Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dash "reeling" them in.  Posted by Hello


Contagion said...

Eh, Father/son time is priceless. If they are a little late getting home, does it really hurt anything? Maybe your plans are thrown off, or dinner maybe a little cold. At least your husband not only is willing to, but wants to spend time with your son. There are too many fathers anymore that want nothing to do with their kids. That, I feel, is more tragic then being late.

I hope Dash had a good time, hopefully on the next trip he'll actually catch something.

Rachelle Jones said...

They were home on time, and didn't catch hell.

It was omething my Dad used to say when we went fishing.

"We didn't catch a thing, but caught hell for being late"....

Contagion, you must think I am a hardass