Thursday, June 30, 2005

Go Here, and Buy this!

I just recieved a public affairs announcement, from headquarters down here.

Go visit Luke here, buy a recording, and write him a note!


The Story Behind “American By God’s Amazing Grace”

Writers: Luke Stricklin/JR Shultz (FOB Warrior, Baghdad, Iraq December 5 th, 2004)

This song is a reminder to all of us that there are many things worse than what we experience in any given day. It is a soldier’s interpretation of his experiences and what he viewed through his own eyes while in Iraq. It didn’t take long for him to realize just how good the quality of life the average American has. Responding to the first question that he was asked when he emailed or called home, Luke Stricklin replied with a song.

Since his return home in March 2005, it is where all conversations lead. The responses he gives to the questions that people are asking him and the words in this song direct folks to the fact that being born American has advantages. These are advantages that were established through the many years and trials that this country has stood strong through.

This song tells the story of a compassionate young man, a Husband, a Soldier proud to have served with fellow Americans, in an effort to give others the hope that someday they will be free to enjoy the same liberties that we are free to enjoy daily.

In His Own Words

“I joined the National Guard when I was seventeen, went to boot camp in Columbus Georgia at Fort Benning home of the infantry. I was an infantry soldier attached to 1/153 Infantry. I was in boot camp during 9/11 and I can’t begin to describe the feelings I felt. I graduated and came back to Arkansas, and went to work and school. I met my wife in January 2002 and the rest is history.

I was deployed in September of 2003 in support of operation Iraqi Freedom. I spent 18 months on active duty, spending time in Fort Hood TX and Fort Polk Louisiana. During my 12 months in Baghdad, Iraq, I bought a guitar off the streets of Baghdad. It was no Martin but … it was playable. JR Shultz the (co-writer), Nick Brown and I spent as much time as we could together drinking coffee and playing music. Then we would head out on patrol and come back and do it all over again. It wasn’t very often that we got that much time off but when we did we made good use of it.

Every one at home always asked what it was like over there. And I would tell them it was hot and change the subject. Mom always said I wasn’t telling her the truth, which I wasn’t. I would tell her everything was just fine. Ashley my wife couldn’t hear me talk about it, we just talked about anything else.

So I thought about writing a song that could answer there questions. I looked at the bottom of my boots one day and it all began. They were worn out - I wore the same pair of boots everyday for at least 12 hours, for about 14 months so they were worn. JR put in his thoughts and we had a song. We recorded it on JR’s laptop with a sound recording program using a $10 mike I bought at Best Buy before I left home.

When I emailed the song home, I had no idea what type of things would transpire. It was first picked up by KTCS (Ft Smith AR). Soon KMAG picked up on it. When they started playing it, they were blown away by the calls. He then forwarded on to Big D and Bubba a nationally syndicated radio show based in Nashville. Big D and Bubba contacted my folks for an interview. With the interview set up via emails, I called from Iraq. The response was huge. When I returned stateside in March of 2005 the phone calls and emails were coming in from TV and radio stations all over the country. Steady requests for TV and radio interviews. In April I was given the opportunity to go to the recording studio for the first time in my life. “American by God’s Amazing Grace” was my first recording.

Soon after it was recorded we were contacted by other national outlets like The Discovery Channel and Fox and Friends morning show. I was on the river fishing with my step-dad when my cell phone rang. A lady from Fox after a quick introduction asked if I was familiar with that show, I replied yes, I still have buddies in Iraq and I tune in to all the major news networks continuously to know what is going on with them. She asked where I was, and I told her I was fishing on the river. She chuckled and asked when I would be coming to New York next. I said well I’m from Arkansas and I don’t get up that way. Then she asked if I would be willing to come in and do the show. I agreed to go to New York and do that show. Then I got a call from a movie producer wanting to use “American by God’s Amazing Grace” in an upcoming movie. Which I have been asked not to disclose the theme or the possible stars, but I can say I was blown away by the known Stars in it. June 11 th, 2005 marks the final sessions to complete my debut self titled album.

©2005 Pacific/Time Records
Web Design by Leslie Wright Productions

What are you doing?

I am listening to "The Life Aquatic" soundtrack, that has fabulous Portuguese, acoustic renditions of David Bowie songs sung by Seu Jorge, it feels fitting tonight. Go to the link, and take a listen , you will either love it or hate it. I would suggest listening to tracks #6 or #10.

Going to hit the hay and try to read "Bold Spirit", by Linda Lawrence Hunt. A history book about a Norwegian immigrant and mother of 8 who treks across America. This book is going to make me feel like a wuss. Walk across America? I am exhausted by simply using my electric washer, dryer, and vacuum.....

The toddlers are sleeping peacefully, and soon I will be as well.......

I went to the hospital

I decided to go to the hospital tonight to visit the Chaplain. I had some things I needed to make sure he knew.

So I did touch his hand and I spoke with him, told him it was hot out and the tomatoes were delicious, and that the trucks are on the roadside selling fruit.

I told him, he had more people praying for him, than I have ever seen pray for one man.

The big reason I had to go was this....

Chaplain McClemore, "my husband was a good Christian man when he left for Iraq. I was worried about him being there for so long, I was worried that he might come home broken physically or emotionally. Well I want you to know, he came back from Iraq an even Better Stronger Christian man. I thank you for having 2 services on Sundays so my husband could come after work. Thank you for having services on Wednesday. My Dear Husband loves you, and even though I have only met you twice, guess what I love you too. My husband is praying for you, and I am saying one anytime I think of it. Your work as Chaplain, has been a blessing to all of your brothers. You try and rest, morning will be here before you know it."

He is still unresponsive.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I need a FAVOR

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago.

I need a favor from my readers.

The Chaplain from the 39th Infantry is in desperate need of your prayers as is his family.

Here is the story, as far as I am aware. The Chaplain was out on his motorcycle, and was at a complete stop. I am guessing this was at an intersection, although I am not sure. A car came behind him and did not stop.

He has been in the hospital since that time. I was informed yesterday that he is in desperate need of prayers.

This is a man of great character. The spiritual guidance he offered my husband, and other soldiers was a true blessing. Besides providing spiritual care for soldiers as a Chaplain, he is also the Pastor for the Second Baptist Church, with a large congregation. Please read a bit about this man, and please say a prayer for him, and his family!

Update on Chuck...

Chucks wife gives us an update via his blog. Sounds like the prayers, and his stong spirit are working for him, go over and make sure they KNOW you are STILL thinking of them. Please.

Where I am from.....

Where I am from there are 3 things a woman must be able to cook consistently, before she is considered a "good" cook.

1) good fried chicken (the kind that is always gone first at any pot luck, or picnic)

2) potato salad, sooo good you eat it every day for a month and not tire of it.

3) macaroni and cheese, we are talking REAL macaroni and cheese.

I am a third generation American on my Mom's side. They came from Germany, and settled in Nebraska to ranch and farm. My Mom was the oldest daughter out of 8 living children. Grandma had lost 2 at birth. They ranched, ran a dairy, and farmed.

My Mom grew up in a house where you made bread 2 days a week, woke at 5:00am to milk cows, feed chickens, horses, pigs. The had ringer washer, hung clothes out to freeze dry, even in winter. If you wanted to eat meat, you learned how to hunt it, or kill it, and clean it. She learned to cook for about 20 people at a sitting. They had farmhands and other family to feed part of the time. She learned from her Mother to fry up chickens at a young age. I always swore my Mom made the best fried chicken.....Next to my grandma's.

For those of you who have never fried chicken, it is hard. There are a lot of mistakes to be made. I have several friends that cannot even cut a chicken up properly. You have to make sure your oil is not too hot, or too cool. Otherwise it will burn, or be raw in the center. You need a "pan" good for frying chicken. My Mom used a cast iron skillet that was her Moms.

Mom, cleaned chicken in cool water, dredged it through a mix of flour, salt and pepper, fried it in Crisco. Simple enough huh? I tried it and tried it for years, and it just never was right. It never did taste like my Moms or grandma's. It was "ok". I will add this disclaimer, none of the cooks in my family use a recipe. They simply cook on instinct, so when learning to cook you had to really pay attention.

Frickin chicken... When we moved down south I was listening to the radio one morning, a "cooking" segment. They had a secret to make Southern Fried Chicken.
Guess what? I tried it, and everyone loves my fried chicken now. Here is the closest recipe I could find. I will also tell you this. I use an electric skillet, and I also fry the chicken in olive oil. DO SOAK the chicken in the buttermilk the entire 24 hours, it makes it so moist, and tasty.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

1 whole chicken, cut up
1-1/2 cups buttermilk
2 cups all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper
Vegetable shortening,
for frying (about 4 cups)

Place chicken pieces in zip-lock
bag. Mix buttermilk with 1 teaspoon
salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. Pour
mixture over chicken; seal bag, then
refrigerate for at least 2 hours and
up to 24 hours.

Combine flour, 1 teaspoon salt and
pepper (to taste). Completely coat
chicken with flour, shake off excess
and place on large wire rack set over
a jelly-roll pan.

Heat about 4 cups shortening (1/2-inch
depth)in deep 12-inch frying pan over
medium-high heat. Place chicken skin
side down into hot shortening; cover
and cook for 5 minutes. Check to see
if chicken is frying evenly, rearrange
if necessary. Cover again and cook
until chicken is evenly browned, about
5 minutes longer. Turn chicken over
and cook, uncovered until chicken is
done, about 10-15 minutes longer. Remove
chicken and return to wire rack to drain.

*In place of buttermilk, you can combine
3 quarts water and 1 tablespoon salt in
a large bowl; add chicken. Cover and
chill 8 hours. Drain chicken; rinse with
cold water, and pat dry. Proceed with

There you are, I can fry up a delicious chicken now, but my Grandma and Mom's way is LOST...Which makes me feel a little sad.

Now for that darn macaroni and cheese, which is not working out for me.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dash KNOWS music

We are in the kitchen right now, I am getting ready to fold laundry, Pink Ninja is napping, and Dash is painting.

He tells me "Mommy turn OFF that music (Wheezer)"

"I want to listen to jazz music"

We are now listening to Miles Davis.

Light Hearted

Sometimes, when days are heavy, and you feel like you can't carry the weight of them. You need to visit the Karnival of Kidz, always good for a smile. This weeks hostess Prochein Amy, does a great job.

Paint it black

Visit Paint It Black today. He does follow it with this entry... Try and make it through the post, without your stomach turning and a dry eye.

I left this blog today, feeling like this was almost to personal for me to read. Reminded that another soldier has died.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

If I were Emma Peel....

I would be spending the day using my feminine wiles to fight crime.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Float like a butterfly, stings like a .......

It continues to be HOT here. I do think it is necessary DAILY to get the children OUT of the house. They are bored with the "same old, same old", so they are whiney and fussy. A Mom can only take so much whine and fuss, before she gets creative. So I done built dem dar children of mine a redneck waterpark.


The entire time I am moving the pool, and slide. I am thinking to myself this is surely to end in tradgedy, but I am desparate to hear laughter and hear splashing. No fighting over shovels, buckets, and the hose.

The children love it, they love it. They are no longer fussing. They are skipping and giggling in delight. They are climbing up and sliding down as fast as gravity will take them. They love Moms invention. I am thrilled, and am sitting at the opposite end of the pool, to ensure no one knocks the other one over, or flies right out of the pool while they are zipping down the slide. The children do this for 30 minutes, and I am catching them and clapping. Life is good.

I then hear Dash screaming in obvious pain and fear, and find a freaking wasp swarming over my poor little guy. (Dash, by the way is easily frightened, intense, bookish, easily overloaded and timid). SO I rush to get him from the top of the slide, and note he has been stung on his right anterior forearm. Fucking wasp, is attacking the 3 of us. Dash is screaming, and writhing in pain. Pink Ninja is hanging on my leg. Army Mom is running around trying to get away from this damn thing. I am carrying 54 pounds of toddlers and trying to get these babies away. I manage a hegira and I get the children to a lawnchair and quickly get the hose with freezing cold water to run over Dash's arm. The neighbors hear the screaming, and can see me running like an insane woman. So now we have an audience of 6.

I have never been stung, but the 3 of us have various allergies and in my twisted head I am praying Dash is not allergic to this darn wasp sting. Dash is crying and is scared, I am sure the adrenoline rush he got frightened him as much as the sting.

My weirdness sets in......

My pessimstic head, is already planning a call to 911. I can picture us showing up at ER, children in their huggies wet swimpants, covered in grass and dirt and Army Wife in her wet swimsuit, covered in pine needles, dirt and grass. I picture the front desk of ER, calling a pyschiatrist down to take these filthy children away from their just as dirty Mom.

So I hold him on my lap and run the cold water over his arm, and rub his blonde hair, and pick peices of grass off of him. Dash is repeatedly blubbering -- "Mommy, that wasp was naughty." "Mommy make him sit in the corner". "Call Daddy, so Daddy can take care of him." His sobbing is slowly slowly fading. He is telling me all about where wasps live, and what they eat.

The neighbors loose interest and fade away, the police and ambulance are not called to the scene. I am left alone sitting in a lawnchair with both of the wet toddlers on my lap.

I get a little bactine, and spray it on his sting, give him a dose of antihistimine, and tylenol. Dash tells me "you are a good nurse Mommy". I let him watch Monsters Inc. with Pink Ninja, they snack on animal crackers and giggle. We are inside for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I am so glad he was cured with bactine spray, tylenol, antihistamine, a movie, and cookies.

I did not want to be in a pysch ward in my wet swimsuit.

CORRECTION: This post was a great opportuniy to use Sissy's word of the week Hegira, and I missed it.

The editor has made her correction.

Soldiers Angels you make a difference

Patti from soldiers Angels forwarded this letter to me last night.

June 24, 2005

Dear Soldiers' Angels,

On behalf of the troopers of the First Cavalry Division, I would like to personally thank you for the tremendous support you have shown to our soldiers and their family members during our deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Division enjoyed numerous successes throughout our mission in Baghdad Culminating with the historic Iraqi elections on January 30th. I am convinced that these accomplishments would not have been possible without fabulous contributions such as yours. Not only were these gestures sincerely appreciated, but they rallied the morale of the soldiers, often at the most necessary times, and were absolutely critical to our mission completion. In other words, we could not have done it without you!

Thank you again for your friendship and support. We are extremely grateful for your dedication to your country and to America's First Team.

MG Peter W. Chiarelli
U.S. Army Commanding Officer
Fort Hood, TX

~~~~I think Patti sent it because she knew my husbands Brigade was attached to the First Cavalry, while in Iraq.

Well Patti you should be proud, you have truly made a difference. I cannot think of any other organization that has made such a difference in soldiers lives.

For some of you that have never been over to Soldiers Angels, here is a quick tour of my favorite things they do for Soldiers, and families.

They give you quick links to the Daily World news. This was especially handy while trying to find information about my husbands unit. It saved me from scouring the internet for hours and hours at a time.

Soldiers Angels has some way for everyone to give. SO- you don't have any money, that is ok. Maybe you can make a quilt, or have your church, or other civic organization make a quilt?

Do you have the time and money to adopt a soldier that has no family? DO not take this responsibility lightly, if you choose it....A letter, or package can make all of the difference in the day of a soldier that HAS family. Think about what it could do for that soldier who has no one.

Do you have frequent flier miles, you will never get around to using? Guess what, they could sure use them. Think about the difference you could make getting someone home for a child's illness, or the death of a spouse.

DO you have just 5$, you can donate to the ARMOUR up program. These blankets provide our soldiers with extra protection from IED, and gunfire, they can be used in vehicles.

Could you pool your money together at work, and purchase a care package?

There is a soldier at Walter Reed, that needs hygiene items, and clothing. When you are injured on a battlefield, you do not get to pack a bag.

Patti, thank you from My Family to Your Family. I have never seen one person, make such a difference in such a short time. I am glad my family did not require your services while my husband was deployed. I was comforted that if anything every happened, Soldiers Angels would have my back.

Thanks for remembering those who have fallen, and remembering those who fight the good fight, so I can stay home.

Gods Blessings to you, your family, and all of your volunteers.


So I check my sitemeter this morning. I ussually just look at "who" is coming over, not the numbers, and I notice I am pretty close to 10, Now I have to figure out what I am going to do to celebrate.

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's To Darn Hot...

So scrumptious....

You will need to join Boudicca's competition!
Note it Posts is the host to this weeks Carnival of Recipes. I am surprised there is not one single recipe for pickles and ice cream due to her "condition".

Update on Chuck...

Go here and check on Chuck who was injured by an IED the other day. His wife says he is doing well, and she even got a chance to speak with him. Make sure they know we are thinking about them.

The First International Blog Nekkid Day....

Look over here and see what all the fuss is about!! You must also click on his brown paper sack to see "whats really going on.

Bad Example Familiy really ought to participate....

Every bathroom should have one

My favorite magazine is Backwoods Home.
It is my regular nightly bathtime reading.


Recipes, the recipes are fantastic.

My favorite writer for the magazine is Mrs. Jacquie Clay. A SKILLED woman, you would not believe all of the skills this woman has. She has a great AMERICAN and pioneering spirit, and is seriously "who I want to be when I grow up".

Here is a peice on the staff of the through it, and take your time. This is a very experienced staff, with varied backgrounds.

How to's, on everything from dressing game, making your own food dehydrator, canning food, building your own home, and providing yourself with energy.

They also give our military men and women, who are activated a great break on the subscription.

Go pick one up at your local bookstore, I think you will LOVE this magazine.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pop Life.

I got tagged with the "5 Things Society at large enjoys, but that I, for the most part don't get". I was tagged by Lee Ann. Go over and take a look, I love her #2!. I was over at Harvey's place and saw his list and about died laughing at his #4.....Genius Harvey, it does make people look like muffins. I even went to Tammi's place, to see what she thought about this. I love your #2...ick, I don't get it either honey.


1) TV sucks ass, sorry it does. There is not much on television worth watching. I, have no programs I can't live without...NONE. I am currently watching the TNT series "Into The West". Which is a fairly decent program considering the alternative. (and before I get any comments, yes I know the historical inaccuracies are irritating). I do find it far more interesting than anything else on TV.

2) Punditry, on any MSM. Not only are we getting crappy news coverage, we are getting "whoever" they can find to chew it up and feed it to us like we are incapable as humans to come up with an opinion on our own. This is making me sicker by the day.

3) Nascar, I don't get it. Any car racing for that matter. You drive in a circle? I just don't get it. I am aware of the history behind NASCAR, and think it would be more interesting, if it would have kept it's original intended purpose.

4) Celebrity, I just don't get it. I do not understand our fascination with all aspects of their lives. I have even heard these unimportant "facts" spewed over the news waves. I will not mention any names, or give this anymore time. I do however feel like I need a bath now. Icckkk.

5) Generation Bling, I just don't get them. I think America enjoys watching them celebrity or not. You can see generation bling all over anymore. However I never see "generation bling" at work, I always see them alone, or begging their "Proud Parent of a Blinger" for something.

There is my list folks, although I have a few good things left in my head.

I am going to try and tag people who I believe have not done this yet.....

Well I will try these 3
Grau...I know I know you don't want the damn thing, but hey you can bitch all you want with this meme. It also gives you a good chance to discuss the pussifacation of America. I am counting on it.

Oh!! I am also tagging Bi"Fortress biggie".yep both of you!

Tell it like it is...

So you wanna be a a blogstar, a household name? Go check it out, this is how it is done. You keep making everyone proud! Your son has to be smiling today.

Just Say Thank You

Are you one of those people that just cannot take a compliment? If you are like Pam,you cannot. I know I do it. If someone says "hey thats a cute shirt" might reply by saying "I got it on the clearence rack at Target for $1", or "oh this old thing". Go read this, and tell me, is this funny or what? God I must sound like a total dork when I do that.

I have learned my lesson and will just say "Thanks".

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Talk

According to Prarie Biker, this portion of my Dads advice should have never been given. That WAS IT though, that was "THE TALK". You know "THE TALK". Even Boudicca's sons get the talk. It seems as though TNT, and I got a similar talk. Which was pretty much not worth the embarrassment of anyone involved.

SO I am 15, and am going on a "group date" with a bunch of friends to a movie. I believe the movie was "Back to The Future"...Anyway my Dad sits me down and says this. "Guys have one thing on their minds, and they will say ANYTHING, and DO ANYTHING to get it, do you understand what I am saying? Don't be stupid about it". Mind you at this time, I knew what sex was, but really it hadn't occurred to me to participate, I think this was the year of my first kisses. So I said "yes", and headed out the door.

I remember thinking, darn that was it, that was "the talk". No big birds and bees story. I was really disappointed. I thought at the least I deserved the "wait until you are married", or the "sex is a beautiful thing between two people in love". I did not expect the "don't be stupid about it".

I carried this advice around for a LONG time, was it good advice, sure....Was there better advice. Oh yeah I am sure of that as well.

So what kind of talk are you going to have with your kids?

How we are spending summer

Dash, in his "cottage" out back...and yep that is dirt, and a cheezy grin.
Pink Ninja Loves Strawberry Yogurt~

Prayers and Positive Thoughts

Please go over here, if you haven't already. Say a prayer, or send positive thoughts, or say thank you.

His STRONG wife writes the following.....

Chuck sustained shrapnel wounds to his legs and arms from an IED. He and an Iraqi civilian were the only ones injured. The Good Lord above was looking out for him in a BIG way! He is probably in Landstuhl (sp?), Germany by now and will be back in the states in the next week to 10 days (as far as I know right now). He still has his eyesite and has not sustained internal injuries that I know of. I have not talked to him yet... they have kept him sedated for his trip to Germany, as well as for pain management. He also has some injuries to his face, but I think it is just bruised/scratched up quite a bit.

Get Well and Thank YOU BOTH!!

UPDATE.....this afternoon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cliff Notes

I was trying to come up with something to post about today. It occurred to me to post about all of my jobs I have had...There must be 50 of them. Seriously. One of my favorite jobs was waitressing in Lincoln at the Country Club, and no it was not like Caddy Shack. I was attending nursing school at the time. I worked with some really great people, fun people, funny people. Which is always important. It was an interesting job, because it did take me somewhere I would not normally go. My husband and I were college students at the time, and living hand to mouth. It was interesting to meet people I would not normally meet-even if I was simply serving them dinner. One of my all time favorite customers was Mr. Cliff Hillegass. Yep that's right, the founder of Cliffs Notes. He was always very nice, and cordial, smiling, and kind. I remember the first time he came in, and I was told who he was. I was shocked, I wasn't aware an actual person was behind Cliff's notes, and I sure as heck did not know he was from Nebraska. I always wanted to tell him "Thank You", for getting me through the Canterbury Tales class I had taken. I never did, he died in 2001. I am sure, I am not the only one that wanted to thank him. What a fantastic idea, and for some reason, when you looked at him you could see there were other fantastic ideas.

I found the following information on Cliff Notes website....

Who was the original Cliff?
Born in a small, rural Nebraska town named Rising City, Cliff Hillegass epitomized the notion of the "self starter." Fueled by his early love of literature, Cliff was determined to go to college. To finance his education, Cliff held down two paper routes in addition to caring for his family's Jersey cows.

As a college student in the dust bowl days of the "dirty '30s," Cliff continued to pursue his love of learning. While a graduate student in geology and physics at the University of Nebraska, Cliff got married and started his first full-time job as a college bookstore representative for Long's College Bookstore (now the Nebraska Book Company). The numerous contacts Cliff develop through his work at the bookstore were crucial to the launch of CliffsNotes many years later.

One Toronto contact, Jack Cole, owned Coles, The Book People, which produced study guides called Cole's Notes that were published in Canada. During one momentous conversation, Cole suggested that American students would likely welcome a U.S. version of the notes. With that idea, Cliff launched CliffsNotes in August, 1958, with a line of 16 Shakespeare titles.

Working out of Lincoln, Nebraska, Cliff built the company that produces the most widely used study guides in the world. Cliff's message for students was to use CliffsNotes to better understand literature.

In 1998, Cliff sold CliffsNotes, Inc., and the brand lives on today as part of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. In May 2001, Mr. Hillegass died at the age of 83.

Eureka, I found it Harvey!

Today is Grampy Harvey's 2nd Blogversary. I did get him a couple of gifts. I figured they TNT and Harv, could use one of the newest offerings by the Liberator company. He did ask for "toys", and we all know how much Harvey loves his toys. I had thought of the traditional gift of leather restraints, but figured they would be showered in them today. I also bought the couple a lovely book on Shabari. 2 years huh Harvey? All of those blogging tips learned in 2 years? Well, thank you for all you have done, for all of your help. For being a "link pimp"....For small bloggers like me. Hoping to meet you at the next Bad Example Blog Meet. I owe you a beer, and still want to see you and your lovely wife arm wrestle.

Oh Oh Oh, before I go. I think I have found it Harvey! I think I found your "next career". Please look into this, I think you would be a great representative for them.

I was watching CNN last night after the children went to bed, and they do a segment on a company called Pure Romance. Pure Romance is apparently a Christian company that has "tupperware" like parties...but with "marital aids".....Hey hey hey....Am I right. Is this exactly the job for you, or what?
Go ahead Harvey, go over and take a look, I figure at least the product research, and quality control, might be fun for you!

Happy Blogversary!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

More gratuitous Photos...

Posted by Hello

Gratuitous photo's of the children since I forgot the Karnival of Kidz!

Some days it is your head.  Posted by Hello

Hey Good Look'in

What ya got cook'in? Go over here to this weeks Carnival of Recipes and make your grocery list! I am sure all of the Dear Husbands will suprise all of the Sweet Wives with a dinner this week *HINT*!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Other Father's Day Post

Dear Husband is home, he is safe. The toddlers LOVE having Daddy home, and hate when he goes to work. Sometimes in the middle of the day Dash will yell "Daddy, be home from work now". Pink Ninja runs around the house with her "Papapapa" and "DaddyDaddyDaddy" mantra. I really don't know how the 3 of us managed without him, and for 18 months.

I learn sooo much from his interaction with the children, he is a little more patient than me, adventurous....He can't wait to take us all camping and hiking. As the Mother I sometimes let the extra work for me curb my enthusiasm for such outings.

He wakes on the weekends, when not working, with Dash our early riser and they play, and eat pancakes and omelets...While Pink Ninja and I sleep and dream.

He is a great Daddy...And he loves it.

I went to Mudville this morning and read this post.....and it hit me hard.

We are lucky and blessed. Last Fathers Day Dear Husband was in Iraq.

I thought of the fallen. How there have been a lot of Fathers, and Grandfathers killed during our Operations in Iraq, and Afghanistan...and other countries. There are children waking this morning with no one to take out to breakfast, no one to give an ugly tie to. I prayed for God to give this widow grace, and bless her on this day. It hurts my heart. There are simply no words for me here.

To the daddies that are deployed, and have missed the first steps, and the first word, communing, graduations, weddings, births, Christmas, birthdays, and broken hearts, and broken arms. We do remember you are there, you are not forgotten, your mission is a vital and important one, and they will be waiting for you. The moment you see your children again, it will be one of the most wonderful moments in your life. We Thank you for your service.

Lessons My Father Taught Me

Flat roofs leak.

Cement cracks.

People are only as good as they're deeds.

Fishing is always good.

Don't buy things you can't pay for.

Never write things down, you wouldn't want read (I need to remember this more).

Guys have one thing on they're minds.

Always help a neighbor.

Always help someone that needs a break.

Don't be such a smartass.

If you are on the phone longer than 5 minutes, you are probably talking about someone.

Don't throw that out, you might be able to use it later.

Don't believe everything you hear.

Don't believe everything you read.

Never throw a baseball "side-arm".

Never throw away an old toothbrush, you can use it to clean the car battery.

Dishsoap mixed with water, will keep those pesky bugs off of your plants.

If you keep going to the well, eventually you will get water.

~yeah I know, there is more....and that was taught by example.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary Mr. Blackfive

Here is the perfect way to celebrate! Mr. Blackfive, I do wish you would make these for your Wife...all of that time spent blogging, she certainly deserves the chocolate!

Thank you for keeping us informed, and helping the Wives sleep better at night...

Chocolate and Guinness Brownies Recipe

Fudgy brownies have more butter and chocolate, less flour and no leavening.

Usually the chocolate and butter are melted together, then mixed with remaining ingredients. Mixing is usually done by hand.

With cake style brownies they have the sugar and butter creamed together, with the remaining ingredients added to the batter.

Chocolate and Guinness Brownies
4 eggs

3/4 C. superfine sugar

8 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped

4 oz. white chocolate, chopped

6 T. unsalted butter

3/4 C. all-purpose flour

3/4 C. cocoa

1 1/4 C. Guinness stout

Confectioners' sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 375° F. Butter an 8-inch-square pan.

In an electric mixer, combine the eggs and sugar. Beat until light and fluffy.

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, melt the bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate and butter, stirring until smooth. Remove from heat and beat into the egg mixture.

Sift the flour and cocoa together and beat into the chocolate mixture. Whisk in the Guinness.

Pour into the pan and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the center comes out almost clean. Remove from the oven and let cool on a wire rack.

To serve, dust the cake with confectioners' sugar and cut into squares.

Serves 8 to 10.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Most Creative Mommy-Blogging of the week goes to.......

Texas Ducks, with this VERY funny post. To the Moms, immature people, and if you need a GOOD laugh go here. I have NEVER in my life seen a tape measure used in such a creative fashion. When you are home with babies, and breastfeeding, and not sleeping....You will go to great lengths to entertain yourself.

For those of you who take things way too seriously, don't bother, you won't get it.

I have encouraged this Mommy to enter this into Franks J's Carnival of Comedy. Maybe I have been locked up too long, but I thought this was hilarious!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Operating at 75%

I cannot believe 5 doses of antibiotics, and I already feel BETTER, never mind the fact I had 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. It seems Pink Ninja, has a case of what I have, although her smiles would not indicate any illness. She was up through the night, with a bit of a stuffy nose, and did not want to sleep alone. Who could blame the poor girl. Then of course there is Dash, who was up at 5:50 this morning. I guess it is better than 4:30.

So I feel better already, and my attitude is already improving. I thought I was getting ready to fall apart.

Ahhh, I am headed for the bath, to relax and soak. See you all in the morning!

Dash Knows rules....

So tonight, while Dash and I are up front watering my flower garden, neighbors come out of everywhere wanting to chat. This does not happen often, I do enjoy it. Neighbors coming from across the culdasac, and street in droves.

Dash screaming at them all "Do not walk in the street, there could be cars coming, you are making a big mistake!"

Not only does he scream this rule at the human neighbors, he makes sure the dogs know as well.

Just Like Your Grannies Chicken Soup-especially delicious if you are ill.

I know it is hot out, I know. I know.

Since I have been ill, I cooked a pot of this 2 days ago. The 4 of us....Ate it all up. It is my favorite soup in the world. It is also what I cook best. I do not measure when I cook, only when I bake. So here goes. The toddlers love it, and it is easy.

1 whole chicken. You can cook it however you like. This time I had used a chicken I had cooked "at attention" on the grill. (You know the beer can up it's behind chicken). You can also slow roast the chicken in the oven. Either way, I rub chicken with olive oil, and salt and pepper. If you slow roast chicken in oven, used a small covered roaster, and save the stock for soup.

12 cups water
3 tsp chicken bouillon granules
11/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp pepper
1 tsp minced garlic
1 1/2 cups chopped carrot
1 1/2 cups chopped celery
(save celery leaves for later)
1 12oz bag frozen Reames egg noodles wide (*you can make your own egg noodles, however these noodles do taste pretty good, and I honestly have not had time to make noodles from scratch since the children arrived*)

-some people like peppers, or onion in this soup.
-I like this recipe, and it tastes EXACTLY like my grandma and Moms, so I leave it alone.

Simmer those ingredients on stovetop with the chicken diced , until vegetables are tender, add noodles according to package directions.

-put celery leaves on top as garnish.

News of the week

received good news yesterday. Brother-in-Law returning from Afghanistan in a short while. This makes us stop and count our blessings again.

His 9 year olds are thrilled, and are already making the signs, and preparing his apartment for his arrival home.

They will be making a road trip here to see "Dash and Pink Ninja". They have not had the pleasure of meeting one another yet.

So say a prayer for safe travel, and for those left behind to fight the good fight.

I am relieved.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Does anyone remember the British Show "The Young Ones"....the episode sick....that is what I feel like.

Dr. is treating me for respitory, and sinus infections. So I am on antibiotics. He was also placing a call to my OB/GYN re: female issues, and is suggesting I have my ole' uterus removed. It is ok, I do not want the darn thing, it has housed 2 beautiful babies nicely, and done its job.

I checked while at Dr. the last time I was on antibiotics, over 3 years ago, for strept throat. I am not a sick person.

I also checked my weight when I first went to this Dr. I was 118 pounds.......that was 4 years ago. 118...almost seems like a dream to say that...118, almost seems really too thin for my 5'7 frame. However my Mom was ill at the time, and I was having trouble taking care of myself.

In that time I have stopped smoking, I was about a pack and a half a day girl. Got pregnant, had 2 healthy babies, I also went through 2 deployments, and lost my Mother to Colon cancer.

My weight is no longer 118, nor will it be again. I think my legs weigh 118 now. Mother fucker...I am pissed about that.

I am also pissed because I am simply too ill to go excercise this week, just can't. Worn out and sick.

Dash Knows morning

This morning I hear "MOMMY, DADDY it is MORNING!!"

I hear it 3 times, and peer at the clock it is 4:41am.

It is morning alright.


I am ill. My body is attacking itself. Feel like shit. I go to my GP this afternoon. Wierd.

Started with migraines, then sinus congestion......and now coughing up yellow garbage. I am ill.

I have not been on antibiotics for 3 years. Wonder why all of a sudden everything has gone to crap?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dash KNOWS singing.

This is my new segment called Dash KNOWS. It will contain a quote from son Dash approx. age 3 1/2 years.

"Mommy, stop your singing!"

Monday, June 13, 2005


Sissy also tagged me with the childhood meme. I thought I had seen my name twice, but in my sleep deprived state, I was hallucinating about being in bed.

I have been thinking about all of the things I miss about being a child.

I think I must have been about 10 when the roller rink was THE place to be. I had my own pair of tennis shoe skates, blue jeans with a skate embroidered on the back pocket. The perfect pocket for my extra large orange comb. The perfume of the day was "love's baby soft", or Avon's "sweet honesty", and if you were lucky your older sister had "blue jean", and you would sneak a spray or two. I also had a huge Bonnie bell lip gloss-watermelon, that came on a rope, all of the girls wore them around their necks. If your hair was long, you would take a brett or comb and put one side up.

The drink of the day "suicide". Does anyone remember this ridiculous concoction? All of the fountain pops, even the rootbeer squirted into the same Styrofoam cup.
I wonder what would happen if I ordered one of those now, would anyone know what I was talking about?

It would have been around 1980 and the songs I remember skating to are Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, All Over the World by ELO, and I'm alright by Kenny Loggins...To name a few.

I never was asked by a boy to skate...Gawky girl. So never got to "couple skate". I did manage to win almost every limbo contest. The prize, something from the snack bar. "I would like a suicide".

The Karnival is in town!!

Break out the cotton candy and snow cones. VWat One Happy Dog Speaks is the hostess, and my oh my, if she doesn't surprise us with a sleep deprived version of the Candy Man. I could swear she was even tap-dancing.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Why I LOVE the blogosphere...

Drink at Work, is one of those kooky blogs I like. Here is the conversation that made me laugh tonight. The clock.

I'm it...Childhood Meme

This is from VW, at One Happy Dog Speaks. Who I enjoy reading. The little blondies are cute too, you must go over and take a look.

5 Things you miss from your childhood:

1)I miss, thinking all people are good and sweet. I also thought all adults were perfect, and never made mistakes. I am not sure when that ended, but it did not last long enough.

2) I miss playing in the snow and NEVER feeling cold, it didn't seem to bother me. We would spend hours outside building snow forts. Elaborate snow forts with hidden rooms. Sledding, for hours. I do not remember being cold. I will also add here, I never remember SUMMER HEAT bothering me , I could play ball outside all day, and never complain about the heat.

3) I miss "my imaginary workplace". I ran a library, a school, a clothing store, a zoo, a newspaper, and was I was even a television journalist. They were all such fun jobs.

4) I miss going on family vacations in the summer, we used to go to Minnesota every summer with another family. We would all rent a cabin, I remember one year there were about 20 of us in one cabin. I would get new coloring books, and fun pads, and crayons for the days it rained. We would stuff ourselves on fish, and make sand castles.

5) I miss "back to school". New clothes, new notebooks, new teachers, new classes. I loved school.

The rules are as follows. Remove the #1 item from the following list, bump everyone up one place, add your blog to the # 5 spot. You need to link to actually link to each blogger.

1. Margi Lowry
2. Note it Posts
3. Eat the lettuce
4. One Happy Dog Speaks
5. ArmyWifeToddlerMom

Now I am suppossed to select 3 people to tag, I think I have seen this everywhere, so I will try the following.

1. Ramblings of an Ordinary Man
2. Quality Weenie
3. The Grass Isn't Greener

Have fun, I know I could have made a list of 20.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Carnival of Yum!

The Carnival of recipes is up over at Songstress 7. I went over and took a brief look, but boy did she go to a lot of work. A lot of great recipes, and reading material for the weekend. Go on over and make your shopping list!!

I thought I would be better off dead.....

Seriously folks. Ughhh Migraines. I have had a headache for 4 days, and thought it would go away, but woke this a.m. With the King of Migraines, the kind you can't walk, or open eyes, the kind that makes you vomit endlessly. I haven't had one of these bad boys for a long time, and am blaming these estrogen patches they put me on. Hormones have been linked to migraines, and they have been the culprit in my case before. I am done with the things. Thank God for Imitrix, it saved me.

My poor toddlers, spent the day in the house with a very sick Mommy, and I almost allowed for anything today but screaming, and climbing on me. Which the 18 month old did anyway. Exhausting. We watched a lot of television, which is a big deal. They love Blues Clues right now. It is a big hit.

Dear husband came home and took care of children, and took Dash out fishing. They had a good time. Dash came home wet, which is of no surprise to me, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I guess he was walking on a log and fell in. I wish I had video of it. Dash and Daddy are having fun doing "guy things". Dear Husband came home and told me of their adventures, and I got teary. They are certainly trying to make up for lost time. They are also planning on another fishing trip this weekend.

I hope this is the end of the migraine train for me. It was awful for the entire house.


Sorry, Can hardly open eyes......maybe tommorow.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Music Meme

I have such blogwebs right now, I snatched this Meme from VW over at One Happy Dog Speaks.

I will explain this FIRST, I like ALL kinds of music. All kinds, so fasten your seatbelts for this odd tour.

Total Volume of music: I have no idea

CDs: Over 300

Cassettes, Records, tapes: They are at my Fathers home, I have no idea why they are there, because I do not want them. There is an 8-track Grease Soundtrack (I bought). I also recall the following albums being there, Cheap Trick Live at Budokan (I bought) , and Disco Duck (gift from Mom for Christmas).

MP3, and other hard drive format: I am clueless again, a lot

Last CD I bought: Shelby Lynn / Identity Crises. I love Shelby Lynn, but I do think my favorite release is I am Shelby Lynn, very good. Husband had bought me Pixies / Surfer Rosa, and Pixies / Doolittle, for Mothers Day. Love The Pixies.

Song Playing Right now: O music on now, husband watching Family Guy.....but I am in the mood to listen to some ELO.

5 Songs that mean a lot to me:

1) I Melt With You / Modern English...For obvious reasons, I am cheesy.
2) Angel Flying To Close to the Ground / Willie Nelson, every song Willie writes is golden, the man has written some beautiful songs.
3) Silver Wings / Merle Haggard and Jewel duet
4) Crazy / Patsy Cline...Another Willie song
5) Baby I'm Amazed / Paul McCartney and Wings
Damn, I am supposed to stop after 5......I hate that.

First recording I bought myself: Cheap Trick Live at Budokan, I was 8, and paid $5.00 of my birthday money at ALCO.

Artists whose recordings you own on more than 2 manufactured (not home copied). Give artist and media: Billie Holiday, Metallica, Souxie and the Banchees, Love and Rockets, Cowboy Junkies, INXS, Duran Duran, Johnny Cash. A lot of doubles.

I will pass this to Sue. Dogtulsba, if he is not out in the field. Contagion, because he needs something other than the "arts" to think about. Oh, and Machelle, over at Quality Weenie. Have fun!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I cannot believe I have neglected to put a photo of the bike up....Ladies and Gentlemen I present The Road King. Posted by Hello

If I were Emma Peel....

I would lay my lovely head on a pillow and wake up 8 hours later. Posted by Hello


I just opened a bottle of red wine, that is a bit to dry, for my taste. Husband suggested I use it to cook with. I thought of something better

Here is the easiest recipie I could find. Traditionally brandy is used with the wine. We never keep brandy in the house. Also remember you can substitute fruits with whatever you have on hand. I would suggest letting it chill for at least 4 hours.

2 large bottles of dry red wine
1 2 liter bottle of ginger ale/ 7- up is ok
1 orange sliced thin
1 apple sliced thin
1 cup strawberries sliced thin
4 tsp lime juice
1/2 lemon sliced thin
1/2 lime sliced thin
1/4 cup sugar

It is best chilled overnight if you can wait that long!
Serve in large wine glasses, and use fresh fruit slices to garnish!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dash "reeling" them in.  Posted by Hello

Daddy took Dash on his first fishing trip this afternoon, they both loved it. The only thing they caught was a little hell for getting home later than expected. Posted by Hello

Where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are above average.....

I get to go see Garrison Keillor in June!!! Yes I know he makes fun of Republicans, Lutherans, and Midwestern folk. That is why I love him so.

I used to listen to radio shows when I was a teenager, late at night. I am not even sure what the station was, but I believe it was in South Dakota. I found it one night after listening to Kasey Kasems American Top 40 show. The radio shows started at 10pm, and would run until 3:00am. Old radio shows, and I cannot even remember the names of any of them at this time. Of course they would play Burns and Allen, and Amos and Andy, but there were others. Mysteries, romance. It was a great escape for me. I could lie in my bed, and watch my Priscilla curtains blowing, and hear crickets chirping, dogs barking, and listen to these radio shows. I wondered why they ever stopped making these programs. I fell in love.

The station stopped playing the shows my senior year of high school, and I missed them. I went off to college, got married, and worked. On Saturday nights I would cook a big dinner for husband, his mother and I and listen to NPR. While I was frying chicken I would listen to Garrison Keillor and his Prarie Home Companion. I fell in love with radio once again.

Mr. Keillor is from the Prarie, just like I am. He can paint a picture of it like no one else. He makes me miss the corn, wheat, alfalfa fields, the church ladies, homegrown tomatoes, women canning vegetables from their garden, rhubarb pie, bachelor farmers, Sunday dinners and common sense.

If you are from the Prarie, and have never listenend to Prarie Home Companion, listen to one show. You will miss your mom's cooking, and you will be proud to be from the Prarie.

Maybe the Rhubarb Tour is coming to a town near you!


Ladies take a look at this, I honestly think this is a great and fun idea.

Pink Ninja, sans cast!! YEAH!! Watch out pool, sandbox, ketchup, and all things slimey!! Posted by Hello

Pink Ninja at Orthopedic Clinic, awaiting prognosis on right arm. Yes, that is a camoflauge cast she has been wearing.  Posted by Hello

Work Wanted

Unemployed, 3 Year Old male seeks position.

My talents include: Arts and crafts, irritating sibling, giving kisses, memorizing lines from movies, decorating cupcakes, reading, locating 5 countries on globe, I am of great assistance at the grocery store, can do very light housekeeping, and get great satisfaction from helping others.

I am: inquisitive, and impatient.

Special needs: I would love early hours, I love waking at 4:30am. I need a break at 10am for Seseme Street, and raisins. I do not nap, so there is no need for extended break time. You might want to have a time out chair, in case I need help re-grouping.

If anyone knows of a position available, please contact my Mother or Father as my references. I have no prior work experience, but am a fast learner.

You can pay me in glue sticks, books, powdered donuts, and ice cream cones.

Happy Birthday to You!!

Seems like we have another birthday to celebrate here in the blogosphere! Denise, sit down and have a piece of Angel Food cake, home made ice cream, and let us sing to you!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh How I love Thee--Let me count the ways...

you irritate the piss out of me.

Yes I know my husband was away, fighting the war on terror, but we are blessed and he is home safe and sound. So I need to get this off of my chest.

There are a few things that irritate me. Oh by the way, in case you haven't noticed I irritate easily.

1.) Endless quoting of movies. Almost non-stop. Lately it is Team America. "Kim Jong Il Show". Over and over and over. He won't stop it. I have had to limit it to 3 times a day around me, when I am in a good mood. None if I am sensitive.

2) My husband also thinks this is funny. The Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song "Give It Away Now"...he sings, "what I got, I wanna get it, put in you". Once again, over and over, until I want to scream.

3) He can never locate anything in the refridgerator. He peers in like things will walk out. I almost ALWAYS end up getting whatever it is out. He also does this with salt and pepper. Instead of getting up to get it, he cranes his neck acting like he is afraid it "might be lost". Come on you know where it fucking is.

4) He will watch the following movies...That I CANNOT stand. " 48 hours", "Crocodile Dundee", "Dune", "Starship Troopers". ICC Blechy. I especially hate Crocodile Dundee.

5) He "organizes" his "twig and berries", more than any Major League Baseball player I have seen.

6) He steers like he is driving a cartoon car. You know how you really don't need to steer much while driving in a straight line. Well lets just say, he missed this somewhere. His hands are at 9pm, and 3pm and just moves the wheel back and forth like he is 4.

I think that may be it, or I am just getting tired. Do I want to see his list? NOOOOOO.

Those folks from Iowa....

can sure make you feel right at home. Those Midwesterners , proved their hospitality by doing a fantastic job with this weeks Karnival of Kidz.

61st Anniversary of D-day

For Dear Husbands Grandfather, who has passed on, I will think of him today. I will think of his courage and bravery.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Word of the week #7

Sissy, I know I have skipped 2 entire weeks without participating in word of the week and feel terrible.

So I want to be the first to particaipate this week.

"Sharif don't like it. Rock the Cat's Paw, Rock the Cat's Paw"

Thumbs up

I escaped the house last night, and went to the theater. One of my favorite places to go alone.

I saw the movie Chrystal. If you get the chance to go, do. I enjoyed my escape. It was a dark film, set in the South. The movie has that haunting , and Southern gothic feel of Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner.

The physical landscape of this movie looked familiar and unfamiliar to me. The dirt curvey roads and the trailer houses. The people, and the conversations, I have heard peices of them. The soundtrack to this movie was really beautiful, if you like folk music.

The story is one of redemption, and how sometimes you work so hard for it, and it is not yours.

I came home and hugged my babies, and smelled the tops of their heads.

Hotter than Haddes

I need a bath ick, blechy. I was not even out of doors for very long. There is NO wind here, so the heat and humidity linger. It is thick, and you can feel it. The air is heavy this time of year.

I managed to get the children out earlier in the day. We played on the swings, and in the cottages, played with rocks. Later in the afternoon, I put Pink Ninja down for her nap and took Dash outside with me. We watered plants and flowers , put fresh water in the bird bath, and went for a short walk. Blech, heat.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dash, looking very cool. Can this photo really be almost 3 years old?  Posted by Hello

Pink Ninja, when she was brand new.... Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

It is gonna be a long ass weekend....

Dear Husband had his "procedure" done today.

So as soon as his friend brought him home from the Dr. I stashed him away in the back bedroom, with shades open, towel on bed, bags upon bags of crushed ice for his "swelling", movies in the DVD player, and a hugungeous reese's pieces sonic blast. I locked him away all day. Only went in to hand fresh ice packs, and give him his pain medicine.

You do not want to have this procedure done, and be in a house with toddlers. The toddlers climb, and jump all day long. I think they crush his "business" (See Bou's post on what are they for?
) everyday anyway. So I just pretended Daddy was at work. The valium they gave him prior to procedure, had him down for most of the day, thank goodness. Dear Husband is stubborn and a terrible patient.

So it is going to be a LONG weekend. It is HOT here already, swimming weather for the kids, sandbox weather for the kids. However, due to Pink Ninja's incident has left her in a cast. She cannot be in sand or water.

This really limits our day. Today we ran errands, just to keep them busy and out of the house. We mailed some bills, went to the grocery store, had to pick up Dear Husbands drugs from pharmacy. When Pink Ninja went down for her nap, Dash and I went outside to pull weeds, and water the flower beds. We chased lizards, and found Earth Worms. I let Dash jump in the mud, and put mulch in the birdbath, so I could pull unsightly weeds. We had fun.

Dash is hilarious. His speech is very echolaic, and he has a huge vocabulary. Today, he wanted to play his "leapster". A small handheld computer, with learning software. (We bought it when we drove across country). Anyway, he asks to play his "leapster". I tell him no, he had already played it in the morning. He says this "Mom, NOT practicing leads to mediocrity". Seriously, this is what my 3 year old says to me. I think I need to start leaving a quote from him every day, he is hilarious.

Breaking Bread in the blogosphere

Drew is hosting this weeks Carnival of Calories. Go over and peruse, make your grocery list, and get to cookin!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chlorine, 10cc, and a newspaper carrier bag

When I left the yo-lattes class last night, I got the smell of the chlorine, and heard the splashing and laughing.

Sometimes that is all it takes.

Sometimes it is songs I heard at the pool when I was 7 1/2. You know that song by 10cc...I'm not in love. Sometimes it is that Seasons in the Sun song, I am not even sure who sang that.

It used to be newspaper carrier bags, the dirty white ones, with the bright orange reflective tape. No one carries them anymore.

I do remember that summer when I was 7 1/2.

I remember swimming all day long as usual. Walking home wet, and barefooted on the shaded side of the street with my older sister. We run into the newspaper boy Roger. I remember Roger handing my Sister the paper. I remember my Sister saying "I am not supposed to let her see it", as she carefully folded it. She said it out loud, with me standing right there, like I was invisible. Of course being 7 1/2 I begged to see the paper. "What am I not supposed to see", I said. My Sister quickly explains to me, my parents made her swear that she would not tell me. "Tell me what?"

I will add here, that I had 2 good friends when I was in school. They were quiet girls. We were poor girls, thrift store girls. For some reason, even at age 7 that mattered, although I don't think WE knew why we were excluded. One of these girls was fair and blonde and almost WASP looking. A turned up nose and freckles. , the other very beautiful, thick, wavy long, dark hair, olive skin and dark eyes. We were in "gifted group" together,and had such fun working independently on projects, and book reports. WE had been to each others homes,played dolls, read poems into a small recorder, and built dioramas. My Sister had even babysat for my dark haired friend, and her 3 little sisters on several occasions.

My Sister tells me my beautiful dark haired friend was dead. I can recall that moment right now. How at 7 1/2, I problem solved in my head, and knew she was dead from illness, because 7 year old girls don't just die unless they are sick. "Did she have Measles?" My Sister answered "no". Did she have some sort of flu?" I asked. "No" again.

"So what happened?" I asked. I remember feeling empty inside, with a singular butterfly flapping its sickened wings in my chest. I remember all of the beautiful shades of green turned dimmer, and everything looked the way it does right before a tornado, that sick green color. I cannot remember hearing anything, except for that newspaper unfolding.

I look at it, and it is a large photo of my girlfriend, her Mother, her Father, and her 3 little sisters. They are smiling in this professionally taken photograph. I remember the photo being in color, and I remember one of the little girls had a bright yellow dress on.

"Her Mom killed them."

I cannot recall much after that. I don't remember crying. We lived in a sleepy Midwest town, and I recall hearing the adults around me whispering, and stopping when I came into the room. I can recall driving by the house, and looking at the little gray/blue house on the corner with yellow police tape wrapped around it. I remember hearing my Father say "No one will ever want to live there, they should just tear it down."

When the summer at the pool was over, I went back to school expecting to see her. She was not there. My little blonde friend with the turned up nose and I mentioned it once, and we never spoke again. I guess it would have been too much. We even graduated from the same school, but in all of those years nothing was said. We separated from one another.

I wonder if Kay ever smells chlorine, or hears a song, and thinks of her.

I'm it

Right As Usual, has tagged me with the book Meme. This has been my favorite Meme so far.

1) The total number of books I own.

I have no idea. There are too many for me to count. I am also a notorious book lender. I am not a pack rat, so I have given a ton of books away. I am also one of those people that love the library.

2) The last book I bought.

The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Neffennegger

3) The last book I read.

Covered Wagon Women, Letters from the Trail, I forget which volume I am currently on. These are great books to read when you think you have had a bad day.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me.

1) East of Eden - Steinbeck

2) Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger

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Wooden teeth?

My husband is at the VA as I type this. He has a consult, with a Dentist there.

Right before he left for the 18 month deployment, he went to our regular civilian Dentist and found out he needed a root canal, and $13,000 dollars worth of "crowns" on bottom teeth. Seems like his teeth grinding has only gotten worse in our 14 years of marriage. So we had another Dentist look at his teeth, they said the same thing. This left us both SICK.

So today he has an appointment with the VA. I know they will not do $13,000 dollars worth of crowns on his teeth. I am guessing he will come home with a report that says his teeth are "just great".....Or some crazy as VA Dentist will yank all of his teeth out and replace them with wooden ones.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Competition

So Boudicca and the rest of the ladies are having a friendly "competition". I did not join because, I cannot handle losing such a competition.

The trainers have altered my Yoga and Pilates classes for the summer. Damn. They have opted to combine the class and call it "Yo-lates". So, where I was working out 5 hours a week, it is down to 3. I love my Yoga, and was disappointed tonight, when I noted the class was 75% pilates, 10% stretching and cool down, and 15% yoga. So now I have to get my ass out and walk. I love walking, but I don't think I will make time for myself. There is sooo much around here that needs to be done. It won't kill me, although all of these hills round here might. These hills that I hate so much, are exactly what I need. They will burn me, like no instructor could. So I need to walk 4 miles 2-3 days a week. I also need to find time to do it ALONE. I need to remember that I am not just doing this for myself, I am doing it for the harmony of the home. If Mommas not happy, no one is happy.

The good news is, my obliques feel great, and I am waiting for the rest of the "business" to catch up. The bad news is, we have had the addition of 2 "sylphs" in class. They are home from college, and need something to do, so they are coming with their Moms, so they can work out with us "old ladies". The good news is, we "old ladies" are kicking their sylph asses. The bad news is, we "appear" to be in worse shape.

It would be very discouraging for me normally, however, I am gaining so much strength back. My yoga is back to where it was 20 months ago, when I stopped going. I am no longer using modifications in pilates. I am happy with my strength I have gained. My clothes are not fitting differently, and I do not appear to have lost weight. We will try the walking, and see what that brings.

Brunch Casserole

This is great o prepare 24-36 hours in advance. It will make your morning a little easier. This is great when you have company overnight, or on holiday mornings.

12 slices bread
1 pound Swiss cheese shredded
8 oz fresh mushrooms sliced
1-2 cups crumbled cooked crisp bacon
4 eggs
2 cups milk
2 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Spread butter on both sides of bread. Layer bread, cheese, mushrooms, and bacon 1/2 at a time in a 9 by 13 baking dish. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl, mix until smooth and pour over layers. Chill overnight. Bake casserole for 1 hour at 325 degrees. Let stand for 15 minutes before serving.

We loved this with GREEN CHILIES....verry good, we also love this with breakfast sausage with the bacon! Yummy. Substitute is easy with this recipe.


It appears this blogger is calling it quits. Damn.