Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hotter than Haddes

I need a bath ick, blechy. I was not even out of doors for very long. There is NO wind here, so the heat and humidity linger. It is thick, and you can feel it. The air is heavy this time of year.

I managed to get the children out earlier in the day. We played on the swings, and in the cottages, played with rocks. Later in the afternoon, I put Pink Ninja down for her nap and took Dash outside with me. We watered plants and flowers , put fresh water in the bird bath, and went for a short walk. Blech, heat.

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airforcewife said...

It's terribly humid here, too. I can't stand it. I had to mow the lawn today and thought I was going to faint by the end of it.

And now we have raining and a lightening storm! My dog is going insane!

Humid - bleh. I wasn't meant to live this way.