Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I think someone wants my job......

I was surprised yesterday, that most of the comments after my Walter Reed post were about "things back home".....

I came home to a very TIDY Casa De Dust. A very tidy Casa De Dust. There was not one item in the laundry, not one dish in the sink, a very large fruit salad, a vegetable salad, a chocolate tofu pie in the refridgerator. A pot roast in the crock pot. Beds all made. Floors vacuumed. I also noted that the same DVD was in the DVD player....The collective known as the toddlers watched "NO MOVIES" while I was gone.....Huh? Wha?

From all reports, Pink Ninja and Dash were well behaved. Spent a lot of time out of doors, not much fighting. Wha?

I came home to "nothing to do"....No kidding. I spent the following day after my arrival home unpacking my suitcase, and washing clothes, playing with the children. No cooking or cleaning.....Wha?

All was done...

So Dear Husband, for all you managed to do for me while I was out....Thank you, I was so impressed with your efforts. Put it on page 3,986 of my tab. I owe you one.

Between you and me, I think he may want my job.

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