Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Prayers and Positive Thoughts

Please go over here, if you haven't already. Say a prayer, or send positive thoughts, or say thank you.

His STRONG wife writes the following.....

Chuck sustained shrapnel wounds to his legs and arms from an IED. He and an Iraqi civilian were the only ones injured. The Good Lord above was looking out for him in a BIG way! He is probably in Landstuhl (sp?), Germany by now and will be back in the states in the next week to 10 days (as far as I know right now). He still has his eyesite and has not sustained internal injuries that I know of. I have not talked to him yet... they have kept him sedated for his trip to Germany, as well as for pain management. He also has some injuries to his face, but I think it is just bruised/scratched up quite a bit.

Get Well and Thank YOU BOTH!!

UPDATE.....this afternoon.

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airforcewife said...

Thank you for putting this up where I could catch it. Prayers, definately.