Friday, June 17, 2005

Most Creative Mommy-Blogging of the week goes to.......

Texas Ducks, with this VERY funny post. To the Moms, immature people, and if you need a GOOD laugh go here. I have NEVER in my life seen a tape measure used in such a creative fashion. When you are home with babies, and breastfeeding, and not sleeping....You will go to great lengths to entertain yourself.

For those of you who take things way too seriously, don't bother, you won't get it.

I have encouraged this Mommy to enter this into Franks J's Carnival of Comedy. Maybe I have been locked up too long, but I thought this was hilarious!


Mama Duck said...

Thank you, thank you (bowing and hamming up the limelight!)...I submitted it as you suggested, let's just hope there aren't a slew of guys out there like my DH who must make gagging and wretching sounds when they see baby poop. :)

Harvey said...

THAT... was impressive. :-)