine is owned by 6 4 Fun, LLC, a Nebraska company committed to creating a fun, family-friendly
entertainment venue."

I have been lucky enough to have never been to a Chuck E Cheese, and promised myself I would try and keep the kids out of one for as long as possible.

However, when back in Nebraska, a girlfriend of mine suggested we take our collected 5 children out for Pizza. Holy Crap, the place was Ginormous, Ginormous.

Actual bowling alleys inside, and rides, big rides.

The amazing thing was being around sooo many of my peer group. Listening to the conversations between parents and children.

"Cody, do you want pepperoni pizza, hamburger pizza, taco pizza, chicken Cajun pizza, chicken spinach pizza, cheeseburger pizza, jalapeno pizza? Ok Cody do you want spaghetti noodles, spiral noodles, macaroni noodles? Ok, Cody do you want red sauce with meat, vegetable sauce, or Alfredo sauce?" "Cody, do you want pickles, carrots, salad?" "Cody, do you want milk, or a pop, or an icy, or a juice?" Meanwhile Cody doesn't want to eat, he is watching kids being tossed around on some ride that you would see at a Carnival midway, Cody is trying to figure out if his parents will let him bowl, or play air hockey, the day glow space age place beckoning little Cody like some sort of well,kid heaven.

I hear the conversation over and over and over again between parents and offspring. 2 choices are enough for a 3-7 year old. Overstimulation, is not a joke.

This conversation is taking place in a buffet line filled with hundreds of screaming parents and children, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, music blaring, bigger than life cartoons displayed on 40 foot walls. 30 birthday parties taking place, all while a big stuffed red dog walks around scaring children 2 and under.

The good news is, the choices are endless at The Amazing Pizza Machine, the bad news is the place is full of indulged children, and over indulgent parents. The kids behaved as I would have expected, the parents surprised me.

The other good news, the kids have NOT requested to go back, I think the place scared them to death.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cypress knees

Our Fathers Day hike included this sight....

who knew trees had knees

I do not call him Dash for nothing...

*Dash running through one of Grandpanio's 21 sprinkler stations.

Five Things Meme Part 3

My migraine is gone. Thank God for Imitrix, although I should have gotten my ass out of bed at 3am, and took it right away.

This is Part 3 of the Five Things Meme sent to me, by my Blog Momma Tammi.

Five Things In My Vehicle

1) safety Seats For Pink Ninja and Dash

2) Yoga Mat

3) Pink Ninja's stuffed white poodle, and its metallic pink carrying case.

4) Half dozen nasty old french fries, that may be able to go under some sort of carbon dating.

5) Wings Greatest Hits CD

I wanna know what Army of Mom, and One Happy Dog have to hide.


I tried to catch up with the news this morning, and was instantly sickened upon hearing the 2 soldiers that were missing remains were recovered.

My heart aches, and I am thinking of those men, and the people left behind.

My grain

Woke at 3am, with a headache, woke at 5am with a headache.

My head feels like it is going to explode, and now I feel like I could puke.

I hope the collective understands.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Letter From PinkNinja Training Camp #734

Dear Daddy,

Thank You for taking me on a country drive, to the park, and hiking in the mountains today. I know I was ultra cute today, I even wore my sunglasses upside down on purpose. Just one of the ways to increase my "cute factor", in hopes that one of these days you will let me out of this tortorous restraint, known to the rest of the Planet as a "saftey seat", and let me take the wheel. I assure you I am a good driver.


Pink Ninja

Sunday, June 18, 2006

If I Were Emma Peel.....

Dear Husband would get a Happy Fathers Day "pose".

Fathers Day and Chemotherapy

Thoughts of Greg and Sheryl have been weighing heavy on my heart. So I went over to Sheryls blog, hoping to hear some good news, and I read this.

"Greg is in Hattiesburg right now. He had his last doctor's appointment with his surgeon, which was supposed to release him to come home and start chemotherapy. When he was in the hospital, an Army warrant officer came and told us that he would be released on medical leave as soon as the doctor released him to come home and that all we needed to do was get Tricare to agree for him to be transferred to a doctor at home for treatment.

We did all the paperwork this officer told us to do. We contacted Tricare and worked with the surgeon and his primary care physician in Hattiesburg to do the necessary paperwork for a referral to an oncologist here at home. We researched Tricare approved doctors close to our home and found one that was still openly taking patients and did the paperwork to have all his records transferred to that doctor. Greg is coming home today and we had plans to see the new oncologist in the next two weeks and start chemotherapy as soon as possible."

So Greg has started his chemo, chemo for colon cancer.

Oh and the fight, is not just somple, there is the paperwork, tri-care, and insurance issues. So if any of you know, anything, or anyone that can help this couple, please contact THEM ASAP.

Cancer is hard enough, without the added pressure of feeling lost in a massive shuffle of paperwork, and fighting for every benifit you get.

A Prayer would be a nice added bonus as well.

Fathers Day

It is still raining. I have locked the door to the bedroom, hoping that the "man of the hour", can manage an hour or two of extra sleep. I am cooking a breakfast of sausages, frenchtoast with fresh blueberries, and omelettes.

Dear Husband, is more patient than I am, most of the time. One of the best parts of the day, is hearing his bike enter the neighborhood, and the children recognizing the familiar Road King sound. They get excited when he is home for the day, they squeal and head for the door.

Thank You for being an excellent Father, and taking care of Sweet Pink Ninja and Dash. More importantly thank you for loving their Mom.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It is a regular zoo in here

*Pink Ninja visiting the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha. She LOVED the Polar Bears.


Nightmarish, praying all day for 2 missing U.S. Soldiers.

After We Make Love

*While driving from Nebraska, I was listeing to (NPR) National Pinko Radio, and heard After Making Love We Hear Footsteps read aloud by Galway Kinnell, a wonderful poem.

After Making Love We hear Footsteps

For I can snore like a bullhorn
or play loud music
or sit up talking with any reasonably sober Irishman
and Fergus will only sink deeper
into his dreamless sleep, which goes by all in one flash,
but let there be that heavy breathing
or a stifled come-cry anywhere in the house
and he will wrench himself awake
and make for it on the run - as now, we lie together,
after making love, quiet, touching along the length of our bodies,
familiar touch of the long-married,
and he appears - in his baseball pajamas, it happens,
the neck opening so small
he has to screw them on, which one day may make him wonder
about the mental capacity of baseball players -
and flops down between us and hugs us and snuggles himself to sleep,
his face gleaming with satisfaction at being this very child.

In the half darkness we look at each other
and smile
and touch arms across his little, startling muscled body -
this one whom habit of memory propels to the ground of his making,
sleeper only the mortal sounds can sing awake,
this blessing love gives again into our arms.

Galway Kinnell

But, the cool kids are doing it....

Tesco, does it again at 100 records. This week he managed to post 2 of my favorites
The Pixies, and Kate Bush. Go over and listen.

*Hounds of Love, a great track by Kate Bush

*Here Comes Your Man, The Pixies

Rained Out

Woke this morning, to the pitter patter of feet through the house, and the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

We needed the rain, some of the grass out back was getting a bit crunchy, and it is just plain ole dry down here. The soil in these parts, is mostly rock, and sand, no "real dirt" to hold moisture. So we needed rain.

This did change some plans though. We were headed to a little stream for a picnic, and trout fishing in Honor of Fathers Day. Instead, I made pancakes, and bacon, and am letting Dear Husband sleep in. That should be a treat for him, I normally am the one allowed to sleep in around here. I think the back up plan, was taking "the collective" to the movie Cars, and sharing milk duds and popcorn.

I am embarrassed to say, I still have some items that seem to be staggling in my suitcase, and need to empty the darn thing today.

So I sit here this morning, drinking coffee, with the sounds of rain, dishwasher, and clothes washer serenading me. I do hope that Dear Husband gets a little extra sleep this morning, and wakes ready to go to a show.

5 Things Meme Part 2

To Continue with 5 Things Meme from My Blog Momma Tammi this morning

5 Things In My Purse

1) Imitrix (migraine medication)

2) Very little cash

3) A checkbook, that needs to be replaced with a fresh one (thanks for the reminder)

4) Stamps

5) Leatherman

Oh, and Hollywoodland, I wanna know what a real writer carries around in her purse....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lawn games

Dash playing croquet.

A lovely time was had by all, no one got killed or injured with the wooden mallets.
Dash, did make up his own rules, which annoyed those he was playing with, and some onlookers.

5 Things Meme Part 1

My Blog Momma Tammi has tagged me with a Meme that asks very personal questions.

I am going to attack this meme one piece at a time.

5 things found in my fridge:

1. Iced Tea

2. Horseradish

3. Jalapenos

4. Champagne

5. Watermelon

Oh, and Laughing Wolf, I wanna know what is in your fridge, because I hear you can cook!

30 minutes from my hometown

While in Nebraska, I had promised Dash we would go to a "movie out of doors". "A movie on a big screen outside, where you can sit in your car and watch."

He thought the idea was absurd, and I do think he thought it was one of those fantastical stories Moms make up.

The town I am from, used to have a drive inn. I used to go ocassionally. Sometimes with some farm boy from the country who would try and steal kisses, a couple of times with city boys who were less shy with their motives. Ussually, I would pack 2-4 girlfriends in my trunk and drive in, only to be busted about 15 minutes later after 4 girls giggled and climbed out of my trunk.

The drive inn theater in my hometown has been closed for about 18 years, but there is one 30 miles away in the town of Neligh. It is one of 3 in the state. The Drive Inn, still has the original concession stand, a faded shade of aqua-marine inside where the counters seem squatty compared to todays ginormous movie complex standards.

The Starlight Drive Inn, may be the cheapest date in the United States. Mind You, it was a DOUBLE feature.

Over The Hedge

Dash~ free
Pink Ninja ~free
Sister~ $4.00
AWTM~ $4.00

*we also recieved 2 tickets for free popcorn, because it was Wedesday!*

A Grand total of $8.00

So we sat and ate our free popcorn, on the prarie, and watched the sun setting, which was worth the price of admission.

50's do-wop tunes blaring from car radios, the speakers are still there, just not working. Pink Ninja dancing and steering to Jail House Rock, and making the silliest faces imaginable. Dash giggling so hard at her antics , that pieces of popcorn are flying out of his mouth.

We giggle, and dance and sing until the sun sets. I watch carloads of families pull in with picnics, blankets, chairs, coolers, pizzas. Pickup beds with tents in the back, little heads with fresh farm summer haircuts poking out. A team of little boys in baseball uniforms, celebrating the end of the season playing catch in front of the screen. Parents holding tween kids on their laps in old faded lawnchairs, sharing free popcorn, laughing. Sweatshirts being passed around, hotdogs being grilled on a hibachi.

The sight, was better than any movie, better than any story. No parents dropping a kid off at a large multi-plex, no screaming. It was such a beautiful sight to me, I wanted to stay forever, because that is what I want.

That romantic, American ideal is not lost. It is still there. 30 minutes from my hometown, even if it only lasts as long as a double feature. Oh, and the cost of admission is $4.00 on a Wednesday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Party dresses

Summer Rainbows

It's that beautiful summer sky..
Like blue raspberries
I dare to try...
Freshly squeezed home made orange tropicana...
To wash down my yellow banana...
Ruby red cherries
How sweet the summer berries..
Dark green rhines
Of sweet red watermelon..
The perfect scenario of heaven...
The perfect summer rainbow...
There are sweet little secrets
In our green crowded garden...
They do grow...
So the next time
You look into that beautiful summer sky
With your fruitful eyes...
Take a bite of that summer rainbow
In your garden
Just below..

Saundra Diamante

She looks like she is up to something....

*This is the expression plastered on Pink Ninjas face at almost all times, it makes me nervous.

Anonymity Anonymous

I have returned to my little Southern bedroom community thankful for some things. High on that list is anonymity.

I grew up in a town of about 26,000. My graduating class was like 260 or something like that. So I am from a small town. My Father is a Preachers kid, and comes from a town of about 400. My Moms hometown, was probably about the same size.

So I head back to my hometown with kids in tow.

Upon going out on the town with my Sister, or anyone else for that matter, we were constantly stopped and chatted up. Going to the store to get milk, can take my Sister about 30-45 minutes. The small talk was irritating to me. I hate small talk. Lots of questions re: my arrival, and departure. My Sister on the other hand LOVES the small talk.

Upon entering an eating establishment (I will call "Wrinkle City" based on its propensity to attract the over 60 crowd) with my Sister, and my Fathers fiancee. There were arms flapping, tongues wagging, and eyebrows were raised.

I was even told by a classmate, I looked a "little different, bigger maybe". I forgot her name, but smiled politely and then found myself plotting her demise over the next week or so. Heck, I met some distant relatives, that #1 didn't know for sure who I was. #2 Questioned my Husbands absence (he was at his annual 2 week National Guard Training). #3 I was also questioned about "his service" in Iraq. "What did he do?" as the question, which I thought was exploitive, and ignorant.

For some strange reason, I am finding the situation odd. I don't have anything to hide. So why does a town full of people that know 3 generations of my family, make me uncomfortable? I think part of it, is the gossip. Oh I loathe small town gossip. The other part, is wrong gossip. Misinformation is a pet peeve of mine.

For the record, I sat at my own Fathers kitchen table listening to bits and pieces of gossip. First off, I had no idea who the gossip was about, secondly, they thumbed through obituaries, and had declared the wrong person dead. Aunt Leggy, had even heard some misinformation about a relative of hers, and a health issue (that was NONEXISTENT), that could be damaging. Loads and loads of damaging misinformation being spread like some sort of plague.

Every time I heard it, I wanted a bath, and I wanted to call people out on it. I sadly did not. I just sat denying any knowledge of said person they were gossiping about.

I like my bedroom community. To my knowledge, not one eyebrow is raised when I go into the grocers, and I like it that way.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


*Baby Curl, and Pink Ninja,*

Gardening, a wholesome and wonderful hobby for all ages.


Ok, I have just returned from the Pilates from hell class, and after 2 1/2 weeks of no pilates I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought I may have trouble making it through class. No such luck, I made it through. A relief. I was worried, all of the hard work I have done, would be away with the wind. I made it.

I took both Pink, and Dash on "post" today for haircuts. This normally would have been a huge event. A story of tears, or fidgiting, fear of the electric razor, something-anything. It normally would have been a blogable event. Perhaps a missing ear, a drive around the parking lot, a bribe, perhaps climbing all over the barber shop furniture. Nope, no luck, they both sat still for the gals, and even were treated to the quarter candy machines at the end.

I was able to walk away from both events with my head held high.

What a relief.

Country Roads.....

*photo of Baby Curl, Aunt Leggy and Dash walking the lane, in Nebraska*

This photo was taken at my second cousins place, out in the hills. The family has been farming and ranching these parts for generations. It is a gorgeous place, and quiet. You can hear the wind rustling through the fields, the birds singing, and yes, you can smell the cattle. At one time the farm had chickens, pigs, a couple of horses. It currently houses a small amount of cattle, and grain is grown. It is a beautiful place to listen to the birds, and watch the sun setting.

On this day my cousins were celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss. It was a hot day with 103 temperatures, thank God for prarie winds. The children busied themselves with a game of croquet, and we walked the lane at least 5 times.

Part Cat

Photos of Pink Ninja at Uncle Ricos, Aunt Leggy, and Cousin Curl's house *proving to all of us once and for all she is a cat*

Today, we spent most of the morning running errands and playing. The children requested a visit to "the big park".

However, on the list of errands ran, a stop at Hallmark was in order. I am late with a few Birthday, anniversary, and Thank You notes. Plus there is the pending Fathers Day.

So I let Dash and Pink Ninja pick out cards.

Dash picked out a card, with a lot of thoughtful words, and not much in the way of graphics. Pink Ninja picked out a card, with a cat on the front. The card says "Happy Fathers Day, from the Cat."

Although the cat on the card is adorable, I just do not have it in me, to tell her, she is not a cat.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have a confession to make. A big confession.

I am sore, I hurt, every bone and muscle in my body hurts. My hips ache, my pelvis aches, my back hurts.

I did not do ANY yoga for the last 2 1/2 weeks. It has about killed me. Ouch. There just wasn't the time. I walked a couple of times, not far, and not really exercise.

So tonight, it is off to the private studio, where I will get my ass kicked properly. I will leave with sore hamstrings, quads, triceps, and biceps. If I am lucky my obliques will join in.

My head is full....

Schedule, Schmedule

Traveling to unfamiliar places when with a 2, and 4 year old, is just "rough". You see, I have Dash and Pink Ninja on a pretty tight schedule. Oh, and let me add here, this said schedule, is not so much for them, as it is for my DH and I.

Most of you have read that Dash is my early riser. He always has been, and it does not seem to matter what time he goes to bed. He gets up with the chickens. He is usually up by 6am. Pink Ninja, requires a bit more sleep, and is like me. She seems to like her sleep better than Dash. Let me also add here, neither children are nappers. Not even as babies. The word nap around here, ushers the same response as the word Democrat.

So over the last several years I and DH have created a schedule, that we like. WE have also noted, that if we get off of schedule, by the slightest, things just are harder for Ma and Pa. SO we LOVE the schedule. Dash, and Pink Ninja are normally in bed by 7:45pm, and sleep till sunrise.

Well, while traveling, ha. Yeah the schedule is no longer a schedule. Last night, was night #2 of fighting with them. Dash and Pink Ninja both crying hysterically. Cries of "I do not want to go to bed", and "I can't sleep", droning until about 9pm.

I might add here, that Mom and Dad have not seen each other for a couple of weeks. WE could use the free time. *cough*.

Dear Husband thinks we have 2 more nights of getting them back to normal, I contend that it will take a little longer.

The only "thing" saving them right now, is the fact that they are so cute and adorable.

Oh, and wish me luck getting my suitcase empty and out of my kitchen today. Yeah, I have a bit of laundry to do, you know how that goes. I also have several bags to unpack. I need to find my lotion, and hair dryer, my jewelry. There are tons of tales to tell, and pictures to download.

It was an adventure to be sure. Have I mentioned, I am just plain ole pooped out?

If I Were Emma Peel.....

A simple snap of the fingers, and the suitcases would be unpacked, laundry done, "the collective" would be back on schedule, and I would smile.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Overheard at Casa De Dust

Upon waking this morning, Dash says the following:

"Mom, do you smell the breeze of the house"

*I do think the boy, missed even the smell of his home.

Just Like Heaven....

I normally do not equate home, with "luxury".

However, after being away for over 2 weeks, ahhhhhhh..... Upon my return, I was sent for a steaming hot bath. The bath improved after Dear Husband (who, had even grew more handsome after 2 1/2 weeks) brought me a large glass of wine. Ahhhhh, my bath tub is magical. No, it is not a garden tub, there are no jets, it is not even oversized. However it was heavenly to lie back, on the familiar white porcelain, and look at my fading pedicure. My hands recalling, the exact direction to turn the hot and cold water knobs, so the perfect water temperature can be delivered. Heaven I tell you.

The sound of Dear Husband bathing "the collective" right next door in bathroom #2, reminding me I am home.

I woke this morning, in my bed, my chocolate duvet and cream sheets pulled under my chin, the scent of DH's morning shower lingering in the air.

Just like heaven..........

Home again, home again, jiggity jig....

Yes, it is me. I am home. Made the 10 hour return drive safely, and with sanity intact.

First off a HUGE thank you to the ladies, for all of the hard work while I was away. The blog kitchen is dust free, tile floors spotless!! Thank you ladies, I hope you had a good time. I owe you one.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Traveling (Wo)Man

Hello, Houshold6 from Patiently Waiting… here as another helper while ArmyWife travels with the family. My topic was open ended and I’ve thought a while about what I wanted to say. Should it be about politics, military life, the news or just something random?

While sitting on the floor of the upstairs bathroom last night, cleaning out what we can’t take with us back to the US it hit me – that although I am grumbling over all the things we have to do to move to a new duty station I have been given the opportunity to see the world.

Some where in the past I remember military recruitment ads that spoke about seeing the world and well they weren’t kidding. Military life can be frustrating if not infuriating at times, but there are trade offs if you are willing to take advantage of them.

When we prepared to move to Germany six years ago in May, we were scared. What if we couldn’t learn the language? What if we get a bad landlord? What if we hate it there and can’t fly home until three years later? What if I am stuck on post the whole time and lose my mind with boredom? There were so many ‘What if’ questions plaguing us but still we dove right in.

I’ve seen Morocco, Tanzania, Ireland, London, Madrid, Portugal, Gran Canaria – the list goes on. I won’t bore you with all the places that I have been, but I can show you pictures if you like. Honestly, I never thought that a quiet, introverted girl like me would have ever been halfway around the world.

So as I continue to sneeze from the dust I’m blowing off my 110 curling iron & hot rollers set and the frustrations of clearing our new car have reached a boiling point – I remember that it could always be worse. Besides, being nomadic means you never carry large amounts of junk as every few years you sift through your possessions and remove what you don’t really need, use or even knew you had anymore.

Hey, I was looking for that! So that’s where it’s been this whole time….

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Deployment as Couples Therapy

This is CaliValleyGirl, another one of Army Wife's Helpers, and she asked me to write something about Reunion, the blissful period I am currently in. (For that matter, I wonder when the reunion period actually ends. Or is it that since deployments are pretty regular now, that you are always either in “deployed,” “pre-deployment” and “post-deployment” status?)

Deployment is the best couples therapy.


Know that saying: “Don't sweat the small stuff?” When your partner is deployed, you really get a sense of what is important. What it absolutely vital in a relationship, and you are able to identify the small stuff pretty quickly. And also like the saying says: ...”And it's all small stuff.”

Your relationship is bare-bones, down to pure verbal or written communication. There is no more movie dates, no more physical contact, no more daily chatter, none of all the fun stuff. Nothing to distract you from the essence. This is make it or break it time.

And when you are reunited, you realize that everything else is just whipped cream and cherries on top. Suddenly everything and all time spent together is seen as a wonderful luxury. Just sitting on the sofa watching TV together, or being able to yell from one room and hear the voice of the other from down the hall...pure bliss.

Also before he deployed, when I would go visit him, I would feel like we HAD to do something together, like go for a walk, go into town, see a movie, etc. Being together was something that had to be actively worked at. I would say that I have become less insecure about our relationship, because it was tested by the deployment and made it. Now, like mentioned above, just sitting together in the same apartment is considered "together time."

Conflict is dealt with a lot easier, too. You learn how to deal with conflict a lot better during a deployment, because you don't have a lot of time to communicate with your partner, and you want to resolve conflict as quickly as possible, because no matter what, you always have the nagging thought, that it could possibly be the last time you communicate with your loved one. You just don't have the luxury of dragging an argument out for as long as possible. Also, upon closer examination, most reasons of conflict fall under the “small stuff” category, and post deployment rarely make it to the conflict stage.

That is not to say that my boyfriend and I needed couples therapy before he left, however, I do think that our relationship actually benefited more from our separation, than was harmed. I personally definitely learned a lot of relationship tools.

I definitely learned to appreciate my boyfriend a lot more. All the things that would have potentially bothered me before, bother me less...or even make me smirk or smile. I am not saying I have become a connoisseur of my boyfriend's farts, but almost. If that it is the sweet smell of him being home, so be it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If I were Emma Peel...

I would teach my kids how to play chess this way:

Free Image Hosting at

Remembering the Heroes of The Longest Day

Posted by MaryAnn

Thousands of poppies dropped off the Normandy coast by a Lancaster Bomber on the 60th Anniversary of D-Day. Photo: Reuters

Blackfive has a remembrance roundup here.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Function of Loyalty

Posted by MaryAnn

Marine Lt. Gen. James F. Amos:

"When we send them off to do the nation's bidding in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq and they're wounded, we're not returning the same individual," Amos said. "When we send them back wounded there is a piece of me that says I haven't kept my bargain. What's left for me to do is to continue taking care of them."

It starts with a visit - to as many as he can.

"It's a function of loyalty," the 59-year-old general said. "In Marine speak, it means fidelity. It's a wonderful word not used very often - except in the Marine Corps. It means faithful. It implies faithful almost to a fault...

"I owe it to them."

Unlike the General, we are often asked by the soldiers at Kleber outpatient barracks who we are and why we are there. We normally reply that we're just volunteers. During a recent visit there with Mrs. G, one Soldier kept pressing us for a more complete answer.

I always find that question difficult to answer, because it seems so self explanatory to me. I'm just trying to do my part.

We are at war. Because the military is doing its job in taking the fight to the enemy, we don't experience the war at home. But make no mistake - the Global War on Terror is more than the political and academic debates with which we are ceaselessly confronted in the mainstream press.

This is a real war, with real enemies.

And everybody has a part to play, whether it's engaging friends and aquaintances who question our right to defend ourselves or sewing a blanket. Everybody can do something, everybody can make a difference.

Back to our Soldier. I finally decided to turn the tables on him and asked why *he* does what he does.

He just laughed and said, "I guess you could call me a volunteer, too".

Via FbL, who has an inspiring post on the subject.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Call

Posted by My Life as a Military Spouse

AWTM gave me a few topic ideas when she asked me to be a blog helper. To be honest I have sat down each day since and tried to write my thoughts down, something of interest, something that would be insightful or helpful to other military wives.

My mind has been rather blank as of late and normally when I sit down to write, it just comes. During this last week, nothing has just come to me. For all I have lived through in this military life, I kept coming back to the below and even though I did not personally write it, it says it all in my opinion. I know it explains what my life is like during each and every deployment.............

The Call
by Laine Estep

There she sits, by the phone
Willing it to ring,
Needing to hear those words of love
She knows that call will bring.

The hours pass, but pass so slow
And still there is no call
From her love so far away
As the tears start to fall.

Once again, the day drags by
She knows it's part of life
Spending days and night alone
When you're a military wife.

He goes because it is his duty
To protect the freedom of this land
She prays that God will keep him
Safely in His hand.

She kisses her children, tucks them in bed
And watches them as they sleep
She never knew that loneliness
Could ever run so deep.

She's had no word for three long weeks
She doesn't know if he's OK
She knows there is but one thing to do
And that one thing is Pray.

God must have been listening
As she bowed her head just then,
Because the phone started ringing
As she whispered "Keep him safe, Amen."

Before he hangs up the phone
She whispers, "I love you".
Her heart soars with joy again
When he says "I love you too."

There she sits by the phone
Not wanting the call to end
But thankful for the chance
Her love to him to send.

No matter where they are
They are never far apart
It takes more than distance
To separate their hearts.

For they were joined in love
And they meant those words for life
That has a special meaning
When you're a military wife.

Friday, June 02, 2006

An Honor and a Privilege

Posted by MaryAnn

I'm often asked what it's like to volunteer with Soldiers' Angels in Germany. Well, as with any non-profit, there is a lot of administrative work, planning, coordinating, and a lot of correspondence. There's a lot of schlepping, unpacking, and sorting of boxes of donations. There's a lot of late-night phone calls.

It's a lot of things, but above all it's an honor and a privilege to work with our soldiers, their families, and all who support them.

My experiences with our wounded and ill soldiers are personal, and not mine to share, but I can take you for a short tour through my inbox.

To: maryann
Subject: Looking for help with an injured Marine


I was referred your way via the Soldier’s Angels. I’m trying to find out information for a co-worker who’s nephew was injured in Iraq via an IED. We believe he has been moved to Landstuhl in the last day or so. I’m looking for any information I can give his family and to see if there is anything he wants or needs that we can help facilitate.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance and grateful for your service to our soldiers and their families…

Sincerly yours,

To: maryann
Subject: Important question

Dear Fine Folks,

My nephew was injured by an IED in Baghdad today. Xxx is the CO's driver. He and the CO were driving when hit by the IED. Xxx has [description of injuries removed].

His father just called to report that Xxx is in the hospital in the ICU in Baghdad in critical condition. If his condition improves he'll be delivered back to Germany.

So, I'm asking for two things.

#1. Prayers.
#2. Any thing you can do to help.


And, because tragedy and kindness always exist together, there is the outpouring of love and support from perfect strangers who want to do something. Receiving each and every one of these emails brings me to tears.

To: maryann
Subject: next shipment


The Ladies are just so very excited about being able to give a little of themselves for those who are giving so very much of themselves for us.

Thanks again for letting us help.


The Bloomin' Loomers of Vancouver, WA.

The Bloomin' Loomers have sent over 200 hand/foot warmers, hats, and Blankets of Hope since March of this year.

To: maryann
Subject: request from robert ferrigno

Hi Maryann,

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette suggested I might send some copies of my book Prayers for the Assassin to Landstuhl so the troops who are less critically injured have something to occupy them while they recover.


I told him that would be wonderful and gave him our address.

To: maryann
Subject: request from robert ferrigno

I deeply appreciate the opportunity to do some small favor to the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep my children safe.

I've also contacted some other writers who are eager to help and they're passing the word on. You may get a LOT of books.


And we did.

Some of the books sent by Robert and fellow writers in the Soldiers' Angels Germany mail room.

So far we've received books from Robert and authors T. Jefferson Parker, Don Winslow, Brian M. Wiprud, Ben Rehder, and Bill Fitzhugh

To: maryann
Subject: box sent

I'm sending 7 warmers made with love and prayers for our brave soldiers. My contribution seems so small but the prayers are substantial.


To: maryann
Subject: Soldiers' Angels - DVD Player


I have a brand new 7" portable DVD player that I opened literally within an hour before reading the email saying you need some of them.

If you'll take it, please tell me where to send it.


To: maryann
Subject: Blankets of Hope


If you still need blankets, please send instructions. I'm a Soldier's Angel, and I send packages and so forth. I really feel so blessed to participate. I would like to help with the blankets if you need more.


To: maryann
Subject: want to help

Mary Ann:
What can I do to help?
I can sew / crochet / quilt.


To: maryann
Subject: DVDs for wounded

Hi Mary Ann, It's me Cathy. I spoke to you a few months ago regarding the 7th grade class and their project to collect DVDs for the wounded. Well their project is complete and I went there yesterday to pick them up.

I cried the whole time they were presenting them to me. It was so touching. Those kids worked so hard. They have even written letters. I'm going to enclose them also.

The teacher was so happy that her students responded so well to doing this project. She thinks once she gets her next 7th graders in the fall she will see if they want to this all over again. Isn't that wonderful...

Have a happy and safe holiday... Cathy

To: maryann
Subject: items for wounded

We are so happy to help in anyway possible. I wish we could do more! What are your greatest needs?

Be safe and be well.


Wouldn't you feel honored and privileged?

God bless our troops and all who care about them. Everyone who does something makes a difference.

"These little ripples of kindness add up to oceans of greatness." - Patti Patton-Bader, Founder of Soldiers' Angels.