Monday, June 27, 2005

Dash KNOWS music

We are in the kitchen right now, I am getting ready to fold laundry, Pink Ninja is napping, and Dash is painting.

He tells me "Mommy turn OFF that music (Wheezer)"

"I want to listen to jazz music"

We are now listening to Miles Davis.


Sally said...

My friend's brother once had a liking of Miles Davies at the age of seven. (Well, I think it was Miles Davies)

It was very strange. He'd talk to you about how "this track was recorded when Miles was in the depths of heroin addiction"

Silentwarrior said...

Sounds to me like Dash KNOWS high quality music!

Go Dash!

Anonymous said...

Good taste Dash!

Try Jamie Cullum for him. He might like him!

airforcewife said...

good for Dash!

Anonymous said...

Good boy, Dash. Teach mama some good taste :-)

That 1 Guy said...

Miles... cool. But sayin' Weezer is bad taste, Harvey... let's just say if you weren't my blogdad, I'd crack you one! :)