Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Eureka, I found it Harvey!

Today is Grampy Harvey's 2nd Blogversary. I did get him a couple of gifts. I figured they TNT and Harv, could use one of the newest offerings by the Liberator company. He did ask for "toys", and we all know how much Harvey loves his toys. I had thought of the traditional gift of leather restraints, but figured they would be showered in them today. I also bought the couple a lovely book on Shabari. 2 years huh Harvey? All of those blogging tips learned in 2 years? Well, thank you for all you have done, for all of your help. For being a "link pimp"....For small bloggers like me. Hoping to meet you at the next Bad Example Blog Meet. I owe you a beer, and still want to see you and your lovely wife arm wrestle.

Oh Oh Oh, before I go. I think I have found it Harvey! I think I found your "next career". Please look into this, I think you would be a great representative for them.

I was watching CNN last night after the children went to bed, and they do a segment on a company called Pure Romance. Pure Romance is apparently a Christian company that has "tupperware" like parties...but with "marital aids".....Hey hey hey....Am I right. Is this exactly the job for you, or what?
Go ahead Harvey, go over and take a look, I figure at least the product research, and quality control, might be fun for you!

Happy Blogversary!!


beej said...

I think ol' Harv should do it...heh.

But I DON'T think your blog qualifies as #6 on my Most Annoying Blogs list because...

a) Your kid is CUTE

b) Your blog posts are fun to read

c) You didn't post up images of cartoon kittens wrapped in pink quilts sipping hot cocoa, all over yer blog.

Anonymous said...

a Christian Sex Toys Party? Bizarre!

Good find Armywife

Harvey said...

Actually, my wife IS my marital aid :-)

Anonymous said...

I went to a party like that...it was marketed as a Passions Party though. Good stuff!!