Thursday, June 09, 2005

Music Meme

I have such blogwebs right now, I snatched this Meme from VW over at One Happy Dog Speaks.

I will explain this FIRST, I like ALL kinds of music. All kinds, so fasten your seatbelts for this odd tour.

Total Volume of music: I have no idea

CDs: Over 300

Cassettes, Records, tapes: They are at my Fathers home, I have no idea why they are there, because I do not want them. There is an 8-track Grease Soundtrack (I bought). I also recall the following albums being there, Cheap Trick Live at Budokan (I bought) , and Disco Duck (gift from Mom for Christmas).

MP3, and other hard drive format: I am clueless again, a lot

Last CD I bought: Shelby Lynn / Identity Crises. I love Shelby Lynn, but I do think my favorite release is I am Shelby Lynn, very good. Husband had bought me Pixies / Surfer Rosa, and Pixies / Doolittle, for Mothers Day. Love The Pixies.

Song Playing Right now: O music on now, husband watching Family Guy.....but I am in the mood to listen to some ELO.

5 Songs that mean a lot to me:

1) I Melt With You / Modern English...For obvious reasons, I am cheesy.
2) Angel Flying To Close to the Ground / Willie Nelson, every song Willie writes is golden, the man has written some beautiful songs.
3) Silver Wings / Merle Haggard and Jewel duet
4) Crazy / Patsy Cline...Another Willie song
5) Baby I'm Amazed / Paul McCartney and Wings
Damn, I am supposed to stop after 5......I hate that.

First recording I bought myself: Cheap Trick Live at Budokan, I was 8, and paid $5.00 of my birthday money at ALCO.

Artists whose recordings you own on more than 2 manufactured (not home copied). Give artist and media: Billie Holiday, Metallica, Souxie and the Banchees, Love and Rockets, Cowboy Junkies, INXS, Duran Duran, Johnny Cash. A lot of doubles.

I will pass this to Sue. Dogtulsba, if he is not out in the field. Contagion, because he needs something other than the "arts" to think about. Oh, and Machelle, over at Quality Weenie. Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, for the music you no longer want, you should consider listing them at ebay, its amazing the older music people are looking for....might as well make some mad money at the same time!


dogtulosba said...

I may just have to add that...

dogtulosba said...

Oh god, I just realized I was watching Family Guy too...