Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Overheard at Casa De Dust

- Dear Husband walks in kitchen after changing headlights in the "ol' explorer"

Me: "You are dirty, and greasy."

DH: "Yeah, Pony Boy and I are headed to town to beat up some some soc's."

If I were Emma Peel....

I would always wear a white t-shirt.

The Mystery of the "Ouch My F'ing Knee" solved

I have figured out what is wrong with my knee.

The culprit, my beloved "truwk".

Yes, the "truwk". My "truwk" sits just high enough that my patella runs flush with the running boards. So when I lift Pink Ninja and Dash into the back into the car seats and then lean in to fasten the saftey restraints, my patella is being pushed into my plica.

The solution?

-A small ladder for the children?

-A new Mom that is taller (and I imagine less bitchy, prettier and younger)?

-A step stool?

-Taller children?

-A convertible?

Monday, January 30, 2006


Have You EVER?

Ain't happened yet, I am waiting. It is on my to do list!!

Position of the Week #12

-Your own positive future begin in this moment. All you have is right now. Every goal is possible from here.

But even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. Take the first step.

Whatever you undertake, do it with full intent to succeed. Cynicism fails itself. Stick to your path, facing difficulties with positive humor.
Concentrate, proceed, and succeed.

-Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 600BC (A warrior blends with life)

- Pose: Wheel or Urdhva Dhanurasana. This pose is the culmination of the work done in introductory backbending poses, such as Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog), Salabhasana (Locust Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), and Dhanurasana (Bow Pose). Urdhva Dhanurasana is also preparation for the more advanced backbends, such as Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose), Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose), Vrschikasana (Scorpion Pose), and others.

Last week I led my first 2 yoga classes ever. It was a frightening prospect for me. I did realize "my practice" was not the problem. Public Speaking was the problem. Yeah me, the talker. About 2 minutes away from class, I had a small anxiety attack, called my Dear Husband and said, "I know why I am freaking out....It is like a demonstrative speech class." He said "yeah". He knew this was the problem. I thought it was my "level of practice". It was not. The talker afraid to talk.

So I meditated briefly before class, and convinced myself, that talking a lot was not necessary. I just need to lead class. I also remembered that the ladies in my class had enough confidence to ask me to fill in for our instructor, so I needed to have the same confidence in my ability.

The classes went well. I want to do this.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

2006 SAG Awards

I may get an honorable mention....

just saying.

Freaking Hollywood.....

Day at the Movies

I think Dear Husband felt as though he needed to return the favor after I tolerated the "Big Buck Classic" yesterday. I made it through the entire day with a smile.

Today I was rewarded with an afternoon away from Casa De Dust. Ahhhhhh......

I decided on the movies.

I chose The New World.

I had heard mixed reviews. Complaints, by some that the Director Malick seemed to have trouble making up his mind between a love story, an adventure movie, or a nature flick. The story of Smith and Pocahontas has been simplified over time. I found Malicks blend of the three satisfying, and beautiful. I also found it refreshing, that he did not turn it into one, or the other. Life just isn't that simple. The portrayal of Jamestown, a precise one and an entire movie on its own.

I also found that the narrative of the story led by the separate characters, and what they were thinking, and not by dialogue to be a wonderful choice. The writing was beautiful.

The movie, was beautiful, romantic, and epic, and only my own stubborn nature kept me from needing a tissue.....

I wanted the story to continue......

Been Ther' Done That

Yesterday we went here.

I saw this.....Pure genius.

I also saw this t-shirt. (I was tempted to buy it, but sadly did not)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Let the Shopping begin....

Okay, I have a three day event coming up. I will need at least three changes of clothing.

1) Casual Cocktail, I will be assisting hostessing a "hospitality room"

2) Officers Wives tea: I am not assisting with anything this year only attending.

3) Damn Formal: I loathe the idea of squeezing my "curvier" self into evening wear.

So I imagine I best get started looking now.


Look out flourescent lighting and 3 way mirrors....

Here I come.

If I were Emma Peel....

I would spend the weekend making Steed laugh....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

"It has huge, sharp...It can leap about...Look at the bones!"

Compare and Contrast....

So this afternoon, I am multi-tasking. I am "plumping raisins" (for a sour cream and raisin pie), baking a pie crust, washing a load of clothes, marinating chicken in sesame ginger, unloading groceries, and talking on the phone with this guy.

Pink Ninja, had helped unload a portion of the produce, and was great about making sure things went into the "crisper". However amidst all of "our work" she disappeared.

I actually was ok with her departure. Sometimes "the collective", well lets just say they can be a little over enthusiastic. I will add here, that sometimes this Momma just needs a break from the enthusiasm.

So after about 5 minutes, I note the eerie peace that has fallen over the house. I can only hear the humming of the wash machine, and my conversation. It is too quiet.

I hear giggling, and crunching, and follow the sound to Dash's closed bedroom door.

I open the door, to find Pink Ninja and Dash hunkered down in the far corner of the room, gnawing on an entire bunch of celery like it is an ear of corn. Pink Ninja holding one end of the bunch, and Dash holding the other end. I can hear crunching, and giggling. The greenness of celery being disturbed by large inconsistent bite marks. The celery looks like starved rats have happened upon it. The only surviving part of the celery being the heart, and a few leaves.

Me: "you guys are like rats"

T1G: laughing

The Collective: giggling

I seriously closed the door, and let them finish what was left. I wasn't about to use the remaining 1/3 cup. Ick.

In 5 minutes my children consumed an entire bunch of celery, and it was a big bunch too. My original intention for the celery foiled.

So I continued my conversation, even though we were laughing our asses off that "anyone", would steal celery, hide in a corner in a room and eat it like rats.


Happy Birthday Mr. Blackfive

I hear it is Mr. Blackfive's birthday. I really need to thank him, for doing so much for our men and women who do our fighting for us. He insists we remember them daily. Read his first post, and you will be reminded of the reason behind the blog.

So for Mr. Blackfive's birthday, I am going to direct you Soldiers Angels. If you cannot make a donation to them, send the link to those on your e-mail list. Someone may be able to help.

-Or go buy one of these snazzy shirts.

*modeled by Pam over at Atlas Shrugs*

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wrong Brother

I am just saying.....

I sooooooo need this....

So I have the kids loaded in the "truwck", and we are listening to the radio, and I hear THIS, and it has me seriously dancing the entire way to our accountant. If someone can make me dance on the way to the accountant. I need it. So I am putting it on my list of MUST gets.

Her voice, incredible.

If I were Emma Peel....

I would take a much needed nap.

I am a bigger wuss than I thought....Or Thank God we are staying put.

Ahhhhhhh I can breathe. Dear Husband has been at current job for too long and needed to "make a move". I will add here that I did not make it easy for him. I am exhausted, and drained from the last few years. I was not, and am not ready to pack up an entire home, get present home ready to "show", and look for a new home, with "the collective". So Dear Husband made huge concessions for me. I realize this. I think he really wanted D.C., and although my visit there was lovely and the city did not frighten this "country mouse". I did leave with "sticker shock". I grew up poor...poor....poor. So I tend to freak about money a lot anyway, and D.C. is not a city for the financially faint at heart. There were also other cities that were possibilities. However deep in my heart and in my head I seriously was not up for any big move right now. I have been praying on it for months, and really tried to get over myself. However, I was simply not ready to "begin again".

The last 18 month deployment, has altered any sort of sense of time for me. I still feel as though Dear Husband just got back in country some days. Isn't that weird. He will have been home for an entire year in March. It feels like I just met him at the hotel yesterday. I will also admit here, that I am still "tired". He has been home for a year and I am tired from the deployment. That is unlike me.

The good news is Dear Husband has been offered a good position here in town, I think it will be a high visibility position. I am sure it was not his first choice. I am sure my "burn out" made the decision hard for him. So it looks like we will not be moving. We can stay put, and nest for at least a year. We can both work on professional development, and try and figure out what the next step is.

So thank you Dear Husband. I know it was not an easy choice.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Passing Through

It seems Jenns Mother has passed, she describes the feeling as one of molasses. I recall the fog, and know how difficult it is to be back home Jenn. However, it is a great time to teach and show your children what Mothers are made of. Prayers for you and yours.

Take your time.

Of Strength and Heroes

I am sitting here enjoying the sunshine coming through the kitchen window, and am reminded of Real Strength and Real Heroes.

Words of prayer and gratitude are in need.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Royalties should be pouring in.....

Someone by the name of Lauren Child has animated my children, gave them British accents, and is writing books about them, I turn on the T.V. and it is Pink Ninja and Dash. Where is my money?

Update: Photo courtesy of Dear Husband. I had taken at least 10 terrible photos prior to his fantastic photo.

Must listen of the week --The Strokes

Dear Husband bought me the new Strokes album First Impressions of the Earth, fantastic. It always seems to take a couple of listens for me to get the new anything. I do love it though. Casablana's vocals have improved, which upon first listen I wasn't sure if I liked. It sounded a bit "over-produced". I miss him singing like he means it at times. I have decided that the album is probably not over-produced, probably some sort of natural evolution, and the longer I listen to him I do love his voice. I am reminded of Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, garage guitar, and even 70's Bowie. Lyrically I love it.

Not as good as Is This It....But worth a listen.

I particularly fell in love with tracks 1, 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 14.

Position of the Week----Terror?

My yoga instructor is out this week. She is getting her "yoga butt" (yep), and her "yoga kids" certification. So, as she is telling us, and calling other students. I got nominated to step in for the instructor this week. So I left flattered and frightened. It should be interesting, because I have been looking in to a 200 hour certification. Can I talk and hold a pose? Those of you who know me, probably imagine I could talk even while dead. However talking while holding a strenuous yoga pose? An entirely different ball game.

If I were Emma Peel....

I would always have an umbrella....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meme of Four to Bore

And What Next? tags me with the following. Proving she is silent but deadly.

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:

I have had a zillion jobs.....Seriously. So I have decided to name those in which I have enjoyed, the job, the people....Or the absurdity of the day to day of it.

1. Country Club Wait Staff, seriously the funniest people I have ever worked with. I actually did not mind the terrible pay or crappy job, because I loved who I worked with.

2. Lingerie Store/Romantic boutique, *cough*. My boss was my Grandmothers age and she was a Dear. Once again the pay sucked, however I walked away with enough "stories" for a lifetime.

3. Unit Coordinator for a Nursing Home. Probably my favorite nursing job ever, I had a great group of patients, staff, families, and Physicians. A very hard mix to find. I was able to call the shots, and get things done. It was my favorite nursing position ever. I still miss it.

4. Ice Cream Girl at a dairy processing plant. The worst freaking job ever.....Really. However it was delicisiso. The machines were always breaking down, so I spent many an afternoon sitting in a pile of sundae cones, and ice cream sandwiches. (That was when I could eat my weight at a meal, and not bother thinking about it). Strawberry cheesecake day was my favorite....

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have:

1. Auntie Mame

2. Giant

3. The Women

4. Casino

Four Places I Have Lived: Interesting question, and I am not going to name cities due to witness relocation program I am part of.

1. I grew up in a tiny house, tiny, and on the wrong side of the tracks.

2. I have lived in some crap ass apartments.

3. I have lived rural.

4. I currently live in the burbs.

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: another question I am having trouble with, because I do not watch much television.

1. Deadwood, my current addiction. Love it Love it. However I watched the entire Season 1 on disc, and now must wait for Season 2. Please do not tell me what happens. I will kill you.

2. Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey and Amy Pohlar doing the news, hilarious.

3. Weather Channel

4. Fox News

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation: I think I will list my favorites again

1. Vegas, and yes I need to go again.

2. Hiking and camping across Colorado and Utah with Dear Husband.

3. New Mexico, thought I would hate the desert, loved it.

4. My most recent trip to Washington D.C., changed my perspective forever.

Four Websites I Visit Daily: another tricky one, although you all know who you are.

1. Mine!

2. I seriously check my sitemeter daily

3. news here

4. browse

Four Favorite Foods: I could name hundreds...

1. Creme Brule. Straight, not chocolate, not raspberry just plain.

2. Chocolate souffle.

3. Warm Chocolate Cake

4. Home Made vanilla ice cream

Weird how this list looks like a dessert menu.....I rarely eat dessert. Right now that sounds perfect though.

Four Places I would rather be:

1. Beach

2. On a warm beach in the sun, getting brown.

3. A hot tub soaking my sore self.

4. Did I say ocean yet?

Four People I Am Tagging With This Meme: HA!

1. Donnaville

2. Air Force Family

3. An American In Italy

4. Katie

Position of the Week #11

"Namaste at back"

I have spent a lot of time this week in meditation and prayer, and am back to yoga full time for the first time in weeks. My head is clearing, and I find myself in my head, ready for a new year. A different year. A year where I remember myself as I continue to remember others. I will include myself in all goals. My spirit is recuperating, after years of taking care of others, and illness, pain and loss. I can breathe.....

So to you....Namaste....

Namaste according to Wikipedia

Sanskrit namas means "bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, adoration". te is the personal pronoun , "you". A literal translation of namas te is thus "reverential salutation to you".

It is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with the hands pressed together, palms touching, in front of the chest.

In a religious context this word can be taken to mean any of these:

-The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you
-I salute the divine in you
-I salute the Light of God in you.
-I bring together my body and soul, focusing my divine potential, and bow to the same potential within you.
-In other words, it recognizes the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of all.


Sunday Morning

When you are done with the Sunday paper, the mornings dishes....go over to Techography and read this and then this....

When I met Bloodspite, I mentioned to him, THESE are the posts I love to read. When any of you write them, they are my favorite.

This morning, I loved my coffee.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chuck Z on TV.......

I had the great pleasure of meeting Chuck Z, and his gorgeous wife Caren while visiting Walter Reed. So while perusing my blogroll today, I go to read Chuck and note, he is ready for his close-up. He will be on CNN tonight, at 7pm.

I look forward to seeing Chuck, and I am sure he will mention his very important VALOUR IT project. I am also sure he can handle the folks at Chicken Noddle News, and I know he will smile when he sees the spin.

So good luck, Caren and Chuck......We are all proud of both of you.

Friday, January 20, 2006

We do not eat pickles for breakfast.

While checking my mail this morning. I hear a "clunk" next to me, and look to see a jar of Claussen pickles. It is 6:40am.

Dash: Open this.

Me: We do not eat pickles for breakfast.

Dash: Why? They are a vegetable.

Me: Pickles are for afternoons and evenings.

Dash: Why?

Me: They just are. How about an English muffin and some eggs?

Dash: With a pickle?

Me: I guess.

Dash: Can I have cheerios and a pickle?

Me: One pickle.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

If I were Emma Peel....

I would have my own private Foo Fighters....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Husband for Rent....

Do you need a vacation from sticky doorknobs, runny noses, stepping on legos, and cleaning toilets?

I have the solution for you.

A handsome, blonde 38 year old male, able to speak various languages including
Toddlerease, able to walk long distances, great cook, will even fold towels to your specifacations, able to put dish towels in the correct drawers.

On second thought, maybe I ought to keep him here....

I think someone wants my job......

I was surprised yesterday, that most of the comments after my Walter Reed post were about "things back home".....

I came home to a very TIDY Casa De Dust. A very tidy Casa De Dust. There was not one item in the laundry, not one dish in the sink, a very large fruit salad, a vegetable salad, a chocolate tofu pie in the refridgerator. A pot roast in the crock pot. Beds all made. Floors vacuumed. I also noted that the same DVD was in the DVD player....The collective known as the toddlers watched "NO MOVIES" while I was gone.....Huh? Wha?

From all reports, Pink Ninja and Dash were well behaved. Spent a lot of time out of doors, not much fighting. Wha?

I came home to "nothing to do"....No kidding. I spent the following day after my arrival home unpacking my suitcase, and washing clothes, playing with the children. No cooking or cleaning.....Wha?

All was done...

So Dear Husband, for all you managed to do for me while I was out....Thank you, I was so impressed with your efforts. Put it on page 3,986 of my tab. I owe you one.

Between you and me, I think he may want my job.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Changing the World one Person at a Time.

O.K. This very tech unsavy girl, has managed to take apart 2 computers and piece together one working one, for what may be a moment.

My trip to Washington D.C. this past week was to serve many purposes. The first reason, was a possible future move to the area, and since I am really not a city girl, nor wealthy, the idea of a possible move to the area had me frightened.

There was also selfish reasons for the visit. To meet up with friends who I correspond regularly with, and have met from my blog.

I really wanted to see the Capitol, and all it has to offer.

I was also anxious, about a visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital, wanting to thank those who are recovering. Although I am a LPN, and have spent most of my life in hospitals since I was 15, I was nervous. A simple thank you, to those that have given so much did not seem adequate.

So I return from Washington D.C. unimpressed with the city, and its buildings, and its museums. Honestly.

I left the city impressed, and in love with the humanity and willingness of young men and women who are willing to sacrifice life and limb for me and my family. I was impressed by the bravery and smiles. The willingness to go back and fight with Sisters and Brothers. I am so proud, and amazed. There are no words. Those brave souls that have sacrificed so much, for people who will never know or understand what they have done. For the brave wives that sit at the bedside of husbands, holding hands while wounds are being dressed. For the Moms and Dads who spend nights by sons and daughters watching them heal and praying endlessly. The trip to Walter Reed, should be a mandatory one for every American, and I promise you the World would operate much differently if that were the case. It would.

I also left Walter Reed impressed by Andi from Andi's World, Sandra from Sew Much Comfort, and Mr. Blackfive. Those 3 individuals have done MORE than any of us will ever know. The three of them, will also be very embarrassed that I have mentioned them and their efforts. I do feel it is imperative to let people know that there is A LOT of work to be done, A LOT. Can one person make a difference? The idealist in me would always answer yes. But guess what? I have seen the difference individuals can make. I was given the greatest gift I have ever been given. Faith in humanity, that there are great people willing to give all, and great people that will give all in gratitude.

To see those 2 groups of people come together, and to see them thank each other...When a thank you does not seem to have the power it should. I really saw the power of people.

The tears that follow those words.......Say it all.

Thank you, each of you.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Home but No Computer

Just talked to AWTM. She is home. She had a great trip, met wonderful people and will tell you about it as soon as she gets a working computer. I must say I laughed so hard when she told me what her husband said. He didn't have time to get the computer fixed because the kids kept him busy. **snicker snicker - I just can't stop laughing**

I think I will get that other Emma Peel picture up yet!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

SOH (Save Our House)

Pink Ninja here... Dad is telling mom what perfect children we are... why? Because I showed him THIS. I warned him that I had trained her.

He had to go and get sand for us to play with, he must feed us what we want and he must tell mom we are perfect children. And it doesn't matter that I can't read, his computer is still not working... He must speak words to her and THAT I can figure out.

I must say there is a little something I must deal with soon... Before Mom gets home. Dash told the blogworld that he got a hold of Dad's credit card... then he had the audacity to say that "I" was the one that got it. I'm not sure what to do. What do you think? Hair pulling? Hide his toy trains? Fall down, cry my eyes out and blame it on him? Sand in his shorts?

You pick and let me know in the comments by Sunday morning. I'll need to time to execute the appropriate one before my gets home Sunday night.

(hat tip to nEo for the link)

Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm back.....for a second

AWTM, checking in here....live-blogging from the "Cat House". I have been at Chateau Andi for the last couple of days. Both ladies have been gracious and helpful to this "country mouse". I have been dragging my calico country ass around with the "very cosmopolitan ladies".

I am off to The Mall to get to the Smithsonian, as soon as Rapunzel braids her 5 feet of hair.

I am here on recon for a possible future move, to visit old friends and meet new ones. I am also off to Walter Reed tomorrow to meet some of our Nations FINEST.

Please hang in there folks, as I have a lot to catch you up on. DH has taken over my Momasita duties at Casa De Dust. THANK YOU....DH. Put it on my tab. Thank you VW, for keeping track of Pink and Dash for me.

Safe and Sound

AWTM is safe and sound in Washington DC. Having a great time. Now if I could have just found a way to join her. Instead I got to hear about the long long delays and flight issues getting there, the foggy weather, and the fact that she met some wonderful people. Which, if I'm lucky, she will call me today and tell me about how dinner went with them. Maybe I can twist it into some blog fodder. But I figured that today, it was more important to let you know she was ok and having fun. She'll be back on Sunday.

BTW, the computer is still down at their house. More on this later.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What I Need

While Mom is away, I have decided to get Tater to buy some stuff for me on-line. We'll start HERE for my Thomas the Tank Engine collection. I believe that one of each item would be sufficient.

And since my sis has been good at pestering Dad over me... how about we go HERE and get her a few ninja items?

But then I'll need some protection from her practicing with it... so maybe we'll skip that and search for Pink Girl Toys. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. What weird toys.

I think it would be better if we just got her some Dora the Explorer stuff.

Please do not tell Dad I 'borrowed' his credit card. He might not be too happy with the purchases. Or at least tell him Ninja did it... she is the stealthy one that can make things disappear (like keys).

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If I were Emma Peel...

then I would wear boots like this every chance I get. (Or this is what I think AWTM would say -vw)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ninja Skills Not Working

I have been trying for 2 days to get a hold of Tater or Tot and pass on information. Having a cold has just ruined my stealth skills. I just can't get that phone in secret.

The good news? Mom is leaving this morning for a trip. The only person I'll have to trick is Dad. Baw haa haa haa. I have him wrapped around my finger. While he is busy getting Dash and myself all the things we ask for, I'll get that phone.

I want Tater to make just a few changes to this blog. Make it more ninja like... friendly... yaaa...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Four Musketeers

We are going to take over this blog! More Trains, More Ninja stuff... Just you wait and see... we are the

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Monday, January 09, 2006

VW to the Rescue (well maybe)

Teee heee heee. AWTM has a small problem. No access to a working computer. Both are broke. Darn. That means she needed someone to post for her. She told me she would call later and let me know what she wanted posted. **snicker snicker**

In the meantime... Is there any changes you would like to see? More Emma Peel pics? More Army pics?

For those who don't have a clue who I am... I was VW Bug on Blogger and I am using that Userid to do this... but most of the time I am VW Bug on http://onehappydogspeaks.mu.nu

Just post a comment and let me know what would you like to see over the next day or two. GRIN

Sunday, January 08, 2006

If I Were Emma Peel......

I would be driving to "Fritz Fest". I would also be packing enough quarters for Fritz's juke box, so I could play "Jesus is Just Alright With Me" by the Doobie Brothers for That One Guy as he entered the place. So since I cannot be there, I am requesting my Blog Momma Tammi do the honors. Have at least 2 drinks for me guys! I will be scouring floors with ammonia and cleaning toilets!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Spring Chicken

Dearest is at National Guards this weekend, which means LONG-----weekend for us. So I packed the children into my trusty "truwk". Pink Ninja in a purple velvet frock, tights, and patent leather shoes. I am unsure of where she thought we were going. I am sure she was disappointed. Dash and I in t-shirts and jeans.

The reason for the outing simple. I was going nutsy here at Casa De Dust. The children stir crazy. I had mentioned a game called "whack a mole" around Christmas, and Dash recalled this today. So, I caved and we went to get "whack a mole". The entire drive to the store I am thinking it is just a bad idea. A game for toddlers that include mallets? Really not one of my clever decisions, and the title of the game should probably be called "Whack a Sibling". I seriously am desperate enough though, that mallets could mean "great and blissful" fun for them. We get to the store, buy the game, and leave.

I then make another questionable decision. Dining ALONE with the toddlers. I mean Dash is 4 now, not really a toddler, Pink Ninja just turned 2. So it is a gamble of sorts. One never knows if there will be a meltdown, if they will run around the restaurant, maybe they won't be hungry, or they could surprise me and be lovely. It is a game of Russian roulette, and I decide to play along today, because my existence as "MOM"...Is to much to bear today.

I decide on Vietnamese cuisine, another touchy decision. My children are not picky eaters, they are fantastic eaters. They like all different types of cuisine. So I think we should be ok. We sit and order one order of Spring rolls, and grilled chicken BUN bo Hue . Dash loves the spring rolls, and comments that the peanut sauce is delisico. Spring Rolls disappear, and I sit and watch some satellite imagery of Vietnamese women dressed in sherbet colored traditional Asian dress singing the "Macarena". It was soooooo trainwreck like, I couldn't help but watch. I sipped on my hot cups of tea amazed at the enthusiasm the ladies showed. They were also singing "Macarana" in Spanish, and not Vietnamese. I look to the children, and see rice noodles and shrimp being chewed, and look back at the television. I then see a group of men and women dressed in day-glo neon pink neon, green, and yellow. I am immediately reminded of the "Wake me up before you go-go" video by Wham. There are about 50 Vietnamese girls dressed like it is 1985, and the music starts up, and guess what. It is "Wake me up before you go-go" by Wham, and they sing it in Vietnamese. I look to the toddlers and note the spring rolls are gone. I sit and wonder if this is a "dated" program, or if the resurgence of bad eighties culture has hit Vietnam. The waiter brings our Bun, and some bowls and special chopsticks for the children. We eat our bun, and I am glad I wasted 3 credit hours at the University of Nebraska on an Ethnomusicology class, that is not helping me with the current sound and vision, and I wrestle with the idea that I owned a big bright day-glo yellow hair bow.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Holding Out For a Hero

(Lesson: never say never.....a Bonnie Tyler song from the 80's that you always hated may come in handy)

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
He’s gotta be sure
And it’s gotta be soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time "looking for my keys". Drawers, shoes, boots, toyboxes, my purse, in the vehicle, in the yard, couch cushions, fridge, pantry, under every bed, clothes basket, you name it, it got searched. All day I knew the darn things had to be in the trash. I just knew it. I do not loose things. I ALWAYS put my keys in the dish by the back door. I also knew, the keys did not wander into the garbage and knew Pink Ninja probably had something to do with it.

So last night I am in a lovely bath bath of lavender and oatmeal. It was a much needed bath, a long day. Lots of errands had to be missed due to missing keys. It was a long and frustrating day. SO I am soaking in the tub, and Dear Husband walks into the bathroom with up to the elbows "disposable deer gutting gloves on". I immediatly wonder why on Earth he is donning these things, I wonder what he has been reading or thinking. We have been married for a while, but really that is beyond me.

However, I caught a glimpse of my library card attached to THE KEYS!! Dearest had dug through nasty garbage and found them!!!

"Ahhhhhh, my keys thank you....I owe you one babe."

***note to DH**** the gloves are weird, but whatever I owe you one.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where is my mind?

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
If there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my Mind?

-The Pixies

Still looking for those fucking keys, and the next stop is the garbage here at Casa de Dust......


Ok where are my keys?

Mother F'er....

Mother F'er.

How We Spent Christmas

Better late than never I suppose. These were taken Christmas morning, after all of the post Christmas Eve inspections by the children. Cookies eaten by Santa, carrots eaten by reindeer, syrup drank by elves, no coal in shoes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sonogram up!!

As some of you may know, the Patriette is pregnant, her DH is home for a bit of a Christmas break, and guess what? They know what they are having.....go over and congratulate them both before he deploys!!

Why you should always have a book.

Not as funny as the gynecological visit....

With morning traffic yesterday it took about an hour for me to drive to the Orthopedist office. I forget, about morning and evening commutes being a stay at home Mom, and found the drive dangerous, frutrating and just plain silly. Thank God I brought a book.

I walked in the office and noted that there are two types of people at the ortho clinic. "Uber athletic" types, there for marathon injuries, sports injuries and the like, and the "geriatric crowd", with worn out joints. I immediately know I do not fit into either group.

So I am immediately afraid they will not know how to treat a SAHM with a knee problem, I mean I don't have a game to win, and I was really counting on no major joint replacements today.

1) The paperwork seems to take forever, even with my medical history of no surgeries, and no physical impairments or illness, no regular medicines. Then there is the pesky HEPA form, that I am frankly sick of filling out.

2) I am greeted by grouchy office manager, who wants a history of my complaint, and injury. She is not thrilled to be at work this morning, and I am in her office looking around, and want to pinch 2 yellowed leaves from a philodendron on her desk. I also note she has 3 children, and there are several photos of them in the room. I want to assure her I am not exactly thrilled to be here either, but play along smiling.

3) I am then sent back out to my original seat, where I had filled out all of the paperwork. Thank God I brought the book.

4) The office manager retrieves me, only to walk me to yet another sitting area. More waiting ensues. Thank God I brought a book.

5) This time I am greeted by a friendlier "office manager", apparently she manages the "stage 2 area". She shakes my hand and leads me to an actual patient room. She then proceed to interview me AGAIN about said injury. Didn't I just do this? However, I paint a smile on and play along, making sure they know I have no idea how it happened. She then asks me if I can "pull pant leg up for ensuing x-ray". The good news is I can. This office manager leaves me to wait. Thank God I brought a book.

6) A new person peaks head in, and with a lovely condescending voice asks "why are you in your blue jeans". I assure her, I am able to lift my jeans above the knee for the x-ray. She looks at me like I would fail at holding my pants leg up, and goes into a cupboard and pulls out a size 98 navy blue disposable short. "You need to put these on." I want to tell this lady I am quite capable, or holding a pant leg leg up, heck I have saved at least 9 people with CPR. I think I can handle holding a pant leg up. However I play along. She leaves the room, and leaves me for about 15 minutes so I can catch up on my reading.

7) A different nurse or whoever runs this cattle call, knocks on the door to ensure I have this lovely pair of humiliating pair of shorts on, which by the way I would have felt much more comfortable walking through the office in my panties any day. Funny how they did not trust me to hold one pant leg up, but they are asking me to hold an entire pair of shorts up.

8) Another waiting room. More reading. The woman that said I could hold my jeans leg up smiles apologetically and says "sorry". More reading time.

9) After reading yet another chapter, I am greeted by who I believe could be the x-ray tech, she is all business, and it does not take long. Standing anterior, and posterior views, 2 lateral views, done. The entire time am holding up the one size fits all shorts.

10) I am sent back to the last waiting room, and read more.

11) They walk me to my "real patient" room with the x-rays in tow. By this time, I can no longer keep track of who is who, or who does what, or who I have spoke with, I don't even care. I decide I might as well keep the shorts on, knowing the Dr. Will want to look at both legs, check range of motion, etc. I take a seat and grab my book.

12) Knock, Dr. Friendly, thank God, after all of the non-friendly types. He shakes my hand, introduces himself, and we go over the injury yet AGAIN. He palpates patella, and tendons, putting pressure, exactly where it hurts. Asks me to squat and stand, which sounds like a bowl of rice krispies. This is really a normal sound to me, everyone I know creaks and pops, unless they are under 20, although he heard a noise that startled him. I will add here that squatting is fine, it is the unsquating I am having trouble with. So I struggle to finesse my way up. He thinks it is an "irritated and inflamed plica", explains what the cause is, tells me I get a shot of steroids, a couple more days rest, some celebrex, and all should be well. If not, call us, and we will see you again. The Dr. Gets up to go get me my "free samples" of celebrex, and my injection of steroids.

13) With the Dr. gone I think it is an opportune time to return back to my jeans, and of course the Dr. steps in as I am changing, I am ok with this, but Dr. looked uncomfortable and frightened. He steps out fast. Funny how some Drs. Are weird about underclothes.

14) Dr. knocks and reenters with a syringe for a horse and injects the steroid into the lateral patella, after asking me if I am a fainter. Nah. Although it did smart a bit.

15) Upon gathering up my book, purse, free samples. I have yet another desk, another person to deal with, a copay to take care of.

16) I think I got about 4 chapters read, but have no idea what they were about, and will have to reread them today.

17) How the less athletic crowd fared at this maze of staff, waiting rooms, and people I have no clue, it bout killed me. Aknee replacement may be in order, if I have to go here again.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Word of the day "Plica"

The Plica is a normal part of the knee joint. It is a horseshoe shaped fold in the synovial lining of the knee.
We are looking at the cutaway view of a right knee. The femur or thighbone is on the top, the tibia or shin bone is on the bottom, and the patella or kneecap is in the center.

The Plica functions as a divider between the upper and lower portions of the knee. It is attached to the articularis genu muscle on the top and the fat pad on bottom. It normally glides over the end of femur during knee flexion and extension.

I guess my Plica is inflammed, which is causing this pain.

More on the Ortho visit after I limp around and make dinner.

It is a New Year here at Casa De Dust

I am finally free from the fog of illness, that has been perpetuating itself here at Casa De Dust. It had started with Dash, who had some sort of strange gastrointestinal bug for about 24 hours, then Pink Ninja, with influenza symptoms, Dear Husband with influenza symptoms, and finally me, with Dash's original gastrointestinal bug. The worst part of the gastrointestinal bug was "me" being so lethargic and in pain on Dash's 4th birthday. Poor little guy was so excited about turning 4, and I could not "go at it" like I do normally. I handed DH the reigns, and woke intermittently to watch gifts being opened, or have DH order pizza, only to crawl from bathtub to bed. I think I took 4 baths that day.

I spent yesterday running around the Casa de Dust with a can of lysol, washing bedding, and trying to regain what was lost in Mom territory in the 24 hours I was ill.

This morning I am feeling better, I have makeup on, washing a load of laundry, cooking up sausage, freanch toast and eggs, and listening to coughs and sneezes from the livingroom.

I have to return movies, and go to the Orthopedist about my "bum knee" this morning. I hope the Dr. is knowledgable, and takes my complaint seriously.

I also owe it to myself to make a few resoloutions this year. The first of which, will be "Health".